Thursday, December 28, 2023

Thursday Movie Picks:TV Edition- Sports-Non-Reality


The last Movie Picks for this year but, I hope, there will be more from Wandering Through the Shelves. This year end we will talk about sports themed tv shows….sigh. This is not my forte but I chose 3 that I did watch…on occasion. Here are my 3…

1. THE WHITE SHADOW-1978-1981

This TV show was iconic because, aside from Ken Howard who was the star, it mainly starred people from other nationalities, African Americans, Latinos etc… He is a former athlete who can no longer play and becomes a teacher at an inner city school. This was one of the first shows that dealt with some major issues concerning race, sexuality, abortion etc.. it was a critics favourite and paved the way for future tv shows like St. Elsewhere.

2. THE BAD NEWS BEARS-1979-1980

I love the original film starring Walter Matthau but this show was  not as good. It starred Jack Warden as the over the hill, boozing manager of a kids baseball team that sucks….they really suck. He tries to make them better. It was ok but not great and the network started moving it around which was the death knell for the series.

3. COACH -1989-1997

This is one series I did watch on a fairly regular basis. It stars Craig T. Nelson as a former football player who ends up as a University coach with Jerry Van Dyke and Bill Fagerbakke as his assistant coaches that left some brain cells at home. It started off with Nelson’s daughter  wanting to know her father more but it later concerned Nelson and his long time girlfriend, later wife, played by Shelley Fabares. I found this show funny and engaging.

What non reality sports shows can you think of?

I am wishing you all a very Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Where’s My Snow!


It’s been raining, warm and very foggy for Christmas which sucks! Today and tomorrow a high of 8C and rain, rain, rain. Blechhh….i miss my snow. Yes, you can kill me now because most people do not care for snow. Anyhoo, I am joining the Monday Music group over at Curious For A Cathy which is all about Christmas music and I’m joining in but based on snowy themes. So these are not songs that truly move me for Christmas but they state how much I want snow😁⛄️


This was written back in 1934 by Felix Bernard with lyrics by Richard Smith and has become a Christmas staple sung by many, many, many people over the decades but Dino’s is my favourite for some reason. 


This was written by the great Irving Berlin who wrote the songs for this Christmas classic film that stars Bing Crosby, Rosemary Clooney(George Clooney’s aunt), Danny Kaye and Vera-Ellen who could dance like no one can but could not sing at all so all her songs were dubbed by Trudy Stevens.


This is a song often associated with Frank Sinatra but he’s not my favourite singer so I chose the original plus it was in Die Hard 2 which is not a Christmas movie but more a Christmas movie than The Sound of Music ( takes place in the summer and has Nazis). Anyway, I think this is a great song that was written by Sammy Cahn with music by Jules Styne during a heat wave! They were dreaming about snow…just like me.

I had a lovely Christmas spent with friends on Friday evening followed by Christmas Eve celebrating with my brother since we were born. The only time were were separated was when he was married to a shrew which lasted 2 years and Covid. What’s nice is the shrew time has actually been forgotten until I wrote this. Love always lasts!

How was your Christmas? I hope it was lovely whether it was quiet or filled with family, as long as you were happy. By the way, I received some calendars, which I love, craft supplies, a couple of books and movies plus a beautiful dragon carved in wood from Indonesia and a CD all from Dave Brubeck. I am happy that everyone loved what they received and that’s what counts.

Thursday, December 21, 2023

Thursday Film Picks- My Favourite Christmas Movies


I can’t believe we are a few days before Christmas arrives. The year feels like a slap in the face, at least for me. I decided to choose my favourite movies that I have been watching since I was a kid. I will say I have many others that I love like, “White Christmas”, “A Christmas Carol” with Alastair Sim, “A Christmas Story”, “Christmas Vacation”, “The Bishop’s Wife” with Cary Grant, “Holiday Inn”,  and so many more. I have not even mentioned the great TV specials that I grew up on…you know the ones⛄️🎅🏻🦌


Well, duh! LOL. Anyone who knows me, knows this is my favourite film…period! When I was young and bullied so, feeling that my family would be better off without me since I was told this repeatedly, I watched this film which was life changing. George Bailey had no idea how much he helped until an angel showed him the way. This is a great film and Jimmy Stewart is brilliant as George Bailey which he portrayed with more poignancy since he was dealing with PTSD at the time. 

2. GOING MY WAY-1944

I always think of this film as a Christmas movie because of the sweet ending and the musical pieces especially Ave Maria sung by Bing, the Boys Choir and the great Rise Stevens who, to me, is the best Carmen. I love how the young priest and old priest bristle at first but become so close at the end. This film won many Oscars including Oscars for the 2 leads.


This is the best and the original of the story of Santa and how his good cheer and warm heart brought the Christmas spirit to, not only a disillusioned mother and her daughter, but to the whole city. Edmund Gwynn deserved the Oscar playing Santa and, when you see him talking to the huge crowd after the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade, there is no CGI or any other special effects, there were that many people greeting Edmund Gwynn as Santa. Maureen O’Hara plays an independent woman in an executive position which is pretty cool for this time. I just love the warmth and Christmas isn’t just a day but a state of mind. 

