Thursday, March 31, 2016

Thursday Movie Picks- Heist Movies

Heist movies are quite popular and there are so many to pick from. Head on over to Wandering Through The Shelves to see what the others have picked.  I stayed away from some fun ones (Ocean's 11) that are more recent. You can even join in if you wish:) Here are my three...


Talk about a under-rated film that should be better known. A man named "Doc" decides, shortly
after leaving prison, to do a bank heist and needs some goons to help pull it off. This is a quiet but effective heist film without all the smash-em up chases that usually seems to happen in more recent films. It even has a small role for Marilyn Monroe as the mistress of a corrupt lawyer and many think this was her break through role. The characters are well-rounded and not "black and white" really feel for the characters that committed the crime.


Talk about a sexy film staring the debonair Cary Grant and the cool sex kitten, Grace Kelly. Grant's character used to be a famous jewel thief but now there is a copycat out there and he must clear his name.  Directed by the great Alfred Hitchcock, it is a film that has beautiful clothes, beautiful people and beautiful scenery, in fact, it was filmed in Monaco where Ms. Kelly met Prince Ranier and became Princess Grace.


Oh, these 2 rascals met, fell in love and decided to rob banks for a living becoming  infamous and still talked about today. Great acting shines (as well as the outfits that became stylish again for a while) as we are led on one car chase from one rural depression town to another. It is not completely accurate and it has the political vibe of the 1960's counter-culture. These 2 people were romanticized in this film as a young couple against an establishment instead of thugs they were (I know, I know, she wrote poetry etc.. but, come on!) but, regardless, it is a good film that propelled Warren Beatty's career to another level(he produced and helped write the film).

Love to know which ones you would pick:)

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Happy Belated Birthday

Craft Your Passion-Always Anything Goes

Well this is a bit late
But I had to create
A card that I hope he will like.
And not tell me to take a hike:)
Pat Hatt is a poet and he rhymes every day
He talks about anything, what more can I say.
He rhymes much, much better than me
If you check out his blog, you will see
That his cat has some sass
From his little rhyming ass:)

I stamped the cat, just like that. I stamped the flowers in silver and coloured with twinkling H2O's  but there are no bows. I used burnt orange, periwinkle blue and shiny green cardstock and then added the pussy cat. I hope it's not too girly for this cool rhyming cat. If he wants it sent, no problemo, I will gladly do so. No more rhyming:)

Retro Rubber Challange- Anything Goes (RRCB35)
Eclect Ellapu- Purple Team-Flora and Fauna
Simon Says- Come Rain or Shine
Chocolate Baroque Challenge-Colour scheme

This second card was inspired by the Battle of the Bands. Angel's Bark chose a song, "The Track of My Tears" so this card is what I came up with. I had this lady stamp for about 4 or 5 years now (RRCB35). I used distress inks for the background which I sponged on and stamped the lady in a midnight blue. I stamped and embossed a bunch of leaves(some with flowers) and fussy cut them out and adhered it around the lady. I coloured the rose in prisma pencils and added some wink of Stella (name of the brush pens) to the rose which is also a little over a year old. I added some stickles to show case a couple of tears on her and rain on the card.  So I am a day late and I am so, sooooooo late with my A to Z because .....I'm an idiot but I will get it done( fingers crossed).

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Thursday Movie Picks-Music Biopic

This week it is all about music Biopics and talk about range! Where does one start? Well, head on over to Wandering Through The Shelves to check out what the others have chosen. I have picked these three....


Ah-the great time of the musicals and there were quite few "biopics" that were just an excuse to showcase the famous stars. This is supposed to be about Jerome Kern played by Robert Walker who was the boy next door (more like the bad screwed-up boy next door in real life) to movie goers. We hear about his life and the songs he composed and those memories proceed to great moments of singing and dancing. If you wish to just sit back and enjoy talent, you should watch this film or any other music biopic with a slew of stars. One blecch note of the times is the great Lena Horne who sings here but the studio could easily cut her part out when shown in the Southern States. A funny note, Judy Garland got a kick out of singing "Who" because she was pregnant at the time(with Liza Minelli).


