Thursday, June 13, 2019

Thursday movie Picks-Undercover

I know there are a ton of films regarding undercover agents, spies etc... and, for some reason, I had a tough time but I came up with 3. I am thinking "The Departed" will be a big one this week, and it’s a good film, but I went  another way, of course, with one film I have talked about before but, I love it, so I am repeating this film yet again. It’s fun to check out Wandering Through The Shelves to find out what everyone else has chosen. Here are my 3...

1. WHITE HEAT-1949

This gem is the film I have talked about before but it is brilliant and I love it, so here we go again. James Cagney plays one whack a doodle gangster who loves his mother in a unhealthy way. Mom enables her son and helps him lead his gang which includes Cagney’s no good wife, played by Virginia Mayo who was great as his snoring, two-timing slut. Enter the cops who decide to infiltrate the gang using Edmond O’Brien who becomes Cagney’s confidant when Cagney goes to prison to dodge something bigger. The menace that Cagney displays along with his vulnerability, in psycho kind of way, leads to some pretty epic scenes culminating in an explosive ending.


I recall seeing a photo in my Life book of William Holden crying out through the bars. From that moment I had to see the film and I finally did a decade ago, and I loved it. It’s based on a true story of Eric Erickson, a U. S. born Swedish citizen, who has business oil dealings in Germany during World War 2. He is approached by The Allies to spy on some big Nazi bastards with the help of the German underground. His contact is the beautiful Marianne (Lilli Palmer) who works for the resistance, and they fall in love but, it is unfortunately, short lived. This is another gem that is hard to find unless you have the DVD like I do or you watch it on YouTube. It is well acted, tense and shows that not all Germans were Nazi lovers. It's a must see!

3. SPY-2015

For a complete change of pace, I chose this very funny movie starring Melissa McCarthy as a low level spy helper who is the eyes and ears for the top spy played by Jude Law. He is killed and the one they have to choose to go undercover is, yup, McCarthy who is given a horrible name and is only supposed to follow the mark. She does more and it goes from there. I find this movie hilarious from the basement where she works that is infested with mice and bats, to the scene stealing Jason Statham as a dim-witted spy. I also love Rose Byrne and her big hair as the evil nemesis. This is so funny and I can watch this over and over again.

Which 3 would you choose?

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Wandering through the Shelves: Babysitters/Nannies

Oh I could have picked The Sound of Music and Mary Poppins and, I think, they will be popular this week, but I went with others, of course:). Head on over to Wandering Through The Shelves and find out what the others have picked. Here are my 3...


Bette Davis stars as the sweet( yup, sweet) understanding governess/nanny to a wealthy man played by Charles Boyer-both were at the top of their game and the box office when this film was done. It is an excellent film that should be better known that takes place in the mid 1800’s about a wealthy man who hires a nanny to care for his children. The children warm up quickly to her since she is very patient, sweet and listens to their needs especially since their mom is a whack job. The father, sees how great the nanny is and they fall in love much to the chagrin of whack-job mom. Boyer can’t handle the witch any more and does her in..yup he kills his wife and this film becomes more fun when the nanny is implicated. It is a well done film with Barbara O'Neil receiving and Oscar nomination as the cookoo for cocoa puffs mother. I haven’t seen this film in years but would love to revisit it again.


This is a bit of a campy film, which I always love, starring Richard Widmark as a sadsack pilot who comes to a hotel meeting up with his girlfriend, played by Anne Bancroft, who dumped him because he showed no heart. You actually hear Bancroft sing and she is pretty damn good! On a side note, you have little Elisha Cook Jnr, the elevator operator, who finds out a couple need a babysitter for the evening so he mentions his niece, played by...Marilyn Monroe. They hire Monroe to watch over their daughter, not knowing this gal is slightly off her nut. She tries on the wife’s nightie and who should see her from his room window but horny toads Widmark. Little does he know that Monroe just got out of the nut ward and is quite the unstable lass (Monroe was unstable and never got the right treatment being the 50’s). I was actually impressed by Monroe’s acting in this flick who plays her character well and should be the last person to babysit.

3. UNCLE BUCK-1989

I love John Candy who died way too young at 43. He started in Second City and was brilliant on SCTV and became famous in movies often directed by John Hughes. This is one of them which is hilarious from the car he drives, to his talk with the school assistant principal. Parents with 3 kids need to travel to care for a parent who is ill but they can’t find a babysitter. Reluctantly, they call his brother, who still needs to grow up himself. Enter, John Candy with a car that reminds me of one I used to drive, who says he has no problem babysitting the kids. The 2 smaller kids( one played by Macaulay Culkin) don’t give him too much of an issue but the oldest, a teen with an attitude, makes him work for his money..or lack there of. During the time he takes care of the 3, he grows up a little as well. This is a fun 80’s comedy that is a nice movie to see and one that makes you laugh.

Thankfully, I never babysat kids..I made sure I told my mom I never wanted to do this and I never did..Thank the Heavens:) Which films would you choose?

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

How To Deal With Difficult Clients-Part 2-Tears, Fears and Hiccups

I hope you have read my part one of my 3 part series in the life of a Credit Counsellor and the variety of people we must deal with on a regular basis. If anyone deals with the public, you understand all the issues that come up. I am not focusing on the wonderful clients, which there are many and, shall I say, I see most of, but the unique people that can never leave your mind or, in some cases, your senses.

1. PERVS AND CREEP SHOWS- It is inevitable that women will have to deal with these creeps who think they are God's gift to women even though they are missing teeth, wear Ode de Brute aftershave and literally point the finger at you and wink (shudder). I have had more than one client want to buy me coffee to "get to know me better" and one who bought me flowers! There was one man who came into our agency and when I asked him what I can help him with, his eyes locked onto my boobs and refused to look anywhere else. I mean, I know I have bodacious Ta-ta's  but they are meant for my hubby alone (well, maybe Hugh Jackman too).  I literally bent down to make eye contact with him and motioned with my hands to look at my face. He finally got the hint and actually looked at my face. One of the reasons we don't like to take cash any more are the places people keep their money and I am not talking in weird looking wallets. One man, who had a sweating problem and wore those "wife-beater" shirts, would take out his $840, all in 20's, from inside that shirt...the money had a few black chest hairs still attached plus they were literally soaking wet. The worst perv goes to one of my clients who came in to make a payment wearing mechanic overalls. At that time, the reception desk was literally a desk with no barrier like glass..or barbed wire. He had that overall unbuttoned so low that I thought the fleas would pore out. When I asked for the $425, where do you think he pulled the money from? Take a guess?  Yup, with a pervy smile, he leaned his torso forward so it hit the edge of  the desk, stuffed his hand down the front and with a smile, pulled out.....the money. What did I do? I looked at him, tilted my head and just said, "Really?" I took the money, counted it, gave  him a receipt and mentioned to him that I will be washing my hands with bleach and if he ever pulls a stunt like this again, the police will know.  So what does one do...I believe with those 2 big pervs, I did the right thing because I won't stand for any crap.

