Thursday, June 27, 2024

Thursday Film Picks- J-Lo Weddings


Poor J-Lo…filthy rich, procedures on her face galore, an attitude that makes you want to slap her upside the head. Many boyfriends, a couple of engagements, married to a spider monkey and now married, on the rebound from A-Rod, to Ben Affleck (not Afflack as he is not a Duck). Their marriage won’t last, as we all know, but she knows how to make romantic comedies about weddings. I decided to have some brainless fun and Lopez seemed perfect. She’s not a bad actress nor a bad singer but her poses on any red carpet needs to reminds me of Zoolander. Ok, here are my picks…


Jenn plays a type A gal who plans weddings that, personally, I would hate to be in. She’s an expert but her life is lonely except for her dad who wants her to marry some guy from the home country. One day, she gets her shoe stuck in a grate and tries to retrieve it even though she sees a large garbage bin coming straight for her. At the last minute, bongo drum Matthew McConaughey saves her and she feels a spark as he lays on top of her. Little does she know he’s engaged to a typical blond who has hired Jenny from the block to be her wedding planner. It’s a nice rom-com that you like to watch and quickly forget. There were a ton of these films made around this time, not all starring Jenny, that seemed to be a thing to watch back then. 


In this movie, which I do find quite funny, JJ , a dog groomer, meets handsome Doctor, Michael Vartan and they soon move in together and get engaged. All is happy until she meets his mother, played so well by Jane Fonda. Fonda is like a filthy rich Barbara Walters type who needed to go to a “home” for some much needed rest. She loves her son and does not approve of JJ. Both match wits as one tries to destroy the other in hilarious ways. It was very funny when Fonda passes out in some fish bowl and equally funny when JJ is given nuts in gravy. Her lips blow up to Botox size…the supporting cast is equally funny with Wanda Sykes, as Fonda’s personal assistant, shining in her role. This is not an Oscar movie by any means, but it’s funny.

3. MARRY ME-2019

She’s a famous singer engaged to Zamboni( truly, I can’t remember this guy’s name but…close enough) and they decide to marry in front of thousands when, just before the nuptials, she is shown images of her intended, aka Zamboni, getting it on with another gal. She goes on stage, sees Owen Wilson holding a “Marry Me” sign and tells him yes. What is Owen to do but go along for the ride and now starts the romantic saga. He’s a math teacher and blah blah blah… it all ends the way you know it will. It’s mindless but it’s nice. Nothing to write home about but it’s an ok romp. 

I know a few people who were married on June 30th…all divorced now which is what will happen with poor J-Lo…see my tear fall from my cheek? Lol

Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Which Song Won The Oscar-1988


1988 was the best of times…and the worst of times. My dad’s brain cancer took hold and the last 6 weeks, he was in the hospital with my mom taking the morning to be with him, I took the afternoon and my brother, the evening. Often, my mom was there in the evening and the last week, she slept at the hospital. He died on April 30th at noon and the next few days were a blur. Funny, the day he died, that morning, it was rainy and miserable, but, right after he died, the sun came out and so did the warmth of the sun. My 24th birthday was cold and rainy but the sun came out after that day and we had one of the hottest summers on record. My friend, came back from Greece, she was living there and enjoying it. My other friend, who now lives in Vancouver, was living in Toronto and the 3 of us had the best time that whole summer. That’s when you can drink like a fish, wake up spinning and feeling oogy but regain our energy and have fun at a waterpark, at a park or anywhere we could create some chaos. The Oscars were ll about RainMan. The songs…only 3 were nominated instead of the usual 5 which is sad because there could have been 5..oh well. Let’s see if you can figure out who won the Oscar, which one was nominated and which one got nadda! I will join up with the Monday Music Moves Me which is free time.


This is a great song, I have to admit, it worked well with this movie too, also great. The music and lyrics are by Carly Simon as well. The film is an empowering women’s film but it is funny too. I’m not a Melanie Griffith fan but she pulls it off here. Sadly she said she was pretty high on coke throughout the making of this movie.


This is a quirky film about a German woman left alone at this dumpy place called The Bagdad Cafe run by Whoopi Goldberg and Jack Palance is an old bugger who lives in a trailer very near the cafe and takes a shine to the woman. This song, written by Bob Telson and just fit this movie. I need to see this again.