I chose this biopic about Chopin instead of the Cornel Wilde version because I enjoyed this one more. Hugh Grant plays the sickly Chopin at the beginning of his romance with the rebel George Sand played by Judy Davis. They meet at a nice little(little??) home of a countess who likes to think she knows art and music. You get to see all the little intrigues and fun times. Well acted, funny and yet  you see the issues the people had especially the love affair of these 2 historic figures.


Now this is a beautiful least to me. This stars Gary Oldman as Ludwig Van Beethoven, who is my favourite composer. The "Maestro"  had written a letter long ago to his "Immortal Beloved" and now, his former right-hand man is on a quest to find out who the lady is. Through his search, you get to not only learn about this complex man but the 3 main women in his life. You feel his pain of his father's abusive ways through his music but you also feel the love this man had for nature and for his immortal beloved. By the way, the letter is real, Beethoven really did write this and many still wonder who this letter was for. This film gives one possibility. When I heard the 9th Symphony and saw what Beethoven may have thought in this brought tears to my eyes. Oh, by the time Beethoven wrote his 5th Symphony, he was deaf!

Which films would you pick?

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Music and Words Award-Thank You!

Cherdo On The Flipside was gracious enough to nominate me for the Music and Words Award. #MW. She is funny, loves music and has a beautiful soul so you should check out her blog. So the rules are as follows:

1. Link back to the person who nominated you

2. Answer the questions in words and music.

3. Pass the award on to 5 bloggers who inspire you with their posts about music.

4. Tag your post with a #MWA, for Music & Words Award so we can all find you down the line.

5. Quote these 5 steps and the award icon in your post. You can display the award icon on your sidebar as well.

So here we go...

1. What Does Music Mean To You?

I have never been one to understand the lyrics when I listen to a song. When the record albums came out with all the lyrics printed, I loved it! Regardless, music saved me. It is an art form that inspires and creates huge emotions whether they be sadness, joy, name it. I .....knew fear when I was 7 years old. I was scared for my life and, later, for my family's life unless I did as I was told. Being told that you will have your throat slit from ear to ear and, later, your parents and your brother was downright scary. When the bullying started in grade school and then increased in high school where, again, I was threatened with cutting my throat(the one girl lifted me by my neck against the lockers while the others threatened me) just increased my fear. Hospital visits, taunts, trying to get me to commit suicide was basically a normal thing in my life....Jeez I am a downer right now! Anyhoo, movies, reading, Music and my parents protected me and opened up a world of riches. The beauty of music showed me how lovely the world could be and when I was so very young and scared, I could remember the beauty of music throughout the house. It comforted me and gave me security. It showed me love and gratitude and happiness. I always wanted to dance to this...

2. What is Your First Music Related Memory?

How I love thinking back to when I was little, sitting at the table colouring while my dad was reading and my mom was making dinner. This tune, my mom often played and it brings back the warmest of memories. It also reminds me of my mom

3. What Was The First Album You Purchased?

Now before you think I only own classical...I don't! I love the Blues, Classic Rock, Folk, just about anything (except Rap and hip hop blechh). I bought every ABBA album and ELO album plus Klaatu and Jon and Vangelis. My first album I bought was an ABBA record...Arrival.

4. What was the Last Music You Bought (No downloading or streaming-must be an album or CD)?

I love Andre Rieu! I think he is great and I saw him twice in concert. I know, I should be saying I saw The Who, Duran, Duran or whatever but, nope, it's this guy. He travels all over the world and it is an experience to see him...if you like classical, folk and movie music. I bought Magic of the Musicals.