Merry Christmas to all of you!

Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Which Song Won the Oscar-1942


Had a rough day today with clients. They were all nice but just very sad. One lady, in the span of a few weeks, back in 2022, lost her daughter to suicide, her brother died suddenly, her mother in law and a dear friend. Another client had her baby son in November but he died 4 days later on November 15th and she was still able to attend her meeting with me a Month later. Finally, I spoke with a client dealing with severe PTSD, anxiety, depression and other issues because, 3 years before her ex boyfriend tried to murder her on December 24th by repeatedly hitting her skull a dozen times and was stopped by a cop. If not for the cop, she would not be here but he is free because he comes from a very wealthy family who paid the million dollar bail and hired lawyers getting him off. Very sad day so I want to say thank you to everyone who provided some great music and showcased their furbabes plus made me laugh. 

Now, let’s see if you can guess which song won the Oscar, which one was nominated and which song got nadda…


This is still the top selling song of all time written by Irving Berlin, a Jewish song writer, and one of the most famous of song writers. This song comes from the film, “Holiday Inn” starring Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire. I have no clue how many singers and musicians have sung this song but it is beautiful and I do consider it a Christmas Carol.


This song is considered one of the most famous Western songs ever made written by Joseph J. Lilley and Frank Loesser from the film, “The Forest Rangers.” I’m certain we have all heard this song at one point in our lives


I always loved this song that was written by Burton Lane with lyrics by Ralph Freed for the musical, “Babes on Broadway.” These 2 teens, yes, teens…well, young 20s, seem to enjoy singing this song and it’s another song that has been done many times over. I love the “I Love Lucy” episode where Lucy sings and dances with Van Johnson to this song.

Before anyone asks…I am not ready for Christmas…but I will be.

So who won the Oscar, which was nominated and which came up empty-handed?

Thursday, December 14, 2023

Thursday Movie Picks- Movies with Day or Night in the Title


I wanted to choose something related to Christmas and nothing horror, I’m just not into an evil Santa. I actually have chosen 2 films I haven’t seen…yet! Head on over to Wandering Through The Shelves to see what the others have chosen. Here are my 3…


I have not seen this film and it’s a holiday film to boot! I’m certain Joel has seen it:). This film stars Barbara Stanwyck who is caught trying to steal a bracelet and Fred MacMurray as the prosecuting attorney who takes her on as his charge during the Christmas holidays. They go on a journey back to their families for Christmas with romance in tow. This film was written by Preston Sturges, the last one before he went on to directing and I really enjoy his work so this is a must see.


This is a British film that is an ensemble cast about a group of women who work at a department store during the Christmas season. One woman, engaged to a man who seems to love his old car more than her and another gal who is quite depressed and wondering about her life. These are just 2 but this film sounds like a good Christmas movie that is also forgotten today and one I want to see.


This is a film I did see and I think it’s quite a good film somewhat based on a real event that was showcased on the tv show, “Unsolved Mysteries.” During Christmas, a German mother and son are living in a small cottage in the Ardennes Forest near the battle lines which happened to be the Battle of the Bulge. There is a knock on the door and it turns out to be 3 American soldiers and one is wounded. Despite the fear of death for helping the enemy, she welcomes them in and proceeds to help them during this Christmas Eve. Later, there is another knock on the door and there are 3 German soldiers. The German woman tell them to hand in their guns as it is Christmas, they all comply and proceed to enjoy Christmas Eve together sharing in a potato soup. This truly did happen but the film made things a bit more dramatic with an extra evil Nazi coming around to disrupt detente. It’s well acted and pretty cool that this truly did happen. 

What films can you think of with Day or Night in the title?

Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Christmas Memories in Song


Christmas was always special and that was due to my mom. She showed me how to make the Advent wreath, decorate with the Nativity scene and the tree with the tinsel. The tinsel from Germany is..or was...with lead so it hangs nicer but we paired it with the tinsel here because it Sparkles more. I save all the tinsel so, yes, I take it off the tree each year. We played some great music and ours was not the rockin' kind but just so ...beautiful, to me. I am showcasing 3 albums, yes, albums because I can't choose songs plus, I don't want to. Lol head over to Curious as A Cathy to find out what the Monday Music Moves Me have all chosen. 


This was my parent's 2nd album they bought and I just love the bells and the sweet voices plus that one guy's deep voice. I have to play this on the 1st of Advent.


This is the 1st record my parents bought when they got together and, yes, I have this exact album. I love it.


Christmas would not be the same without this album, which I own now. This TV Show was a huge hit so why not make a Christmas album! Dan Blocker knew he couldn't sing all that well but Michael Landon thought he could and appeared more than once on TV shows singing away. My dad bought this album as soon as it came out and it was and is a prized possession. None could sing like a famous star be it classical or country or rock but it's done like a family. Lorne Greene sounds like he is having a blast and so do the others. I love the story line behind it even with that little Suzie gal. I always wo Derek how Little Joe figured out it was a "he" angel. As Little Suzie Gal says "It's a he angel, can't you tell?" They even touch on Ben's last wide not being there for Christmas. I like to think that my dad and Cathy's are now those bright shining stars. 

