Monday, November 30, 2009

Victorian Angel on High

OK The five are done for November and in the nick of Time! I had a frustrating month. I was walking my dog and stepped on a small stone which rolled my foot and my ankle did a complete turn over and smack on the pavement went my ankle! I thought I just sprained it. Well aftera few painful days and finding out crutches were not a good idea for me to use(my other joints gave way and my tendons collapsed creating pain in the other areas plus numbness...the Dr gave me a talking to), it was found i actually fractured my ankle-took a chip out of my ankle bone plus I tore ligaments and tendons. I am in an air cast until Dec 30th. About halfway through the day I can say it is quite sore and yup-it is my right foot so no driving! I wanted to get some Brads as I was not in the mood for buttons and bows(sorry Bob Hope:)) but I could not get to a store to buy them so all my cards do not have any of them on but I hope they will suffice. Actually the one above is my fav. I bought this angel quite a while ago and I coloured her in with markers. I took my green ink pad and used my evergreen stamp and also a small stamp with a pine cone. I coloured them in and then i used stickles on her wings and silver for the snow and on the surrounding area. It actually seemed to turn out like an old fashioned card so I am happy with it. Anyway My hubby is now walking the dog and being my chauffeur:) Oh well, all in all it could have been worse, I just wish i could say I was skydiving or something:))

Snowy Scene

Well I decided to take glossy white cardstock and black ink. I stamped the wreath first and then the 2 trees. I have an evergreen branch stamp which I stamped around the image and then I took a small ornament stamp and put 2 on each side of the wreath. I finished off with santa and his trusty reindeer. I took a number of colours of pigment ink. Starting with soft gold and then taking a light blue followed by a darker blue with some purple around most of the card. I blended the colours but for the bottom i took green and dark green with some red and finally a brown. I ended it with some white sparkle to creat this winter scene. The colours do look brighter in person but this turned out OK anyway

Candle Star

Pergamano here I come! I used white and gold ink and the embossing small and large balls. I used dorso colour light green for the middle star and coloured the rest with the PCE colours. I used the #2 and #4 punctures and then cut the #4 so it looks like mini stars. I really do enjoy Pergamano even though it takes me a day to do one but it is relaxing:)

Snowy Cottage

Well I decided for Pergamano. It is hard to see unless you look at the image up close but I took Pergamano paper and used the small and large ball for shading after I used white and gold ink for the pattern. I coloured using PCE colours and also i used the 2 punch and the scissors to cut . It takes time but I think it looks OK. Of course I used a red background. Oh and the blue I used dorso colour blue:)

Angel reaching for a Star

OK Yes this is a cheat. I made this card earlier and I had it on my blog but it fit in perfectly for the November challenge. I Blue and purplepigment ink and embossed with Psychedelic and blue pearl powder. Again an angel. I just think Angels are so pretty and we always need one near us:)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Musical Birthday plus Europe pics

Well I had to sneek in my Europe pics-well just these since my hubby took over 6,000! First though is my challenge for today. I tried my best but I don't care for it. I embossed the star with clear powder and used teal pigment ink. I also stamped the squares and then I used the drum and musical notyes since my friend is in a band. The rest of the pics actually starts at the end of our trip with Vienna-the outside and inside(just a tiny part) of the church(ceiling). I show Graz, Austria and my fav pic of myself with Michael. We were also in Brixen and that is in the missle of the mountains and we began our trip in Venice and the colourful homes is a separate island called Burano-Just beautiful!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Angel amidst the Snow

OK Here is my challenge for today. I actually had something else in mind and I was going to place another paper where the angel now is but i liked the look of my embossed snowflakes that I decided not to do this. I took one of my angel stamps and stamped her in dark blue and embossed the wings with blue pearl and the remaining of her in clear powder. The snowflakes I stamped in blue and purple and embossed also in the blue pearl and the psychedelic powder. I was just lucky that when i lifted the angel stamp off her hand was reaching for a snowflake-a pure fluke but it works

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Reflective Angel

Ok For the 365 days there is the Challenge for Sunday. My mind was racing to do several versions but I just did this one and it is for my Aunt whose birthday was yesterday. She is the lady who lives in Brixen in the mountains and hears the church bells every day from her balcony-serenity! I stamped the Angel image which seems so Leonardo to me and I love him so I had to have this stamp:) I stamped and embossed the flower and added stars and crystal flowers in blue and white. Have a great Sunday everyone!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Picasso in Black and White

Well I have not done a challenge at 365 cards in a while. I hope to have just a few pics of our trip to Europe on here very soon. Michael took many photos...about 6,500! I am not kidding. He just loved it!!! Well so did I and we dream one day of living there. My one Aunt has a condo in a small town called Brixen(bressonne) in northern Italy. Whe she goes on her balcony there are mountains on her right and on her left with the cutest small villages up the side of the mountains and church steeples. You hear the church bells ring as you sip a glass of wine and then you travel by bike or foot to the town, about 7 minutes which was found in around 1053 or so. I really expected Julie Andrews to be twirling up there in the mountains. OK sorry I digress, here is my card challenge for today although I cheated a bit and used a Picasso stamp I bought in Venice on the white part. It is for my friend's birthday who is a lover of art. I tried to keep it simple and manly:)

