Thursday, July 28, 2022

Thursday Movie Picks: TV Edition- Book Adaptations


TV time again and Wandering Through The Shelves loves books so we have books adapted to TV. I'm just going to swing right on in with my 3 and I love a good miniseries...

1. ROOTS-1977

This was the miniseries that catapulted everything into what we know today for the now called "limited run" series. This is based on a book by Aldous Huxley who wrote about his family history. Funny, when I watched this all those years ago, I wondered how he knew so many intricate details since record keeping was shoddy at best. It came out, years later, that his ancestry bio was fabricated. This does not mean that this series was any less riveting. We follow a young Kunte Kinte( played by Levar Burton) as he is captured and sent to the United( Ha) States of America to be a slave. We watch him grow, marry and have a daughter who is taken away to another plantation. We see her grow, have a child and watch that child grow up. To finally see how horribly treated the African American people were treated was a long time coming. This gave us a good indication why the Civil War erupted and that the South were just horribly wrong in their thinking. Some great stars were in this series and it's worth seeing. Even though Alex made up the people  what happened to his ancestors  plus thousands of others  was on the mark. 

2. SINS-1986

There were some mighty trashy miniseries in the 1980s and this is one of the best starring none other than Joan Collins. I was surprised at some of the other actors that were in this gaudy fun flick. We see the life of Joan Collins from when she is a little girl with her mom, brother and sister trying to hide from the mean Nazis but they are found. We follow the young gal as she struggles  through life by becoming a model in Paris to becoming the head of a major couture house while going through men like I can go through chocolate. She makes enemies who want to do her in but Joan shashays through with shouldr pads and all. You just love trash when you watch this. It comes from this book, written by Judith Gould, in 1982 that was a huge best seller.


After Charlie's Angels, Farrah Fawcett wanted to show she was more than just hair and a pretty face and showcased her talents in some good movies like The Burning Bed.  She was also quite good as the Woolworth heiress, Barbara Hutton who inherited a huge fortune when she was just 5 yrs old. She married many times including Cary Grant whom she said was the only honest man she met. She truly had no direction in life and, when she died, she had less the $20,000 in the bank. Her life was very interesting and very sad despite her millions. I thought  Farrah was really quite good as this sad gal who was looking for love. This is based on the book, "Poor Little Rich Girl: the Life & Legend of Barbara Hutten." A really good movie worth seeing.

Which book to TV adaptations can you think of?

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

We’re having a steamy heat wave where it’s too damn Hot!


It just feels like the whole world is having a heat wave with people sweltering, forest fires and once large rivers and lakes drying’s just nuts and I hate it. I hate the dead of summer because I can’t breathe and have a hard time sweating. Call it a gift from my mom and her dad but I  just have no idea what it feels like to have beads of sweat fall from my forehead. It’s weird but it’s true and I am so thankful for the air conditioning. That made me think about songs that are all about heat...not in heat although the songs might imply otherwise.


This song is by Irving Berlin for the show “As Thousands Cheer” from 1933. I believe it was introduced by Ethel Waters but I like the way the other Ethel sings it. Marilyn Monroe made it famous again singing it in “ There’s No Business Like Show Business” which also stars Ethel Merman.


This is from another musical theatre hit called, “Kiss Me Kate” from 1948, made more famous by Ann Miller who sang the song in the film version and tap danced to it as well. I actually like the way Ella sings this song.


Who knew sweet little Georgia could steam it up on the Mary Tyler Moore Show. When I saw this it came out back then, I was in Shock because you just don’t expect this from this gal, but she delivers. This song is also from a musical hit called “The Pajama Game”  made famous by Carol Haney, in 1948, who also starred in the film version starring Doris Day and John Raitt ( Bonnie Raitt’s dad).

Which hot songs can you come up with?

