Monday, May 29, 2017

Cards galore!

What can I say except I made some cards in the last 2 weeks. It is a big birthday month with 7 birthdays ending with mine on June 2nd! My hubby just turned 60 and looks way younger which is great for him:) I made a card for him but it will turn up later so it is not in this round. Without further adieu, here are my cards

Cuddlebug, sizzex machine, stickers, village cutout, markers, glitter, rubber stamp, distress dye inks, white marker

Christmas Cards All Year Round-Precipitation
Addicted to Stamps- Holidays
CHNC2-Always Anything Goes Christmas

I have this village die cut and used the blue background that I created with dye inks and had cut out the village. I had the hole or silhouette of the village so I just cut out the village with white cardstock and inserted it into the cutout part. I coloured the village with markers, I used glossy accents on the village and sparkle on the snowy parts-hard to see how it looks here as it looks like a shiny sparkly goo. Anyhoo, I used the white marker on the raised bumps for snow and adhered it to cardstock with the last being a beautiful shimmery gold cardstock which  was run through the cuddlebug to get the raised design. I finished it off  with the Happy Christmas stamp and stickers for the borders.

Poinsettis stamp, scissors, tombow markers, gold die stamp pad and gold embossing powder, border stickers
Craftyhazelnut Challenge #1-Use some gold
HLS-Watercolor challenge-use some red

This was fun to do! I took watercolour paper, stamped and embossed the image and then, using my tombow markers, I coloured in certain areas.  I took my watercolour brush and blended the colours. I cut out the image and placed it down on the cardstock. I stamped and coloured the image again but just the flowers, cut the flowers out and placed them over top the image using pop up dots for a 3D effect. I added the border stickers and some stars.

Poinsettia die cut, distress inks, sizzex machine, cuddlebug machine, embossing folder, antique gold dye pad, some gems, of course not real:)

Eclectic Ellapu-Anything Goes
HLS-Anything Goes with Dies

This is obviously girly unless you are a Liberace wanna be. I cut out the poinsettia image and using the distress ink pads and some water, I coloured the flower. I put the cardstock through the cuddlebug for the raised image and took the gold ink pad and lightly skimmed over it so the raised image got some colour. Added the bling and Voila! This will be a nice birthday card for my sister whose birthday is Dec. 22nd.

Various blue ink pads, a sponge, rubber stamps, cardstock, stickers

Crafty Creations-Anything Goes
Glitter N' Sparkle-Anything Goes

This was fun... I say it again but it's true. You can play with the colours and can use the same stamps and get a different take every time. The glossy card really takes well to the colour you rub on with the sponge. The rubber stamps are all from one block, sort of speak, to create this scene. My dear friend, who loves the tropics and met his partner when he was in Thailand, just recently got married. He loves blue, the tropics and the ocean so I thought this works for him. They loved the card!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Thursday Movie Picks:TV Edition-time Travel

It's the last Thursday of the month and this means TV edition. Now, I chose not to watch the latest TV show about time travel (Timeless I believe) and it was saved by cancellation due to the fans writing in.....just like what happened to Star Trek way back when. I am going to rectify that and start watching that show on youtube. Head over to Wandering Through The Shelves to find out what the others have chosen. Here are my 3....

1. TIME TUNNEL-1966-1967

I was so little when this came out but I still remember the actual time tunnel which looks like it would make me dizzy. 2 scientists invent a time machine and enter into it but can't get out. While in other periods of time, they must make sure not to change the course of history. Their first stop is on board the Titanic! Great show that ended way too early and now has a cult following. Love the Music-sooo Irwin Allen isn't it?

2. LAND OF THE LOST- 1974-1976

This was a Saturday morning show that I enjoyed despite the really cheesy effects. A father and his 2 kids end up going over a waterfall and going back in time to the land of dinosaurs. One T- Rex would love to make them his snack bit they always evade the peanut-sized brain Rex. They make their home in a cave and the young girl even befriends a young brontosaurus whom she rides like a pony. Eventually they meet up with an intelligent race that look like the Gorn's cousin. This cheesy show ended up having a following which produced a bad movie starring Will Ferrell and a TV series remake of this TV show. I think this kind of fits the theme...doesn't it?