5.  What Song Did You Listen To Last?

You will think it is another movie theme or classical...nope! It is Queen and this one song I listened to a lot when I was young. I played this again just this past weekend and danced:)...well not to this song but  to others:)

Now this is where I should nominate 5 people who have a love for music. Everyone loves music! I do know some wonderful crafting people and others who take photos etc... but the people who truly listen to the music and showcase it on their blogs have already won the awards so if anyone wants to do this of their own volition, please do so. I had fun creating this and even though I showed a vulnerable side...I don't care:)  because it is a part of me that has molded me to be a better person. Film, Love from my family and Music all shaped this. Hope you have the time to listen.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

2 more cards and The A to Z Challenge

I know, I didn't sign up for the reveal for the A to Z Challenge that is soon upon us. I am changing it up a bit this year as I will talk about movies instead of movie stars and hope no one is disappointed. The reason I did not sign up for the actual reveal is I have this idea in my head which I still have to place on paper (yes I do this before I place it here because I love the extra work). I am not sure I will complete the whole idea because I have waited to the last minute as per norm. I can say I plan to pick 2 movies-one old (I believe "old" is before 1970 even though the 1960's are modern in many ways and bridge from the old to the newer) and the other, modern(yes a 1970's movie, to me, is modern even if it is 40 years old). I want to connect the 2 somehow so that is what is in my head. If I get it all done is another matter. Now, on to 2 cards I made (I actually made 3 but keeping that aside for the moment). I hope you like them.

Alphabet Challenge- B is for beautiful Butterflies
Color Throwdown- Lilac, Red, Bright Green
Crafty Creations-Spring Fever

I had some fun by colouring! I embossed the lilac sheet using my cuddlebug and adhered it to basic white cardstock. I stamped the spring rose in silver and embossed it with silver powder. I coloured the flower and leaves with tombow markers and fussy cut it. I took pop up dots and adhered it to the card. I had some paper I experimented with distress inks, and simply added the butterfly stickers to it and fussy cut them too. Nothing says Spring like seeing pretty butterflies. I coloured the border stickers and placed them on the card and Voila!

Eclectic Ellapu- Pink Team-Thinking of You
Craft Your Passion-Always Anything Goes
Color Q- Gumball Green, Always Artichoke, Old Olive, Kiwi Kiss and White
Glitter and Sparkle-Anything Goes

I was trying to remember what the different colour greens were. I knew they were a bit on the olive side so I hope I got them right....I just remembered food was involved. This time I took my tombow markers and coloured them directly on the stamp to have the image. I took a darker green, a shiny green and a lighter green for all the cardstock layering. I stamped the saying in green and embossed it in green sparkle. I added the sticker border after colouring it in green and ya have another Voila!

Have a great week everyone. I can't wait to read what people will choose as their theme for the A to Z in April:)

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Thursday Movie Picks-Intersecting Stories

This week it is story-lines that intersect. I expect Crash to be popular as well as Love, Actually but I went the oldie route (big surprise). Head on over to Wandering Through The Shelves to check out what the others have chosen.


An oldie but a fun one. This old man (Lewis Stone) is the head guy over at the Grand Hotel in Berlin who claims nothing ever happens...people come and people go. That might be true until this bunch arrives. You have the suave, debonair Baron played by (hiccup) John Barrymore. Lionel Barrymore is a poor older man who is dying. Wallace Beery is an A-Hole rich brute with his "secretary" played by the up and coming Joan Crawford(who steals the show) and, wait for it, Garbo as a Russian Prima Ballerina-hahahahaaa. She is about as dainty as a Clydesdale horse going through a crystal store. All these people have stories to share and love to give but how will they all end up? It is one of the first talking all star films.