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Christmas In Pink

Well I'm Back! I went to Europe and I was ill and my computer went on the fritz and tonight is halloween! Here are my five for the Christmas October theme. I have to say that I hope pink is ending soon:) I can't seem to get too Chritsmassy with pink so I tried my best. The first one actually is like a dusty rose but it came out brownish in the pic. Have a great Halloween!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Pink, Yellow, Orange and Lime Green, Oh My

Well another month over and here are my cards. I have been quite lax with doing my cards. I have been busy painting our new lattice work that Michael made. The colours are wild but I like it. The coulrs for the lattice are deep purple, Burnt orange and periwinkle! I will use these colours along with a buttery yellow for the front -outside of my home. Needless to say this takes time. I also have been sick for over 2 weeks with a nasty ears, nose and throat infection but i think I am getting better. OK so that is why I have not been on lately...oh and yesterday we adopted a dog from Louisiana! It would have been put down otherwise and he is so cute and he was abused but he gets along with my Katie and the 3 on to training. The poor guy too, in 2 weeks we leave for Europe, but my ex's niece Tammy will take him. She is wonderful and works for the humane society so she knows howe to treat him. OK on with the cards! This was a tough one for me because I do not normally associate these colours with Christmas but I guess that is why it is a challenge! I embossed and cut out(angels) and coloured in and used stickles and the sticky ornaments that already have glitter on them-I love them but of course it is glittery. Anyway I hope everyone had a great August!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Snowflakes with snowman

This was a simple one but it looks good if I do say so myself. The snowman in blue ink and the snowflakes in white glitter embossing powder. Well I got this done under the wire!


I used the cuttlebug on the blue paper and I stamped the tree in red glitter and the words in blue. I love those words

Snowy Snowmen

I like this card probably due to the glitter. I used white glitter on the top and bottom and then I stamped the snowmen and the trees.

Penguins, Mits and more

Well I received my winnings from Christmas All Year Round and I decided right away to use one of the papers I received. I stamped the image of the penguin and the Merry Christmas stamp in red glitter. I also tried desperately to make some you can see i am not an expert at that. Why can't one buy them ready made:)

Deer in Blue and Red

Well This is a more mannish card with a hint homage to the american holiday. I stamped this image in dark blue ink and used red and dark blue background and finished it off with some glitter stickers

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Canada Leaf

In honour of Canada Day I decided to try this challenge and I used our maple leaf. I was going to use the cuddlebug but I glued the white image in place and then went Oops! So I decided to emboss with white glitter and then I stamped the leaf image in gold and I water coloured the inner part. Have a great Canada Day everyone!

Fairy Seasons

OK this is from Monday at 365 days cards-to do the 4 seasons. I actually have been thinking about doing something like this with fairies so here is my version. Hope you enjoy. Have a great day!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


This turned out to be a great mistake. I took a class and it involved these sponges and afterwards to clean them off I used a piece of glossy cardstock that I did an "oops" with the sun. Well it turned out like clouds! I was not intending that and I think if I tried it again it would not tunr out so well. So I came home and added some blue and purple and the dove flying in the center. It reminded me of that famous midieval painting where all these people with angels are going towards the light. Anyway I added a dark blue and purple border and I embossed with blue pearl the snowflakes. I got my Christmas cards done in the nick of time. I hope you enjoy them:)

Snow Queen

I love fairy tales so I thought, let's use a fairy and make her a Snow Queen...but not so mean:) Again it is the green and light blue with brad(s). I used my cuddle bug for the snowflake design and then i coloured the snowflakes with tombow markers and the circles also in a light green(shows up darker here). I stamped the fairy in silver and embossed her in silver and then coloured her in. I placed light blue brads in four corners and finished it off with a nice saying for Christmas.

snowflake geometric

This version is using green and light blue with a brad. I have this lovely stamp(my hubby spoiled me). I used lightblue card stock and stamped it with gold dye ink and embossed it with dark green (kind of hard to see). I then took light green cardstock and embossed with sparkly light blue and then used a dark green and again the light blue embossed. I used the snowflake brad in the middle and I hung a dove with silver thread. I finished it off with light blue and green crystals.