Monday, December 11, 2023

Decorating...and Decorating


Between work being nuts and Christmas, I have not visited much and my apologies. I thought I would showcase how I create my Nativity scene snd the Christmas village which I hand painted. I am hooking up to Inspire Me Monday so hope you like this and  yes, I did much more around. Still working on my tree.

Thursday, December 7, 2023

Thursday Film Picks: Christmas Musicals


I’m really late today. I’ve been off my game for the last bit, maybe it’s all the Christmas stuff happening or I’m just screwed up with time. I have decided to write about Christmas musicals because I can.  Here we go…


This is the film that introduced “White Christmas” to the world and it’s still the #1 song in terms of sales and being played. I have no clue how many versions there are but Bing is still the best. This film stars Crosby and Fred Astaire as partners who separate when Crosby, finding out the gal he loves, has been two timing with Astaire. She was the other part of their act. Crosby buys a farm and realizes that farming is not relaxing so he makes the farm into a nightclub that is open only on holidays. The girl he hires is a big hit especially with Astaire who danced with her one drunken New Year’s. Yeah, the other chick dumped Astaire and now Astaire is after this blonde….its funny( love the canned peaches part), charming and the dancing and singing are excellent.

2. GOING MY WAY- 1944

This is more dramedy with musical interludes but it’s still quite musical starring Bing Crosby as a priest sent to a New York Church to help out the elderly priest, played by Barry Fitzgerald, who is not very happy with this new priest. He has no idea that Bing actually runs the show to try and get the church out from near bankruptcy. Along the way, Bing helps out delinquents become a choir and meets up with an old friend, also a priest and his old girlfriend, now an opera star played by the great Rise Stevens. To me she epitomizes Carmen!


We know this musical well that stars Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye as war buddies who become hit entertainers. They meet up with Rosemary Clooney and Vera-Ellen as sisters who are trying to hit it big. They all end up on a train heading to an inn and find out their old war commander owns the Inn and is in financial trouble. What does one do but put on a show! Misunderstandings screw up a potential love but there is a lot of dancing and singing. Today, I can’t help but see how rail thin Vera-Ellen is and that she only wears outfits that hide her neck. Regardless, she was a superb dancer

My mom and her brother, Uncle Harry, called one another on this date no matter where they were in memory of their brother, Uncle Kurt, whose birthday is today. He would be 97 years old if he were alive but he died June 30th at 19 in his hospital bed by the Russians who murdered 178 wounded German soldiers that day. So, in honour of his birthday, I am showcasing his favourite Christmas Carol called, “Leise Rieselt Der Schnee” which means “Softly falls the snow”

Happy Birthday Uncle Kurt!

Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Christmas Music!


Can you believe it’s almost Christmas and we are officially in the Christmas season because the First of Advent was this past Sunday. I decided to choose 3 songs from famous bands that, I believe, could even be called carols. If you want more Christmas songs head on over to Curious As A Cathy to enjoy more tunes. 


This is from their newest album and I, of course, love it. It’s so sweet and nostalgic. 


I really love this song and think it’s great. It’s written by Ian Anderson who was lead singer for this great band. I never read much about this band or him but he sounds very cool. 


This is my favourite Christmas new song from Greg Lake famous from Emerson, Lake and Palmer and King Crimson. He wrote this song in protest of the commercialism of Christmas and this was back in 1975! It seems even more important now considering Black Friday and all the crap out there. This is magic.

What Christmas songs come into your head that is more …modern?

Tuesday, December 5, 2023

December Star of the Month: Humphrey Bogart



BIRTH: December 25, 1899

DEATH: January 14, 1957

AGED: 57

DIED FROM: Esophageal Cancer


MARRIED: 4 times. The 3rd to Mayo Methot and last to Lauren Bacall

AFFAIRS: Lauren Bacall and, apparently, his wig maker, Verita Peterson

CHILDREN: 2, with Bacall- Stephen named after his role in To Have and Have Not.  Their daughter was named after Leslie Howard (Leslie Howard Bogart), the famous actor who made sure Bogart secured his stage role in the film role of The Petrified Forest.

OSCAR WINS: The African Queen-1951

OSCAR NOMINATIONS: Casablanca-1943, The Caine Mutiny-1954

TALENT:  He flunked out at school due to disinterest but he was an avid reader and could recite over a 1,000 passages from Shakespeare. He dreamed of being in a Shakespearean play but knew people would never see past his on screen persona

KNOWN FOR:  His lisp which has been attributed to a childhood accident, some run in with a door to his time in WW1. Apparently, his son has the same type of impediment. He loved drinking and loved the sea on his own boat called The Santana.

