Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

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I have not been here for a while as I have been a little busy. Christmas is a busy time of year anyway and  I go all out with my tree (hang the tinsel on one by one), my Christmas village(with it's own personal cat house and town bum), nativity scene and Santa's everywhere along with garland and angels etc... Mt hubby had a full shoulder replacement on December 12th-Yup 12/12/12. He had it done in Toronto. the surgerey was over 5 hrs long and he was home by Friday!! I can say he is doing very well and healing fast. I can also say I have been busy taking care of all the animals, walking the dog, caring for my Michael, Delivering flyers for extra money ( my ex helps me...yup! My EX!!) , working full time. Top it off that the first weekend Michael was home our 1 cat climbed on my dresser and knocked off all my jewlery. I could have made a violin out of her. It took me an hour to untangle everything. The next day our dog peed in the house which he did not do for almost a year. The day after that our fawcett in the bathroom busted and we had 2 inches on water in the bathroom before Michael went down stairs to shut the taps off. It just busted...all this before Christmas. I had these cards made a while ago but just no time to be on the computer. I am not a computer gal. Christmas went well and my mom was able to come to my brother's and enjoy a bit. She has since forgotten that she was at his place though. New years was quiet and let's hope the year ahead will be a better one. I have had enough of pain (moi), dementia(mom), disease(Michael-athritis) and little money. Oh wait I should grab some wine for this whine. I enjoy looking at everyone's creations though and believe that it is better to walk with an angel through hell than with the devil through paradise. I am not religious but I love that saying and believe it. To one of my followers too-McCraftys cards-I was inspired by his snowflake corner that I bought it and used it for the angel card. Happy New Year everyone!!