This has the best  double take ever done in my opinion and it is all Marie Dressler. Again this has a huge array of big name stars, some that were in Grand Hotel a year earlier. A rich family, headed by Lionel Barrymore and his wife, played by Billie Burke(Glenda the Good Witch fame), plan to have a dinner party. Actually it is more his wife's idea since the richest English couple(think Downton Abbey style) have agreed to attend her dinner. The daffy wife wants to have all the big people there from a Countess who is a famed actress(Marie Dressler) to a once famous silent film star who is now a drunk(any guess??) ...John Barrymore. The bad boy is, once again, Wallace Beery who is married to the white on white, Jean Harlow. This actress was famous for her platinum hair(not just on her head). Sadly she died in 1937 at the age of 26. This is a another fun film to watch that I like even better than Grand Hotel


I love this movie....I mean I really love it. First it has the beautiful scenery of Europe that you experience with them as they travel through all the countries. Second, I love the cast because they are not huge names but mainly are a cast of characters that are usually supporting characters in other movies or even TV Shows(Norman Fell from three's Company). It starts off in London where a young man who loves the fun life and women, meets his cast of American tourists since he's a tour director. I have a friend who does this but works in BC and is the tour director for Banff, Jasper and Lake Louise(you have the right to curse him). This American lot is headed by the wonderful Suzanne Pleshette (Bob Newhart Show) whom the tour director(played by Ian McShane) really wants to get to know. There is a married couple with their teenage daughter who would rather be home(why do all teens rather be home than touring Europe..I never got that). A man who wants to meet his Italian family he never knew and another who wants to retrace is WW2 days. There is even a creepy man who takes something from each hotel. Donovan is one of many guest cameos who sings the title song. I picked up a tour guide a couple of years back and found that the itinerary has not changed in all these years! They still check out the cheese in Holland(or is it Belgium??) and one stills sees tours headed by some middle aged nut lady holding an umbrella.

I have to add this and, don't worry, even though it is at the end, it gives nothing away...

Monday, March 14, 2016

I have been a busy little beaver:)

Nope I am not chomping down on wood with my teeth or anything else (you dirty minds you-I am saying this like James Cagney). I have been able to make some cards and enter some challenges. Plus, I am happy to say I was inspired by a Battle Of The Bands song choice called Melancholy March (Curious As A Cathy's choice). Here they are......

Craft Your Passion-Always Anything Goes
Fairy Tale Stampers-Anything Goes
Whimsy Stamps Challenge-Anything Goes

I loved that song that Curious As A Cathy chose, sung by the great Julie London(If you click on Cathy's name above you can hear the song). Since it is March and it is a bit Blah here, I created a card with bare trees and chose some earthy tones..except for the gold, blue and deep teal-hahahaaaa. I sponged on some pale blue and burlap colour for the background and stamped the trees in basic brown. I took various cardstock and layered the image on top of one another. I took a swirly stamp and stamped on the gold in teal and used clear embossing powder. I finished it with border sticker and a little wink of Stella glitter on the trees since March can bring on frost.

Simon Says- Bit O' Green
Glitter 'N Sparkle-Use some Green
Dream Valley-All About the Birthdays

I used a new stamp I got and decided to use various shades of green(using tombow markers) for a summer hike in the woods. I embossed the white glossy cardstock. Cut out the oval and placed it on top of the embossed card, added the ribbon and the Happy Birthday sticker.  I only entered in 3 challenges for this card:)

Animal Friends-Easter
Happy Stampers-Case the Designer

Now this was fun to do except I don't have a nice sizzex cut out so I cut out the windows with a craft knife. It's a bit wonky but I am not a perfectionist so I am still happy with it. It would drive my hubby insane! (enter evil laugh). We all have tons of paper pieces flying around so I used this combo and then added the scenes in each. I stamped them all and many I cut out and placed them in the frame. I added some sticker borders and crystals. I rarely make Easter Cards so this will go to my friend again, who needs a pick me up.

52 Christmas card Throwdown-Use Green
ABC Christmas Challenge- E is for Embossing
CraftyHazelnut Challenge 2-Anything Goes

I love that shiny paper which prooves I must have been a magpie in a previous life. I used my sizzex to cut out the centre and the borders in white. I stamped the sentiment in green and embossed it in green as well. I added some green bling and ta-da!