Bogie is arguably considered the greatest actor and he would be considered in the top 5 best actors ever. He didn’t grow up poor but came from a comfortable home and just gravitated to acting. He could be very sensitive and could often cry but could also be a real jerk on occasion, just ask William Holden and Audrey Hepburn whom he derided when he played opposite them in Sabrina. He became famous on Broadway as Duke Mantee the nasty killer from The Petrified Forest and was going to passed over by the studio until Leslie Howard stood up for him. Due to that, he got into films but made some not so great movies like, “The Return of Dr. X” a horror movie that I must see one day. He became famous after making High Sierra and became a romantic lead with Casablanca. During this time, he was married to Mayo Methot who was a jealous nutbar who once tried to kill him. They loved feverishly but battled so furiously they were known as the Battling Bogarts. When he Made To Have and Have Not, he didn’t expect to fall in love with Lauren Bacall who was only 19 but he did and she returned the emotion. A few days after he got his divorce from the nut, he married Bacall. They had a great love for each other although his wig maker claimed he had an ongoing affair with her…whatever…I think Bogart and Bacall  truly loved one another.  When he got sick, he started a club with Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland and her Husband Sid Luft etc… after one night of drinking, Bacall woke up to see them sprawled around and called them one sorry looking rat pack and the name stuck. Yes, Bogart was the starting member of that famous rat pack. He made a great many films that I am not mentioning all here but are worth checking out. He died too young…


1. The Petrified Forest-1936

2. High Sierra-1940

3. The Maltese Falcon-1941

4. Casablanca- 1942

5. To Have And Have Not-1944

6. The Big Sleep-1946

7. Treasure of the Sierra Madre-1948

8. Key Largo-1948

9. In A Lonely Place-1950

10. The African Queen-1951

11. The Caine Mutiny-1954

12. Sabrina-1954

13. The Barefoot Contessa- 1954

Thursday, November 30, 2023

Thursday Movie Picks:TV Edition- Non- English


Ok...I have zilch, nuttin' Nada so I just went to look at what is around  and went all German because you know how funny the Krauts can, they think they have humor. Oh hell, never mind but let's see what the Germans liked or still like...


This has been around a long time and they seemed to have had quite a few cool musicians over the decades centering on Rock, heavy metal and jazzy sorts. Da-Da-Da....


Three ladies own a diner set in Berlin when Berlin was East and West at the height of the cold War. The premise sounds good and it was on the air for a long time but I wonder if we would enjoy it. I'd give it a try.

3. MORD MIT AUSSICHT-2008-2014

Murder with a View sounds like an interesting premise that we have seen before, but I like these types of shows. Basically, this up and coming police detective must have done something bad because she is sent to this tiny town in the Eifel Mountains where the crime could be who stole the cow bells. I bet, just like Jessica Fletcher's home town, it becomes murder central. Apparently, they did revive the series and it’s back on, but...whatever, I'd like to give it a go.

So, you can tell, I have nothing but shows that sound neat. Are there any TV shows you would like to see that play in a different country?

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Thankful Music


My Harley is so thankful for food, getting love and kisses…and food!  We took him to a pet store and he ended up grabbing 2 big sticks and ate them with the sticker and elastic still on it. Hopefully, he pooped the elastic out by now….the bugger! Anyways, over at Curious As A Cathy, Monday Music Moves Me is all about the Thanks. I wanted to choose some songs that may be a bit different, well, except for one.


You know I will choose ABBA when I can and I chose this song because, I don’t know of one person who doesn’t love music. I bet even that tribe on that Indonesian island who will kill anyone who tries to land there, create their own music( besides, I think that, unbeknownst to the world, they have their own wi-fi and club med feel dressing in high end fashion only looking the part of “savages” when they feel someone is too close to their island). Anyway, this is a great song from a great group. 


I heard this sung by a young Judy Garland and thought it was nice to showcase especially since it showcases the great stars of yesteryear. I’m not sure when she actually sang this song but, it’s a good song on the Bob Hope classic even though I still prefer the original with Bob Hope.


A yodel song…you are welcome🤣 Ok, she was 11 when she appeared on the Ukrainian TV Reality show based on the  TV shows that originated in England, came across the pond to the U.S.  and spread all over. I believe I first heard her over at The Sound Of One Hand Typing ( a great music+ blog you should check out). This young girl had to leave her home and everything behind when the war hit the Ukraine and now sings to help other teens and children who have been displaced due to the Russian invasion. I think we should be thankful to her for giving so much and trying to help her country. Her voice is amazing, by the way.

Thank you for following my blog!

Monday, November 27, 2023

Colour Me Christmas


Fab N’ Funky- Blue Hues

The 12 Months of Christmas- Cozy Christmas 

Simon Says- Make It Sparkle

Tic, Tac, Toe Challenge- tttc#236

I chose Colouring, Free(stamp) and Gems

I really enjoyed making this card with my favourite colour, blue. I stamped the Church scene in black and used my Gamsol pencils to colour. I cut it out, set it aside and took the light paper, placed double-sided tape on it, peeled off the other layer so I could put down the shiny blue foil on top. I glued everything together but not before adding sparkle on the stamped part in the trees, the windows of the church and the frame. I was inspired by Currier & Ives which, their paintings always made me feel cozy.

Color Throwdown- ctd#770- yellow-green, Dark Green, Black

Inkspirational- Seasonal..Christmas

Dream Valley- Anything Goes

I watched this YouTube video and was inspired to try this with my Holly embossing folder which I used and used the debossed side, that’s where the leaves are inset instead of sticking out. I took my 2 distress ink pads in the greens and coloured it up. I took my black in pad and lightly brushed it on top of the embossed image so the raised area became black and all that’s left are the leaves. I stamped the Merry Christmas onto  the greeny/yellowy card and heat embossed it in dark green and green sparkle. I put it ll together and I think it turned out pretty good.

