Sunday, November 11, 2012

Flowers x3 - Open -Anything Goes Anything Goes -Anything Goes

On all the sites and always on Make It Monday (Which I love), it is Anything Goes. I had these cards done a while ago(I posted the 1st 3 before if you want to check them out). I used the cuddlebug, nestabilities, the flowers for each month, prismas pencils for colouring the flowers and stick ons for borders etc.. I also used crystals for some bling and May has a butterfly:) One thing I am proud of...the bow! The bow doesn't look bad! I actually made one that looks pretty good-It's not perfect and so many can do beautiful bows...I am not one of them. I tried to look for ready made bows to buy(you know the small ones everyone seems to be able to make except moi-I hate you all:)) OK just kidding about the hate part but seriously, I have had people try to show me how to make a bow. I even bought a contraption that was supposed to be idiot proof...didn't work for me. maybe it is my blond hair or something. OK enough about bows. These fit the Anything Goes  for everyone. I seem to have been busy lately with cleaning, life crap, mom and well regular stuff. I hope to now endeavor to have a messy home but happy in making cards:) Enjoy the day and remember-so many fought for us to have the right to do what we take for granted, my dad included. I think of you today Daddy and raise a toast to you and all the people who endured war, including the men and women who were our enemies. I lost 2 Uncles in WW2 and one was only 1 yr old, the other only 19(my mom is German). I will never know them but my heart is with you. To everyone who has someone overseas may I give my humble thoughts to you and your families. All the best