March the 14th is my daddy's birthday and he would have been 103! I know he is happy with my Doggie, Katie, walking around some bush inspecting timber.  Have a great week everyone!

Friday, March 11, 2016

Mock Squid Soup Film Society-Ferris Bueller

This month we pick a film from the ever growing list that the others from the film society have already watched. This society is spearheaded by The Armchair Squid. Head on over to see what the others have picked and why not join? Come know you want to:)

The film I chose to review is .....


I love this film and rewatched it for this series because it was fun to watch. It just yells 1980's which I also love.  The plot is about a cool high school student who wakes one morning to a beautiful day and realizes that he just doesn't want to spend that day in school. He fakes his illness which his clueless parents believe completely because, in their eyes, he can do no wrong. His older sister knows better and is trying her best to catch him playing hooky... so is his principal. His girlfriend and his best friend join him in the day of fun. During the day you get to know the characters and even relate to them although less to Ferris and more with his best friend who is a hypochondriac with daddy issues.

The acting is quite good especially from Matthew Broderick playing Ferris and I love the cameo of
Frank Zappa as the car attendant who, with his friend, take the expensive car out for a joyride.

The music is great, so many great come from this movie(John Hughes wrote it in 6 days), great scenes (monotone teacher saying Bueller....Bueller...we all had a teacher like that) and I do love that scene when Ferris is on the float and inspires the city to sing and dance to Twist and Shout. By the way, the construction worker and window washer were just doing their jobs and decided to join in so John Hughes filmed them. Overall a fun film worth getting to know especially when his sister meets up with the principal...let's just say he gets a kick out of her. OK just watch the isn't long.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Thursday Movie Picks-Films that have a narrator but you never see the Narrator

First off.....I miss my craft room (enter The up and down weather has been nasty to my joints. Now, off with the whining when I should have been wining and dining. If you wish to see what the others have picked head on over to the host, Wandering Through The Shelves.

This was a tough one for me because so many narrators of films actually show up in the film. So what are the three I picked? See the list below....


This is a great movie to pick not only because it fits the bill and is also a great film but it feels Irish even though it takes place in a Welsh mining town. The director is John Ford and the young star is Roddy McDowall with a great cast, many part of Ford's favourites. This movie has been slammed because it won the Oscar for Best Picture over Citizen Kane and, even though Kane is the better film, this film should not be slighted because of politics from over 70 years ago. The film centers around a good wholesome family where the father and his grown sons all work the mines. The town depends on the mines and when their wages are cut, a strike ensues and the people suffer even more. On top of this, the young daughter, played by the beautiful Maureen O'Hara falls for the preacher (Walter Pidgeon-from New Brunswick) and vice versa but the towns people start to gossip which adds to their sadness. All this is told by the adult man who was the youngest boy in the house played by Roddy. It is about family, hardship and solidarity. A worthy film to see.

2. JULES ET JIM-1962

Yup, I went foreign film  and I went all out with the French New Wave. This film is one of the best showcasing this style of film and directed by the great Francois Truffaut. It is not for everyone because of...well,....the above-foreign film and French New Wave, but it is still a classic. This is based on a semi-autobiographical novel by Henri-Pierre Roche. If he really did live the life shown in this movie, I feel sorry for him. It is about the friendship between a Bohemian Frenchman and an Austrian  who live the carefree days before World War 1. They meet the nutjob, I mean, enigmatic Catherine and both fall for her. Jules, The Austrian, ends up with her and marries her and they move back to his homeland. Enter World War 1 where both men are in the war fearful they will one day meet since they are on opposing sides. After the war, they reconnect and seeing how much Catherine and Jim are drawn to each other, Jules lets her be free. Will Jim end up with her or will Jules? Are they both nuts? There is so much more to the story and it really does showcase the 1960's style. Truffaut used many different styles for this film including the narration.