Hope everyone will have a great week ahead.

Thursday, November 23, 2023

Thursday Film Picks- Music That’s Integral to the Film and Not a Musical


Before I start on my next film choices,Mia will let you know my Oscar post from yesterday. Who won, who was nominated and got nuttin’ baby! So the 2007 Oscar winner  was “I Need To Wake Up” written and sung by Melissa Etheridge from the film, “An Inconvenient Truth”. “Love You, I Do”  sung by Jennifer Hudson, from “Dreamgirls” was nominated and “Happy Feet”  from the film of the same name, written and sung by Prince, came up empty handed and was considered quite the snub.

Ok, Happy Thanksgiving to every one south of the border and I hope you have a lovely time with your family. I have 2 films that bring Thanksgiving to mind that use music so well that the films just wouldn’t be the same without the music. The 2nd have music from different musicians that just propel the story brilliantly while the other is all from the same composer who is beyond brilliant. So here are my picks…


This soundtrack is from the great Ennio Morricone who made the Spaghetti Western even more iconic with his music. This film stars Clint Eastwood, Eli Wallach and Lee Van Cleef all out to find this gold in a cemetery. You are brought right through the American Civil War, both sides, before they all meet up in this cemetery. Eli Wallach steals the picture as the “Ugly” even though Clint is great as the guy with no name.  In this scene, Eli is looking for the gold buried with some coffin in this desolate cemetery.


I love this buddy picture with Steve Martin as an uptight Ad exec who is trying to get home to his family for Thanksgiving and John Candy (gosh, I miss this actor) as the slovenly guy who helps him, in a very indirect way, get home. The music is priceless and just adds to the entire story. Each music just makes me laugh when I think of a scene.


This is a film that connects Thanksgiving and Christmas together as we watch a number of different people deal with love in all its forms. We see how all the characters handle love through new marriage, unrequited love, sadness of love and the joy of new love. I love Bill Nighy as an over the hill rock star and my heart breaks with Emma Thompson when she realizes the necklace she thought she’d get from her husband went to his secretary. I chose this scene because, to me, it’s just great with “Both Sides Now” by Joni Mitchell. I also just love the romance between Colin Firth who plays a writer whose wife was having an affair with his brother, and the Portuguese housekeeper. It’s a great holiday movie.

What non musical film can you think of where the music just adds to the film?

Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Which Song Won The Oscar-2007


I am going to the more recent Oscar times with 2007 and it’s a bit…odd. I am just going to leave it at that but I will join Monday Music Moves Me over at Curious As A Cathy. Now let’s see if you can guess which song won the Oscar, which one was nominated and which came up nadda. 


This song was written by Prince…yes, the Prince…no not an actual Prince but that tiny little Jehovah who loved the colour purple. It come from the movie called “Happy Feet”, an animated movie about a penguin who loves to dance. Who knew Prince could create such a fun song.


This song comes from the musical, “Dreamgirls” that starred Jennifer Hudson and, yeah, Beyoncé  along with Eddie Murphy and Jamie Foxx. It was an original Broadway musical that became a hit on the screen. Honestly, there is more than one song nominated from this movie but I chose this song which was composed by Henry Krieger with lyrics by Siedah Garrett.


This song comes from the Oscar film, “An Inconvenient Truth” from Al Gore…yup, the former Vice President come film maker. I still need to see this film about climate change which is a real issue. Anyhoo, this song was written and performed by Melissa Etheridge.

So….which song won the Oscar, which was nominated and which came up empty handed.

Thursday, November 16, 2023

Thursday Movie Picks- Friendship


Why not talk about somethin nice....friendship.  There are some great stars whonare besties with other stars and have made films together. Here are some best friends who made some good movies...


Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy are a famous comedic team and my dad's favourite comedy team. They were also very close friends and when Hardy died, Laurel was so devastated that he was throwing up and could not attend the funeral. This film is funny with the 2 friends wanting to attend their lodge event in Chicago but their wives have other plans so they do their best to deceive. It does not go well.  It's one of the better films but they had many good films which makes them famous even today.


This stars Bette Davis as a imbalanced woman living in a once nice mansion who now seems to be decaying, like the mansion. Her housekeeper seems just as unsteady with the only caring ones being the doctor, played by Joseph Cotton and her cousin, played by Olivia DeHavilland. It's considered a horror movie but it's's more of a thriller. Originally, Joan Crawford was to play the cousin but, thankfully, she left the film and Bette's good friend, Olivia stepped in and I think, she is a much better fit. Yes, despite Davis's notorious reputation for being very difficult, she was always nice to DeHavilland and they became good friends off the set. This is, I believe, their 6th pairing. 


This western stars great friends, James Stewart and Henry Fonda as 2 cowboy friends on the range when Stewart receives a letter saying his brother is dead and Stewart inherited his belongings. They head out to the town and find the home Stewart now owns and it's a home of Ill repute headed by Shirley Jones. Fonda partakes of each morsel but Stewart treats the ladies as...ladies. This is a funny, western movie with a good heart. I think it's a fun film and you can see how easy these 2 interact with each other.