This became a hit for the Beach Boys well after their heyday of the 60s and it’s a fun song. I have not seen the movie because it stars Tom Cruise when he thought he was hot stuff. This film, Cocktail, is about 2 bartenders and how they can make drinks…yeah…zzzzz. Anyway, love the song.

So, which won, which got nominated and which one was forgotten.

Thursday, June 20, 2024

Thursday Film Picks- Films about Daddy


I’m writing this late which is par for the course…lol. Since this past Sunday was Father’s Day, I thought, why not carry this to films….


William Powell plays the dad who believes he is the one in charge…hahahaaaa. Actually, it’s his wife, of course, played by the ever elegant Irene Dunne, who handles the house and all their kids 2 of which are played by Jeanne Crain and Elizabeth Taylor. When it is found out that dad was never baptized, you’d think Hell is knocking on their door. The wife is not happy and will do all she can to get her husband baptized so he can enter the gates of heaven. It’s actually based on a true story….just like my next film choice…


I love Clifton Webb who plays the patriarch to 12 children and husband to Myrna Loy, while he tries to maintain order and control in a very hectic household. I love Steve Martin and he is funny but I love Clifton who always added an acerbic charm to his roles. This is based on another true story but the father died of a heart attack when only in his early 50s with his wife living another 40+ years. It’s in this film..oops, spoiler alert but knowing this doesn’t diminish the charm.


This is a sweet picture with James Stewart as an over anxious father who has sent his daughter to Paris. Funnily, no matter where he goes, people think he looks like this tall, lanky actor where they can’t recall the ctor’s name. It’s a running gag that made me laugh along when he ends up on a Parisian tourist boat here he starts losing his clothes..I can’t remember why but it’s funny. This film was done when Stewart played a typical dad in a few 60s films and this is a fun movie even if it is not the best but nothing is truly bad when Jimmy is in it ( well, maybe the FBI story..ughh). 

Which film makes you think about dad? 

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

For Daddy


I used this picture of my dad recently but it still works and he looks so handsome. He was  just 28 years old and saw so much already like so many men…and women did during that time. This is for my daddy who’s been gone for 36 years but I feel him near every day. I am joint the Monday Music Moves Me over at Curious As A Cathy. 


This song was THE song for the servicemen coming home. My dad, who was wounded in the Reischwald forest near the end of the war, recuperated in a Belgian hospital, didn’t return until 1946 but, I’m certain, this song was still on top. It was written Les Brown and Ben Homer with lyrics by Bud Green and was a huge hit.


My dad loved Guy Lombardo and his all Canadian Band and saw them in concert plus he’d watch them on TV.  I remember watching the New Year’s Eve specials with daddy who was always insistent on watching this Big Band orchestra on the CBC ( the Canadian TV channel). When Guy died, I remember my dad being very upset by this. This song resonates with me since I recently turned 60. This was written by Carl Sigman with lyrics by Herb Magidson.


I’ve had this on my blog before but I just love this short from the National Film Board of Canada. My dad was in the logging and sawmill business, off and on, for most of his life. One of the happiest times is when he met my mom and they knew they were meant to be together. He was working at the Atlas Steeles and hated it, and bitched about it constantly until my mom finally told him to do something about it. This is when they found a very run down sawmill and  a home surrounded by weeds, with no stairs to the basement but a door that opened to the downstairs ( I was 1 yr old and my brother was 4). Oh, and it was infested with mice and flies. My dad found his dream home and my mom didn’t want to tell anyone where she lived. Those 2 worked tirelessly and made a beautiful place where my brother and I grew up and, to this day, have fond memories. 

What song makes you think of your dad?

Thursday, June 13, 2024

What Should Have Won The Oscar 1965


I am actually choosing what should have won for best song and it is for a song that was not even nominated. So here are 3 songs and even though I like the won that won, I think my choice should have won yet it wasn’t even nominated.


This is the song, I think, should have won the Oscar but it wasn’t even nominated which is a crime. Tom Jones sang this so well that, in fact, he almost fainted when he hit the final note. 


This song, from the film, “The Sandpiper”, won the Oscar and I do like it but I don’t think it should have won. Actually I would have chosen “The Legend of Cat Ballou” over this because it s a great song that was nominated, 


I hope I got the song…Catherine Deneuve  stars in this film but did not sing it. Danielle LeCart was the actual singer for this famous song. You may not have seen this French film but, I bet, you know the song.