Thursday, July 21, 2022

Thursday Movie Picks- Female Bosses


I was just, what’s the technical term?? Oh yes, blecchhh last week after the failed colonoscopy. For the next 3 days I felt like my walls were being stretched and I was in quite a bit of pain Which makes me wonder if diverticulitis is the culprit. I will have to go through it again but this time, no f#@,! 4L jug to drink. All I need is some vile Jim Jones juice to down and that should do it. 

This week, over at Wandering Through The Shelves, it’s about female bosses and I was quite surprised at how many movies had female bosses that were just mean bitches. I wanted to try and find 3 women bosses who were good and not vicious, sexually charged(or under-charged) harpies. I think I found 3 so let’s get the show on the road.


You can rely on Joan Crawford to be her own woman and this is the perfect part albeit kind of wild considering she was not the best mom in the world. She plays a wonderful wife and mom to 2 girls, one sweet and the other a total mean little bitch. The marriage is not the best and when the good little girl dies, the marriage falls apart mainly because Crawford’s mommy ways are beyond stupid when it comes to her mean, vile daughter played brilliantly by Ann Blyth. Crawford decides to get a job at a restaurant and soon learns the ropes and exceeds it becoming her own boss to a very successful restaurant of her own all the while giving in to the demands of this beast of a daughter. Her best friend, played by Eve Arden, knows who this gal is when she states,  "Crocodiles have the right idea...they eat their young.” Or something to that effect. Crawford won the Oscar for her role which she graciously accepted while “sick in bed with the flu” all dussied up in her best boudoir outfit.


This is a western that stars James Stewart as a man who was swindled out of his cattle by a corrupt judge but takes them anyway, crossing into Canada with the herd. Along with his best friend, played by Walter Brennan, they decide to try their hand at gold prospecting and making a point of staying out of the less than savoury goings on at the lawless place called Dawson. The saloon owner and very wealthy owner of other business ventures, Ruth Roman, has the hots for James Stewart but also likes to own the town along with the judge. She makes sure she buys the food plus make herself richer with gals and gambling, so as to have the main competition go under. It finally comes to a head and Stewart must take sides but what will the owner of the saloon do now that she sees hubba hubba Stewart is silent no more? This is a pretty good western and the scenery is stunning. I had just visited Athabaskan glacier and was shocked when I saw this film because it has 2 great scenes at this famous glacier. You can see how much the glacier has shrunk since this film was made which is quite sad.


You know that I had to choose a Doris Day movie because, in many of her comedies if the late 50s/ early 60s, she played a self made woman who was her own boss. This film tanked at the box office possibly due to the title of the movie but I found it fun. It's not an earth shattering comedy classic but a fun Doris Day romp as a widowed business lady of a lobster business. She sells her lobsters to businesses but when the railway screws up causing  her lobsters to bite the dust, she loses her biggest contract. Well, this won't do for this headstrong, spunky gal so she insists that the local lawyer  played by Jack Lemmon, take on the railway. The head of the railway is played to evil perfection by Ernie Kovacs with Granite-faced Steve Forrest wanting to make Day his own much to Lemmon's dismay. I have not seen this in years, but would like to watch this again because I found it thoroughly engaging.

Which female boss movies can you think of?

I have to put this hilarious send-up of Mildred Pierce by Carol Burnett because it's just perfect but don't watch it if you have not seen the movie and want to. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Oscar Songs 1961- take a guess

So, colonoscopy backfired  pun intended. There was no way, in little green acres, that I could drink that much fluid. I never could. When I tried drinking the 2nd half of that bubblegum tasting liquid, I violently threw up. Thankfully  it was just that one time but I lived on the toilette until 3 am. The Friday, I informed the nurses and the Dr about that issue. When I woke up, I was told that he could not proceed through with the camera. I will have to repeat this. The God's must love me.....not! The next time, just give me those 2 glass full of liquid hell to take. I cam get through that. Now, tell me, what aspiring Dr to be wishes to put cameras up peoples' butts? 

