Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Love these Love Songs


Ok, Christmas is done but I thought it works to show how much we love each other. Valentine’s Day is next week and....meh....any day can be Valentine’s Day when you love someone so I am choosing 3 songs that I go all goo goo ga ga, batt my eyelashes and dream of my Prince Charming....Hugh Jackman. Hahahaaa sorry, honey. I’m joking on the Monday Moves Me even though I post on Wednesday. Enjoy my 3 songs that make me swoon.


This is from the film version of South Pacific that starred Mitzi Gaynor and Rossano Brazzi who is dubbed by Giorgio in this version. I love this musical,  by Rogers and Hammerstein, and when this song was sung, my little girl inside, sighed wishing to have someone sing that song to me. I just love this song and, I think, this is one of the best love songs ever created. It was originally sung by Ezio Pinza back in 1949 on Broadway with Mary Martin.


This song was written by Pete Ham and Tom Evans from the British rock band, Badfinger. I had no idea until I looked it up. In fact, I love this song but didn't have a clue who sang it until I visited a fellow blogger, John from The Sound of One Hand Typing. Thank you for letting me know. I had no clue that this great singer died so young, age 52, from a heart attack.


I believe I spoke about this beautiful song before, but I just love it. It's a song by The Moody Blues, one of my favourite bands and Ray Thomas is one of my favourite of this band. He created a great song and was the soul of the band  I believe.

So what love songs can you think of

Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Star of the Month



BORN- February 2, 1883

DIED- February 12, 1955

AGED- 72 years

DIED FROM- Heart Attack

REAL NAME- Jakob Grunwald or Gero Jeno, Jacob Gero, Szoke Szakall

NICKNAME-Cuddles and Szoke Szakall meaning blond beard which he grew in his theatre days so he could look older.

MARRIED- twice to Giza Grossner and Anne Kardos

TALENT- Producer and writer and had his own production Company 

KNOWN FOR- his sweet-natured, befuddled uncle, grandfather, owner etc whom you just want to hug. He was 2nd only to one other man for his light Viennese romantic comedies. Known to always say " Everything is hunky dunky."

Most people have seen this great character actor but, like most character actors, we don’t know  their name. This loveable ham was given the nickname, “Cuddles” by, of all people, Jack Warner( some same it was Doris Day but I don’t think so) but S. Z. never cared for the nickname. He actually was a big name in Hungary, Vienna and Berlin not only for his acting, but also for his play writing. He was in WW1 but was bayoneted in the chest and was, obviously, invalided out. His star became bigger but, when Hitler came to power, he went back to Hungary since he was Jewish. When Hungary became part of that unholy axis back in 1940, he got the hell out of there and came over to Hollywood. He lost his 3 sisters, a niece plus his wife lost her brother and sister in the concentration camps. Cuddles hated the American food so his wonderful wife made the food he loved and brought it to him when he was on the set. She also was a known presence on the set often helping him learn his lines. . He was such a good scene stealer because of his befuddled ways and language  screw-ups that other actors got their egos up their asses. Alan Hale Snr( his son played the Skipper on Gilligan’s Island) really disliked the portly man because of his scene stealing ways. Sakall is one of my favourite actors and was in many musicals even though he couldn’t sing a note.


1. That Night in Rio-1941

2. The Devil and Miss. Jones- 1941

3. Ball of Fire- 1941

4. Yankee Doodle Dandy- 1942

5. Casablanca- 1942

6. Christmas in Connecticut- 1945

7. Romance on the High Seas- 1948

8. My Dream is Yours - 1949

9. In the Good Old Summertime- 1949

10. The Student Prince- 1954

Sunday, February 5, 2023

What I Watched in January


I might have posted this Harley pic before but don't you just love him? 

I watched quite a few flicks in January so here we go...

1. UNDERWORLD #4-2012

Vampire, Kate Beckinsale, in Emma Peel, catsuit, kicks some vampire and werewolf ass trying to save this hot dude who is a mix of vampire and werewolf. Fun and it has Bill Nighy...


Oscar nominated film about Steven Spielberg's early life when he got involved with film and his family life. I felt like a voyeur and am not a Michelle Williams fan but it is good even though it's a bit long.


Oscar nominated film with Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson as 2 friends who live on a remote island off the Irish coast back in 1923. Gleeson's character no longer wants to be friends with Farrell but Farrell can't accept this. Brilliantly acted and love the cinematography  but....I just can't....I thought this one major part in this film was just stupid. I won't give anything away but...really? Stupid. My hubby loved the movie.


I had no desire to see this as I still don't care about the first one but I was pleasantly surprised. It's a fun movie with some great flying sequences that makes one dizzy. 

5. AIRPORT-1970

Get out the harvest gold shag carpeting for this action adventure with an all star cast lead by Burt Lancaster and Dean Martin. This started all the airport disaster flicks and disaster movies in general. I love the theme music and the acting is quite good especially Maureen Stapleton as the grieving wife. Helen Hayes won the Oscar for her conniving old lady who stows away on airplanes.

