Monday, September 26, 2022

A New Book from Sandra Cox

 I wanted to do this earlier since Sandra, This wonderful lady with a heart of gold, had her book release a couple of weeks back, but I just didn't have the time or  the physical ability to do this on the weekends (pain and bad fatigue). Yesterday, it was like a switch turned off and I felt the pain severity lessen around 6pm, which is great plus I am home today because I am going for round 2 of the ...colonoscopy, oscopy, oscopy..echo fading. OK without further adieu, Here is her new book.

Geller’s Find Release Info


It’s summer break and Dr. Luke Geller, history prof and part-time archeologist, is in Nevada looking for potsherds. What he discovers is an antique rifle and a portal in time.



His heels caught in a patch of fuzzy green and gray weeds. Buried in their center was a large piece of chiastolite. Ancient markings all but obliterating the standard graphite cross that long ago was used to ward off evil. The hair on the back of his neck rose and his nerves twitched. He’d never seen anything like that rock before. He nudged it with his foot. When it didn’t budge, he bent to pick it up. 

The ground under his feet trembled. 

The chiastolite glowed. The markings shimmered. 

What the hell?

He flapped his arms, trying to balance himself as the ground dropped an inch.  A perfect circle below his feet gave way.  The stone stayed in place.

He fell into a cylinder of rock and stone. 

The bottom dropped.

His stomach flopped and he swirled down.  

The wind whistled in his ears as he tumbled into a deep black hole that went on forever. The chill in the air fell away. The further down he went, the hotter the air. The rocks around him began to glow. Good God. Either he was heading for hell or the earth’s core, and neither was where he wanted to be. His grip on the rifle tightened as he bounced off the hot stones that closed around him as he whirled in a tube of rock. 

Time had no meaning. Seconds, minutes, maybe more passed as the cyclone of air spun him around. His stomach pushed up to his throat and he fought off nausea.

With a scraping sound, the spinning lurched to a stop.

Then as if an elevator button was punched, he started upward. Only unlike an elevator there was no floor, just rough rock gravity glued him against.

Up. Up. Up. Faster and faster. Then momentum stopped. His body quivered. A force thrust upward and opened.

He dropped.

Hard earth rose to meet him. 

With a thud, he landed.

Character Facts:

Doctor Luke Geller is a full-time history professor and part-time archeologist. 

His specialty is Native American artifacts.

Instead of a gun, he carries a Hopi throwing stick.

He likes cats, horses with a sense of humor, and women who aren’t looking for a commitment.

Buy Link:


Sandra, who also writes as S. Cox, is a vegetarian, animal lover and avid gardener. She lives with her husband, their dog and cats in sunny North Carolina.

An award-winning author, her stories consist of all things Western and more.

Foodie Facts:

She spent a number of years in the Midwest chasing down good Southern BBQ. By the time she moved to North Carolina where Southern BBQ is practically a staple, she’d become a vegetarian.

Pineapple is a must-have on pizza, along with black olives and onions.

She loves pumpkin waffles. Pumpkin cream cheese, not so much.


Last time I posted, it was a mess because not everything turned out right and Sandra was amazing with her understanding. This time I hope it comes out aok with my limited knowledge of the computer.

Have a blessed day and anyone in Florida and the Eastern Coast of Canada, I am thinking about you.

Thursday, September 22, 2022

Thursday Movie Picks-Female Detectives or Cops


I had a tough time trying to think up female investigators. Wandering through the Shelves has been keeping me on my toes! I think I feel pretty good with my choices and no Nancy Drew in sight because I never saw a movie about this character. Here are my 3...


I enjoy watching a great Dame like Barbara Stanwyck and she really makes this movie shine about a series of killings, with a g-string( let's hope a clean one) in a burlesque hall. This is based on a book written by the famous, Gypsy Rose Lee, called " The G- String Murders." It's not an amazing film but risqué considering the Hays Office. When the police can't seem to find the killer, Barbara decides, with the aid of her co-horts, to find the real killer. It's a great old black & white movie that is quite entertaining.

2. COPYCAT-1995

This is an under-rated, stellar film starring Sigourney Weaver as a psychiatrist who is agoraphobic after a serial killer tries to do her in. Now, a new serial killer is on the loose and mimics the deaths from other serial killers stumping the detectives led by Holly Hunter. You feel the tension mount when the killer, played with a psychotic glee, by Harry Connick Jnr( he deserved more accolades for this role as he was really creepy) sets his sights on Sigourney. This is one of the best new thrillers I have seen and it should be better known. It keeps you riveted.

3. THE HEAT-2013

Yes, this is rude and crude but bloody hilarious! I love both of these actresses and they seem to have real chemistry. Sandra is an FBI agent who goofs up and is sent across the U.S. to investigate some murky dealings. She is uptight, by the book, and classy. She meets a cop, Melissa, who is the exact opposite, and they work against each other until they are forced to work with one another. Ok, the plot is typical, but it's just so funny especially the barbs Melissa says to the Albino cop jerk. I almost peed my pants. This is not everyone's cup of tea(Joel) but I enjoyed it.

Can you think of 3 female detectives from the movies?

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Which Song Won the Oscar


I have to start marking down which years I have done or I will repeat myself...I just know it. I am writing this late because I procrastinated. That being said, at least i am writing this:) I decided to choose the Oscar year of 1953 and am picking the song that won the Oscar, The song that was nominated and one that got nadda. let's see if you choose the right one.


This song should be instantly recognizable even if you never saw the film, "The Bandwagon" where it was written specifically for the movie version of this stage musical. It was written by Arthur Schwartz (Music) and Howard Dietz (Lyrics) and performed by these legends. Later it was used in 3 movie versions about the great MGM musicals (with just some great non musical people like Tracy & Hepburn). When we hear this song we instantly think Hollywood, I think anyways. 