On with the show and I can't believe it is the 3rd week of July. It's hotter than Hades out there so I'm glad I am inside in air conditioning. I am choosing 1961 since my brother was born that year in July for the Oscar song fest. Which song won the Oscar that year  which one was nominated and which song hot nadda...let me know what you think.


This is a great song, written by Roger Radcliffe, about one evil character who wishes to make a coat out of the 101 Dalmation puppies. I enjoyed how the song was presented and it was another win for Disney.


This song is to complement the film about a homeless woman who gets the help of some special people when she finds out her daughter wants to visit. Don't we all wish for some miracles. This song was composed by James Van Heusen with lyrics by Sammy Cahn


I will be surprised if someone has not heard of this song. Audrey was going to be dubbed, but she fought for her right to sing this song and I think she does a good job. It became a huge hit for Andy Williams which almost became his signature tune. It was composed by the great Henry Mancini with lyrics by Johnny Mercer. 

So , which song won the Oscar, which was nominated, and which one received nadda?

Thursday, July 14, 2022

Thursday Movie Picks-Non-English Language Movies


Good ole foreign films... I have not seen enough of but I believe I found 3 that work. Wandering through the Shelves chose a good theme once again. Here are my 3...

1. LA RONDE-1950

What a great movie, which I so want to see again, has an all star cast from Anton Walbrook as the ringmaster who shows all the different aspects of love, Simone Signoret as the prostitute( ooh...big surprise) to Danielle Darrieux as the grande married lady (again, big surprise). Everyone is connected by a character who moves the plot along. It starts off with the hooker(Simone Signoret), who makes a soldier happy only for the soldier leaving her arms to pick up a chambermaid. The chambermaid goes off to meet...and so it goes around and around like the carousel of love...This film is directed by the legendary Max Ophuls and it is a classic worth watching more than once.

2. THE 400 BLOWS-1959

I actually watched this when I took a film class in University and really enjoyed it that I watched it a couple more times since then. It’s directed by the famous Francois Truffaut one of the leaders of the French New Wave, who decided to create a semi-autobiographical film abouthis youth.  A young boy, frustrated by his life with parents who don’t get who he is and school that berates him tries to figure out who ge is. This is the first of 4 more films about the life of Antoine Doinel played by Jean-Pierre Leaud who played this character all the way through. I really enjoyed this film and could relate to the kid but I think, we all can relate to him on some level.

3. RENOIR-2012

I love art and have had the privilege of seeing some of the great works in many museums. Renoir is one of the most famous of the Impressionists as well as one of the most loved. This man was famous even during his life time unlike Van Gogh. This film takes place in the last few years of his life when Rheumatoid Arthritis took its hold, but he still painted despite great pain. It is 1915, at the height of the Great War, when his final muse, Andree Heuschling, aka Catherine Hessling,  came into his life. She is willing to ingratiate herself with the aging painter and when his son, the future famous director Jean Renoir, comes home from the war, she decides to get to know the son better. You see the difficult life both artists have and the girl in the middle of it all. It is beautifully photographed inspired by Renoir’s paintings and you feel the sense of loss from Renoir’s arthritic movement to the war itself. In reality, Andree aka Catherine became the muse of  Jean Renoir in his early career as a director becoming his star of most of his silent films.  I would love to see this one again too.

Which films come to your mind?

On a fun note....anything but fun, I have to go for a colonoscopy tomorrow since I had blood in my stool. It's fresh blood which is better to have than old and it happened only once. well a couple of times, but during the same week. That means today I gave to drink this whole gallon of liquid hell. At least it's fruit flavoured....oy vey. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Surprise !


My hubby painted this and I think it’s just perfect for my musical post.  I may surprise you but I do love classic rock and decided to showcase 3 great rock bands that I love.


This was written by Mars Bonfire and was featured in the film “Easy Rider”, a film I still have to see. I just always loved this song and think I may have it at my wake when I kick the bucket. It’s a lot of fun to dance to which I did in some psychedelic bat in Toronto quite a few years back.