The director is Wes Anderson...need I say more. You either love him or you don't. I really, really like him and he often has his favourites in his films, one being Bill Murray. You will see a certain style come through all his films which is quirky to say the least but done with intelligence and humour even though many of the cast never smile in his films. In this film, the deadbeat dad, played by Gene Hackman, smiles and enjoys life even though he is a bastard. He has 3 kids who were all prodigys when they were young but are now all screw ups. Ben Stiller is the one son who has lost his wife so is now very over protective of his 2 freakish boys plus they only seem to wear red tracksuits. The other son is a tennis pro going no where fast and is in love with his adopted sister, played by Gwyneth Paltrow who seems to be the saddest nut in this film. She is married to Bill Murray but also loves her brother, um...adopted brother (no this does not take place in Arkansas). Somehow this father, who comes back home because he is dying of cancer (or is he??), brings life back to his children. It's better than I am making it sound and you should give it a try. Dysfunctional family but a family nevertheless. Oh and the narrator is Alec Baldwin who did a pretty good job of it actually.

I have to pay tribute to one more even though it was only on TV and it is the wrong time of the year but here is my special mention....


I mean  how can you top this classic! We all know this and if it wasn't for Boris Karloff (of Frankenstein fame) being the narrator, it wouldn't be half as good. He is perfect for this. I think almost all of you know the plot which is in the title but it is worth seeing every year. Who can resist that cute doggie too:)

Can you think of any film with narrators who don't appear on screen? I did find this a toughie

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Thursday Movie Picks-Storms/Adverse Weather Movies

A new month which means the loving has stopped:) If you want to ever participate, head on over to Wandering Through The Shelves to join or to check out what the others have chosen. This week it is Storms/Adverse Weather and I kept it all new! In other words I didn't choose any old movies because it has been a long time since I saw some or I hadn't seen them at all (Sorry Dorothy Lamour)


This is a guilty pleasure of mine. I admit it. It is a fun flick even though it is about global warming and the collapse of half the planet but I still watch it when it comes on TV which it seems to come on just about every day. In case no one has seen this, the hero (Dennis Quaid) with his 2 other team members find out the earth is changing dramatically but, of course, the big wigs don't listen. His son, played by Jake Gyllenhal, goes with other school mates to New York to participate in some school quiz thing (who cares, they end up in New York). Of course, right at that time, all weather hell breaks loose, a huge tidal wave comes through but the kid and his team make it safely to the library. While there, the temps drop and a deep freeze happens. Let's just say if that wall ever does get put up between Mexico and the U.S., we will be doomed. Will the kid and his group survive? Will his Dad save him in time? You just have to watch the movie.


OK This is a Docudrama from the Discovery Channel but, I don't care, because it is excellent and quite riveting. I know I might be breaking the rules but rules are sometimes meant to be broken:) I found this one Sunday morning and was spellbound by the film. It is a documentary based on the writings of  of a wife whose husband was stationed at a nearby island. They must face the explosion, the ash and then the tsunami. There are also the writings of  a Rogier Verbeek who is considered the father of Vulcanology who is watching the volcano closely and is friends with the family that live in a lighthouse and also the writings of a person on board a ship that had to go head on into the tsunami that followed. If you wish to learn more about the 2nd biggest explosion that was ever recorded and how some people managed to survive, you must see this.


My third entry and, to me, one of the best films about disaster. I was with my friend, sitting on the couch all day watching the TV about this horrendous event. I will never forget the images of these people who survived this knowing I probably would not. This film tackles, not only the actual event, but afterwards when the family is trying to find each other. It is based on a true story but I believe the family were actually Spanish (not 100% sure). The acting is superb as well as the effects. Even though people had a hard time getting medical treatment, food, water and finding out about loved ones, I am still surprised how well the groups in charge, managed.

What films can you think of?

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Oscars

First, I wish to thank everyone who tried to help me regarding my IPad. It is still a work in progress with my new IPad so I am using the good ole Lap Top for now:) I really mean Thank you too!