This song, written by Harry Warren with lyrics by Jack Brooks, has become Dean Martin's signature song and also helped bring a better image of the Italians after Capone and Mussolini. Who knew this song came from a Dean Martin/Jerry Lewis comedy called "The Caddy." I have to say I always loved this song.


This song was introduced by Doris Day in one of her signature roles as Calamity Jane in the film with the same name. Good Ole Calamity never looked so good! This was a bona fide hit for Doris here and across the pond and became one of her signature tunes along with "Que Sera Sera." The music was written by Sammy Fain and the lyrics by Paul Francis Webster and made quite the splash back in the day.

So....which song won the Oscar, which was nominated and which tanked in both? 

Thursday, September 15, 2022

Thursday Movie Picks: Media or Tech Mysteries


It's capers month, no, I don't mean those little fish things, but mysteries and I'm loving this month even though Wandering Through The Shelves made me put my thinking cap on. This week, it's about the media and/or technology and these are the 3 that popped into my head. I'm saving Zodiac for another time.


Most of you know I love Alfred Hitchcock so this film came right into my sad little head. This takes place before the States entered WW2 so Hitch must have made this film with that in mind. Joel McCrea( major crush..hubba hubba) stars as a crime reporter sent by his boss to England to find put more about the war. He soon finds himself embroiled in an espionage mystery trying to convince the police what he actually saw. You have a tense moment in a windmill, spies, a beautiful Dame and George Sanders whom I love. He was just so witty. This film doesn't get the same love as his other films, but I think it is one of Hitchcock's better early films in the U.S.

2. CALL NORTHSIDE 777-1948

The title is the phone # when one used to ask for a name not just numbers. This is based on a true story with James Stewart asked, by his boss, to check in on an elderly woman who posted an ad in the paper to clear her son. Her son was charged and convicted of killing a police officer back in 1930 and now, 11 yrs later, at her wit's end, the guy's mom took out this ad. Stewart doesn't think much about this story until he digs further finding coverups, mishandling the heart of this. The cops and district attorney really hate him nosying around. It's well acted, obviously, and I like the noirish vibe to this. It was the first film to be filmed on location in Chicago.

3. TRUE CRIME-1999

Clint Eastwood plays a recovering alcoholic who has been sleeping with the boss's wife at a newspaper office. He's assigned to talk to a death row inmate to get some final words from the condemned man. He had no idea that he was going to try to free this man whom, he believes, is innocent. He has very little time to get to the truth but he must try. This is nicely acted especially by Isaiah Washington as the condemned man. I found it a good movie, not a great one, but one that hold your attention.

Which 3 films can you come up with?

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

For The Queen


As we all know, unless you have been hiding under a rock, Queen Elizabeth died and I don’t think we were expecting it even though she was 96 and never seemed to get over the Covid virus. Personally, I think it knocked the stuffing out of her and with her husband, of 70 years ( wow!) gone the year before, I guess it was just a matter of time. I have been strangely moved by her demise and didn’t expect it, to be honest, so, I thought, why not look at the top songs from her biggest moments (no births here) so, here we go...


I heard of this song but never knew it was such a mega hit back in 1926. It was written by Ray Henderson with lyrics by Mort Dixon. I’ve heard this in movies and, maybe, a MASH episode, but I didn’t know it was a huge hit in the UK back when she was born.


This comes from a film of the same name and I did not know that( now I want to see the film) but this song was a big hit when The Queen married her 2nd cousin 3x removed...or is that 3rd cousin twice removed?? Oh well, she married her match and she loved him. I really like this song and I tried to find the song sung by Anne Shelton but couldn't through Blogger but go to YouTube.. pretty cool. This singer with the music composed by Jerry Brainin and lyrics by Buddy Bernier.


When her father died, she instantly became Queen and was actually in Africa when this happened so she and Prince Phillip had to get home right away. This song was a big hit in the UK written and composed by Pat Genero, Lou Levinson and Bill Borrelli. Al Martino,a U. S. Singer, made #1 only in the UK once.


On June 2nd( my birthday just not 1953)  was the coronation and this famous song was all the rage in the UK by this Orchestra leader while Percy Faith was the leader over in our woods. It was written by George Auric and called “Where Is Your Heart” or “ It’s April Again.”


I know, more than my usual 3 songs but I had to pick the top parts of Queen E and her death is a tribute to her as well even with this song. I actually don’t hate it. What a difference between 1926 and today. 

Which songs would you pick as a tribute even if you didn’t care for the Queen?

Thursday, September 8, 2022

Thursday Movie Picks- Historical Mysteries


Wandering through the Shelves chose a good one but my brain must be tired because I was stumped. I already used “The Name of the Rose” so I started to think of real mysteries and came up with the 3 I have listed below.


Based on an Agatha Christie novel which, I am certain, she based on the famous Lindbergh baby kidnapping case, stars Albert Finney as the famous detective, Hercules Poirot, on board the famous Orient Express filled with some very interesting characters. He is asked by an American business man to find out who might be trying to kill him but Poirot shows no interest but, before you can say “knife”, the man is knifed to death. Now, Poirot must find out who the murderer is and he has the time to do it since a huge amount of snow fell on top of the tracks. I love this film with some great actors, Sean Connery, Lauren Bacall, Anthony Perkins, Wendy Hiller and Ingrid Bergman, who won an Oscar for her role, chewing up the scenery. This is a regal acting tour de force. I haven’t seen the remake but I bet it’s not as good as this original.


Sherlock Holmes, along with Dr. Watson, are trying to figure out who Jack the Ripper is in this lesser known film of this famous sleuth. Christopher Plummer plays Holmes with James Mason as Watson, decided to play these characters with more human ways than the Basil Rathbone/Nigel Bruce Films. Jack the Ripper is at large, and, as we all know, is one of the most famous serial killers that is yet unidentified. This film follows the belief that the Masonic Order is part of this horrible mystery that try to thwart Holmes and Watson from finding out the truth. I really liked this film which, I thought, was quite well acted and a new way of presenting these characters. I’d love to see it again as it has been decades.