3. QUANTUM LEAP-1989-1993

Love this show and loved Scott Bakula whom I wished I could have met back then to do things not allowed in some states:). He plays a scientist who, through some "quantum leap" inhabits the bodies of people and only his trusty friend with a computer can see him as Sam and Sam is the only one who can see his friend. They have to find out why he replaced the person so he can somehow change the course of history and make it right. Once he accomplishes this he travels immediately into the body of another. It was well written and could be serious and funny especially when Sam ended up as a woman.

Which picks would you choose?

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Thursday Movie Picks-The Renaissance films from the 1400's to 1700's

I kept thinking of films I have seen and many I have already talked about so I believe I found 3 that fit the bill and I have not already discussed. Check out Wandering Through The Stars to see what others have chosen. Here are my 3....


So we have 2 big ego stars, Carlton Heston and Rex Harrison playing 2 big ego historical figures, Michelangelo and Pope Julius II. The Pope, being a pious man( enter laugh track here) wanted a small chapel come to life with paintings depicted from the bible that would be on the ceiling and possibly the walls. Michelangelo was chosen and so the fight began. The Pope wanted things to move along quicker than Michelangelo was painting. Arguments, stand-offs, huffs and puffs followed for the years spent while Michelangelo painted his masterpiece...the Sistine Chapel. The Pope was busy with other siring kids and participating in battles. It is excellently acted and fun to watch the 2 banter back and forth. It helps that the 2 stars did not care for each other at all. It does seem to accurately portray what did happen way back when this masterpiece was being painted and one I will see one day.


To me this is the best rendition of this adventure which has been filmed many times over the years. Michael York plays D'Artagnon who decides, after his father is killed in front of him, to become a Musketeer to seek revenge. He meets the 3 Musketeers, played wonderfully by Richard Chamberlain, Oliver Reed and Frank Finlay who take him under their wing and teach him their trade. During their adventure they must deal with intrigues by Cardinal Richelieu( Charlie Heston again) and Faye Dunaway as Madame De Winter. York also meets his Landlord's clumsy wife played by Raquel Welch. Great sword fights, action, heaving bosoms, and comedy makes this film a must see. Love the sequel also which is just as good as this original film.

3. EVER AFTER-1998

I love this movie because it is a great take on the Cinderella  theme. Drew Barrymore plays a young girl who loves her father. Her dumb ass dad met and fell in love with a viper, wickedly played  by Angelica Huston, who has 2 daughters, one nasty and one sweet. When Drew's dad dies, his wife becomes the head of the household and immediately puts Drew to work as a common slave along with the other help for this household. Drew is not the simple demure lass but has her own mind and is quite intelligent and often takes off into the forest. There she meets the Prince whom she does not realize at first is the Prince of the land. She also meets Leonardo Da Vinci and Gypsys and becomes friends with Da Vinci and the Gypsies. Soon enough she realizes he is the prince but he has no clue who she is and tries, in vain, to court her. Of course, there is a huge ball and the nasty step sister wants to be the new bride to the prince. More intrigue, deceptions and romance ensues before the pair are united in love. It's not only the typical romance but one feels the romance of the era due to the costumes, writing and cinematography. A lovely, well-written and acted film.

Which films would you choose??

Monday, May 15, 2017

Mother's Day

My mom....She refuses to get her hair cut, she must have Teddy with her, tucked under her arm at all times and she loves to be hugged. Of course I hug her and we lean into each other to just feel the love from one another. For anyone who has read my blog, you know my mom's life is the stuff movies are made of.  If she didn't have that major head injury, she probably would not have the vascular dementia. If she didn't smoke for 50 years, she might have been able to breathe without the use of the oxygen but these are ifs and times from the past can not be changed.  She always asks, "What am I doing here?"  "What do I do all day?" "Where's Baron (My brother)?" This is repeated every 3 or 4 minutes but that's OK. She would have gone to the ends of the earth for me so her inability to remember plus other nuances that dementia brings, is truly insignificant to what she has done for me.
Yesterday, she enjoyed her 2 children, the flowers and a good piece of cake! She also loved her card I made for her..