A. Get a Sharp spoon and do the Bobbit?
B.  Put on a hazmat suit before dealing with these creeps?
C.  Feel special and think, "My prince has come" and joke and flirt with them?
D. Stand your ground, realize this is harassment, and call them on it or simply tell them to leave and inform your boss. Inform your boss no matter what.

No person should deal with any type of harassment even from people you are sworn to help. They have no right to treat you like an object so, if you don't feel you have the ability to tell them to treat you with respect or leave, you tell your boss about the situation. I have no problem informing any person if they are treating me with disrespect. Yes, we must help people and we are there to help but not to be objectified.

2. DRUNKS/HIGH/TRIPPING-Thankfully, I have not had too many with this issue but it has happened. When it is 9 am and you bring the person into your office only to smell the distinct odour of booze, you know there is an issue. When you ask them how much they spend in alcohol, you must not laugh out loud when they claim to not drink. Now, We are dealing with people who smell quite strongly of that medicinal plant and you must do your best not to float out of the office with them since you are breathing it in from their clothes and pores. I have to admit, maybe I led a sheltered life, but I never knew when someone just took a snort of  the white stuff. My friend, who worked at reception, always knew because, unfortunately, her husband's brother and nephews were involved in that stuff. I would tell her how jumpy they were and unsettled and she would just say their nose cavity was probably gone. I never clued in...yup naive on my part. Drunks, on the other hand...well, I had one older man, who looked 110 but was only 61, who routinely came in drunker than a skunk (God I wish I was Foghorn Leghorn right now and come in with one of his quips). He would question what I was doing, fall asleep, fart...ahh the sweet mysteries of life. I told him to leave and opened the door. He refused but I told him I would call security(we had no security but he didn't know that). He finally got up looked at me and, right in my face, said "Boo". Ughhhh So what does one do?

A.  Bring out your stash and drink with them?
B.  Tell them they have sinned in your best Jerry Falwell voice?
C.  Trick them into spinning themselves around until they throw up?
D. Politely, but firmly, ask them to leave your office and come back when they are sober.

Of course, it's D, You may be dreaming about that glass of wine (or beer) that is waiting for you at home but you know better than to walk around like a drunk because those fun days at university or college are part of fond memories. Once again, you never judge the individual because these people once had bright careers and lives only to fall victim to addiction. This does not mean you must deal with these people when they are intoxicated from drink or drugs. We all have the right to ask the person to leave your office as we never deal with something that might do you harm. In fact, once they are in your office and are sober, you could broach the subject of seeking addiction counselling but only if you feel comfortable enough to do this.

3. EVERYONE ELSE'S FAULT/THE GOVERNMENT- Ahh, these wondrous people who have 6 credit cards, all maxed, a car loan for a big ass truck, a credit line, an overdraft, a finance company loan along with a sprinkling of payday loans, only to blame their ex, their kids, their job or, my fav, the government for their debt. I have had plenty of people in my office who have blamed everyone else except the one they see in the mirror. Now, yes, I believe the banks, finance companies and even the Government could make it more difficult for the average person to get 6 cards or that loan for Christmas but then, they would lose out on all the interest they make from the poor slobs trying to pay it back over 78 years (yes, on the credit card statements, I have seen the notice where it will take them 79 years, 9 months to pay the debt off since it is now mandatory, in Canada, to display this on their statements). The "goodies" we all see in the malls, online, stores, etc...make it very difficult to say "No" especially since it is so easy to get the stuff we want for ourselves or for the kids, but this is what we truly need to do and take responsibility for our actions. One client blamed the government for allowing him to get his big ass truck, a Dodge Ram, with all the bells and whistles, that he could not afford since his payment was $728 per month over 7 years. When I mentioned to give the truck up, he looked at me like I was ready to take his baby away. When you give suggestions to get out of debt, they look at you as if you were some squirrely nut because how dare we suggest they need to give up their cards and find a a much cheaper used car that their dad will give them for free. So what should one do?

A. Take them by their shirt and slap them silly?
B. Agree with them and decide to charge the parliament buildings with a stolen tank?
C. Take your rocket launcher(we all have them) and blow up their beloved big ass truck?
D. Listen but politely steer them back to the main issue, their debt and how to fix it?

Yes, after slapping them silly, you blow up their damn big ass truck with a big fat smile on your face. Nope, you can think it but never, ever act on this nor make them feel belittled for their way of thinking. You must do your best to understand their frustration with their current predicament but guide them to the various options they actually do have without laying blame. In the end, blame does no true service, but action does, so they need the help which is why they are in your office.  Patience is needed at this time and one must see their dilemma through their eyes even if you want to blow up their precious truck.

4. CRYING....AND CRYING....AND CRYING- I have many people each week who cry due to their sad circumstances and many people have gone through some heart-wrenching times that have led them into financial despair. Every person has times where they just cry but there are people who cry...and cry...and cry....and cry. I have had more than one person come in to my office and start crying and wailing over the loss of their marriage or their job. They tell me all the details as I give them a box of tissues so they can go on crying. After 20 minutes, I might have some basic questions answered but still need to find out their income, debts and expenses. When I ask when they separated from their spouse or lost their job, thinking it was 3 or 6 months ago, I find out it is 20 years ago! They talk as if this happened to them just recently and they refuse to veer towards anything that would make their life better. After trying to retrieve any information I need, an hour has passed and my next client is waiting. I inform them that they must give me some information quicker but, alas, they continue to cry and ask questions delaying my wish to die. OK, I won't die but, by this point, they have been in my office for over an hour and I still need to inform them of their options. Guess what? Yes, any option I give them, they cry and shoot down even though the options would help their cause.  what to do?

A. Throw water in their face and tell them to "Snap out of it!" in your best New York, Italian, Cher accent?
B. Cry with them and take Tequila shots?
C. Tell them their spouse is better off without them and kick them out
D.  Regardless how frustrating or irritating it may be, they are a human being and deserve your empathic approach.

You know, I had a hard time even writing down option C.  I could never, ever think of doing that to someone who is in constant distress. Now slapping them with water and drinking shots is another matter:). Of course, it is D because they truly need our listening ear and our empathy but we still must guide them through all the questions posed to them. I used to let  someone cry or give me a sob story for 20 minutes after I asked them how much they spend on groceries, but now, I nicely guide them and, yes, sometimes gently, interrupt them to answer the question so the meeting does not go on for 2 hours. You are there to help but not to be manipulated and, sometimes, this is what they want. You must present the options but you must know it is their choice whether they wish to take it or not. One thing I always ask is if they see a counsellor since there is almost always more to the story. Many do have a counsellor, others have family but some are alone and, if and when possible, you can see if they would be willing to see someone to help them move forward.