I need to see the original 1939 movie because, I bet, it is better than this version. This man actually did exist but he was not in an iron mask but a red velvet one and was given  everything he needed except his freedom and he was not allowed to talk. This took place during the reign of King Louis 14th, the Sun King and the hypothesis is that this man was a dead ringer for the king and may have even been his twin brother. In order to maintain his crown, the King had his doppelgänger locked up. Alexander Dumas wrote a story  based on this prisoner, but put him in an iron mask and, from there, the legend grew along with movies. This film stars Leonardo in the dual role of the snotty ass King and the humble, smelly prisoner who is liberated by the 3 Musketeers. Now they wish to place this kid on the throne and put snot in the prison but complications arise. It’s a fun frolic but Leo seemed overwhelmed by this role and the film could have been better but it’s still fun to watch.

Which films can you think of?

Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Driving To School With My Brother


School has started in my neck of the woods now and it still can make me shudder. When my brother got his driver’s license, he couldn’t wait to drive to school and who could blame him since we had to take the stupid bus for over an hour. I was so happy to get a ride with him once I entered High School, much to his chagrin, I think, because I was 3 years younger and could cramp his style...hahahaa. I’m not sure what his style was but that didn’t matter as I was happy not to be on the bus until I had to sit in his back seat and listen to that music. Now, please forgive me as I was a young 14 yr old geek who loved classical music, movie music, ABBA and ELO. I still love all I just mentioned, but I now also really enjoy the music I am about to mention and know how great it actually is. I may not own Hendrix or Joplin but I do enjoy listening to it. I wouldn’t mind the greatest hits of Steppenwolf though...


My brother fell in love with Jimi Hendrix’s sound and would play his music incessantly. He may differ on that, but I remember how often I had to listen to his music. This song was one I had to listen to while stuck in the back seat and thought it was disgusting. Hahahaaa


I didn’t mind this song, written by Don Covey and Steve Cropper from this band, but, to this day, I have no clue WTF it means and it was not a fav of mine to listen to it...often.


This song was written by Jerry Ragovoy and Bert Berns and introduced by Aretha’s sister, Erma Franklin but became mega famous by Janis Joplin. I truly appreciate and like how she sings this song now but, back then, I just couldn’t stand her screeching, as I used to call it. It still is a bit but I the way she sings it.

I hope my brother reads this and adds his 4 cents worth. Any songs you hated back in the day but like now?

By the way, our Harley really sleeps this way. He has nothing to do with school, I just thought he is funny.

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Star Of The Month-September


BORN: September 13, 1903 (some now say 1901)

DIED: July 30, 1996

AGED: 92 years old

DIED FROM: Old age after a series of small strokes

REAL NAME: Emilie Claudette Chauchoin

MARRIAGES: 2 times-first to actor Norman Foster; 2nd to a doctor

AFFAIRS: Clark Gable. Maybe others but...will talk later


NICKNAME: Lily; The Fretting Frog(by the crew)

KNOWN FOR: hating her right side of her face so much that she had it built, into any contracts, that they could only film her from her left side. She once had the whole set be redone so it forced the cameramen to film her on her left side plus she would, sometimes, paint her right side of her face green. This is why the crew called her the Fretting Frog.

OSCAR WIN: It Happened One Night-1934

OSCAR NOMS: Private Worlds-1935

                            Since You Went Away-1944

Claudette was a huge, I mean, huge star and should be better remembered than she is today. When one hears her name now, it is always about her being a closeted lesbian because of a picture of her riding down a slide with Marlene Dietrich where they look like they are having fun and her personal friendships with Verna Hull, a wealthy heiress, and her last friendship with Helen O'Hagan. There are no pictures of her kissing these ladies just rumours seeming to come out only after she kicked the bucket. Sure, maybe a rag magazine may have suggested something but Oh My God! Does every chick in Hollywood have to be gay, Bi or whatever? Her and Verna had a close friendship where they went halfs on a NYC Condo and, when Claudette and her husband bought a home in Barbados, Verna bought one next to her. The friendship ended horribly when Verna said something disparaging about Claudette's dying husband and it came to verbal blows. Soon after her spouse died, her mother and brother died and, even though she had a difficult relationship with her mother (unsure about her brother), she became really good friends with Helen. Helen was born in 1930 and other friends said Claudette thought of her as the daughter she never had. When Claudette died, she left the bulk of her estate to Helen with a statement saying to treat her as if she were my spouse. From that, it is suggested they had  more than just a loving friendship. Well then, I must be a lesby because I consider my best friend and I soul mates and would love to live with her if I should outlive my beloved hubby. 

OK, got that out of the way and, Joel, if you read this and wish to let me know if I am in the wrong, please do. Her first husband and her never did live together, which is strange but her mom, a controller, hated his guts and she lived with Claudette so.... 7 years later, they divorced. 

Claudette, aside from her vain insecurity, was a very genial person, mostly. She did not get along at all with Frank Capra who said she would throw fits on the set. This might be because she, and Gable, were both loaned out to Poverty Row Studio, Columbia, to make this awful picture called "It Happened One Night" as punishment. Claudette also disliked working with Paulette Goddard who became friends with Veronca Lake and overheard Goddard say she got along better with Lake because they were closer in age. (Goddard was closer in age to Colbert but hey...I think it's the vain thing going on here). Otherwise, Claudette was known to be a good egg and could do comedy and drama equally well and wanted to do her very best. 