Fantasy Poinsettia

OK this card I just could not take a decnt picture of but it will have to do. This is for the dark Blue and purple with a snowflake. I got this stamp for my birthday from my hubby. I used the dark blue and purple pigment ink and then I embossed with psychedelic and purple glitter. I used chalk to colour inbetween and I added the dnowflake in the middle. I finished it off with blue and silver glossy cardstock and purple card stock at the end

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Angel By My Shoulder

Today's challenge at 365 Cards was Sunday design challenge(OK I was just looking at the site and you ever have a brain freeze with memory so apologies if I forgot the right title). I decided to combine the challenge with part of the challenge for Christmas Cards All Year Round. I still have 4 more cards to do for June Challenge at that site but here is todays. I took glossy cardstock in brown(could be bronze but I am saying brown:) I used the cuttlebug for the pink and stickled the snowflakes. I also used the cuttlebug for the pink cutout but I must be doing something wrong because it did not cut all the way through so I had to take the exacto knife(which I hate using) and cut the pieces out. I had a sticker with the angel and then finished it with a large flower and small pink crystal flowers. Have a terrific rest of the day!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Be Free

Well all caught up...kinda:)) This is my version of the silhouette. I am not sure if it is correct but I enjoyed making it. I have had a fair bit of.... blechh occur. My hubby was laid off, same day our AC didn't work..and we were suppoed to have it fixed a month before. 2 days later I saw a dear friend of mine get into a car accident. She is OK but shaken up and I am certain quite sore. I will not ever get the image out of my head and my heart just went out to her. I just wanted to hug her and say all will be OK when i saw it happen. Thankfully all is well. I am hoping there will be no more surprises and before you feel bad for me, you will now want to throw a pillow at me:). My Michael and I are still going to go to Europe in Sept. It is funny but has anyone watched "The Bucket List?" I love that movie and it does make one think. So one can always wait til one thinks it will be better but, in life, you just never know so one has to grab the opportunity because it may not come around again. I had to wax philosophy today so...sorry. I decided to do horses because they represent freedom and strength to me. I used glossy white paper and stamped them in black and used different coloured ink pads and with sponges I created the background. On that note I wish everyone a beautiful day or moment. Enjoy the aromas, sights and tastes and may cardmaking bring a great joy and peace to everyone.

Well I Believe this is from yesterday at 365 day card. You could only use a stamped image and a stamped sentiment. I got this lovely stamp from Michael for my birthday. I used watercolour paper and used my tombow markers to colour in the image and then the sentiment...well I do believe in that too. I thought it went well together. I then ripped the bottom and then watercoloured the edges.

OK this card was not on any list so I guess I cheated:) I made this card for someone at my work who lost a very dear friend to cancer and so it was in honour of her friend and their friendship together.

OK I had to do this card because you had this a a couple of weeks back. Use the image you provided and create a card. It was green, black and white. So many did such beautiful work-I was inspired but I was not able to get to it til now. I embossed white on white and then brayered black over top. Used green and stamped a bow and used black glitter embossing powder. I think the others did much better but I am OK with this card:)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Love is a Rainbow

Well I have been gone for a bit. Break out the wine cos here I go...Car repairs followed by needing a new car (well used), sprained ankle pretty badly, My beautiful lab is now on arthritis meds-vet and I just had to go through with a colonoscopy.Yuck Yuck Yuck. Today I am on my feet-OK I hope all of you who read this had some wine to go with my whine:) Now on to fun stuff. I am hoping to make some of the challenges from the past week or so but this is today's. I love the music, wasn't that from the muppet movie. kermit sang it...with John Denver?? Is my memory going?? Well This music was so sweet so this is my version. I tried to pick out the rainbow and the word Love was in there and stars so I decided to invent this card. I used my brayer on white glossy cardstock and used the Kaleidacolor Dye inkpad called Spectrum. I have a brass stencil with the pussy cats so I coloured them in with black ink (kinda smudged but oh well). I used yellow cardstock as a background and finished it off with black felt that has glitter in it. I just can't get rid of glitter. Oh yeah and I used the red Stickles on the heart between the cats. Enjoy the beautiful day.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Christmas Cards for May-Flower

I had to use purple! I also did not want to use a poinsettia-it was my own personal challenge:) I liked this stamp and it has a flower image and I used, of course, glitter embossing and the gold trim has flower image. This was fun and done in the final day!
This is a victorian style card with a little european flavour. I stuck with pastels except for the green flower with the little putti in the centre. They both are holding some flowers-I am not sure what kind...Edelweis?? Anyway I used silver cardstock and some light lavender too. Of course ending it with the silver trim-love those trims!

Glitter, glitter, glitter!This was fun and I actually did this in a class but I added the Merry Christmas after cos I thought it was perfect for a flower May motif for the Christmas Cards All year round. To make the glitter background, you use the strong double sided tacky paper and I took an old lace and placed it down. I placed the green glitter down and then I lifted up the lace and placed gold glitter down and it acheived the effect of gold roses. Might be hard to see. I added the rose in the corner for a nice effect and coloured it inwith tombow markers

OK this is My hubby's favourite and he picked this one for his christmas card:) I used the glue pen to adhere the glitter to make this stained glass flower effect. I was glittery all over! I just can't help myself:) I then used the same blue cardstock(can you tell it is one of my favs) and used the gold trim and finished off the corners with crystals

This is the first card-I tried to make it appear like a church window. I used the perfect pearls as a background and stamped the image of the December flower-the Narcissus-twice. I placed it on this great rich blue cardtsock and I used the cuttlebug on the red and finished it off with silver trim.