This is long winded but I wanted to speak about 4 this time. The last 3 of my top 10 on difficult clients will be here shortly....To be continued.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Thursday Movie Picks:TV Edition-Secret Agents/Spies

It has been a wonky week which is why I haven’t been around apologies. My hubby’s birthday was Saturday which was fun with family and friends. Monday I was at our Satellite office and had no ability to look at my blog and yesterday was Lidocaine day with a nutty ride to Toronto...the 401 is, I believe, the busiest freeway in North America and the nuttiest...yes, apparently worse than the LA freeways, and I can see that. I was Stoned most of the day but, it helps with the pain even though it never takes it away but it helps. Anyhoo, this week, over at Wandering Through The Shelves, it is the TV edition and it’s all about spies. Let’s get to it with my 3.

1. THE AVENGERS-1961-1969

Ahh, Steed with his handy umbrella and his beautiful fellow spy in Mrs. Peel, played fetchingly by Diana Rigg, investigate and capture some very weird criminals, always looking top notch in his English suit and Mrs. Peel in her cat suit with cut outs at her hips and a watch attached with a chain. It made every man drool and, I have to admit, I dreamed of wearing something like that, but I knew better as I wouldn't want to scare anyone. Actually Honor Blackman was the first sexy gal to work with Steed, played with effervescent charm by Patrick Macnee and Linda Thorson was the last in this first edition of the TV Show(It came back later with "The New Avengers" starring Macnee, Joanna Lumley and Gareth Hunt as the poor third wheel). This tv Show was stylish, sexy and fun to watch.

2. SECRET AGENT MAN-1964-1967

Patrick McGoohan is one of my favourite actors who starred in 2 shows, this one and the great, “The Prisoner” which many people speculate was the character from Secret Agent Man or known in the U.S. as Danger Man. He was a frequent guest star on Colombo and even directed a few of the Columbo episodes and was an excellent character actor in films such as “Braveheart” playing the ruthless King Edward 1. Ok, back to the series, McGoohan played a top secret spy who often had to infiltrate and capture the evil guys using his intelligence and his hands, rather than the gun, to outwit his opponent. It is an intelligent, tense show that you have to keep your eyes on to understand the full show. I love the fact that McGoohan wrote in his clause that he was never to kiss any woman because the only woman he kissed was his wife. By the way, He was asked to play James Bond twice but declined and mentioned his friend Sean Connery instead.

3.  LA FEMME NIKITA-1997-2001

This is an American Cable/Canadian version of this oft done series, filmed, mostly, in Toronto. I think this is the best version although I didn’t care for the later episodes because it just went too dark and sad. The premise is about a two bit criminal, wrongly convicted of murder, taken by a top secret spy ring and trained to become a top notch spy. I have to admit I really like the lead, Peta Wilson, an Australian model, who portrayed the naive, warm-hearted deadly spy. She worked well with next to the hubba hubba Roy Dupuis as her trainer. The rest of the cast is well acted from the hippy, sarcastic Walter to the nerdish computer geek. The head of spy ring is the ruthless Operations but the true killer is the second in command, Madeline who talks so quietly but she is deadly. It’s worth a look.

I picked Get Smart before and MI-5( or Spooks) and the newer shows I haven’t seen. Anyway, what would be your 3?

For the men...

Your Welcome...and for people who did not know Diana Rigg was in Game of Thrones...

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Thursday Movie Picks-Movies Adapted from Movies of a Different Language

Hollywood loves to remake movies from original foreign films and most people think they are brand new. The, arguably, most famous is The Magnificent Seven which is a remake of the Japanese film The Seven Samurai. It will be fun to see which film will be chosen so head on over to the brain child of this series, Wandering Through The Shelves, to find out. Here are my 3....

1. ALGIERS-1938

This film was a remake of Pepe Le Moko, a 1937 French film starring hubba hubba Jean Gavin, about a Jewel thief who can’t leave the Casbah or he will be arrested. This film introduced Hedy (not Hedley) Lamarr as the Parisian beauty who wears major jewelry while traipsing through The Casbah Lost as a little lamb. Who should find her but Charles Boyer, with the bedroom eyes, who falls for her rocks and her. It's quite the romance flick that makes me giggle but I can watch the old movies that are about romance. I am flickering my eyelashes quickly as I wrote this. Oh and Boyer's version of Pepe Le Moko was the inspiration for one of my all time favourite characters, Pepe Le Pew


I love the spaghetti westerns starring Clint Eastwood with this film being the first to star him as the man with no name. He comes to a small town where 2 families are warring between each other. Clint baby devises an ingenious plan to double-cross both and get rich in the process. This is a remake of another Kuwasawa film called Yojimbo also starring Toshiro Mifune-Kuwasawa was the director and Mifune the star of The Seven Samuraii that was remade into The Magnificent Seven. I love westerns and this is a great western which I know many would enjoy.


I love this movie which stars Robin Williams as a gay business owner of a Cabaret transvestite club in South Beach, Miami and his partner, of many years, is the star of the show played to the hilt by Nathan Lane. Williams’ character slept with a woman, once, resulting in a child which he and Lane raised. The kid falls in love when at school and wants to marry her. The problem is that her parents are prudish to say the least and her dad is a senator who is very...very right wing and opposes all that Williams and Lane's characters stand for. To say this is funny, is an understatement as I laughed like hell especially the scene stealing Hank Azaria as their houseboy who has a problem with shoes. I never thought I would see a more uglier woman than Gene Hackman. This film was inspired by the hit French film, La Cage Aux Folles which I want to see in Toronto starring Peter Marshall (Hollywood Squares fame) in the Williams role.

What films would you choose?

a special extra...

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

How to Deal with Difficult Clients-Smells and All-Part 1

As some of you may know, I am a Credit Counsellor and have been with this same non-profit agency for 28 years come May 27th. I know, a long time as the moss on my feet can tell you. Over the years, I have seen many different people with a wide array of debt, not only whom they owe but the amounts. With each client, I have found that I can group them into certain categories that most people do not want to be part of but, in all cases, I must put my best face forward. Of course, I deal with many people who are very sweet, good-natured and smell nice but, for various reasons, have found themselves in a bad way financially. I will not talk about the people who fall into this category...that would be too easy. I have composed a top 10 list of people who fall into the category of ick, blechhh, and general, "OMG, they really do exist!" model. Here are my top 10... er.. 3 the rest will come in the next  few weeks:)

1. Smelly Clients/Smelly and Miserable Clients- Smells you say? Yes and they can vary from, too much polish sausage or curry, need to take a bath because the flies are dying, to the dreaded poo poo or pee pee smell. I wish I could open up a window but, alas, that gift is not in the cards. Most people are polite, if eye tearing, nose dropping off face, smelly, but you can get the person who is as rude as their smell. I had one client who smelled so bad, another counsellor dry heaved and had to run to the washroom. This smelly gal didn't think of wearing a bra even though her boobs were very, very uneven in a strange, hypnotic kind of way. Her 300 lb plus size still did not reveal anything jolly and her hair was so greasy, you could use it to grease a skillet. Yes, she was married (to a sweet, very thin, non smelly man) and she took care of all the finances. What does one do when one has a smelly client?
A.-Get the hose and soap
B.-Suggest they need to up their toiletries to include deodorant and shampoo
C.-Break the glass and gasp for oxygen
D.-Grin and bare it.

