Thursday, January 17, 2019

Thursday Movie Picks-Movies with Long Titles

You won’t see Dr. Strangelove or Eternal Sunshine here because....I have not seen these movies yet...yup, me bad. Wandering through the Shelves came up with this clever theme and I had to think(and look up) to find 3 films I have seen. I have seen many others but I pick the 3 below...


Well, that’s a mouthful but this is one funny movie starring Stuart Whitman as an American who decides to travel to England to join the race. You meet a variety of nut bars from other countries from the great Gert Frobe (Goldfinger from James Bond of the same name) as a Prussian nut to the equally great Terry-Thomas as the evil nemesis. It is very funny, light entertaining film...worth a look for sure and based on an actual race.


This movie was picked by one of the other film nuts last week and, even though I have not seen this since I was a kid, it fit this challenge. This is a Roman Polanski film in which he co-stars with his future wife, Sharon Tate (who was killed by the Manson family). Polanski plays the assistant to an elderly Van Helsing type character who is out to kill the head vampire in Transylvania. The old guy needs a lot of help since he is quite shaky on his feet. A young bosomy damsel (played by Tate) is kidnapped by the vampire to be offered up as a sacrifice to the annual vampire feast. This, seriously, has some scary moments in it but it is also quite funny especially the head vampire's gay vampire brother. It's quite a fun British film and you know Polanski must love the Roger Corman movies.


This is almost a sequel to the first  film I chose and it even has Terry -Thomas in it as the grandson of the evil dude he played in the first movie. Gert Frobe plays, once again, a German nut who, along with his partner are thieves. The Italians are represented as well as the Americans, this time, by Tony Curtis. They are all in a race across Europe heading to Monte Carlo to win the trophy and you know hi-jinks ensues. It is another funny, frolicsome film that you can't help but enjoy.

Which 3 would you choose?

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Remembering My Mom

You can't see my mom too clearly there but that's ok because she is now with my dad and is an angel in my heart and in the stars above. She loved that picture of the angel, she loved gold, glitter and Christmas.

One year ago she passed away but I love her and miss her so....She is my angel

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Thursday Movie Picks-The Cold

This week was actually my suggestion so thanks for using this, Wandering Through The Shelves. Actually, it has not been that cold at all here in my neck of the woods and our temperatures go from a high of 8C down to -3 in the  evening. We have had no snow which sucks as I love snow except in March...then the snow can leave:). Anyway, here are my choices for the cold...


I love westerns and this is a more modern style compared to the great westerns made by John Wayne, James Stewart etc... This stars Robert Redford as a soldier from the civil war who is done with civilization and just wants to be on his own. He knows nothing of the land but is taught by a rugged mountain man and friendly Native Americans and soon becomes an expert at living on his own until he somehow finds a family in an orphaned boy and a young Native girl. The scenery is beautiful and much of it takes place in the winter when many people on the crew of this film had a tough time of it but Redford enjoyed it immensely. A gripping film with great cinematography and some very touching moments and humorous ones as well. I miss the deep snow...just saying


This film concerns 2 families-neighbours, and their children. Kevin Kline plays the husband of one who is having an affair with the neighbour's wife. The children of both also have a messed up life to say the least and all the dysfunction seems to culminate during an ice storm. It's a film that was much hyped in its day and I was so looking forward to it only to feel somewhat disappointed but I would like to revisit it and see if I see it through better eyes as it were. I can say I have experienced ice storms and that is not a fun experience to say the least.

3. WIND RIVER-2017

Hold the presses...I picked a new movie! I wanted to see this film and we rented it last year...yes, rented as I am still of the old school. It stars Jeremy Renner as a Fish and Wildlife agent who comes across the body of a Native American girl in the wilderness. A new FBI agent comes to town to solver the case and hires the Wildlife agent to help her track who may have killed her. It is not only a great thriller but  gives you food for thought since there have been many unsolved cases of Native American women in the U.S. and Canada that have been killed or disappeared and nothing has been done about it. The acting is sombre but you are feeling the tension and the ending feels right.


4. DR. ZHIVAGO-1965

I chose this film before but I am choosing it again since it was my mom's favourite film and she died almost a year ago on January 15th. This stars Omar Sharif as the legendary doctor who marries a wealthy girl in pre revolutionary  Russia. When the First World War breaks out, he is called to duty and meets up again with Lara, who is helping as a nurse, and falls in love with her. When they go back to their respective lives all has changed because of the Russian revolution.  His father in law has lost everything to "the people" and they are closely watched so they travel to the countryside and the doctor meets up again with Lara where they can no longer deny their love. It is an epic tale of love, war, loss and the horribleness of communism set against the cold but romantic view of winter. My mom could relate so well to this film because of  what she went through during the war and after when the Russians marched in and took her grandfather's farm. Interestingly, it was her brother's favourite film as well.

What are your 3?

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Thursday Movie Picks-Place in Title

I hope everyone had a good Christmas & New Year's as so many I know from my circle of family and friends did not which is sad but it all depends on how one looks at things. Despite still feeling quite ill, I had a nice Christmas and was blessed with gifts and, more importantly, family and friends and all of you who wished me well. A new year and a new weekly start to the movies from Wandering Through The Shelves. We start off with a place in the title and i hope someone picks Casablanca which is one of my all time favourite films but i had already spoken about this film once before. I went with a theme within a theme and hope you like them....


This won the best picture that I don't believe should have won (I would have gone with The African Queen or Strangers on a Train) but it is still an excellent film and musical from the Arthur Freed unit. It is about..guess...yup, an American in Paris who decided to stay in Paris after the war and try his hand at art. He becomes the gigalo to a wealthy woman who knows how to ensnare her men. Gene Kelly plays the artist who meets a young french girl, Leslie Caron, in her film debut, who is the paramour of a famous entertainer. Kelly's best friend is played, with sarcastic fun, by the devilish Oscar Levant as an aspiring pianist who agreed to do this film because he was a close friend of George Gershwin. The dancing is beyond superb, the Costumes, Cinematography and Art Direction is simply stunning. If you love art, musicals and a great story line, you will love this film especially the last 20 minutes which is pure dance done to backgrounds inspired by the famous impressionists of the previous century.


I am not a romance gal nor a fan of Van Johnson but, for some reason I don't mind this movie. It stars icky Van Johnson (Whom I think was the true inspiration of Troy McClure from The Simpsons), a G.I. and aspiring writer in Paris rejoicing that the war is won who is kissed by the beautiful but fickle Elizabeth Taylor. He quickly meets another gal who falls for him and invites him to a party. He goes with her and finds Ms. Taylor who happens to be the other gal's sister. So, as you guess, Van and Liz fall in love and marry and have a kid while her sister marries someone else and the sister's dad still decides to party away. This is an OK film that I always seem to watch when it comes on TV. The one thing I would change is that horrible painting that is shown in the film of Taylor. It's supposed to show her beauty and devil may care ways, but all I want to do is burn it.


This film was made in 1962 but did not come out until the year I was born. It more fizzles than sizzles because of the wacky script and William Holden having to go to a sanitarium to dry out because of his alcoholism which is why Tony Curtis appears in the movie. Despite the silliness-a writer has 3 days to come up with a script and becomes inspired by his most recent temp-Audrey Hepburn, I actually enjoy this silly farce. It has some fun moments and some bad moments(Holden as the vampire/devil is pretty dreck) but it is something to enjoy on a rainy afternoon when you would rather be in Paris having a glass of wine watching the world go by. Besides, Audrey is always enchanting...

What are your 3???