Sunday, May 31, 2009

Christmas Cards for May-Flower

I had to use purple! I also did not want to use a poinsettia-it was my own personal challenge:) I liked this stamp and it has a flower image and I used, of course, glitter embossing and the gold trim has flower image. This was fun and done in the final day!
This is a victorian style card with a little european flavour. I stuck with pastels except for the green flower with the little putti in the centre. They both are holding some flowers-I am not sure what kind...Edelweis?? Anyway I used silver cardstock and some light lavender too. Of course ending it with the silver trim-love those trims!

Glitter, glitter, glitter!This was fun and I actually did this in a class but I added the Merry Christmas after cos I thought it was perfect for a flower May motif for the Christmas Cards All year round. To make the glitter background, you use the strong double sided tacky paper and I took an old lace and placed it down. I placed the green glitter down and then I lifted up the lace and placed gold glitter down and it acheived the effect of gold roses. Might be hard to see. I added the rose in the corner for a nice effect and coloured it inwith tombow markers

OK this is My hubby's favourite and he picked this one for his christmas card:) I used the glue pen to adhere the glitter to make this stained glass flower effect. I was glittery all over! I just can't help myself:) I then used the same blue cardstock(can you tell it is one of my favs) and used the gold trim and finished off the corners with crystals

This is the first card-I tried to make it appear like a church window. I used the perfect pearls as a background and stamped the image of the December flower-the Narcissus-twice. I placed it on this great rich blue cardtsock and I used the cuttlebug on the red and finished it off with silver trim.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Recipe for Flowers and Ribbon Oh My

OK I finished the week! OK this is my version of the recipe card. You take 1 3x3 card, add a flower, 1 brad, 1 ribbon and a stamped sentiment and bingo! You have a card. Here is my version, hopefully the pot did not overflow with ribbon:) and to everyone who commented in the past and before, your kindness and sweet words have made me feel very humbled and I am deeply touched. A heartfelt thank you to everyone!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Mouse Thoughts

Well here is Friday's challenge to create a matching envelope. I made a card more for a child which works since my friend's baby will be one year old on the 29th. I stamped the saying "Thinking of you is a nice thing to do". I also stamped the mouse image and the strawberry. I used tombow markers on the mouse and I used twinkling H20's on the strawberry stamp. I used decal of flowers and hearts and coloured them in with sparkly pens and finished it off with card stock and a green ribbon. I matched the envelope using the decals and the strawberry stamp. Well this time I am done early! It is a beautiful day here in southern Ontario Canada and not so hot as yesterday. A great spring day. Wishing all a wonderful day!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wistful Thoughts

Well this is the next challenge done for 365 day cards. This was where you had to use at least 3 corners so I went whole hog and did the 4. In fact this card is for my niece, Jade, who is such a wonderful girl, um, young lady. She turned 14 on Monday. Even though she is big time into Twilight ( I have no vampire stamps:)) she also loves the arts and is looking forward to going with me again to an art museum. I made 2 views so you can see that some of the card is raised up. I stamped the image and coloured her in with tombow colours with the watercolour technique and I also used a little chalk also on her dress and the background. I then stamped the the flowers in the card and coloured them and then cut them out raised it. I have a corner stamp with the flowers so I also coloured and cut them out. I had decal butterflies, coloured and cut them and raised them up and then I placed some crystals in the flowers and used stickles on the flowers and leaves since it is very hard for me to avoid glitter. It was so much fun to do and I love my niece so very much so it was a pleasure doing this for her. Everyone have a beautiful day because even if it is raining it makes the flowers bloom and the sun lets the colours shine:)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Starry Blue

OK Yup I did 2 pics because when I saved them on my photoparades and did a "quickfix" it brought out the colours in the squares (the images) but it washed out the nice lavender paper I used. So the other picture brings out the lavender more. Maybe I am too anal but you be the judge:) I used my 5 squares. I have these 4 stamps that came as a set and I decided to use the perfect pearls on them. I coloured the decals with permanent blue colour. The last square is of course a jewel...nope not real( dang). I am in a birthday month for sure. 2 nieces birthdays just past and my other half (we do know that if he says this he will always say "Better-Half":)), Michael, his birthday is Monday so this card is for him. He is, like me, a lover of blue!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

No Regrets in Plaid

Well I am not a plaid girl so I had to think if I even had plaid and then I remembered the ribbon! So I used the ribbon for my inspiration and I love the saying from Mark Twain because I truly believe in that:). I must be drifting into making manly cards. Anyways here is the 3rd day challenge! Everyone have a beautiful day!

