Sunday, August 30, 2009

Pink, Yellow, Orange and Lime Green, Oh My

Well another month over and here are my cards. I have been quite lax with doing my cards. I have been busy painting our new lattice work that Michael made. The colours are wild but I like it. The coulrs for the lattice are deep purple, Burnt orange and periwinkle! I will use these colours along with a buttery yellow for the front -outside of my home. Needless to say this takes time. I also have been sick for over 2 weeks with a nasty ears, nose and throat infection but i think I am getting better. OK so that is why I have not been on lately...oh and yesterday we adopted a dog from Louisiana! It would have been put down otherwise and he is so cute and he was abused but he gets along with my Katie and the 3 on to training. The poor guy too, in 2 weeks we leave for Europe, but my ex's niece Tammy will take him. She is wonderful and works for the humane society so she knows howe to treat him. OK on with the cards! This was a tough one for me because I do not normally associate these colours with Christmas but I guess that is why it is a challenge! I embossed and cut out(angels) and coloured in and used stickles and the sticky ornaments that already have glitter on them-I love them but of course it is glittery. Anyway I hope everyone had a great August!