Guess what folks? Yes, it's, no, no It's D because, regardless how they smell, it is not your position to suggest anything and, unless you believe they could harm themselves or others, you must put on a brave face, smile and dream of Vick's Vapour rub or a clothes pin. If they are just moody, like, not having their first cup of coffee and are the Incredible Hulk, don't engage in the negativity, just carry on in the best professional manner you can muster. Once they leave, then you can run outside and breathe the fresh air before you go back in, grab the air freshener and de-smell your office.

2. Pee Boys and Girls-You think I am just talking about small babies who decide to dump their load while you are discussing the Visa and Mastercard debt the parents owe but, think again. I had a lovely man in my office, who looked like a worn out skinny Santa who forgot to get the ash out of his ZZ Top beard, who just owed too much and needed to look at bankruptcy. As our session was nearing the end, I thought I could smell the odor of ..pee and, I was right. When he got out of the chair, the wet, dark spot confirmed that he, indeed, peed in my chair. Looking at his jeans was only further confirmation. He did not exhibit any dementia but, the following day, when he came back to see the Bankruptcy Administrator, she forgot to pull the pee chair and, yes, he peed again in her chair. 2 weeks later,  he came by, sat in her chair and did not pee! Unfortunately, he must have peed while walking here because he left his mark on her chair. In case you're counting, dry chairs-0 pee chairs-3. Oh, and yes, he was wearing the same clothes but, this time, the jeans were ripped so one could see his tighty whities..probably yellowy-grey. So, what does one do...

A.- Give him a bag of Depends?
B.- Place plastic down when he comes in?
C.- Spend the money on easy wipe chairs?
D.- Grin and Bare it  but contact an agency that helps at risk individuals?

For people who have peed, like this man I saw, they obviously have health issues so one needs to have compassion (plus some handy wipes and Febreeze). You might still need a clothespin for your nose, but you need to know the other services out in your community that might aid in a client's welfare. In this case, I called "Gatekeepers" which helps at risk individuals (mainly seniors) find the right support services.  By the way, we know someone who is coming in to clean the chairs.

3. Showing their Scars/Colostomy Bags- You think I'm kidding, don't you? Over the years I have found out that people come into our office very nervous and leave much relieved (see above) because we put their mind at ease and don't judge. Many elderly people are in debt when their spouse dies and the income decreases by half (unless the debt is in both names or there is an estate, the person left is not responsible for their partner's debt in Ontario, Canada). Many Elderly are ill with various health issues which often leads to surgery. Now, maybe I have a special gift but many love showing me their surgery scars and some come close to that nether region of YIKES! Once they calm down and we discuss their debt and I learn more about the reasons for the debt issues, they feel so close and warm to me that they must think it's an honour to show me their scar(s) like I am Richard Dryfuss on the Boat with Robert Shaw comparing shark bites. They feel so happy and dooey-eyed as they talk about the length of intestines that had to be cut away or the gall stones that were taken out that they fail to notice the various shades of green on my face. As for the colostomy bags..yup, I have had clients show me this as well and, in one instance, it filled up while he showed me...I am truly blessed. so what does one do?

A.- Shriek in Terror as if one just saw Godzilla?
B.-Throw up on their shoes?
C.-Tickle the scar?
D.-Politely try and stop them before they show their scar/colostomy bag
E.-Grin, make nice and bare it.

Of course I tickle them! I love being up close and personal....ok did you throw up? No, It's D and E sillies. I have now learned when they are ready to show me I try to, very politely, dissuade them from showing me. I have learned not to outright say "No" because I actually hurt the feelings of one lady so I quickly use the art of deflection and they stop grabbing their shirt ready to throw it up (or unzip their pants) to listen to another wonderful tidbit I will give to them about their debt. If I can't stop them in time, Yup, show compassion and ask how they are feeling since the operation and say they are ready to go. Once they leave, go on Pinterest to look up cute animals to get the image out of your head.

So this is part one of my 3 part series on how to deal with difficult people. I thought I would get the smelly people out of the way first:)

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Thursday Movie Picks-Letters

There are, actually, many films involving letters and I was even thinking some very new films but my heart belongs to the older movies. I have a feeling the wonderful film, “Can You Ever Forgive Me”, starring Melissa McCarthy, will be popular today and it is a worthy film to see. Let’s see which films will be chosen over at Wandering Through The Shelves, here are my 3...

1. THE LETTER-1940

This film, starring the great Betty Davis, is about a young woman living in Malaya on a plantation with her husband. We see, at the beginning of the film, Leslie( Bette Davis) shooting a man multiple times and is, then, arrested. We find out, during her trial, that there is an incriminating letter she wrote and she wants it back. Bette Davis was in top form as one of the best actors during this time and it shows in this film. I have to say that I loved Gale Sondergaard in this film as the Eurasian widow who plays her role to the hilt.


I know I have chosen this film before but I don’t care because it is simply brilliant. I love this film and it deserves all the accolades. You have some great stars from Humphrey Bogart to Ingrid Bergman and the huge cast of character actors that make this film great not to mention the brilliant writing. It all takes place at Rick’s ...his posh nightclub where so many under-handed dealings are going on it’s hard to keep up. One of them concerns Letters of Transit stolen by a petty criminal, Ugarte, played, memorably, by Peter Lorre(his character name is Ugarte not Umgara which is what Tarzan often says to the animals), who asks Rick to hide them. Now, just about everyone is after those letters. We even get a backstory with Rick in Paris who receives a letter from the love of his life saying she can’t go with him and, as the letter disappears amidst the rain, he crumples it as he boards the train. We actually have 2 letters in this fabulous film.


This is a gem of a film starring one of my favourite gals, Jeanne Crain, who is not really known any more but she was quite famous in her heyday and I wish she was better known now. 3 women, all friends, have received letters from the unseen nasty bitch, named Addie Ross, who has told them she has gone away with one of their husbands but has not told them which one. As we watch the 3 women we see their lives with their husbands and how each husband can’t tell what a bitch this ....bitch is. Kirk Douglas is one of the spouses who seems to love his special record, from said bitch, he receives for his birthday than anything else. I will add that Linda Darnell plays another wife, (Ann Sothern is the third), and she is great in her role as a jaded woman from the wrong side of the tracks. It is a great study on characters and marriage and the heartache one person can create.

Which 3 would you choose?