She actually never wanted to become a film star loving Broadway theatre much more but, the money was good and she became famous very early on despite a horrible first movie (a silent). When film parts started to go, she did quite a bit of TV during the 50s and 60s plus she returned to theatre. After decades off of the TV/Film she returned to "The Two Mrs. Grenvilles" in 1987 winning a Golden Globe and was up for an Emmy. She may have had a second movie career starring as Margo Channing (instead of Bette Davis ) in "The Lady Eve" but she was in traction severely hurting her back doing a stunt in another film ("Three Came Home" favourite). To be honest, I can't see anyone else but Bette in the role. 


1. The Sign of the Cross (famous for bathing in asses' milk which curdled and stank after a couple of days)-1932

2. Cleopatra-1934

3. Imitation of Life-1934

4. The Gilded Lady-1935

5. Bluebeard's Eigth Wife-1938

6. Midnight-1939

7. Drums Along The Mohawk-1939

8. The Palm Beach Story-1942

9. So Proudly We Hail-1943

10. The Egg & I-1947

11. Three Came Home-1950

Friday, September 2, 2022

What i Watched in August



That's moi with Harley on Lake Erie wishing I brought my bathing suit. I do more than watch movies :)) but, at night, I will put in a film which hubby and I watch. This is what I saw in August...

1. ROPE-1948

Excellent Hitchcock film. Not as good as his golden films but better than I thought. 2 gay students kill a "friend" for fun, stash him in a huge trunk and have a gathering of people, including Jimmy Stewart as their former professor, just for the kicks. It's an experimental film for Hitchcock to film it as one continuous shot. There was only 10 minutes before film ran out so the camera centers on the back of someone for the change in film. It's a trifle annoying but nothing major. Stewart Granger and John Dall are excellent as the killers.

2. THE BIRDS-1963

Tippi Hedren plays a madcap heiress who buys lovebirds to bring it out to a lawyer's home in a small fishing village. Little does she know that the birds, not the lovebirds, are very, very angry and about to cause mayhem. I feel this film is all about Hitchcock's mind. Yikes!


Willem Dafoe plays Van Gogh during the time he ventures down to the South of France, Gauguin's visit, ear coming off, visit to the sanitarium etc.. This is more of a character study than a biography. It's good but I still prefer Kirk Douglas as Van Gogh.


WW2 movie about the allies trying to stop the Krauts from getting that bridge. It's a good war flick starring George Segal.

5. THE TRAIN- 1964

Burt Lancaster plays a Frenchman( go with it) who has a high position on the train yards and is a leader of the Resistance movement. This leader now must try and stop this nasty Nazi from taking priceless works of art out of France and into Germany. Excellent movie based on fact.

6. ROB ROY- 1995

Liam Neeson plays the title character who values honour over anything. When a nasty dandy wrecks havoc over his home, he makes Rob very angry. Based, somewhat, on the actual Roy and events. Well done, acted and photographed. It put Liam on the map 


Ed Norton's baby, since he directed and stars in this film about a very smart PI wannabe, with Tourettes, who is trying to solve the murder of his boss. Better than I thought it would be. Clearly, he loves the old films of the film Noir.

8. RED JOAN - 2018

Another film based on a true story starring Judi Dench as an old lady who, for decades, gave over top secret documents to the enemy thinking she was defending her land. Of course, it's wonderfully acted by Dame Judi. Quite a nice gem.


Russell Crowe plays a homicide detective watching over a young man, who killed his parents, when he was a teen, let out of jail for delinquents. Crowe believes the kid is a psychopath and serial killer. On another storyline  this sad, troubled girl  who lets men use her, has an unhealthy wish to meet the young man. This is a did he, will he, wtf is that little girl thinking kind if movie. Not an uplifting one but not bad. Not sure I'll watch it again any time soon.


This is the 3rd in a trilogy but you can watch each separately. Takes place during the last days of WW2 where we see men trying to stay alive but also the prejudice the African American men felt while fighting for their country that treats them like shit. It's not great by any means but, again, better than I thought it would be. I did like the fact that they showed tgat not all Germans were Nazi loving vampires wanting to bathe in everyone's blood. 


I watched the film a couple of month's back but finally saw the commentary by a film historian and really enjoyed it. THE film is excellent and I loved listening to all the little tidbits even though I knew most but it was beat to hear some extras on this great film.


1. PICARD SEASON 2- 2022

I loved watching this show with Q being a pain in the ass to Picard sending him and his small group into an alternate reality. Now everything's changed to the worse and they realize that it changed back in..yup, our time. They must go back in time and find out what needs to change..or not change to set things right. Along the way we learn more about Picard and what makes him ...him. I enjoyed it and don't care if they screw up the prime directive..who's fun.

2. CRAFTERS - 2022

it still playing so I don't know the ending but this has the Prince of Wales involved. You have 8 artists who do a craft that is slowly becoming a, somewhat, lost art from forgers, and weavers to marble sculpting and glass making. Each learn the others' craft before, at the end, the Prince chooses a craft from one that  he feels  is extraordinary. I'm enjoying this and looking forward to the ending. 


I saw a picture of this lady, in my Life Magazine book of famous photos, when I was a kid, and always wanted to know more about her. I instantly disliked the Daughters of the American Revolution for being a bunch of prejudiced prigs for not allowing her to sing in their hall. The great Eleanor Roosevelt, told them off  took her name off of their list and set it up so Marion could si g in front of the Lincoln Memorial. This lady could sing!!! A contralto,  soprano who could also sing Alto brought many kings, Queens and the ordinary Joe to tears in Europe only to face bigotry in her own homeland just makes my head shake in disgust. If you ever get a chance, watch this.

Lengthy.. sorry. Have a fab weekend everyone 

Thursday, September 1, 2022

Thursday Movie Picks-Capers


Last week was a tough one but this week I just chose the first 3 movies  that popped into my head but this will be a popular week, as opposed to last week, which was a toughie. Wandering through the Shelves is the brainchild of this weekly theme post where you choose 3 movies that fit that weeks’ theme. This week, it’s all about the caper and I could have taken this in so many ways  like Bulldog Drummond or The Thin Man series but I went traditional, if I can call it that.  Here are my 3...