Alphabet Challenge-Enchanted Creatures
Crafty Creations-Anything Goes
Eclectic Ellapu-Anything Goes
Glitter N' Sparkle- One for the Ladies/Mother's day
Retro Rubber Challenge-Use Flowers-rrcb62

Flower Stamp (5 years old), Unicorn Stamp(10 years old), Tombow markers, Watercolour paper, brush, Gold dye ink and Gold embossing powder, Black ink pad, glue, glitter and crystals

I stamped the flower image in gold and heat embossed the gold powder onto watercolour paper. I took my markers and coloured everything but, with tombow markers, you can take water and spread the colour around as long as you have the right paper. I cut out the centre so the unicorn would be framed. I coloured around the unicorn in pale green since green is my mom's favourite colour. I added the glitter dust and the crystals.

My mom did love the card and wondered aloud if I still make cards. I told her I do and enjoy it. She couldn't see the unicorn too much but I told her I chose the unicorn because of dreams and freedom which she holds dear to her heart. One day I will not be able to hold my mom but, for now, I take great pleasure in doing so. I do miss her though...the old mom.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Thursday Movie Picks- Deserts-Hot or Cold

It's May and it feels like March in my neck of the woods but by next week I bet it will be so warm people will complain that it's too hot. Canadians love to bitch about the weather. Ok, enough of that, I am talking about films that take place in deserts, hot or cold. I almost picked Florence of Arabia....I mean Laurence of Arabia, but I think I already spoke about this film. I love that line from Noel Coward who, upon seeing a young Peter O' Toole, said that if he was any prettier that movie would be called Florence. Anyhoo....check out Wandering Through The Shelves to see the what the others have chosen. here are my 3....

1.  GREED-1924

Yes, it's a silent film but it's an excellent study on what happens to a couple when they win the lottery. It is directed by the great Erich Von Stroheim whom most people know as the butler from Sunset Blvd. This film was, apparently something like 8 hours long and the few who saw it said it was a masterpiece but nobody could sit for that long so it was hacked down to a bit over 2 hours. Even in this state it is still compelling. It Stars Gibson Gowland as a mild mannered dentist who falls for Zasu Pitts( love her name) and they marry. Soon after she wins the lottery and rather than enjoy the winnings she starts to hoard it and becomes obsessed by it. Gibson's friend, played by Jean Hersholt (famous for the Jean Hersholt humanitarian award) also gets into the mix and we watch these 3 normal people become destroyed by winning this lottery. The crew actually shot on location including Death Valley which was so hot that the film was close to melting and the 2 male stars suffered terribly under the sun. This film is worth seeing

2. THE MUMMY-1932

Image result for The Mummy 1932

This is the film that started it all regarding this franchise. I love the Brendan Fraser film and can watch it over and over but I chose the original film because I just recently saw this for the first time! Boris Karloff, of Frankenstein fame, played the Mummy and he was excellent as this creepy character who came back to life. The start of the film takes place in the valley of the kings and poor Karloff had to endure some pain with this great makeup. Remember they didn't have the same materials we have now so layers of cotton was glued to his took 8 hours to apply! As you know, the mummy comes to life and takes his leave but a few years later he ends up in London because his lady love is entombed there. A young woman is drawn to him through his ancient ability to resurrect his love. The museum guys are to the rescue.


This is a John Wayne film and it's fun to watch but it's not a good one overall. He is hired by romantic lips, Rossano Brazzi, to go to the desert to find a treasure. Along for the ride is Sophia Loren because, well, why not. Rossano treats wanton gal Loren like a lady where Wayne is rough and tough. They deal with the desert and the growing concern over Brazzi's obsession in finding the lost treasure. Brazzi was the romantic rage for a couple of years in the 1950's and his pursed lips are a lot more inviting than Trumps. Wayne is always fun even in this flick which one just shakes one's head at. Loren looks sultry in her ripped clothing and sweat. What more can I say. Campy fun.