Monday, May 13, 2019

Birthdays Galore in May

I have several birthdays in this month...their parents were very busy 9 months before... there must have been a blackout. Gosh I love using ...:). There are 6 birthdays and, if you count mine which is June 2, it would be a total of 7. My parents were busy little beavers too. Obviously, card making is on  the agenda.

Colour Bursts, Water, Velvet, Stickers, Crystals, Iridescent paint, pop up dots, glue, stickles, scissors.

Addicted to Stamps- Photo image-all in the blues
Stamplorations-Bloghop, "Things With Wings"
The Fairy & The Unicorn-Anything Goes

This card is for my hubby whose birthday is on May 25th and, like me, his favourite colour is blue. I wanted to show richness so I took some blue velvet paper cloth for the backing. I took basic white paper and I tapped 3 colours, from these small plastic bottles(called Colour Bursts), onto the white cardstock. When you spritz water onto the white cardstock the colours "burst" into something glorious and no two are ever the same. I had done the same to some extra paper a while back so I took dragonfly stickers and  placed them onto that cardstock paper and fussy cut them out. I used pop up dots for the panels and the dragonflies. I added the flower stickers and the crystals. To finish off, I also added some blue stickles in the background for some glitter effect.

Stamp-countryside, Cuddlebug, embossing folder, gamsol pencils, stickers

The Library Challenge- "Creatures Great and Small"
Stamping Sensations-In an English Garden

This card is for my cousin, whose birthday was actually on May 7. I love colouring and this is the perfect stamp to do it. I took my colouring pencils and coloured in everything and then used this Gamsol clear liquid that I dip a "cardboard pen" into to smooth the pencil strokes and to shade and contour the colours. I decided to create a more spring like look with the light greens and the sky blue. I joined a new card making blog that uses books as the inspiration. This time it is about All creatures Great and Small and, yes there are no creatures but it takes place on the English countryside and the book cover had various shades of green on it so this was my inspiration. I hope this works for an English garden since I think all of England like one big garden.

Glitter cardstock, gelatos, water, stickers gems, rubber stamp saying, black dye ink.

Happy Little Stampers-CAS-Sentiment Only
Crafty Creations-Anything Goes

This was a fast card I made for my friend who has a birthday tomorrow! She loves the sun and always seems to be laughing and enjoying her hectic life. She is married and has 2 kids-12 and and 11 year old (soon to be 11-May 29th). I have these gelatos and, no, it is not Italian ice cream, but crayon style "paints" that you can smoosh right on a card or  smoosh on a craft paper, add water and paint with it. I just  created a rainbow by smooshing the colours right on the card and spritzed with some water  and, using a sponge, quickly shaded the colours one into the other. I stamped the saying in black dye ink, added the flower sticker, gems and the border. Quick and easy

I thought of my mom yesterday and, Saturday, I visited their grave site and planted some flowers. She was my rock and I miss her but I am glad I have my beautiful memories.

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Thursday Movie Picks-Movies You Have A Different Opinion After Rewatch

There are some tough weeks and this is one of them since I usually don’t change my mind once I see a movie. I might like it even more than the first time or it confirms that I really did dislike the movie but rarely do I change my mind. To choose 3 movies that fit the theme is frustrating me so it will be interesting to see what the others have chosen over at Wandering Through The Shelves.

Let’s see....


I saw this film when I was a kid and I didn’t really care for it that much. I found it boring and confusing and didn’t revisit the film until 2 months ago. I have changed my mind because I saw the film when I was 12 which is not the best age to see this film. The film stars Gene Hackman as an unlikeable cop who, along with his partner, played by Roy Scheider, investigate a crime organization bringing heroin into the U.S.  from Europe. When I saw it this time, I found it gritty, well acted and quite the thrill especially that high speed chase through New York City. It's based on a true story.

2. HOME ALONE-1990

 I had no desire to see this flick when it came out since I couldn’t stand Macaulay Culkin so when I saw  parts of this film, I rolled my eyes and gave it 0 chance. Years rolled by and from reading other people’s blogs about this movie, I decided to give it a try...this past December, and was pleasantly surprised that I actually enjoyed it especially the bumbling thieves played by the wonderful Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern. We know the story...a family decides to go South for Christmas and, in all the confusion, the little brat, I mean Culkin, is left behind. The thieves think they have it made but don’t realize they are up against this kid. It is funny and  sweet and obviously, the people who made the film loved the Warner Bros. cartoons. I'm still not a huge fan of this kid who is a grown up weirdo now.


I saw this film when it came out and raised my eyes up to the ceiling thinking it was overdone in praise by the critics and people..I still do. How it won the Oscar for Best Picture and Best Actor over The great, "Shawshank Redemption", I’ll never know but it did. Tom Hanks plays a simple minded dolt who follows his mom’s stupid, “life is like a box of chocolates”, quote for his own life and we follow as he go to Vietnam, starts up a shrimp boat business and becomes a millionaire only to run around the country and other such feats. Since that initial mind numbing watch, I didn’t watch it for a long time until I was sick and decided to watch it when it was on TV. I actually found it sweet and well acted with quite a good screenplay that brought depth to this numbnut. I still don’t think it should have won as much as it did but it is a feel good movie.

Any movie you saw again that changed your mind about it?

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Thursday Movie Picks-True Crime

We are inundated with true crime on a constant basis with tv shows centering on actual crimes and we lap it up. I have to admit, I do like watching "Forensic Files" and other shows because it involves the human psyche and what makes evil jerks tick. Sometimes, I must turn it off and enjoy something fun or beautiful because it becomes too much. Now, that being said, I do watch movies about true crime and I have chosen 3 that fit the bill. Check out Wandering Through The Shelves to find out  what everyone else have chosen. Here are my 3...


This is a true story based on the actual serial killer that terrorized Boston in the late 60’s. He preyed on elderly women and this film was about trying to capture the killer. The lawman wa played by Henry Fonda and the killer was portrayed by Tony Curtis who gave a stellar performance as a married plumber who killed. It’s done almost like a docudrama and to great effectiveness without showing gore.


This is a more lighthearted film which is based on fact...for the most part. It stars Leonardo DiCaprio as a young Frank Abignale who has a penchant for fraud at quite the young age. Tom Hanks plays the FBI agent, sans humour, who is hot on his trail for years. You get to see the young Frank deal with the break up of his parents’ marriage and slowly edge into fraud by becoming an airline pilot, a doctor and lawyer. The real Frank even showed up on To Tell The Truth, an old Game Show I loved to watch. This is one film that is a fun watch even though it is about a criminal.


I know, I went with all new movies except the first one which is still a modern one in film land. Anyway, this film is about how the Boston Globe investigated and blew the lid off the child sex abuse and cover-up the priests were doing behind closed church doors. I was taken with the subject since I went to a Catholic school which was hell and, in fact, one priest was having an affair with the mayor of the city, both were tied up, naked, by street hustlers they picked up and both charged with taking money from the bingo my high school had on a regular basis. Oh and my principal, a priest, is now in jail for keeping child porn. Just last night 2 teens were stabbed at my old High School! Oops...I digress, where was I?  Oh yes, This film, although a tough subject, truly sheds light on what was kept hidden for decades and it is powerfully acted. The ending credits left me speechless. It won the Oscar for Best Picture.