I love this classic caper about a man, Riemenschneider, played wonderfully, by Sam Jaffe, as a conman who is let out of jail after 7 years. Before he can say holy prison yard Batman, he’s back at it wanting to commit a jewelry heist but needs money and man power. He visits with an distinguished, but corrupt, lawyer, played by Louis Calhern, who decides to give him the money plus tell him which men he can use. This lawyer is married but has a gal on the side played by a young Marilyn Monroe in one of her better early roles. Sam meets up with the safecracker, the guy who will drive the getaway car and the thug played really well by Sterling Hayden. You are in on how they will  do the crime, acting out the crime and the aftermath. You learn about each character and their hopes and dreams. It is excellently directed by John Huston, written and shot in the classic black & white( ignore the colourized version)  which just creates a great  film worth seeing.


You know this was a given because it fits so well with this week’s theme. Cary Grant plays a retired jewel thief who must come out of retirement, sort of speak, because there is a copycat trying to place the blame on good ole Cary. He goes to the French Riviera to speak to his old French resistance “friends “ who blame him for being found out as resistance fighters. He soon meets very wealthy American mother and daughter tourists, played by Jesse Royce Landis and the beautiful Grace Kelly. Grace knows who he is and tempts him with her diamonds and her alluring kisses( with a great look into the camera by Cary). When  they kiss on the couch, you see the Freudian, Mr. Hitchcock. The gowns (I always wanted the blue o e and the white one), the scenery, Cary and Grace are all beautiful to look at making you forget you are watching a Hitchcock film. It’s one of his most sophisticated films he made which culminates in a fancy masquerade ball.


I spoke about this film before but I just love it and it so fits the theme. It starts off with Capucine running away so she will not be captured by the police. When she gets into the elevator, she quickly changes her coat, hat and shoes and comes out looking very different. We soon learn she is the wife of inspector Clouseau, played perfectly by Peter Sellers. He is a bumbling oaf who is trying to capture this jewel thief. The rare diamond, called the Pink Panther, owned by the Indian princess, played by Claudia Cardinale, will make an appearance at a Swiss chalet. Clouseau and his wife high tail it to the Alps to protect the princess and the diamond. There we meet David Niven and his horned up nephew, played by Robert Wagner. You find out Niven is the thief and Capucine is his lover. Hijinks ensues which culminates at a masquerade ball and a hilarious chase around the streets of some French town involving men in gorilla suits, a knight, and a zebra. Very, very funny picture with some great songs, great locations and very funny bits. It's so worth seeing 

Which 3 would you choose?

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

School is About To Begin. I Always Hated This Time


If you have been reading my blog, you know that I was quite bullied in Grade school but, especially high school. On top of that, I'm a bright kid, at least I think I am, but I had trouble learning the way they taught us, I was an average C student except for Math...Yuck to Math. Anyhoo, I am picking 2 songs that I always equate with my high school years and my hubby picked one that he could relate to when he was a teen.


I actually went to quite a few school dances especially when I became friends with a girl, from another school, who took me under her wing and told me to be free with dancing and not care what others think. She was golden to me. This song, written by Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, was always the last song to be played. Now, no one ever asked me to dance so I would sit and watch the many kids slow dance to this song but, as the tempo quickened, the kids had no idea what to do. Some still tried to slow dance while others tried to start to fast dance the way white people know...boring. I was always laughing by this point because of their utter confusion about how to dance.


This is my hubby's song that he though of first. He doesn't remember high school at all (he got into trouble...a lot!) but he always enjoyed being on his own, drawing, in his bedroom and this song would be playing. He loved Led Zeppelin too and he liked KISS. My hubby actually had the Gene Simmons dragon boots that he would walk around the mall proudly. I bet I passed him one or 2 times and i would have laughed. I wish he had those boots now because they might be worth something.


This song, written by the late, great Freddy Mercury, has always been special to me.  I am not into sports at all and this song is often played at sporting events. I listened to it because it gave me strength when I was spat upon, tripped, told no one would ever love me and I am a waste and to go and kill myself as everyone would be better off. Every year my mom brought me to the emergency because the brats tried to break my right fingers or hand. My hand was just sprained but it did swell up. When I was held up by my neck so I could not touch the floor and they told me that, when they get the chance, they would slice my throat from ear to ear especially if I told someone about what just happened, I knew this song came in handy. Nasty bastards aren't they? Well, when I heard this song, it gave me strength because I am a Champion! I showed no fear and would walk, on my own, to classes. Mind you, I made sure I was in the library during free periods. I had no time for losers and that's what they were. I kept thinking that. One always remembers these horrible times but, I am so happy itbis the past. It shaped me for who I am today which is not bad. I'm blessed with a wonderful hubby, a good home, great friends in the real world and the blog world, wonderful pets and many great fond memories. That's what counts.

Aren't we all Champions. So what makes you think of school, music wise?

Thursday, August 25, 2022

Thursday Movie Picks: TV Edition-Boarding Schools


Wandering Through The Shelves picked a tough one for me this week and I may have cheated with one. So...on with the show...TV show that is...


This is my favourite of the 3 when we had a lot of TV movies to watch back in the day. To me, it’s a Carrie inspired theme starring Kay Lenz. She was the It gal that was expected to make it big only to go...pffft. It’s a shame because I liked her but she met and married David Cassidy which was not good in the long one since his fame was ebbing. Anyhoo, this is about 2 sisters, Kay and Morgan Brittany, the pretty one, who go to school and want to get into a stupid sorority led by evil Morgan Fairchild. Morgan B. is accepted right away but not shy, repressed Kay. The den mom played by evil, over the top, Shelley Winters, taps into Kay’s psychic, telekinetic abilities wanting her to use it for her evil gains. Little do they know whom they are dealing with. This is campy with a capital C..I mean..Morgan Fairchild and Shelley Winters equals fun.