One last song that was also nominated that year and, sung by Tom Jones

Why did I include this last song? Well, meet our newest member of the family…

Meet Lexi...she is 8 weeks old and we found her from my best friend's collegue. His family have a cat that they were going to take in to get spayed but missed the time line resulting in pussy cat getting pregnant and having 6 kittens. We got a cute little girl and named her after their 11 yr old daughter who cared for the kittens. She is a handful but she is so cute.

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Wedding Music - Let’s Dance


We went to a wedding last Friday at a winery and it was a lot of fun. My best friend’s son got married and I remembered when he ran around the house naked as a jaybird, laughing away. Now he’s a married man and a really good son to his mom. I remember being at weddings dancing away looking at the older people wondering what kind of music they were listening to. Now, I’m that older person wondering what the hell kind of music they were playing which was a lot of rap crap. They did play some good music, to be honest and, I even danced to some of that rap crap. Last week was about Wedding songs at Monday Music Moves Me and I thought I’d continue on. That theme and the wedding I attended, made me think of the music I played at my wedding and here are 3 of them…


I love this song sung by Billy Idol which is not the original version but, I think, the best version. I danced to this so many times when in University, on campus and off and, in fact, Billy was at our university back in 1983 with me dancing a few feet from him. I’m surprised he was at our school. In 1997, when I got married, I had this at my dance and my former boss danced up a storm because it was his favourite. That’s a great memory


I love this song and danced and danced so, when it came time for my wedding, I was determined to have this play but do you think I could find an original version at that time? Nooope! They had talking through it or the hockey theme with it. I finally found the version I wanted..the original…who knew it would be so difficult to find.


I love ZZ Top and this is another song that had to be in my wedding. This record which included “Legs” and others was a huge record that placed this great band on top where they even appeared on a dream episode of the TV show, “St. Elsewhere”. 

I had many other fun songs but these 3 are what came into my head at first. What songs did you dance to at your wedding or at a fun wedding you attended?

Thursday, June 6, 2024

Thursday Film Picks: Weddings


It’s Wedding month and I spoke about songs at weddings yesterday and, tomorrow, I will be at a wedding. My best friend’s son is getting married…wow. I remember when she changed his diapers. On that lovely note, I’m choosing 3 movies that are all about the wedding..kind of…


I spoke about this brilliant film before and I have to go to it again because it’s a great comedy about a family getting ready to marry off their daughter, played by the beautiful Elizabeth Taylor, who was going down the aisle herself, for the first of many times( little did she know she was marrying an alcoholic, abusive jerk- Nicky Hilton). Spencer Tracy plays her reluctant dad having to give away his one and only daughter. Joan Bennett plays the very happy mom who is all about making the wedding perfect. It’s very funny, better than the remake, well acted and we can relate to all of it. 

2. A WEDDING-1978

This is a film I so want to see again since it has been decades since I saw this. It’s directed by Robert Altman with his signature style and has an all star cast from Lillian Gish, Mia Farrow, Desi Arnaz Jr. to Carol Burnett and Victoria Gassman. 2 wealthy families are meeting for the wedding day but the family from New York freak out because they believe the Chicago family has mob ties. The end result, no one but the immediate family from New York show up. Oh and the scion of the New York clan, played so well by Miss Gish, dies and no one notices as they keep entering her bedroom. Everyone talks over the other, a typical Altman trait with a finesse that made me laugh. 


This became a sleeper hit back in 2002 and stars Nia Vandelos, who also wrote the script, as the poor gal of a Greek family who feels she will never find a man like her sister who is not only married but have multiple kids in tow. Her parents own a Greek restaurant where everyone helps out. In comes John Corbett, a teacher, who, along with his friend, check out this place and he notices Nia. Over time, they meet again, fall in love and a wedding is planned. This is sweet, hilarious and you never think of windex the same way again. Nia took her memories, growing up in Canada with her Greek parents, helping them run their Greek restaurant. 

I haven’t been to a wedding in eons so this should be nice especially since it’s held at a winery.

Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Wedding Songs


I'm not sure these 2 will be headed for wedded bliss but, they can put up with one another. Wedded bliss does happen to quite a few but, others, not as much. I'm divorced, my brother as well, my best friend and my sister. It's how it can go in life but the wedding day can still hold fond memories. Over at Monday Music Moves Me, the theme are Wedding songs. I chose 2 that were at my brother’s first wedding and the last, was mine. 


I have had this song on my blog before but I love it and it was my first dance with my, now ex but great friend, new husband. I love this song so much which was written by Ray Thomas for the album, “Seventh Sojourn”. 