I almost went with a couple of classic films but I thought I would go new this time.

Which 3 would you choose.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Some cards I made..What a boring title

Yeah...when it comes to titles, I suck. I have been creating some cards and am happy to show a few here including a Christmas card since it is chilly in my neck of the woods. I am so behind in Christmas cards so I have to get my ass in gear and make some more. We have our Annual General Meeting and my E.D. asked if I could make a couple of Thank-You cards for a board member that is stepping down and a staff member who has been here for 10 years(none of us leave..I have been here for 28 years come May 27th!). Today is the anniversary of my Daddy's passing, from brain cancer, back  in 1988-31 years ago...freaky!I will light a candle for him.

OK on with the show...

Embossed folder, new crayon style paints(sorry forgot the name), water, tombow markers, wink of stella(glitter pen brush)-clear and gold, silver stickles, glitter, glue pen

Happy Little Stampers-Christmas Challenge-Bright
Crafty Creations-Always Anything Goes
CHNC Christmas Challenge-Anything Goes with option-for a child

This is an embossing folder I recently bought when I gorged my eyes and emptied my pockets in a stamp store I visited. I painted with colours from a new set I bought from there as well (40% off!). I stamped the town scene and coloured it with tombow markers, fussycut around the embossed leaves and swirly look, and adhered it together onto a silver glitter cardstock. I added more glitter, basically everywhere, and used silver stickles to edge the inside border around the town. As you can tell, I just went with the Anything Goes part as I don't know any children.

colour bursts, water, crystals, left over pieces, border stickers and flower stickers, Letter cuts, sizzex machine.

Cute Card Thursday-Add Sequins, Brads or Gems
Penny Black & More-Spring in Full Swing
Stamplorations-Theme & Sketch (theme-Watercolour)

This is fun and bright! I have these slips of paper floating around from trying out colours from the colour bursts. They come in little plastic bottles that look like Dristan nose sprays..but you don't want to sniff this up your nose:). You have a variety of colours and you just tap out a few specks onto white paper, add water and watch it come alive! You can dry it and add more for further depth..lots of fun! I had this extra paper with colour dabbed on and decided to take the sticker flowers and place it on this paper and fussy cut it out and adhered it with glue.

scrap paper, pearl powders, gold stickers.

Of course, this is for the man on our board who is stepping down and it is a quickie card but I think it came out aok. I had this scrap card with these powders on it set aside for a few years and decided to finally use it. I added the red cardstock to it and placed it on the black cardstock. I took gold letters to make the Thank you and added more stickers for the design.

Cuddelbug, sizzex machine, embossing folder and border cuts. beehive stamp and letter stickers, scissors., Gamsol pencils, black dye ink,

Simon Says-Anything Goes
Sparkles Monthly Challenge-Flowers or Religious

I put the embossing folder with the dark yellow card piece through the cuddlebug and glued it into place. I took other yellow cardstock and ran that through the sizzex machine 4 times to cut out the 4 borders. I stamped the beehive stamp and coloured it with my gamsol pencils and fussy-cut it out. This is for our Educational Co-ordinator who keeps bees so I thought this would work.

I have been a bzzzzzy bee..nyuck, nyuck.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Thursday Movie Picks:TV Edition-Music/Musicals

I don’t watch American Idol or The Voice so I am sticking with musicals and I will not pick Cop Rock even though, yes, I watched this show. I am choosing 3 shows that, I think, I have not chosen before but, I could be wrong...oh well. One has to choose 3 shows that correspond with the theme so it will be fun to see what the others have chosen this week. Head on over to Wandering Through The Shelves and find out. Here are my 3...


I love Judy Garland even though she could be a handful as many who worked on her show could attest but these shows are gems. I was so thankful to see all the episodes on PBS who aired them one year and, even though she did some skits and it could be classified as a variety show, her music was much more prominent with a special dedicated to JFK when he passed away. She got her way and sang the Battle Hymn of the Republic dedicated to his memory on her show.


This show catapulted David Cassidy to mega stardom which he couldn’t truly cope with, dying of alcoholism ( his dad suffered from this as well) a couple of years ago. Shirley Jones( David’s step-mom) was the matriarch of a very musical family as all her kids could sing and play an instrument, even the little girl who boogied with a tambourine. The red-haired ugly kid, played by Danny Bonaduce, got the better of their manager. Whatever happened in the half hour, we were always treated to some song by the group and, once, a beautiful song sung by the wonderful Shirley Jones.

3. SMASH-2012-2013

I think I chose this before but I don’t care because I really liked this series and thought it deserved better. It’s all about putting on a musical about Marilyn Monroe and we see it come about from the very beginning to its final ending on Broadway. In between we see how 2 of the main girls are vying for the top spot, the director being a narcissist, the producer, played by the great Angelica Huston always searching for money and the song writers, who love each other as friends, but still have their "ups and downs". Well acted and the story lines often seemed to mesh with what was going on ..onstage. It’s worth a look if you like this style, which I do.

What would you choose?

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Thursday Movie Picks-Interview

I found this a bit tough because I wasn't sure in which way one could interpret this theme and then, thought, who cares! I already used Little Big Man a couple of weeks ago so I couldn't use that film again. I pondered this theme and came up with 3 I hope you like. Let's see what everyone else has chosen over at Wandering Through The Shelves.


What hasn't been said about this great film? There are tons of books and documentaries about this film, the making of and the correlation between the film and William Randolph Hearst who was a powerful newspaper mogul at this time. In fact, Hearst tried to get the film destroyed but, thankfully was unsuccessful. There is a reporter who interviews everyone who knew the famous Kane who whispered "Rosebud" when he kicked the bucket(even though he was alone at the time, somehow everyone knew his last words). You get to hear about this famous recluse in his huge house with his own personal zoo(just like Hearst-Gosh I want to visit Hearst castle which is on my bucket list), how he started with a small paper and rose to be the wealthiest but most corrupt person in the world. I love the montage scene depicting his new marriage and how it wastes away in a few short scenes...brilliant. The writing is excellent, the camera work, done by Gregg Toland, is masterful and, even though it is not a favourite film of mine, it deserves all the accolades.


This Film Noir starts off at the end (I could have used this last week) with The Swede's (Burt Lancaster) murder to an insurance agent trying to find out who deserves the $2,500 life insurance policy of the dead Swede. He interviews people who knew him and becomes tangled up in the sordid business that the Swede was in, including the fantastically beautiful Ava Gardner..the femme fatale (that's a no brainer). This is an excellent film noir that many people do not know about yet it has some great acting and a wicked plot.