I just don’t understand anyone who doesn’t like this great band. This was written by Jimmy Page and Robert Plant and features their love of Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. I think of these lyrics and the lyrics put out today by people like Bieber and others today and wonder where the intelligence has gone.


Another brilliant band that is classic and intelligent. I always liked this song written by Roger Waters and David Gilmour. This was featured in their musical called “The Wall” from 1982 which is another I want to see one day. 

I plan to showcase these, and others, in the future . Did I surprise you? I love almost all forms of music...just not rap crap.very little rap is what I like.

Thursday, July 7, 2022

Thursday Movie Picks- The Fair


I love fairs and going on rides, just not rollercoasters due to my fear of heights. Put in on the Tilt O' Whirl, the Scrambler or anything spinning and I love it. I'm already dizzy so I'm aok on these rides. The one I did love, which had some height, was the log run because I love water. I used to go to Crystal Beach which was an old Amusement Park that had a big ballroom where many big names of the 30s and 40s would play. My dad loved going there. The park closed after 101 years with the carousel and the famous Comet being sold to the States. It's such a shame.  I tried to stay away from carnivals because that implies seeing  the weird and wild and I wanted this to be more just fairs with rides, best hogs and best preserves. Now, venture to Wandering through the Shelves to see what everyone else has are my 3...

1. STATE FAIR-1945

This charming musical, by Rogers and Hammerstein just for the movie, the only time they did this, stars Jeanne Crain and Dana Andrews as 2 people who meet and fall in love at the fair  Jeanne's family are very involved with the fair because her dad is hoping his big pig will win the big prize. Her mom hopes her preserves will win. Her brother falls for a sultry singer and Jeanne falls for the reporter who wants to make it big. This is a nice movie with the big pig almost Stealing the picture as a lovelorn pig. It's funny to see hard hitting Dana start to sing...well, mime it as he and Jeanne could not sing but it's done quite well. A nice android fun picture with a well rounded cast.


I tried not to use this great film but, I cant help myself, because it is just so great. 2 strangers meet on a train with the one man definitely batting a 1,000 in the butterfly net territory. Robert Walker, the boy next door, played his psycho character so well and was robbed of an Oscar nomination. He tells the Farley Granger character to switch...criss- cross murders- he'll off Farley's nasty wife if Farley will kill dear old daddy. Farley laughs it off until he gets a call and finds out his wife is done in. Now we have the cat and mouse game culminating in one of the best endings taking place at the local fair. Look for Marion Lorne as the supremely daffy mom to Robert Walker's character.


This is a fun movie about vampires. It has horror elements in it but it is not just a straightforward horror movie. It has comedy, especially with the younger brother played by Corey Haim. Their mom decided to uproot the boys and live with her elderly dad who likes to stuff things and offer them as gifts to the boys. The fair is the hub of this small town where everything takes place. The older brother, play by Jason Patric and looking like a young Jimmy Morrison, falls for a girl who seems to be a member of this punk- like gang led by Keifer Sutherland. Soon he is neck deep with them and realizes that he can't take the sun or smell garlic. His younger brother, with the help of these 2 geeks, decide to save him and maybe the girl too. It's very witty, moody and a few scary moments but quite well written. Worth a look.

Which movies do you like that take place on a fairground?

I rode most of these rides and my hubby worked there one summer. We probably crossed paths and had no idea we would one day be together. I would have laughed at what he wore because he had original Gene Simmons Kiss boots that he strutted in. Too bad he doesn't have them now.

Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Summer surfin'


Hubby and I took our Harley for a walk on the weekend along Lake Ontario. It was a beautiful day as you can see. It made me think of all the summers before,  when I was in my 20s, enjoying every weekend at some dance bar. I remembered there were a couple of summers when a group of us dressed up in late 50s/ early 60s garb and went to a special event showcasing music from the 50s and early 60s music. I especially loved dancing to surfin' music. I could wiggle my Mac Nuggets( I had to use this Shady), twist and shout like no tomorrow. I loved to go go dance shaking my ponytail ( HA! Gotcha!) As if it would come free from my head. It was a lot of fun so, with that in mind, I chose these 3 songs...