6. AIRPORT '77-1977

Another all star cast led by Jack Lemmon as the pilot of this large 747 owned by billionaire Jimmy Stewart. You have some big wigs on this flight heading for underwater disaster from Olivia DeHavilland, Joseph Cotton to Christopher Lee and Karen Black. Lee won a scuba diving medal for doing his own stunt. No surprise since he was in the OSS during WW2.


Oh no you don't, Cate Blanchett! Don't get it on with a 17 yr old student....sigh. every boys' wet dream. Of course, repressed, gay Judi Dench witnesses the event. A difficult film but it is so well acted including Bill Nighy as Cate's husband who is 20 yrs older where she is 30 yrs older than her student.

8. ELYSIUM-2013

Earth sucks so the rich move into a huge beautiful space station that mimics sunny days with manicured lawns and these tanning beds that are actually healing beds for any disease. The majority of us live on the ugly planet called Earth but Matt Damon needs to get healed. Look for a bitch of a woman played by Jodie Foster who isn't that believable, to me. It's a fun flick.


This was on HBO actually so could be TV but I stuck it here. Mildred has a gift for cooking and raising a nasty brat, Veda. Mildred gets that brat all she wants but it's never enough. Mildred makes it in the world with her restaurants  during the great depression, but Veda is always having her hand out. It's good and well acted but a bit long. Give me bitch Joan Crawford in the original film any day even though this is a worthy watch.

10. SURVIVOR-2015

Pierce Brosnan plays a real bad, bad man. He's a nasty killer for hire who tries to kill an operative, Milla Jovanovich when she survives a bombing that her fellow work people didn't. Now she's on the run to clear her name. It's nothing new but fun to watch.

11. SHATTERED-2007

Another Pierce film where he plays a baddie....well, this is quite the bender with family man, Gerard Butler who is thrown into a nightmare when his daughter is kidnapped by Pierce. He must do what Pierce wants in order to get his daughter back. Quite good, I thought, with some good twists and turns.



Brilliant! A must see!! The acting is great,  comedic but with dark turns and they have Gomez looking the part as he was meant to be. A great murder mystery with WEDNESDAY at the heart of it.


I would love to have a job where I travel to all these unique and not so unique places. This is a really nice short series, narrated by Bill Nighy, where you are taken to all sorts of beautiful countries, even North America...sorry, I had to say that for fun. I'd love to do these trips. 


We follow Dr. Alice Roberts as she travels all over Britain finding out about new findings in the archeological world. We see how they found Richard the 3rd in a parking lot to a beautiful mosaic in a field. I always dreamed of participating in a dig but now, there is no way I could kneel for hours.. bummer... so I watch others do it. 

What did you watch last month?

Thursday, February 2, 2023

Thursday Movie Picks-Travel Romance


Wandering Through The Shelves  loves romance so each week there will be something about romance. Who says romance is dead! It's all about travel this week snd there is a wealth of travel films. Most of us have had some travel romance whether it be a one night stand in the sand where one is scraping sand out you know or romance with your spouse, we all have been there at least once. Even if you travel 20 minutes away, it's still travel. Ok, so decided to go for a cruise...romance on the high seas. I am not choosing the Love Bost sinking aka Titanic from 1997. I am going in other directions...


I haven't seen this in a long time but it stars William Powell and Kay Francis ( at the height of her career and a once, very famous and voted best dressed star of that time) who meet on a cruise ship and fall in love neither one knowing their dark and sad secret. Its a short film and an early talkie but there is something about this weepie that makes me want to see it again. I'm usually not a romance movie gal but this one I like even though it's an early talkie but that never bothers me.


This is an intelligent film that is not only a romance film but one about marriage with actors who are not 22 years old. Walter Huston is a married millionaire, married to Ruth Chatterton, who wants to take a cruise to Europe. They set sail where she starts to flirt with some young dudes. He meets a divorced lady, played by Mary Astor, and falls in love with her. It sounds simple but this is a well written story that ages well to this day. It is an excellent film about love, marriage and loss. During the making of this film, Mary Astor was going through a bitter, nasty divorce and custody battle where her diaries about her sexual escapades became public knowledge. She was living in her trailer for the time she made this film. 

3. NOW, VOYAGER-1942

The music is famous, Betty Davis was at her peak, having a cigarette became very sensual( believe it or not) and sharing a sleeping bag got passed the censors. Bette plays a homely woman who lives under the thumb of her nasty mother. She is sent to a sanitarium run by Claude Rains who is a sympathetic psychiatrist who helps Bette overcome her own issues and bloom. Bette ends up on a ship traveling to South America where she meets the dashing Paul Henreid. When he lights 2 cigarettes in his mouth and gives one to her, she is in love. It is a Supreme woman's picture depicting a woman overcoming so much to blossom and find romance. Again, well acted with more to it than just a romance and worth the final smaltzy last words...those words always makes me

Which travel romance films can you think of?

