Sunday, March 31, 2013

Daffy...dil-That's me -Anything Goes Blue, green and Yellow -D for Daffodils - Sketch - Mail It

I can't believe it...2 posts in 1 day but my last post, my Christmas cards, I missed the boat on a lot of the posts. This is why I am a little daffy and the daffodil is perfect. I entered again with Simon Says and FBW..I hope that is OK. I have not done the 365 Day cards for a while but am glad to have been able to enter...I think I goofed on the sketch though but I hope it still works as I was going by memory:). I also incorporated a little stamp image as this card is going to our neighbour who gave us some nice daffodils. I used my cuddlebug, embossed the daffodils and coloured them with tombow markers and added the saying and butterfly.

Have to do 5 still:)-Christmas -Sparkle and Shine -Felt or Fabric

I always seem to join CCAYR at the last minute and I know it is moi procrastinating. I love the site and their challenges and this was right up my alley as it was sparkle and shine and I LOVE sparkle. I must have been a magpie in my previous life. I actually stuck to white and a light blue. There was a challenge from another site with a picture and it had those colours but I was way too late to enter in it but still love the colours so I stuck with it. I used the cuddlebug for the ornament cut out and silver stickles and a gem for the centre on the first card. The 2nd card was for the Sparkles Christmas challenge but I was a day late in entering it. One had to use 3 flowers, 2 gems and one stamp. There was another challenge to use ribbons and bows...yup missed that one to ( 52 Christmas card throwdown). I re-stamped the flower image twice and built up the flowers. The 3rd card, was from the ornament cutout and I stamped the village scene, coloured it with prismo pencils and glitter all the snow(hard to see on this pic). The 4th card-Yahoo I did not miss this one -One has to use felt or fabric-I used this sheer shimmer fabric to cover the whole card and then a big ribbon to the side. I added the "Season's Greetings" and snowflakes stickers. The last card-I used the cuddlebug and sparkled up the ornaments and added the ribbon on the top and bottom. Voila! Happy Easter. I got a beautiful card from my hubby and chocolates. Choclates are now safe and sound in my stomach...mmmmm chocolate.


Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter, Easter -Anything Goes - Blue, Green and Yellow - Easter

Happy Easter to everyone. I actually made some easter cards. The first one Has the main colours for Flutter By Wednesday Challenge and a cute butterfly to boot with a perplexed bunny. I used alcohol inks for the yellow part in the middle and then just some colourful papers. Added some pearl drops and there ya go. The 2nd card is also for Easter. I made this one a while ago so the colours are not quite the same for Flutter by Wednesday but I just had to include this as these cards are...cute.  Craft Your Passion had a "make it cute" challenge but I was too late to place these on..Oh well.  You can see I used my cuddlebug and I even tied a yellow ribbon:) Who knew I could do that! How girly are these cards....I will soon add a couple non girly cards.


Monday, March 25, 2013

Dragonfly Dream -Anything Goes - Animals - Embossing - Coveted

I enjoyed making this card and I used Paints, cardstock, gems and the Happy Birthday metal piece that I all covet. First, I took black glossy cardstock-my last one and, using twinkling H2O's I created the background with a number of different colours.  I took glossy gold and green cardstock for some backing and purple cardstock as well. I stamped the dragonfly image (my animal-I hope and insect counts) in gold and embossed in Egyptian Gold. I coloured the wings in green and purple twinkling H2O's and restamped the wings and coloured them again but cut them out and placed them on top of the first image for some 3D effect(see the 2nd pic:)). I used my last bit of light green ribbon to attach the metal piece and put it all together...Voila!  I hope everyone has a beautiful day and maybe it will get warmer here as the week progresses...let's hope!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Top 10 Movie Countdown

You say Movies/film and I am there. It is hard to countdown to just 10 but here is my list:

10. Sunset Boulevard-Gloria Swanson at her grand dame best and a scathing telling on silent cinema where so much in the film actually rings true. For all die hard fans that know Buster Keaton and Anna Q Nielson are playing cards and were once huge stars.

9. All About Eve-Fasten Your Seatbelts...It's Betty Davis full of sharp tongued greatness. Never forget the great George Sanders who decided to commit suicide cos he was bored.

8. Fantasia-Drugged out or not-Great artistic genius meeting up with superb music-doesn't get better than that.

7. Top Hat or any Fred Astair/Ginger Rogers Musical-I don;t give a rats ass if you are not a musical fan-These are just great-same storyline and often same character actors but the dancing and singing can never be found again. Thank god for film

6. Trains, Planes and Automobiles-OK so people may bitch that it is not artistic enough blah blah blah but what a great cast and music and I always laugh out loud at the motel scene in the morning ("those aren't pillows!")

5. Singing In The Rain- Superb satire on the silent cinema and when it transitions to sound. The story is great and actually accurate, the cast is great, dancing is great and every man just loved Cyd Charisse's legs

4. The Quiet Man-The great John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara-The irish land and tales and customs and the best damm fight scene-I'd give anything to be kicked in the ass with love the way John Wayne did to Maureen-true love  with great fun

3. the Searchers-Amazing Western! I love Western and the scene near the beginning when john Wayne sees his brother's place on fire-well his look is heart wrenching. Look for Jeffrey hunter (AKA Christopher Pike of Star Trek fame) in a key role along side the Great Duke

2. LOTR-Trilogy-OK This is so great and profound and moving-I can not say more about these group of films-Love it!

1. It's A Wonderful Life- My Fav-Jimmy Stewart-Always played at Christmas and people may be sick of it like the Mona Lisa but the beauty of this film transcends time and makes me cry each time I see it.

Well there is my list-I missed out on the Third Man and all the Hitchcock films-there are so many I love and could add and replace some here but this it is for now:)

Sunday, March 3, 2013


It is so gloomy here that it was nice to make a couple of butterfly cards. I used the cuddlebug to cut out the butterflies for both cards. Each card has 3 papers (not including the base) placed on top of one another. Actually the first card-the top paper is not paper but fabric. I went to a Sound Of Music Sing a long and we had to hold that fabric up to Julie Andrews when she could not figure out how to get fabric for the kids playclothes..."Look behind you" we all yelled before she realized drapes will do nicely. The base colour for the first card is a light green which I used the cuddlebug to emboss. I added a ribbon and some pearls for the bling. The second card I had scraps of paper that I had tried some sponging techniques for the top paper and wrote in the saying as our neighbour lost her brother..which is quite sad so I can't do much but give this card stating that we are thinking of her. I added the extra bling at the bottom and some stickles in the butterfly too. I am amazed that I did not add more glitter to my cards as I am usually a glitter queen. How do you like that ribbon? I actually made it and was surprized it turned out! Have a great day and week ahead