Anything 60s, involving surf and water, has to showcase the Beach Boys. This song was written by Chuck Berry and Brian Wilson and is a great one to dance to.


I almost wiped out dancing to this tune many times. I didn't know it, at the time, but I could easily give myself whiplash or dislocate something and I did injure myself with this fun song. I gave myself whiplash by whipping my head around and, at a wedding, I stretched my hip muscles a bit too far. I had a tough time walking but, it was worth it. I had so much fun dancing to this fun tune. I had no idea it was written by 4 dudes- Bob Berryhill, Pat Connolly, Jim Fuller and Ron Wilson.


I remember dancing to this tune at that fun oldie tunes event. It was not the typical songs to dance to but I loved it and forgot about that song until I heard it in the movie "Pulp Fiction." The guitar playing blows me away and, when k looked it up I was surprised to kearney it comes from an old folk song from the Eastern Mediterranean area becoming quite popular in the 1920s with the Greek, Turkish and Jewish musicians. I think that's pretty cool. 

I have never been surfing not even Annette Funnicello style...have you? What surfing songs did you dance to? Which songs made you get up and dance?

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Star of the Month-July


BORN- July 20. 1938

DIED- November 29, 1981

AGED-43 years old

DIED FROM- I'm saying it-Murdered

REAL NAME-Natasha Zacharenko-Russian/Ukrainian Parents

MARRIED-3 times, twice to Robert Wagner

CHILDREN- 2 girls. The Oldest has been dealing with mental health issues and addictions

FAMOUS SIBLING- Lana Wood- actress known best as Plenty O' Toole from James Bond film. 

AFFAIRS- Numerous-Warren Beatty, Michael Caine, Elvis, Jerry Brown, David Niven Jnr. etc..


KNOWN FOR- Speaking  fluent Russian and knowing her lines almost right away. Her phobic fear of water.

NICKNAME- One Take Natalie 

I still remember when I heard the news of her death and all the reports that more than one person heard her screams for help in the middle of the night. I wondered why no one took a boat out to see what was going on but I don't know their reasons. I do recall one elderly lady saying she called the police because she could hear the woman's cries for help, but nothing was done. I also found it somewhat strange that Stephanie Power's boyfriend (estranged by then), the famous star William Holden, was found dead on Nov. 12th, after hitting his head on a dresser while drunk and bleeding to death. Robert Wagner and Stephanie Powers were playing husband and wife in the hit TV Show, Hart to Hart. I always wondered if they were somehow an item but I did read a lot of Agatha Christie back then. I always thought it weird that the 2 stars from a hit TV series lost their spouses almost within a week of one another and no one ever mentioned the strangeness of it. 

Natalie was a successful child actress who made a success as an adult as well. She transitioned through all the stages: child, teen and adult. Her mom was the epitome of a stage mom even tearing up a live butterfly in front of her daughter so her daughter would cry. 

Natalie had almost died in water when filming plus, freakily, she was told by a soothsayer,  that she would die by drowning. When she was 15, she was told by a famous actor that he could further help her career and to meet him at a hotel. Yup, apparently, she was viciously raped but never talked about it. Her sister, Lana Wood, has recently stated that it was Kirk Douglas but I don't know if there is any more evidence to confirm this so we must tread lightly on this story.

She married Robery Wagner the first time, when she was just 19. When she was in a film with Warren Beatty, they started having an affair and Robert Wagner became so angry and jealous that he got a gun and was following them. Needless to say, the marriage split and Natalie ended up marrying again. During the 60s, after her 3rd suicide attempt, she decided to get help..thankfully. she divorced but remarried Robert Wagner, this time, she seemed happy and was in a semi retirement although she was on TV including Hart To Hart and the miniseries, From Hell To Eternity. 