In some ways this show is now more famous for the train wrecks of the 3 child stars than the series. The breakout star was Gary Coleman because he looked like such a cute shit with a give that brat a slap mouth. His “ what’s you talkin’ bout Willis" became a catch phrase and everyone thought he was the bees knees until he started growing up..Er...well, growing older, but staying the same size due to his kidney issues. He ended up working as a security guard..I think, and sued his parents for wasting money. Dana Plato played the daughter of Conrad Bains's character who got into drugs while on the show and was fired because of her addiction and died too young. Todd Bridges played older brother, Willis, and he, too, got into addiction and almost died, but he cleaned up his act and now does his best to help others. This show was about millionaire Bain adopting his housekeeper’s 2 sons when she died. They, I think, went to a private school and the daughter, later on, was sent off to college( aka she was fired). It had some basic stories but also dealt with some hard hitting subjects as well. I just couldn’t stand this show because of that brat, Played by Gary Coleman. I wanted him to get a slap for being a little asshole.  Sorry but couldn’t stand this show.

3. THE FACTS OF LIFE-1979-1988

This was a shoot off from Different Strokes when the housekeeper, played by Charlotte Rae, decided to become the den mom to these 4 gals..or was it, at boarding school. You had rich, blonde and pretty girl, a brunette brain, token cute black girl and funny fat girl. Sorry just being direct and not politically correct. It’s all about their travails while at school...snore. I hated this show and tried watching it more than once but blecchhh...I just couldn’t get into it even if George Clooney was on this firca while. I hated this show.

Can you think of 3 shows that fit this bill?

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Oscar Songs for 1963


This year, in Oscars, surprised me because I really didn’t know much about this year. Let’s see if any of you guess which song won the Oscar, which one was nominated and which was nadda. 


My best friend and I love this movie and we yell out “Sylvester!”  sometimes, when we call each other and then laugh. Ethel Merman was hilarious as the worst mother-in-law one could have in this great movie and the music is well known but less known are the lyrics. This was written be Ernest Gold with lyrics by Mack David. It’s a long movie but so funny, you don’t realize it’s priceless.


There were quite a few beach movies made, often starring Annette and Frankie plus Jody McCrea ( son of actor Joel McCrea and France’s Dee), Harvey Lembeck as Erik Von Zipper and his goons, and others. They were silly, sometimes stupid, but they had charm and this was one fun song.


This song comes from the film, “Papa's Delicate Condition” and was introduced by Jackie Gleason but became quite well known by Frank Sinatra, but I prefer Bobby Darin. The music was composed by James Van Heusen and lyrics by Sammy Cahn.

So take a guess and let’s see if you are right...

Thursday, August 18, 2022

Thursday Movie Picks-Dark Academia


I am coming clean...I had no clue what dark academia truly meant because I just kept thinking being taught Satanic crap. Of course, I was wrong...since I looked up the meaning. I already chose Goodbye Mr. Chips in a previous post and then my mind just went blank which meant no academia in this brain. Wandering Through The Shelves not only loves movies but books as well so this week’s theme is right up her alley. I decided to just go what popped into my head and here are my 3...

1. GOTHIC-1986

This is quite a wack-a-doodle British film that I really enjoyed watching. It’s based on the true story of Percy Bysshe Shelley, His future wife, Mary Shelley, Dr. Polidori all meeting up at Lord Byron's home by Lake Geneva. This fateful weekend, the nutty people decide to compete in writing a horror story. Mary ended up writing Frankenstein and the Doc wrote Vampyr. In this film, they make it into more of a horror type film with imagery and psychological mind screwing. They all seem to be seeing things and want to either harm themselves or others. It's quite an interesting and beguiling film. I want to see it again.


I finally watched this film in the past year and,to be honest, was a bit underwhelmed by it. I know...sacrilege! Robin Williams is great as the original teacher in a prestigious all boys' school who awakens, in these boys, the ability to be whom they want to be and not conform to what society states one should be. It has a good message and the acting is great, but I guess I was waiting to be blown away. I think the hype got the better of me.


Truly, one could choose any of the Harry Potter movies because it's centre is Hogwarts, the school that all wizards and Witches attend to learn their craft. In fact, I took one of the tests to see where the sorting hat would place me and I belong to Ravenclaw but closely followed by Gryffendor. Hufflepuff was last. In this film, we meet Professor Lupin( one of my favourite characters) along with the dementors who suck out your soul, you know, like politicians:)). You learn about the class  of the dark arts taught by Lupin and you meet the prisoner who has escaped the hellish prison which is why those soul suckers are hovering around Hogwarts. You also learn about the Patronus spell that can protect them. It's a neat spell because each person has their own animal patronus charm. I love the whole Harry Potter film franchise and I enjoyed the books. 

Which movies can you come up with?

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

To My Best Friend


I love my best friend ( which is why I would choose this photo of us with my hair looking like I joined a punk rock band) who has been there for me for 37 years since we met in our early 20s. Her birthday is this Sunday and I thought I would do a little musical tribute for her. She was born in 1963 and I went searching to see what were the big hits this week all those years ago. 


This is lengthy but I wanted both parts 1 and 2 because it just seemed right to showcase both and it put Stevie Wonder on the map as a Wunderkind in the music industry. This was written by Clarence Paul and Henry Cosby and Little Stevie was a mere 13 years old...pretty amazing.


I always liked this song and, I bet, my bestie does too....anything 60s music is appealing to be honest and my bestie agrees with me. ..well, we like other eras too. I had no idea it was written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney with Lennon wanting this group to sing it.


I might have showcased this song before...I can’t remember, but I know she loves this song so I have to showcase this from this great singing trio. This was written by the talented, but, might I add, weird, Bob Dylan, it’s a great song.