When my brother got married back in 1984, they decided to have this song played in the church while they signed all the documents that they just got hitched. It was performed on the church organ so, not quite the same thing but I always loved this song. I think my parents were a bit baffled by this selection:)


This was the first dance my brother had with his first wife and….I don’t remember it but this sounds so much like my brother that it just works. I love the uniqueness. 

Which music pieces did you first dance to?

Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Star Of The Month- Paulette Goddard



BIRTH: June 3, 1910

DEATH: April 23, 1990

AGED: 79 years 

DIED FROM: Emphysema  and heart issues

REAL NAME: Marion Levy

NICKNAME: The Girl On The Crescent Moon, from the Ziegfeld Follies…she was just 13.

MARRIED: 4 times- Edgar James, a rich lumberman. Charlie Chaplin, Burgess Meredith( Jack Lemmon’s dad in “ Grumpy Old Men”) and Erich Maria Remarque( German novelist of “All Quiet On The Western Front”)

AFFAIRS: George Gershwin, Diego Rivera, Clark Gable, Andy Warhol plus others

: never had any. Miscarried a boy when married to Meredith which greatly saddened her, a rare event.

OSCAR NOMINATIONS: “ So Proudly We Hail”

TALENT: Aside from marrying wealthy men, she was very business savvy and grew her wealth. Her charm, making any party or social function better.

KNOWN FOR: her famous jewelry collection. Her fierce independence, intelligence and shrewd business dealings. She was to be The Scarlet O’ Hara in “Gone With The Wind” until Vivien Leigh appeared so that, along with her “leftist leanings”, she lost the part.

This is another actress who was very close to her mom to the point where they were grifters, when Paulette was a teen, getting a hold of money from unsuspecting rich men and pilfering their wallets. Ahh, what sweetness and delight. When her mom and dad separated, it seems that the mom took her daughter all around the States and even into Canada for a while. Years later, it came out that her mother absconded with her daughter so the father would have no ability to see his daughter. After Paulette became a film star, she went on record that she didn’t know her dad and he sued and won the case receiving $35 per week from his daughter. Paulette and her parents would make a great case study wouldn’t they. 

Paulette became a Ziegfeld girl after her influential uncle invited her to meet Florenz Ziegfeld and, from there, she met many older, and rich, men. Paulette married a very wealthy man when she was 17 and divorced soon after with a nice settlement in tow. She got into films and met Charlie Chaplin whom she fell for and starred in 2 of his great films, “Modern Times” and “ The Great Dictator”. He was the one who told her to revert back to her brunette hair rather than the popular platinum hair she had which was all the rage back then. I have read that they never married, merely lived together, but also read they married in Mexico, China and on a ship…who knows, but she was a big influence on Chaplin as well and remained good friends with his 2 sons even after Chaplin and her parted company. 

She met her 3rd husband Burgess Meredith on the set of “Second Chorus”with Fred Astaire, a film Astaire considered his worst. She did actually hold her own in the dance numbers but it’s not a great movie, neither is “Pot O’ Gold” with Jimmy Stewart. In fact, this is one of the few actresses that Jimmy Stewart did not care for and the feeling was mutual. She was too brash for him and too much needing to be noticed. She thought he was not a great actor…what does she know. 

In the later 50s, she married the German novelist, Erich Maria Remarque but they seemed to live in separate rooms and residences. Well, when he died, she inherited his fortune but she knew how to add to it with shrewd business deals. Later she enjoyed being a socialite known for her intelligence, humour and effervescence. She had to deal with breast cancer in the 1970s and recuperated but, due to her cigarette habit, she got emphysema and died of a heart attack. 

She was complicated, independent, fun, talented and so much more than just a gold digger, which, I believe, she was, but she knew how to make money on her own and, when she died, she gave 20 million to the New York University to fund an institute devoted to European studies named in Remarque’s honour.  Her art collection, partly inherited when Erich died, and her jewelry collection also went on the auction block although I don’t know where the money went to. She was an interesting woman whom I always enjoyed watching on the big screen.


1. Modern Times-1936

2. The Women-1939

3. The Cat And The Canary-1939

4. The Ghostbreakers-1940

5. The Great Dictator-1940

6. Northwest Mounted Police-1940

7. Hold Back The Dawn-1941

8. Reap The Wild Wind-1942

9. Kitty-1945

10. Diary Of A Chambermaid-1946