Monday, May 18, 2009

For Kurt and Katherine

My Cousin Kurt is getting married this weekend to Katherine so I decided to incorporate the 365 day card challenge and we had to use something that is our favourite in marketing (is that right?-memory overload). I love the pergamano and so i used all their products minus the card backing and the decals which i also use often. I also love the cardstock alot because it has a nice glisten to it but I do not know the name of it-sorry:( Enjoy the beautiful day!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Lily Filagree

OK here is my Sunday Challenge. I decided to be a bit spring like yet I think one could give it to a man..a metrosexual:) I used a cuttlebug for the filagree and stamped the lily of the Valley image which is the flower for May. Have a great Sunday everyone!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Musical Doggie

OK I cheated again. I took the last few 365 day challenges and placed it in one card. I would love to do a card a day but it is not meant to be so that is why I tried to incorporate the last few days. I love this stamp! The dog playing the flute I thought goes with the musical type of card. I added scallop with a circle and handwrote "Woof" and went free hand with the paw print. The coffee, well, ok that is weak (no pun intended) but Ichose brown for a background which reminded me of coffe and since I have no stamp or image of coffee or coffee beans I figure that will have to do. I ended it with today's challenge to place the embellishment in the corners. Wishing everyone a happy long weekend! We have Victoria weekend this weekend.

I made this card for my mom to send to her nephew because he is getting married. One can't see but it is a 3D type of card. The rose is built up in layers. I placed a cuttlebug behind it and a pearl type paper. Simple and elegant

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Birthday Glitter

Well I liked this challenge today and I had time too to do it:) My friend's birthday is coming up so I made this for her in mind. I used glitter in the centre too for the cuttlebug cut out but in the middle of the glitter, I sneezed....need I say more. I am glitter queen!

Glitter a go-go

Well I took a really neat class using glitter and sticky tape and lace! It was alot of fun and I felt like a glitter queen dancing to ABBA!

Who? Who is Graduating?

OK I am so sad in figuring out computer stuff that I actually downloaded the one pic twice. Of course I am 2 days late with this challenge but my beautiful niece is graduating and I had to make a special card for her. I love the whimsy of the owls that I found in a calendar so this is what i came up with

Monday, May 4, 2009

Spring Flowers for mom

Here is my card for mother's day. I did a pergamano card. It involves using a calligarphy style pen. I painted the flowers with pergamano colours exclusive. I then embossed the flowers and the lines and inbetween the star style. I then took my #4 puncture tool and the #2 and punctured around the edges. The final is the cutting. Inbetween, it is hard to see unless you look at the pic up close, I cut out where I punctured the #4 to create a star look. It is hard to explain but basically you place the tips of the special scissors in the 2 puncture holes twist a little to the left and cut, then turn the paper and do it again til all four punctures are cut and you get the star and then you repeat the pattern which is all over the pattern. I did the same with the outline of the card. Again you would have to look at the pic up close to see what i did. Anyway I love pergamano even though my fingers get a little worse for wear. I think my description of this would sound better in swalhili:)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Flowers and Leaves

OK I got this challenge done and I incorporated the other 2 challenges. I put in leaves and 8 flowers. The flowers are a stamp (for a corner actually). I stamped the image 8 times, coloured them and cut them out. They are raised up although you can't tell from the pic. Now I shall go back to nurse my cold. Achoo!

Miss You

OK I am way behind but with work and all I just could not get the posts done in time:) Here is my cute little Miss you card. I love the mouse Stamp!

Pisces Dream

Well this is from a few days ago with 365 cards. It was to have a fish on the card and so i thought up the dolphins. I used createx for the background and I had to place a Mermaid in for fun. I am a Gemini but I do have a Pisces moon:)