I always liked this song sung by Elvis, but I like Elvis and I had no idea this song came out this year as I thought it was an earlier hit of this Rock and Roll legend.. it was written by Bill Giant, Bernie Baum and Florence Kaye. The song is backed with The Jordanaires who represent the Devil’s voice.

I hope you like the list

Thursday, August 11, 2022

Thursday Movie Picks: Old Coots Playing Along Much Younger Tootsie Rolls


Actually, the title is, “ Ageing Leading Actors Cast as Much Younger Men Playing Alongside Much Younger Actresses.” But it still applies. I decided to go with one lady, no, not Grace Kelly since she actually did sleep with almost everyone of her co-stars, because she was so young but seemed to exude a grace and poise that worked well with the old codgers she was paired with. Check out Wandering Through The Shelves to see what everyone else has chosen, here are my 3...

1. SABRINA-1954

Audrey Hepburn, a beautiful actress with such grace, poise and beauty that she just makes you believe in love and all that is good. In Sabrina, she plays the daughter of a chauffeur, to this very rich family, who is sent to an all girl’s school in Paris. When she returns, she is  every inch the beautiful young lady who immediately attracts the attention of the young rascal brother, played by William Holden. She is ecstatic since she has had a crush on him since she was a little girl but older brother, played by Humphrey Bogart decides to intervene so his younger brother gets in tune with his business side rather than his playboy side. This is a lovely comedy which introduced Audrey to her lifelong friend and clothing guru, Hubert De Givenchy. Audrey and Holden actually had a steamy affair  but, when she found out he had a vasectomy, she called it off. Bogie was 30 years older than  Audrey but, hey, it works in the movie.

2.  FUNNY FACE-1957

In this musical, Audrey plays a bookish waif who is greatly irritated when a troop of models with their boss lady and their premier photographer, played by Fred Astaire, come to her book store. Astaire is loosely based on Richard Avedon who was a free lance photographer for many major magazines but that is where it ends. Astaire sees a future model in Audrey who only believes in books but when she finds out she would be going to Paris and could meet her bookish philosophy Idol, she agrees. Off they all venture to Paris where she is groomed into a major model, becomes disappointed in the philosophy jerk she wanted to meet and finds out she is falling for Astaire and vice versa. In this instance, yes, once again, there is a 30 year age difference but, this time Astaire was uncomfortable playing her love interest because of his age. I like this movie which is beautifully filmed. 


In this film, Audrey plays the daughter of Maurice Chevalier whohas been hired by a husband to get the dirt on his wife who has been having an affair with a devil may care cad, played by Gary Cooper. When she finds out the husband wants to kill Cooper, she prevents Cooper from being harmed and soon falls in love with him and he realizes he has feelings for her. Her dad is not amused. This is a nice film but, even then, it did not do well at the box office because the public did not take well to t(sir age difference. Cooper liked his role but when it came out why the film was not doing well, he went and got a terrible face lift. ..ughh, they never learn.  Cooper was the youngest..only 28 years apart.

Funny, how many old buggers found their true love in much younger women. I call it the Tony Randall syndrome. He is an actor famous for playing Felix Unger in the TV Show, "The Odd Couple", with Jack Klugman in the 1970s plus in the comedies with Rock Hudson and Doris Day. When his first wife died of cancer, he met a young actress  who was 25...he was 70 and, yup, they married and had 2 kids! The poor kids never could get to know their dad since he was already quite old. 

Which movies can you think of that fits this bill?

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Names, Names, Names Plus More


I’m sorry for not responding to your great comments but I have been a bit crippled up. Hopefully, I can write better and not fall asleep right in the middle of writing things..which I have been doing. Don't you love my Harley?

I have always been fascinated by songs where the singers can drop famous names in their songs at a rapid rate. It seems almost like tongue twisters, some more so than others. I truly have no idea how they can sing it plus remember it all. Here the 3 songs plus 1 that came into my head and which I always loved.


I do like Madonna even though she is looking a bit more like an old whore with way too much plastic surgeries or is that Botox or whatever other crap these famous nuts are doing to themselves. This song came out at one of the heights of her career. She constructed this song after noticing the dance style called voguing...I thought the dance style came from the song not the other way around. I just loved all the names she dropped and was able to state exactly what the stars were about, now I’m off to vogue...


When I heard this song I was just gobsmacked at how many events and famous people Billy Joel named in this song and with so much passion. He mentions all the events that occurred between the time he was born and the date he created this song.pretty cool, eh?


I love this iconic Canadian band that many people might know as the singers to the opening of the TV show "Big Bang Theory”. This song was written by by Ed Robertson who sings the incredibly fast lyrics of famous events and names in this song which also includes the singing vocals of Stephen Page who was part of this band for many of it famous songs. 


This was actually the first song that came into my head because Kaye just excels at these tongue twisting songs that make my eyes wide open at how well he can pronounce all these famous Russian names. Kaye was in his element when he sang this song for the theatre production of “ Lady in the Dark.” With the music by Kurt Weill and lyrics by Ira Gershwin.

Can you think of any songs like these?

Friday, August 5, 2022

What I Watched in July


How to write quickly...that’s tough for me but I shall try so let’s go and read what I watched in July...oh and this is just a portion of the DVDs we own.


1. MY LEFT FOOT-1989

A great film performance by Daniel Day Lewis as the famous poet and artist Christy Brown who could only  use his left foot as he had cerebral palsy. Hugh O’Connor plays Christy as a kid and is also excellent. Such a great movie and so, so, so happy Day Lewis won the Oscar over The favourite, Tom Cruise, in “Born on the 4th of July.”

2. DOWNTON ABBEY #2- 2022

Glad I saw the movie but a bit disappointed. I think Julian Fellowes tried to please with too many sub-plots. Way too many...still fun though.