What films would you choose?

Monday, May 8, 2017

A To Z Reflections

Now we come to reflections part of which I will give my 2 cents worth and probably repeat what many say.

1. I enjoyed the A to Z as I always do each year...I think this is my 3rd, I believe it is my 4th....forgive my menopausal brain.

2.  There was no link which I actually didn't mind because I did not have to surf through 2,000 links and click on one only to find out they did not do any write ups, they wanted to sell crap or they disappeared like a fart in the wind (Shawshank redemption quote).

3.  The amount of people who did participate went quite a bit down probably due to what I mentioned above plus some just decided not to participate this year either due to being too busy or not liking the new format.

4. I was a bad girl because I still could not keep up especially with one of my favourite bloggers-Vidya Sury, who is always an inspiration.  I do intend to go back and read more and even comment! I did enjoy finding a few new blogs which I follow now due to the A to Z. I was also quite bad in linking up. I'll get my hubby to spank me later:)

5. I'm not sure if I will write about the same thing next year-Movies and stars of yesteryear. I always enjoy it but I feel the need to branch out to something else. If you all enjoy it, then maybe, but change is good as well. One thing I need to do is write these posts ahead of time! Famous last words

6. I was not going to sweat over not being able to visit or comment. It is supposed to be fun besides if I sat and reviewed all the posts I wanted to, my ass would be the size of Cleveland.

So...there you have it, my reflections. Were they not the most well thought out comments ever? I hope, after your eyes roll back to their normal position, that you will do the challenge next year and let me know what you would like me to show/talk about....Film and film stars, My amazing mom and her life, My travels, where I live, Art, and, oh yes, my card making. Any comments about this would be great

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Thursday Movie Picks-Clones/Doppelgangers

The A to Z is now done for another year and I hope to get back to my crafting but it's Thursday which means it's Movie time and this week the theme is about Doppelgangers/Clones. He'd on over to Wandering Through The Shelves to check out the other Movie Picks from people who love film. Here are my 3....


This movie was filmed during 1939 before much was known what happened to the Jewish population in Europe. Chaplin said he never would have made this movie if he would have known but I think this film is strangely foreboding even though it's a comedy. It's about a Jewish barber who looks very similar to a dictator, Adenoid Hynkel, and ends up impersonating the dictator. It's actually quite funny especially the names, like Napaloni ...the Italian Dictator. I love how Chaplin takes the world and throws it up in the air, twirls it around on his finger and his foot...quite funny. For those who did not read this before, Hitler fashioned his moustache on Chaplin's little tramp!

2. VERTIGO-1958

I might have spoken about this masterpiece of film making but, I don't care, I'm speaking about it again. I have to admit, it's not my favourite Hitchcock personally but I know what a great film it truly is plus it stars my favourite actor, Jimmy Stewart. A man hires his old friend, who is a detective, to watch his wife. The detective ends up falling in love with this mysterious woman who feels she is the reincarnation of an ancestor. She ends up becoming so distressed that she climbs a tower and before the detective can reach her, she falls to her death. Overtaken with guilt because he could not reach her in time due to his vertigo, he goes into a deep depression. One day, feeling better he is walking down a street and meets a woman who reminds him of his friend's wife.....obsession starts to take control.


I watched this film a couple of times a long time ago but it stayed with me probably because I was sick the first time and my dad sat with me...we both were laughing. It is a typical Danny Kaye film where he plays a fumbling coward in the army who is asked, well, told, to impersonate a general. This general's life may be in trouble because there are nasty German double agents working as his staff. Hijinks ensues as well as romance with a delightful performance by Kaye. If you want a fun movie when it's raining outside and you want to just lay low, I say this is a fun movie to see.

I almost picked Surrogates and the Stepford Wives but I didn't...which films would you pick??