Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Hope, Dreams a d so Forth


Flowers are always nice to see so I chose this Dahlia from our garden last year. It was Martin Luther King Day on the 15th and it also happened to be the anniversary of my mom's death 6 years ago. Shecwas a huge...I mean, huge, supporter of freedom since she endured the opposite growing up with Hitler, the war and then The Russians. I thought of songs with dreams in the title and hope etc but I went the route of singers who were friends with Martin Luther King and who were beside him during his March to Washington. This time I chose 4 songs. Head over to Cathy's blog, Curious as a Cathy, for the Monday Music  Moves Me  and listen to some great songs.


My mom loved her voice and you can see why. I'm not into religious songs but she can sing such songs with purity of voice. This is an African American spiritual that she sang before King gave his " I Have A Dream" speech. I almost went with the actual moment she sang at Washington but I felt it was grainy but you can always go to YouTube and check it out. 


This is from the Muppet Show and Jim Henson considered it his favourite and Harry was proud of this episode and should be. Harry was a good friend of Martin Luther King and marched with him in 1963. Harry made a trip to Guinea and heard this song there when visiting a small village. He was a huge civil rights activist and just passed away, at 96, last year.


Aretha was a very good friend of King ascwell and was devastated, like so many, when he was killed. This song, I thought, seemed to work and was written by Curtis Mayfield for the film sparkle 


This is a famous Burt Bacharach song  with lyrics by Hal David  which Dionne Warwick made it her own but Tony dang this on his album  when thecworld was in turmoil. He also was a friend of Martin luther king and walked part of the way with him back in 1963. He had seen the horrors of war in WW2 during the Battle of the Bulge and seeing the Nazi Death camps, so he hated injustice of any kind. He passed away last year, as well, at 96.

I hope you like my take on dreams and hope.


  1. Mahalia Jackson used to do a five-minute show on weekdays where she sang a song. That's a woman with a powerful voice...

  2. Hi, Birgit!

    I'm returning tomorrow, Thursday, with my first post of 2024, dear friend, but I didn't want to miss this important post of yours today, so here I am to say hello. I hope you and my buddy Harley are both well and in good spirits as you entertain the themes of hopes and dreams.

    The closeup of the dahlia from your garden is a stunning symbol of hope. For inspiration, I always think of the lowly weed trapped beneath a concrete sidewalk. Somehow, it is able to struggle upward toward the light created by a small crack in the pavement. Finally, the weed pushes through to renewed life and produces a beautiful blossom, a remarkable sight and an inspiration to every underdog.

    Thinking about your brave mother as you observe the anniversary of her death. For you, her life, her strength of character, will always be an inspiration. I wish MLK were still with us to offer guidance in these dark and troubled times when the future of civil rights, democracy and even planet earth itself are at risk.

    Like your mother, mine loved Mahalia Jackson. Mom wept to hear Mahalia sing, and her vocal on Negro spiritual (The word "Negro" was commonly used by Dr. King and others at the time) "I've Been Buked And I've Been Scorned" had the same effect on me. I also appreciated the songs by the three other giants of the music industry - Harry Belafonte, Aretha and Tony Bennett. As you noted, we lost all three in the last few years, starting with Aretha's death in 2018.

    Yes indeed, I did like your take on dreams and hopes, and very much so. Thank you for sharing them with us. Have a wonderful day, dear friend BB, and come see me this Thursday, Friday or Saturday, if possible, when I begin a new year of blogging at Shady's Place!

  3. If only love was enough for this insane world we live in. That would just be wonderful, wouldn't it? I was saddened when Tony passed away last year. He was the last of the great old crooners. He had such a good voice. At least we have his music to live on for as long as the world stands. The muppets with Harry Belafonte put a smile on my face. "Turn the World Around" has such a happy sound. I don't really remember it but I like it. Thanks for joining the party. Have a boogietastic week, my dear!

  4. I echo CAAC - if only love was enough. We need so much of it in our times. We lost a number of great music legends last year and I enjoyed your Tony Bennett and Harry Belafonte selections. I remember the Mahalia Jackson Sings show, too. I think it was on first thing in the morning, maybe right after the station (can't remember which one) signed on in the morning. She sang at Martin Luther King's funeral, too but I don't know if there is a good video of it on You Tube.