Which stars can you think of that are good friends that made a film together?

Wednesday, November 15, 2023



I think I chose this pic before but it's goofy and I like it and I love my friend, Loretta who is a soul mate. Curious as A Cathy over at Monday Music Moves Me, has the theme of Friendship, food and family and I am not into food so I went friendship way. Family is fine but I went with friends. Here are my 3 picks


This is from the famous TV show, "I Love Lucy" when Lucy and Ethel are to appear on TV for a benefit but end up wearing the same dress! It does not go over well but this clip is when they rehearse. It was written by Cole Porter for the show, "Dubarry was a Lady" in 1939 later made into a movie with Gene Kelly, Red Skelton and Lucille Ball where they sing this song.


My friend and I love the same things including Hope and Crosby who made several road pictures together. This song is from Road to Utopia and was written by James Van Heuzen and Johnny Burke. 


I love the Moody Blues and this song is from their album "A Question of Balance" 

I love, love the Moody Blues and I own this album and this is a great song written by Justin Hayward. 

What food, family or friend song can you think of? Any song that makes you think of your best friend,

Thursday, November 9, 2023

Thursday Movie Picks-Different Perspective


This was a hard one for me. I know there are films out there that capture other people's perspectives on a situation but my mind wasn't working. Wandering through the Shelves made me think this week. Here are my 3...


Arguably the best film ever made. It’s not my favourite but  I recognize the greatness of it and it’s better, in my opinion, than the Godfather films. It starts off with an old man in his castle saying “Rosebud” before letting a snowglobe fall as he died. From there, a reporter travels to see all the people he used to know to learn bout the man and trying to find out what rosebud meant. We get to learn different aspects of this complicated man from each person’s perspective of him. This film is a must see even from a historical viewpoint and, if you read about this film or see a documentary about it, it’s just as fascinating.


This film stars Humphrey Bogart who is the main narrator about this enigmatic woman, played wonderfully by Ava Gardener. You realize, right away, that he is at her funeral and you learn about her through Bogie from her first appearance to Bogie to her rise in fame. From there, you learn about her from Edmond O’Brien’s character who is a bit of a sleaze in the film industry and, finally, you learn about her through the eyes of her husband, played by pursed lips Rossano Brazzi. It’s considered Ava Gardener’s best role and she is brilliant in it because you feel like part of the character is also the actress who was a free spirit.

3. KNIVES OUT-2019

This is a fun film concerning a very rich family whose patriarch has died in a lethal matter. You get to know about him, played by Christopher Plumber, through the eyes of all the people in his orbit. You also learn about each person in the family and what the6 think of the situation. It all comes together by the detective, played by Daniel Craig. As he speaks to each person. A stellar cast with Jamie Lee Curtis, Toni Collette and Chris Evans as part of the family help create an original film and a funny one too. 

What films can you think of?

Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Remembrance to the true Heroes


My dad, who was born in Barry’s Bay, On. In 1913, was part of the Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Regiment and, maybe, he’s in this photo…I should look at it more closely later on. He fought for Canada during the 2nd World War, was part of the Liberation of Holland and was in one of the final battles in the Reischwald Forest where he was wounded near the end of the war. I have spoken bout what my mom went through but not my daddy as much. I would have asked him a lot more questions if he didn’t pass when I was only 23. I wish I could go back in time or go to a holodeck to talk to him but, alas, I can’t. Remembrance Day is this Saturday to commemorate the 11th month of the 11th day of the 11th hour when the First World War ended and I thought I would add 3 songs that are all unique but all were big in their day. I’m joining the Monday Music Moves Me which is freebie week.


This is a world famous poem written by Canadian, John McCrea, a doctor who wrote this after he lost his good friend, Alexis Helmer, during the battle of Ypres in 1915. When he noticed how the poppies sprouted around the graves of the Canadians he felt compelled to write this poem. Unfortunately, he died of pneumonia in 1918 but his poem lives on in every school since that time. I memorized it along with millions of other kids past and present. In 1917, American Charles Ives, put these words to music in 1917.


This became a huge hit all over the world, not just the Germans. A version 45 was found by Allied forces and they started playing it and it took off. It got translated from German into English, French, etc., etc, etc…. This, too, was based on a poem written in 1915 by Hans Leip with music by Norbert Schultz and made very famous by this gal whom I never knew about until now. I have to read more about this lady. 


The film group who sings this song are Hank Mann, William Irving, Heinie Conklin and Joe Polska with  “Snub” Pollard as the waiter. It became famous by Spike Jones but I just liked this film bit and thought it was funny.

What song can you think of that commemorates these true heroes?