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Different Musical Instruments


I do love unique musical instruments which often play in folk music from different don’t run away, I promise this won’t be bad. Ok, to me, I think these songs are great and are my favourites, of many, but I love these songs ...that they come from films is purely coincidental. I'm joining Monday Music Moves Me because I get moving on Wednesday:). The hostess is Cathy from Curious as a Cathy, a beautiful lady who loves music and more.


I love the zither which is a standard instrument in many folk songs from Germany and Austria. This composer was found by Carol Reed, the director of "The Third Man”, playing in a small cafe in Austria and asked him if he could come up with a song for his film. The result is this very famous song also known as the Harry Lime theme. Yes, I do have a few CDs featuring this instrument.


This piece has become world famous and is played at just about every tourist Greek tavern and Folk dance  routine you can imagine but I love it. It is performed by the bouzouki, a unique looking stringed instrument. 


This is another beautiful theme song that we all know even if we have not seen the film( which is also excellent). Of course we hear other instruments but the balalaika takes centre stage. My mom loved this theme song and this was her favourite film. 

I love the music thst comes from crystal glasses, the banjo, many other pieces of music with different instruments. Which songs can you think of that have different instruments played in it.

Thursday, January 26, 2023

Thursday Movie Picks:TV Picks-2022 Freshman Series


Wandering Through The Shelves has decided to do the TV edition each month and this is about the new TV shows from 2022. I have to admit, I have not seen many but was surprised that I could pick 3. Here they are...


I have only been able to see this brilliant series due to my ex sending me the series through One. He sends them to me via Messenger and I was not really expecting to be like everyone else and love it...but I do! Jenny Ortega, who is 20 but looks 15, plays the titular character and she does it par excellence. She is sent to a school of outcasts where, she is still an outcast but doesn’t give a rat’s ass. Thing is sent to watch her and report back to her parents but she finds Thing pretty much right away. I love the character of Thing. Strange that a hand can show emotion and become one of my favourites in this series. I also love her perky werewolf roommate who loves to hug. Did I mention there are horrible murders going on and Wednesday wants to find out who is the killer. It’s grusome but also very funny and Wednesday’s dance, which Ortega made up, has become a sensation. I can’t wait for the 2nd season


I love the books and this series does stray from the books but still holds onto the meat of the story. It starts with an freakishly close sounding and looking Anthony Bourdain journalist interviewing Louis, in Dubai, about his life. It is a continuation from their first time they met, but the journalist is not as innocent as he used to be and has no problem asking tough questions. We meet Louis as a business owner in New Orleans who has a mother, sister and brother. He meets Lestat who talks freely and knows how to put on the charms but also gets himself in trouble with his no hozlds barred mouth. They love women...and each other even when Lestat makes Louis a vampire and Louis distances himself from his family. It is well acted by the leads and it is lush looking with great costumes. It’s worth a good look.


I do love Star Trek and this series is a cut above bringing back the old episodic style where the episode starts and ends in that one hour. It’s not like a soap opera style which is refreshing and the cast is well done  but I only know of Rebecca Romijn of Blue Mystique fame  from The X-Men franchise.  This Star Trek is about the adventures of Captain Pike, Spock and his #1 played by Rebecca.  And it is well played out. Now, Rebecca needs to stick with this and not that New Real Love Boat crap she did with her husband...dreck. no, I only saw the commercials for it and that's enough.

What new shows have you seen?

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Why Not! Acrostic


Ok, I hope I can add my name to the Monday Music Moves Me  since Cathy from Curious as a Cathy and John from The Sound of One Hand Typing asked me.  I normally just do 3 songs but I am choosing songs that spell my first name. So here we go...


This is one of the best dance numbers ever done to this famous song written by Cole Porter back in 1935. I can watch this over and over. Fred was 41 at this point, can you believe it?


This comes from their "Voulez Vous" album and it’s a song my mom do I. 


I love The Moody Blues and this song is not as famous but still famous enough and one I always loved. It’s from their album, “In Search of a Lost Chord.”


This Song was written by  Harold Arlen with lyrics by Ted Koehler back in 1930 and introduced by Ruth Etting but I always loved this rendition by the great Garland from the musical, "Summer Stock."


This song was written by...Gene Kelly for the film, “It’s Always Fair Weather” and he performed this with regular roller skates he bought in a hardware store He didn’t alter the skates or anything like that, he just started to work out the dance number with regular skates. He was 43 yrs old when he did this number!


As soon as I heard this song, I had to get the CD and am so glad I did and still have it. This song is what brought Andrea Bocelli to fame. It’s written  by Francisco Sartori with lyrics by Lucio Quarantotto and has been redone by many others since then but nothing beats this my humble opinion.

Hope you enjoyed this lengthy music post. I may not join every week but, I thought I would, this time:)