So, of course, the Oscars were on Sunday night and I watched every bit of it because nothing says film awards better than saying thank you for receiving a golden statue. Thankfully, I only heard one nut say Thank you to God for the Golden Award so that was a relief.

Chris Rock nailed it! He was perfect (except for the blechhh Girl Guide Cookie thing half way through- that was totally stupid). I also loved how there was a nice tribute, to whom you thought would be Will Smith but it turned out to be Jack Black. I loved that considering how stupid Will Smith's wifee was with the Oscars so white crap. It has been so white for 88 years!

I will not discuss who won and all that jazz but I made my own list regarding the awards so here we go....


Yeah I am going to fashion because I am a girl and I love this crap even though there are starving babies and all that other blah blah going on, I still love this. They are both classic in look, both wearing colours I love and both have necklaces on! I wish more would wear a necklace especially when everything is so dull. It is glittery too. Now for the men....

Michael Fassbender looks great-classic. I have to admit, I love Bryan Cranston's tux, as well, even though it was quite shiny.  Both are pretty spiffy to me.


This has bad bridesmaid dress written all over it. I just don't have the words. Oh wait, Yes I do-Horrible!

I like Rooney Mara but, but,...No! She looks like she may have some whips and chains in a hidden room or she may be perfect as one of the bridal ghouls in a novel, but that would mean one would have to write about this bad dress and I know that can't happen. Even Mrs. Havisham wouldn't wear this for 40 years.

Some love this look but, frankly I am sick and tired of these huge gaps between their ta-ta's. This looks like Capt. Kirk may ask her out after he beamed down to get some dilithium crystals.  I won't even comment on Jenny Beavan, the winner for best Costume Designer. She was wearing back black pants and top with a scarf and a pleather jacket with crystals on the back. I thought it was hilarious.

I forget who he is and, why bother. I like shiny and all that but this sucks.

Now...2 looks that one may either love or hate. Which one do you fall on or better yet, would you wear this? I have one for the women and one for the men.

I like it  but I wouldn't wear it..not my style nor do I have that body. Would you wear this ladies? Hello Men, If your better half(:)) wore this would you go stand beside some other woman you don't know?....I know you would stand beside your love no matter what but just saying....

OK Men, would you wear this? If your man wore this, ladies, would you walk beside him or duck under the bleachers?


I loved what the presenter, Louis C.K.  said when he was given the task of presenting the Best Documentary Short. It was priceless and so true. I bet most of the nominees do drive a Honda Civic. Leo Di Caprio also gets cudos for his speech as well.


The presenter, Patricia Arquette, was as dull as dirt. It reminds me of her dull performance in Boyhood (bleccchhhhh). She needs some shot of, I don't know, actually being alive. I was not too enamoured with Jenny Beavan's speech for best costume. It was right up there with her dress style.


I have 2...Best Costume Design for The Revenant. OK, he wore a bear rug on him but, really? Most of those clothes of the rugged fur trappers I saw growing up on the sawmill. The other is Jennifer Lawrence for Joy. Really? I know she made a movie but we don't have to nominate her every year especially for Joyless. Oh, It's about a woman who invented a better mop-wow, earth shattering isn't it?


There are 2 again...that chick who came out after being introduced by Chris Rock..WTF??? and the Girl Scout Cookies...WTF??


I have to give it to John Legend. He was all smiley and looked like he was ready to catch butterflies.


To me that's simple......Rooney Mara, poor thing but why can't she bloody smile? She is looking a bit like those freaky twins from Full House.


I have no idea why but every time I see Eddie Redmayne I have that strong desire to smack him. Under that English "I'm so humble" attitude, I see smarm.


Andy Serkis! I was so happy to see him present at the movies and they showed a nice montage of some of his work. The guy is amazing in my book and deserves that recognition.

Now for those of you who were perturbed that Downton Abbey was postponed for a week, our show will air this Sunday. I was one who was glad they postponed it but I think I was one of the few. For those who watched, have anything to add?