Tuesday, November 7, 2023

November Star of the Month: Virginia Mayo


BIRTHDATE: November 30, 1920

DATE OF DEATH: January 17, 2005

AGED: 84 years old

DIED FROM: Pneumonia 

REAL NAME: Virginia Jones. She got her last name from a vaudeville act she was in with the Mayo Brothers who played the front and back end of a horse with Miss. Virginia 

MARRIED: Once to actor Michael O’Shea

AFFAIRS: Howard Hughes( who didn’t get down with this dude), possibly Ronald Reagan

CHILDREN: One daughter

TALENT: Dancing,  Comedic Timing, Dramatic Flair

KNOWN FOR: Her beauty where she was labeled the most beautiful blonde in the world. The Sultan of Morocco called  her “Tangible proof of the  existence of God.” This despite she was slightly cross-eyed.

I always liked this actress whom I first saw in one of her many films she made with the legendary Danny Kaye. She seemed more than just a pretty face, which was obvious, she seemed to know how to hold her own against a scene chewer like Kaye. She was a great, light comedienne so it surprised me when I saw her in White Heat plying a slovenly, Bitch of a wife to James Cagney who had no problem snoring it up and looking less than glam. She could also dance and loved being in musicals to showcase her dancing although her singing was always dubbed, apparently. She was one lady who probably had a couple of boyfriends but when she married fellow actor Michael O’Shea, that was it and they stayed together until he died in 1973 from a heart attack. She never remarried but enjoyed life, her daughter and grandkids until she passed away. She would talk about her co-stars some she loved like Gregory Peck, James Cagney and Joel McCrea but thought Jack Palance weird and intense as well as Kirk Douglas who she didn’t care for nor did she care much for Burt Lancaster. Well, she liked him much more than Douglas but thought he was too…rough. She did like Danny Kaye and found him funny but she also thought he was. Bit into himself but she still learned a lot from him. I remember her laughing at her older age, her weight gain and her career which was no laughing matter. I think she is under-rated even though she made some duds, she made some great ones, too, even if she was “second fiddle” to the male star….she still shone through. 


1. WONDERMN-1945




5. A SONG IS BORN-1948


7. WHITE HEAT-1949




Saturday, November 4, 2023

What I Watched in October

Isn't that a cool tree? My friend, VJ came down for a few days and we had a good time. October is the time I watch more scary movies, but no slasher flicks...I don't like them. So, this is what I watched....



I have never seen this movie because it looked's stupid. If they would not have shown the actual ghosties and kept the coffin people to the pool, it would have been better. They actually used real skeletons in that mud scene and only told the actress, JoBeth Williams after she completed the nice. I would have killed those in charge.  Behind the scenes was much more tragic with the young girl, Heather O’Roake, dying at age 12, from intestinal stenosis. The teenage girl, in the movie, Dominique Dunne, was murdered by her boyfriend, shortly after making this film….she was just 16. It’s very sad,,


I always think of this film with the title “Between Two Worlds”  which was the title of an earlier film starring Leslie Howard, which I still need to see. Anyways, I spoke about this film a few posts back and love it. I had to show this to my friend, VJ, who enjoyed this film. It stars Paul Henreid and Eleanor Parker as young marrieds in war torn Britain. He can no longer play the piano due to a hand injury and they can’t leave for the States due to lack of passports so he decides to off himself and his wife wishes to be with him. Meanwhile, a group of very different people who were waiting to get on the boat get in a taxi and are blown up in a bomb. Next thing you see are the couple who realize they are dead but the others do not. It becomes a character study with John Garfield at his annoying best as an angry reporter, his trampy girlfriend, a sweet old lady, a priest, a happy sailor waiting to meet his baby daughter, a rich elderly couple-an uppercrust, image seeking bitch and her poor husband who is sweet. A corrupt jerk and the man that seems to be the only employee on the ship played so well by Santa, I mean, Edmund Gwenn. I love this movie!!

3. ED WOOD-1994

This is a funny gem of a film with Johnny Depp playing the lead, Ed Wood, classified as the worst director ever. He created the horrible masterpiece, “Plan 9 From Outer Space”  and the gender bender flick, “Glenn or  Glenda” that starred …who cares, but he did have Bela Lugosi who, by this time, was a druggie, worn out and very broke. Bela was played brilliantly, by Martin Landau, who won an Oscar for his role and, I think, he deserved it. This is an homage to the director and his love of film. 


Yes, this is not a horror flick but a movie I enjoyed watching even though it’s so 70s. You have George C. Scott as a veteran of the force who is teaching  his new partner the works, he is played by a young Stacy Keach. It’s not a great movie but a standard film that came out during this time and I love that it’s gritty and dirty instead of all clean and glass with all the cops looking smart and dressed in Gucci. You get the feel for these cops on and off the beat.



I was able to see this gem on our TVO station, which is our PBS. This lady started creating films right from the very beginning just like the Lumiere Bothers and George Melies. You are taken through her life and how she created and changed cinema as we know it but this was a man’s world so she had to do her work under her husband’s name and later, she was just forgotten. It’s brilliant and a must see, in my opinion 

2. RECORDS-2021

This is an original documentary from TVO about people who just love their record collection which amount to thousands. They all have an eclectic taste from the great rock records we love to the weird, like Heino. This is really fun to watch.