3. TRUE CRIME-1999

Clint Eastwood directs and stars in this movie as an alcoholic reporter sent to interview a killer who has less than a day before he meets the, the needle actually. he starts digging and finds out that there is a lot more to this story than just interviewing the soon to be dead man. This tanked at the box office but I really enjoyed the film and think it has a  lot to offer. Isiah Washington as the convicted man gives an understated performance that work well. Clint might be a bit too old to play his character but I can get over that.

Funny, I read in the morning and when I am in bed but, after work, my hubby and I sit down and watch 1 or 2 movies so i do see quite a few each month.

Now which interview movies comes to your mind?

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Thursday Movie Picks-Let's Start at the End

Oh what a fun theme this week and there are many films that showcase this style of movie making. I can’t help but think of that Seinfeld Episode which went backwards...brilliant! Let’s get to it and check out Wandering Through The Shelves to find out what the rest of the group have chosen. Here are my 3...

1. LYDIA-1941

This is an under-rated film, in my humble opinion, that truly speaks about how women can be so stupid but, we can all relate to. This film stars Merle Oberon who is now old and reflecting on her life. There is a small gathering of her and the men in her life who loved her and she cared for all except one...whom she loved deeply. She recounts the history with each man in her life and how she comes from a sheltered but privileged life to dedicating her life to blind kids. We see how each man falls for her but, although she loves them in her own way, she can’t reciprocate their amorous feelings...except for one. You know the one she loves will do her wrong which is so typical even today. What I love is how adult this film is especially during this time of censorship. It is worth a look and I love the ending.


This Stars Joan Crawford as the title character who is in the police station explaining why she murdered her husband. Well, we first see her husband get shot and whisper, "Mildred", before he dies. Anyway, we go back in time to when she was a lovely hausfrau with 2 kids and a loving and doting husband. The young girl is sweet but the older one is a true brat, entitled and mean..much like most kids today. Mildred caters to the eldest to the point where her marriage dissolves and, even when her youngest dies, she still caters to her brat of a daughter. Mildred finds out she has a wonderful gift for cooking and sharp business sense and opens up a restaurant which becomes a hit. All this time her brat of a kid keeps taking and she keeps giving. Eve Arden plays her friend who has some great lines with one of my favourites being, “Crocodiles have the right idea, they eat their young.” Hahahaaa. Joan won an Oscar for her role and should have won an Oscar for winning this Oscar claiming she had pneumonia but still looked great getting her Oscar with the cameras snapping away while she is in bed. Joan was anything but the wonderful Mildred..cue the wire hangers.

3. MEMENTO-2000

Gosh I have to re-watch this great film that many of you have mentioned in previous themes. This film stars Guy Pierce as a man who has a rare form of memory loss-he can’t recall any new memories at all due to a huge bump on his head received when he was attacked and his wife murdered. He is trying to solve the murder and does this by putting tattoos on his body plus has pictures posted everywhere. We keep going backwards until we get to the beginning. What is brilliant is not only the backward style of showcasing the plot but a linear version happening at the same time shot in black and white and the both meet at the end. If you haven’t seen this film...see it and watch it again.

Which films would you choose?

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Thursday Movie Picks-Unrecognizable Actor Transformation

Well, the A to Z Challenge is underway and I feel bad that I didn’t participate this year so I might very well rejoin next year. It is always fun to see what themes everyone has from writing stories to animals to music and entertainment and anything else. Over at Wandering Through The Shelves the theme is all about actors who are unrecognizable. I could have gone in so many ways but I decided on 3 films that just popped into my head right away so here we go.


Take a guess who this is?

did you guess?

Yup, Endora or as her actual name is..Agnes Moorehead

This film I had wanted to see since I was a kid when I saw her photo, as an old woman, in a Life book. I finally got to see this wonderful film about 15 years ago and I want to see it again. Robert Cummings plays a writer who comes to a decaying mansion because he wants to learn more about a poet who had written love letters to the love of his life. He will go to any means to find these letters. Agnes Moorehead was changed into a 105 year old woman who was the object of the poet’s desires. She played this role so well that one forgot that she was only in her late 40s.


Guess who this is??

Someone might know this one...

Yup it’s Roddy McDowell

Funny that one can still see a bit of Roddy Through this makeup. You know, it was due to this film that the Academy decided to create a Best Make-up category for the Oscars.  I don’t think anyone doesn’t  know the story of this film even if you haven’t seen the film. Astronauts land on a planet and soon the only one left is Charlton Heston in a lion cloth. He is shocked that this planet is ruled by apes and the humans are the mute beings captured by the apes to be in Zoos and experimented on. They did not count on Charlie fighting back and speaking. You realize there is more to this story that results in a shocking ending. That is still gripping even today.


Guess who?.

Any Guesses?

Yup, Dustin Hoffman

I almost went with another film since this will work for another theme but it was calling me. An old man is visited by a reporter because this old man is to have survived Custer’s Last Stand. Told in flashback, we learn about the life of this man from being taught anatomy by Faye Dunaway to deciding to live with the Native Americans because he finds them more cultured and true than his own white honkies” (sorry, I went George Jefferson there). Dustin is great as the main character but Chief Dan George steals the shows as the old Chief who becomes his father figure and mentor.

Which  films would you choose?

And some humour...

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Skipping Thursday Movie Picks-Have Nuttin!

Over at Wandering Through The Shelves, they have the TV Edition and one is to pick 3 shows that are non-English. hence my look above..OK that really is not me but the same expression was on my face.  I think I popped a few brain cells to boot and I need to keep them since I drowned quite a few in my drinking youth days.

I decided to talk about a film...yup one since I do watch many in a month I knew I could give my 2 cents worth. So the film I chose is....


STARS-Hugh Jackman, Michelle Williams, Zac Efron, Zendaya, Rebecca Ferguson, Keala Settle, Sam Humphrey.
Director-Michael Gracey
Writers-Jenny Bicks, Bill Condon
Oscar Nomination-Best Song-"This is Me" by Benj Pasek & Justin Paul

This is about the life of P.T. Barnum of "Never give a sucker an even break" fame. We see him as a small boy to a down on his luck, every man loved by a woman who gave up her fortune to be with him and have a few kids to boot. Poor, but with a vision, he starts a museum about weird oddities with little success until he brings in real life oddities or, as they were called in the day, Freaks starting with Tom Thumb and the Bearded Lady. Before he knows it, he is rolling in the mulah but he is still considered low brow so he fetches the beautiful, talented opera singer from Europe, Jenny Lind to appeal to the cultured but losing sight of his family-both his wife and kids and his family of "oddities".

