Monday, October 23, 2023

What I Watched in September


Here we go…I started this on the 6th and am finally posting it. Oh well...hahaaa



This is a true story based on an African American man sent to France for formal education when he shows an amazing ability with the violin to his white Americanslave owner dad. He could create music as well but we never heard of him because...guess. it's really quite a good film. 


This stars John Cusack, Gene Hackman and Rachel Weisz in a courtroom thriller that has many twists and turns and you wish this would happen. Thats all I'm going to say. 


I stayed up and watched this teen show, from my time, although I was 20,  not 16. Its not bad even though I am not a Molly Ringworm fan. Basically, she turns 16 and her family has forgotten because her older sister is getting married. She also has the hots for this guy who is a jock not knowing he has noticed her. It's dumb but I like the music and, I think, the actress, who plays her sister, and the actor who plays the foreign exchange student, steal the picture.


I finally saw this comedy,  which is pretty funny, about 2 young teens arrested for robbery and the one calls his Uncle Vinny to be his lawyer. To say he is uncouth is a mouthful and his brooklyn girlfriend would agree. It's a sweet comedy but I'm still in disbelief that Marisa Tomei won the Oscar for her role.

5. EQUALIZER 3-2023

I enjoyed this film just like I did the first and second one. Denzel is great as the man who can't be stopped.  He ends up in a small Italian town on the Amalfi Coast that is bullied by a big, mean bad guy. He's not, literally, big, but this bad guy is rich. It is a good action thriller with heart.


This is a documentary on one of the best film critics, Roger Ebert, who, with his TV partner, Gene Siskel, made film critics fun. We see Ebert in the last few months of his life when, to be honest, is difficult to see because he no longer has any jaw and can no longer eat or drink due to cancer. He can still write and you find out about his life and his love of film and his love for his wife. It's quite compelling especially learning more about his relationship with Siskel. 




 I love archeology and this show is great! It's from the U. K. and Alice Roberts narrates and stars in this program showcasing some great finds from the ancient world and even the more recent, like World War 2. 


I finally saw the new series of a show I love from the late 80s/early 90s starring Scott Bacula and  Dean Stockwell of the same name. This show is the same but more to it and I'm enjoying it. I like the actors and the new premise built on an old one.


I love watching shows about actual disasters...I'm a bit weird that way. This is well done because it goes through each part step by step. They had programs on the Boston marathon bombing, Mount St. Helen's and the earthquake In Japan. Well thought out.


This is an excellent instalment of the Star Trek franchise that takes place when Capt. Pike, and his magnificent hair, is in the chair of the Enterprise. I love that #1 is a woman and then we have an array of people, including Mr. Spock who all must deal with many events each time. We have the dreaded Gorn who look nothing like the rubber suit Gorn from the original Star Trek to a cross over episode with the animated Star Trek: Upper Deck which was really fun. Worth checking 


  1. Oh funny, I recently re-watched My Cousin Vinny too. Marisa Tomei is so great in that. I watched Chevalier on a plane and kind of dosed off towards the end of it.

  2. I've seen some of these. I remember liking Runaway Jury and I love My Cousin Vinny. Life Itself is great. I haven't gotten into the new version of Quantum Leap. I watched the first episode and missed Scott Bakula too much.


  3. Haven't seen the latest Equalizer yet but I did watch the latest Star Trek series.

  4. I've seen Vinny but not much else. I like the TV series The Equalizer, so I probably should check out the movies it is based on.

  5. Chevalier popped up on one of my streaming services, and I've been meaning to take a look. I'm glad you liked Quantum Leap. I'm enjoying that too. (2nd season just started, and I'm actually caught up.) And I'm a couple episodes into Strange New Worlds' 2nd season. (I'm watching it with my dad, so I can only see it when I see him.)

  6. Sorrry I'm so late... I was at therapy all day and doctor's... dam... don't ever get back surgery... it's the pitts!!!! Luvin' your tunes though makin' me feel better! You got great taste in music my friend. We really got to get more people to play our music fun... ~sigh~ HAVE A GREAT WEEK! HUGS

  7. I thought Runaway Jury was entertaining enough but with that cast it really should have been better. A stronger director would have turned that trick.

    Parts of Sixteen Candles has not aged particularly well but overall it's a sweet film. The sister was played by Blanche Baker whose mother is 60's film star Carroll Baker. Michael Schoeffling who played dreamboat Jake Ryan really seemed like he was going to happen there for a while but he chose a quiet life as a carpenter somewhere in Pennsylvania I believe.

    LOVE My Cousin Vinny!!! Tremendous cast across the board. I agree that Marisa Tomei was up against some titanic competition for her prize but I can't dispute her win. I can't imagine anyone else doing what she did as Mona Lisa Vito with quite the same mix of charm and gusto.

    Life Itself is a wonderful doc.

  8. Hi Birgit - I'd love to see the Ebert documentary ... and also the Chevalier film ... the others if they come along ... so thanks for the recommendations - cheers Hilary

  9. Thanks you to everyone..Birgit here…
    Chevalier is a great movie( sorry and am glad you enjoyed my post here and what I watched.
    My Cousin Vinny is very funny and Marissa Tomei did an excellent job.
    I glad everyone liked what I wrote here.