I received a 2 pack DVD collection for Christmas from a friend and finally watched them. This is the first which is loosely based on The Haunting. It’s quite eerie about a family who buy this old home to fix and flip so they can have their dream home. The 5 kids witness all sorts of strange things especially the 2 youngest. It flips to present day…late 80s or early 90s when we see how the 5 kids have been so horribly affected by the home. The eldest, in denial, has written a best selling book about the house. The next owns a funeral home and is often angry at everything. The middle child who has a gift to sense things by touching people, which is why she wears gloves, is a bit of wild one who bargains. The 2 youngest…the boy is a drug addict and the youngest accepts her fate and dies at the house. It continues from there and the ensemble cast work well together. One has to watch closely because there are ghosts everywhere!


Many of the actors from the first miniseries is in this film based loosely on “The Turn Of The Screw” or “The Innocents”. You have a young lady, trying to escape her past, hired as a nanny to 2 young kids who really know how to steal the show especially the young girl. As she says…She is “perfectly splendid”. You find out there were 2 people who had an obsessive love-the bad Quint who was an aide to the uncle, and Miss. Jessel, the former teacher/nanny. It goes from there including the lady of the lake which is freaky. It’s well done. I found out that another miniseries has been made from the Poe stories so it would be good to see that one.

What did you watch?

Thursday, November 2, 2023

Thursday Film Picks- Missing The Dead


For this week, I thought about the Day of the Dead in Mexico where it's a celebration and a chance to talk to your loved ones. This got me thinking about the movies that deal with a spiritual loved one and how we can communicate with them. I chose these 3 and hope you like them...

1. TOPPER -1937

This is a screwball comedy about madcap, married millionaires played by Cary Grant and Constance Bennett. They love to party, drink and drive real fast. So fast that they end up dead! This doesn't stop them from wanting to help a meek man, Mr. Topper, played brilliantly by Roland Young. It's very funny and has great charm. It did very well that it spawned a couple of sequels.


I love this movie and find it enchanting and funny. Rex Harrison, aka Sexy Rexy, is married to his second wife after his first wife dies. They buy a quaint cottage and meet a very daffy woman, played to the hilt by Margaret Rutherford, who states she is a medium. For fun, they invite her over for a seance and before you know it…Poof! Here comes Rexy’s first wife and Rex can see her. Is this a good thing especially when he seems to be close to having his life taken away. Could his first wife want him with her? This is a very witty comedy written by a very urbane, witty man, Noel Coward. Highly recommended.

3. GHOST-1990

I almost wrote about “The Ghost and Mrs. Muir” or “Truly, Madly, Deeply” but I don’t think I’ve talked about this famous movie which is not as good as the first 2 but still enjoyable despite Demi Moore. This is one of Patrick Swayze’s most famous roles as a young man, in love with his wife, who both enjoy some clay moulding foreplay. Oh…um, yes…so, next thing he is murdered which just about destroys his wife but Patrick, now a ghostie, wants to find out what happened. In enters Whoopi Goldberg as a con artist pretending to be a medium but, to her amazement, she hears Sam( Patrick)  and is forced to try and tell his wife that he is with her. Sam finds out there is more to his simple murder than meets the eye. This is fun and on the edge of your seat thriller but, overall, fun. 

What kind of Day of the Dead films can you think of?

Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Day Of The Dead


November 1st is becoming very popular for the Mexican festival known as the day of the dead where they celebrate the people who have died feeling they may be able to talk to their formerly alive loved ones. I’m joining the Monday Music Moves Me with this week’s theme about Scary Band Names and/or Night Creatures. I think a couple of these songs I have chosen belong to the Night Creatures so let’s enjoy some beautiful music from Mexico…


This song is based on the famous ghost story bout a woman, who murders her children in order to be with the man she loves. She dies and must now roam the countryside looking for her children. The music is very old but became popular by Andres Henestrosa in 1941 with his version of this old folk song and tale.


This song is about a man and his pet snakey…get your minds out of the gutter even if I put you there. This folk song originates from the 18th century about a man who is a snake charmer and is trying to hide his rattlesnake from the police who have outlawed owning a snake. Ughh, Freud would have a field day with this one.


The title means, “The Witch” about a witch that sucks the blood of people. Obviously, like the ghost of La Llorona, move about at night. This is another very popular tune for those Mexican gals and boys who like to sing songs about death, creepiness, blood-sucking witches and snake charmers. I think Rosy has an amazing voice.

In good ole Catholic land, it’s All Saint’s Day or even “Name Day” in Germany and Austria ( my name day is actually in July). Any songs that spring to mind about night creatures? How about Saints? 

Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Happy Halloween


Retro Rubber Challenge-RRCB218

Simon Says- Anything Goes 

Sparkles Monthly- Things that go Bump in the Night.

I had fun making this card. My friend, VJ, chose the colours from my colour bursts. I sprinkled a little dust  from the bottle, added water and voila! He chose a blue, green and a yellow. I think you see more blue but I think it turned out quite well. I proceeded to create the night scene with stamps that are, at least, 15 yrs old. They got stamped in basic black. I took a branch, at least 20 yrs old and just stamped a slight image of an evergreen on the right side. I tore up paper and sponged on a "surface" so it looks like everything is where it should be. I didn't realize, until later, that the small pumpkins look like they are near a pond. I took out some colour from the big pumpkin to make it stand out more.

Happy Halloween!