This is an excellent film and should have been up for Best Picture instead of Shape of Water which won and Dunkirk(blecchhh-I'll get heat for that:)) because it has more depth than those 2 films and it is better directed. The music is stellar which is why I have no idea why it was not nominated for best Score, plus Art Direction and Costumes. Shape of Water was nominated in both areas and I just don't get it. So what if "Shape of Water" was filmed and shown in greens and has a under water, icky look. This film is much better in both areas. The singing is superb but I will say that the director and cameraman should learn from what Fred Astaire insisted film the musical number in full length. It is always distracting to get into a dance number only for the camera angle to change to a close up of their feet or face or just another angle. Please keep the shot where it should be. I know Arlee Bird loves this film which made me finally watch it and I am glad I did. If you care to listen I have the song, "This Is Me" that I think, should have won the Oscar up against "Remember Me" from Coco that did win. You choose which song should have won and before you listen, do you recall either because I can remember the song from The Greatest Stuntman but can't remember the song...hahahaaa.."Remember Me"... I don't! Take a listen...

now the Oscar winner...

Unless you dislike musicals (Shady), I recommend this film and Hugh is always nice on the eyes.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Birthdays a Go-Go

My hubby’s sister, brother in law and Nephew all have birthdays within a week and a half of one another...crazy!! Her birthday was on March 16th, their son was on the 24th and her hubby is tomorrow so we got together for brunch in beautiful downtown Hamilton. I am being facetious because Hamilton is a steel worker town with the once beautiful bay now a cesspool of smoke stacks and the smell can be a wonderful odor of scratchy throat puke combined with a nose hair wilting of chemo ooze. Their daughter lives there up on the escarpment which is nicer and she chose this place that was ok for food but too rich for my blood. My hubby disliked the grub since he likes eggs sunny side up, bacon and home fries not eggs Benedict covered in hollandaise sauce and a potato that looked like it was garroted and then seasoned. The company was grand and we did have a great time although I was exhausted. Where was I? Oh yeah! Card making and here they are...finally, since I did ramble on above..

Black, grey cardstock. Saying and squirrel stamp, embossing powder, brown dye ink and embossing ink. Scissors, gold stickers, brown pen.

Crafty Creations-Anything Goes
Happy Little Stampers- Special Day
The Fairy & The Unicorn-Anything Goes-Optional, Alice in Wonderland

This was a fun one to make for brother in law where I stamped the funny saying and embossed it with topiary embossing powder. I stamped the squirrel on glossy white cardstock and fussy cut it out. And added the border and saying after I coloured it in brown. I am now following The Fairy and the Unicorn because I love anything magical. I think squirrels fall under that since they have appeared i movies talking and helping out the damsel in distress. besides it is the beast for my hubby's coat of arms. While others have the mighty lion or other great beasts, my hubby has ...the squirrel.

Misti sprays, perfect pearl powders, brushes, stickers, brown pen, cardstock

Alphabet Challenge-Z for Zesty Colours
Happy Little Stampers-Use Mist

I tried to make this nice and simple by taking a white card and, using citrus colours from these misti paints, I sprayed them  to create the “look”.  I adhered it to the red and then the dark brown cardstock but not before using perfect pearl powders in green, bronze and yellow around the edges. I just used the double sided tape (I always use this on all my cards) to put the card together and finished it off with sticker borders and the saying after it was coloured in a brown pen. I know, Hard to see the saying but it does look better in real life...that sentence just sounds strange:).

Flower stamp, Birthday saying stamp. Black dye ink and clear embossing powder. Tombow markers, rainbow dye stamp pad, psychedelic powder, glossy goo, border sticker, butterfly stamp, stickles, glue and flower crystals.

Retro Rubber Challenge-rrcb107-Tic Tac Toe-I chose Sparkle, Leaves, Heat Embossing
Cute Card Thursday-Spring Fever
Sparkles Monthly Challenge-Stamp your own background
Stamping Sensations-Over The Rainbow
The Flower Challenge-Anything Goes

I loved making this card with a new stamp I just purchased a couple of weeks ago. I stamped the flower stamp all around and coloured it in with my tombow markers. I used glossy, to create that “wet” look. I stamped the Happy Birthday stamp (one of my first 17 years old??) with the rainbow pad and embossed it in the psychedelic powder. I pieced it onto some blue cardstock which was, in turn, placed on my flower base. I added the border, the stickles and the flower crystals. I added the butterfly for the final effect.

There we have it...all done!

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Thursday Movie Picks-Private Eye

Talk about a huge list, last week was a tough one for me, this time, I was wondering which movies to pick and where to many choices! I'll be interested to see what the others have chosen and, if you head on over to the brainchild of this weekly event, Wandering Through The Shelves, you can find out:) . I did do a theme within a theme so here we go...


How can one not choose a Humphrey Bogart Film?! This is his area of expertise and one can understand why, hell, I could have just done a Bogie salute here but I went a slightly different route. This is his second pairing with his wife, Lauren Bacall and he has the tough, hardened P.I. down to a science. He plays Philip Marlowe (Raymond Chandler wrote a series of books about this detective) who is hired by an elderly General to find the General's daughter which leads him into a plot that no one can truly figure out but no one cares. You have blackmail, murder, gambling and, of course the older sister, played by Bacall. There is a famous scene where Bogie and Bacall are talking about horse racing..yeah and I want to sell you swamp land in Florida. To get by the censors, who were dumb asses, their sex talk devised  around horse racing, can make one hot and bothered. This is a great Film Noir that no one should miss.


Robert Montgomery (Elizabeth Montgomery's dad-you know, Bewitched) plays Phillip Marlowe who is fed up with the P.I. business and decides to write a book. He is asked to a publishing house only to find out they don't want his book but his P.I. abilities to find a woman. The lady wants Marlowe to find her boss's wife (even though she has the hotsies for her boss)and Marlowe is on the search. Of course there are twists and turns and what is a Film Noir without a evil bitch, I mean, duplicitous Femme Fatale. The uniqueness of this film is that Montgomery, who is the director of this movie, shot it from a first person perspective so, even though he is the star of the film, you only see him twice, when he is looking in the mirror. This was his last film for MGM after being with this studio for almost 20 years. It is worth seeing although I think there are better movies, but I chose this because of its uniqueness.


Elliott Gould plays ...guess? ...Yup, Phillip Marlowe,  as a down on his luck, out of step with time, P.I. hired by his good friend to drive him near the Mexico border...before any wall was even mentioned except for the one in Berlin.  As soon as Marlowe returns, 2 cops pick him up questioning him about his friend's wife who is murdered. The cops throw Marlowe in jail but release him 3 days later when they find Marlowe's friend dead in the desert, ruled a suicide. Of course, Marlowe doesn't buy it which leads him down a trail of more murder, twists and a Femme fatale. This is updated to the present time(well, for that time) but it has the feel of  a 40's Film Noir with major updates. Gould is excellent as the P.I. and you have to love all the verbal bantering that Robert Altman, the director, is famous for. Love the fact that Gould and Sterling Hayden's scenes together were mostly ad-libbed because Hayden was drunk and stoned on pot most of the time.

Which P.I. Movies would you choose?