She was making a "comeback" film called " Brainstorm" co-starring Christopher Walken. The rumour was that those 2 were having an affair but..who knows. One fateful weekend, Wagner and Wood invited Walken on their yacht and the 3 proceeded to start drinking. They went to some restaurant, drank some more, where others noticed how angry Wagner was. The 3 came back to the yacht, drinking more when there was a heated argument because Wagner was jealous of Walken and Wood. Walken went to bed and probably passed out. Wagner and Wood argued some more. The next morning, the police were called and they found Wood's body in the water. Wagner has changed his story more than once and the Captain, running the yacht, wrote a book ( of course), many years later that he was told by Wagner that she fell overboard but to not turn on the searchlights nor call the police. 

I believe Wagner is guilty, not premeditated, but his anger got the better of him. There were many bruises all over her body plus, her sister said it was tough enough for her to be on a yacht, she would never get in a dinghy, no matter how drunk she was. I believe that, but Wagner will never be brought up on charges. Just recently, he was, again, not being charged  but was a person of interest. 

Natalie had so much going for her but her life was not easy and her death is now infamous. I prefer to think of her as that little girl pulling Edmund Gwenn's beard or that beautiful woman on the big screen.


As a Child:

The Ghost & Mrs. Muir-1947

Miracle on 34th Street-1947

The Green Promise-1949- note: She was to cross a bridge that was to break after she crossed the it, but  it broke while she was crossing it. Naturally, the director kept filming while she was being swept under the water and was hurt. She suffered an injury to her left wrist which never properly healed so she always wore a bracelet to hide it. This is the reason she had a life-long fear of water.

As a Teen...

Rebel Without A Cause-1955

The Searchers-1956

Marjorie Morningstar-1958

As an Adult...

Splendor in The Grass-1961

West Side Story-1961

Gypsy- 1962

Love With The Proper Stranger- 1963

Sex & The Single Girl- 1964

The Great Race- 1965

Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice- 1969

Brainstorm- 1983

Friday, July 1, 2022

What I watched in June.


Happy Canada Day!

155 yrs old but we are actually much older...just think Quebec.

I am just happy to have today off. My neighbours to the South will celebrate their land on Monday so happy July 4th!

On to what I watched this past month of June. I watch the news...disgusting about the shootings and Roe vs Wade being dismantled. I know some of my viewers are happy about this but this is why its such a hot topic. A lot of blame goes on the poor girl who gets knocked up but the man goes on his merry sperm way. Anyway, I am here to not get into horrible news or the fact that Trump is not in jail and never will be, I am here to talk about the flicks and TV shows I watched.

 I have not seen much since I am working and, often, get home later than expected because I have to get work done. My hubby has watched a ton but not moi. Here are the movies I have seen.


I rewatched this movie, known as Danatic in England, from the Hammer franchise and I liked it better this time around. You have a young Stephanie Powers, engaged to an English man, who decides to pay a visit to her former, now dead, fiancĂ©e's  mother. She drives out to the small village and meets his weird mom and her equally weird staff. You have the weird housekeeper, her weird, lecherous husband and a mentally challenged young man played by Donald Sutherland( he seemed to play a few of these early in his career). They cater to the old lady, played so well by Tallulah Bankhead, who worships her dead son and believes fanatically in her religion. Soon Powers realizes that the mother is one huge nut job and wants to leave but can't. It soon becomes a cat and mouse type game as Powers tries to escape. I found it hilarious that Bankhead played someone religious when she was one big horny- toed hedonist who loved a great party, drinks, drugs and dancing naked. In fact, when Bankhead had to go back in to redo  some lines, the "die, die, my darling" line, she had to repeat so many times because she was drunker than a seasoned sailor. A good movie if a bit campy...perfect!