3. TOPPER-1937

I still laugh out loud with the great performance by Roland Young as the meek, hen-pecked Cosmo Topper who knows that Cary Grant and wife, Constance Bennett are ghosts having died in a car crash. These madcap marrieds decide to make meek Young their reason to get into heaven. Very funny and entertaining although Grant  was not a fan of Diva Bennett...who can blame him.


Stupid!  How’s that for short?

5. THE COMMAND - 2018

Excellent film based on the Kursk submarine disaster where  a Russian Sub blows up a good chunk of their sub, by accident, but 23 men live. The Russians, with their old, crappy submersibles can’t get afixed to the door to save the men and, when the British and others offer their help to save these men, the Russians turn them down. A few months after Putin was in power, he was still vacationing for 4 days after this disaster. I remember when this happened and it disgusted me but did not surprise me. Effective performances from everyone involved, from Matthias Schoenaerts as the leader of the 23 men, his wife played by the last James Bond love, Lea Seydoux and Colin Firth as the British admiral offering to help.



A 2 part documentary based on the life of the weird, acerbic but intelligent Truman Capote, the author of "Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and “ In Cold Blood.” It is worth a watch for sure.


Yes, this show started in 1960 on the CBC and is, in many ways, a Canadian institution that gives some great information on wildlife,  culture, science and this was a really good one on Body Language from 2017. It was so interesting to learn the subtle nuances that we give without saying a word. I love anything like this.


Anything Ken Burns does, I watch and this was no different, about the famous baseball player that had to deal with so much racial prejudice when he played professional baseball. This is one sports person I do admire and respect.


I love this show, created by Seth McFarlane of Family Guy fame plus movies and Oscar host.  He clearly loves Star Trek and pays homage with this series. The first 2 seasons were, for the most part, much lighter, than the 3rd but he is knocking it out of the ball park with this latest season.  The 2 episodes based on the child of Bortus brought tears to my eyes. Deeply moving. 

What did you watch??

Thursday, August 4, 2022

Thursday Movie Picks-Math in Movies


I hate math! I don’t just dislike it...I hate it and it showed in my grades which were usually a straight D average. Funny, when you know I am a Credit Counsellor but budgeting is just adding, subtracting, dividing and multiplying...there are no bloody fractions, integers, calculus, trigonometry, algebra or any triangles or trains going to Chicago. Wandering through the Shelves picked a unique theme this week and, to be honest, I was stumped at first and then my first pick came into my head followed by a ton more. I’m not trying to imitate anyone else and will only comment on their beautiful mind rather than the hidden figures each one wishes we had. Here are my 3...


Being a Jimmy Stewart fan, it’s little wonder I would pick this cute comedy where James Stewart plays a poet professor who has a son with a gift for math. His kid can figure out the equation before the computer can. The only thing the boy wants to do is meet Brigitte Bardot...yup the nerdy mathematical kid has the lusts for Brigitte. We also see how he helps other people win bets at the track etc... it’s not the best Stewart comedy but it’s sweet and it stars Bill Mumy just before he he got Lost in Space.


Finally, Robin Williams won an Oscar for his role as the psychiatrist who helps a nasty little shit see the light played by a young Matt Damon. Matt Damon is a janitor at MIT who solves this very difficult math equation which alerts a Math prof. To the talent of this young janitor. This kid has a major chip on his shoulder but with the help of his best friend, played by Ben Affleck and his girlfriend, Minnie Driver ( who started going out with Matt before being unceremoniously dumped by him), he begins to see that he should not throw his gift away. He gets the help from the psychologist, played by Williams, and becoming friends in the process. Damon and Affleck wrote the screenplay and won the Oscar for this. Williams is excellent in this but I still feel he should have won for the Fisher King.


A young Jake Gyllenhaal plays the son of miner Chris Cooper who has aspirations of leaving the dusty mines and finding a life outside of black lung disease. It is set in 1957, when a group of kids decide to build and fly a rocket after being inspired by Sputnik. Jake plays the real life Homer Hickam who wants to find a better life but finds a huge barrier, named his dad, who thinks his kid is wasting his time and should work in the mines. Only their high school teacher believes in what these small group of kids want to do. It is quite a good movie that should be better known. 

Which movies can you think of that involves math?

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Crazy Times


I find that these times do feel crazy but, every decade seems to have crazy times when you think about it. We can have crazy times in our own little world or just crazy moments hence why I am showing our goof...Harley. He is just a crazy galoot like Yosemite Sam might say, but he brings so much joy except when he picks up garbage on the street and, before we can say “ Dang Nabbitt”, he is munching down it. I have tried to open up his jaws but that’s a laugh because his jaws close up like a vice. Anyway, back to crazy, here are 3 songs that came right into my head with the 3rd one being the best, in my opinion.


This is actually a song about a serial killer...I had no idea, so it actually feels sinister especially since it came out when the Son Of Sam killings were going on. Kind of freaky to be honest. I always did like this song...until finding out it’s from the viewpoint of a serial killer. I do like The Talking Heads whom I saw at my old high school! I couldn’t believe they came to this school and I enjoyed it.


I think my husband says this about me quite a bit...good. He drives me nuts, sometimes, so crazy is I loved dancing to this song many times  and it was played  every time I went to a disco...yeah, we still called them discos in the late 80s.


This is one of my all time favourite songs by this band that comes from their legendary, iconic album, “Dark Side of the Moon” with the prism on the front cover. It is sung by Roger Waters and it’s based on their former band member, Syd Barrett. I had no idea but I guess Syd, who was a co-founder of this band took way too many psychotic drugs like LSD and, along with his mental instability,  brought on his downfall with this band where they dropped him. He would start playing a different song than the others, while on stage, and became very distant and moody. Even though he was out of the band, the band members always made sure he got his royalties. Syd was a gifted artist and spent the rest of his life painting and gardening before he died of pancreatic cancer in 2006. I didn’t know this and if any of you have more to add, I would love to know.

Which 3 crazy songs can you think of?