The nestle in the thistle...oh screw it...that hilarious scene with the tongue twister is quite famous because it's so hard to do, but Kaye is brilliant with these. Kaye does sing a few songs. One at the beginning when the titles are on, one at the start of the film making us think he is this noble Robin Hood type of man ( he is not) and a couple of tunes when he is entertaining the king. Kaye must keep a baby safe because that babe is the rightful king. A young lady who is part of this tribe helps Kaye(Glynnis Johns who is still alive..I think she is 96). Of course Kaye is a klutz and somehow they get separated and he ends up as this Jester for the king. The evil Basil Rathbone wants to keep the king in place until he can kill the king and claim the throne as his own. Angela Lansbury, also still alive and 96, plays the King's daughter who wants to marry for love and not the big oaf who has a big kingdom as well( nothing Freudian in that sentence is there?). Her lady in waiting is a witch who can make spells and poison hence this tongue twisting episode that made me laugh. It's fun, and silly and not that musical. You can forward through those parts and not lose anything( hi Shady). 


I know that Joel hates this movie because it is rude and crude which is why I love it. I'm not a lumberman's daughter for nothing. The basic plot is about 2 best friends, one is getting married and the other..well, her life is going to pot. She had a bakery but that went under and her boyfriend said bye bye; she has awful sex with a jerk and lives with 2 creepy overweight siblings that look like albinos. When she meets her best friend's other bridesmaids, she feels threatened by the rich, beautiful gal who over dresses and over does everything but seems to be a perfect fit for her best friend's new life. There is one bad event after another culminating at the shower when the gal finally loses it. I find it so funny with the dress salon scene being my favourite.  " Look Away!  Look Away."  This catapulted Melissa McCarthy to movie fame.



My hubby and I love watching this show about a hospital in need of a dreamer and shaker-upper to save the hospital. Along the way, he inspires and regales his fellow doctors to do their utmost. This Dr can be demanding and irritating especially to the people who like the bottom line which, this Dr, does not look at but somehow, he makes things work. You have other doctors who must all take care of their patients from the emergency room, to the psychiatric area. You get to know the doctors and their issues. It's pretty typical when you think about the doctor shows but it has a quirkiness about it as well as the lead, played so well by Ryan Eggold. I loved the character Anupam Kher plays as a Dr who uses unusual methods to find and cure his patients. Unfortunately, the actor's wife has cancer and, during Covid, it just became too difficult to be apart from her, so he left the show. How I wish every hospital and Dr were like the ones in this TV Show.


I still call these miniseries and this one starred Renee Zellweger as one very dangerous, murdering psychopath. It's based on the true story about this woman who befriends another woman who has terminal cancer. The woman, with cancer, is stabbed 57 times and is found by her husband who calls 911 hysterically, believing she killed herself. Despite the fact that he was at his friend's place playing games with his buddies, had a receipt  stamped with the time, from a fast food place and no blood was found on him, they arrested him. This husband ended up in prison for 3 yrs because of the injustice done to him by the prosecuting attorney who made sure all the facts that supported Pam as the potential killer, were swept under the rug. At least, Pam was found out and the real nutjob is in prison now. I know it got mixed reviews because it had some comical elements through it and it was just plain quirky and odd but that appealed to me. I am not a Zellweger fan but she did a great job as this icky woman who knew how to charm people and get hold of the inheritance money. 


This is animated but it is so funny and downright brilliant as a parody of the many spy movies and shows that are out there, mainly James Bond. I could never replicate the jokes and hilarious plots and banter of the main characters. It is not for everyone, since it is not politically correct which is what I love. The main character is narcissistic who gets into horrible situations but is still skilled with killing the enemy and getting out of a tight spot. The vavoom fellow spy and former girlfriend always helps him get out of a tight jam. His mother leads the agency and can be ruthless plus her mothering skills are just not that great. You have other team players who work behind the scenes and are so funny. I am watching the 3rd season now which my brother got for me for Christmas. Loving this show..again, rude and so politically incorrect, which is right up my alley.

Which show or movie have you seen? Which book have you read that you want to share? Let me know.