Thursday, May 31, 2018

Thursday Movie Picks:TV Edition-entertainment Industry

TV time again since it is the last Thursday of the month and what better way to bring in the summer than with the entertainment industry. This has been a crazy month with 7 birthdays in 2 weeks ending with my birthday this Saturday 🎂. My friend, 2 of her kids, my hubby’s niece and my niece, my hubby last Friday...and then me. It has been expensive especially when you add in flower buying for the outside and license renewal. So this week is fun because it is about entertainment on the boob tube. I wonder what everyone else will choose, and to find out, head on over to Wandering Through The Shelves. Here are my 3...

1. I LOVE LUCY-1951-1957

I know I picked this before and could have chosen The Dick Van Dyke show but I just love...I mean LOVE this show. We all know that Ricky Ricardo owns a nightclub where he has his big Cuban band and he is the star. His wife, the great Lucille Ball, will do anything to be a part of his show much to his dismay and tries, in vain, to keep her off the stage. Their best friends and landlords, Fred and Ethel Mertz often are in on the hijinks. I have to admit that my favourite part of the series is when Ricky is asked to come to Hollywood for a movie and the gang meet all sorts of great movie stars from William Holden to John Wayne. The stars begin to realize how crazy the redhead is when she creates havoc trying to catch a glimpse of these famous people.

2. JUST SHOOT ME-1997-2003

I am not sure how many people saw this show but I thought it was quite funny about a top selling fashion magazine, named Blush, who is owned by a 4 times married man who hires his daughter to help run his enterprise. She has issues with daddy who loves fun and she is all intellectual and serious. The rest of the cast is rounded out by the Fashion Editor, a once big time model who can’t remember the 70’s since she lived at Studio 54. The photographer who loves to date all the models and the nerdy, creepy guy who is the Executive Assistant. George Segal is great as the dad, Wendy Malik plays the former model who wishes she was still 25 and David Spade plays the creepy geek. I enjoyed this show but the studio moved it around all the time which made it difficult to find and which didn’t help the ratings.

3. SMASH-2012-2013

This was a short-lived series with Steven Spielberg as an executive producer and Debra Messing, Katherine McPhee and Angelica Huston as leads in this series about a musical being made on the life of Marilyn Monroe. You see how the producer does everything in her might to find the money for this musical. The writers for the show must deal with a lot of crap every which way especially when the director is hired, who has a god complex. The casting call goes out and the part of Marilyn is between 2 gals, one a newbie(Katherine McPhee) and the other who has been part of the chorus for years (Megan Hilty). This was quite good, I thought, but it was a musical so it never had a great start for a show but it was done intelligently and with style. Most of the singing was to showcase a song from the show but, regardless, I found all the songs related well with the script. I enjoyed how a Broadway show gets put together, despite the in-fighting, intrigue, egos etc... What a shame it only lasted 2 seasons especially since I love Angelica Huston and Megan Hilty has a great voice. Oh, not that i am doing Battle of the Bands but, if you have the time to listen to each gal, who would you choose to be Marilyn based on her voice?

Which 3 would you choose?

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Thursday Movie Picks: Friendship

Now, this is a huge theme that can go in so many directions and it will be interesting what everyone will pick. I chose a theme within a theme and went with comedy duos which has many to choose from when one thinks about it. Head on over to Wandering Through The Shelves to find out what friendships the others have chosen. Here are my 3....


Laurel & Hardy are one of the most famous comedy teams in history and, even if you have not seen any of their films, you know their silhouettes- the fat man with the skinny man with the long face. We even know Hardy’s line and Laurel’s whimper but few have seen their movies which is a shame. Laurel and Hardy were my dad’s favourite and, anytime they were on tv, he watched them and laughed since he saw their movies when he was in his 20’s (my dad was born in 1913). I chose this film because I remember my dad laughing like hell and so did I with the antics of these 2. The 2 men are married and lie to their wives why they can’t go with them on a holiday so they can go to a Chicago convention. There are many antics that ensue with their wives, at first worried about them to wanting to kill them when they find out the truth. It’s a classic and, even though this plot has been done in many future movies, this film is hilarious and worth checking out. By the way, this comedic duo loved each other as friends off screen as well and Laurel was devastated when Hardy passed away.


Abbott & Costello are one of the best comedic teams ever and this is their first film after gaining fame in Burlesque, regular theatre and radio. This film is about a man who, with a unique life insurance policy must marry the girl he loves. Of course, hijinks ensues when he, the girl he loves, the insurance salesman, and the man’s ex-girlfriend all hightail south of the border with 2 men who are to ensure the man marries the girl. Abbott & Costello steal the show as the 2 men hired to ensure the 2 leads marry. They are downright hilarious and this film showcases their famous, “Who’s on First”  routine. I laugh every time I listen to this routine and it never gets old in my book. They made many films well into the 1950s  with some being better than the others but I laugh at all of them even when they meet Dracula and Frankenstein. They had a complicated relationship to say the least with Abbott being a difficult man to deal with. I prefer to watch them in action.

3. THE CADDY-1953

Martin and Lewis were a huge comedy team that started in the 40’s on stage and became famous in the 50’s with their string of hit movies only to separate when they had a falling out and going their separate ways. The nice thing is they did make up over 20 years later and were speaking with one another. Anyway, The Caddy is a funny film about a young man, Jerry Lewis, who is terrified of crowds, pushed by his dad to become a golfer since they own a golf course. In enters Dean Martin, who shows a natural talent for golfing and Lewis becomes his caddy. Lewis plays the goof  while Martin plays the crooner and they start to clash while on a tournament. It’s typical Martin and Lewis at their best doing what they know best. I enjoyed watching this film recently and had a good laugh despite Jerry Lewis.

a Musical Friendship (Cole Porter) interlude...if you need a little laugh today:)

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Guilie’s New Book!

I have never done this before partly because I didn’t know how it all works (she e-mailed me her post and I saw all this gibberish which is computer talk so I hope I did this correctly) but I felt this is important because she rescues dogs on her home island of Curaçao. I first blog met Guilie Through The A to Z Challenge and was so happy to have done so because I believe in her fight and her vision. Trying to save dogs, cats or any animal is noble and important and very difficult since many don’t want to be saved due to their mistrust of humans, one lives the heartache every time one sees an animal in distress, not all animals make it and one has to deal with the nasty part of human beings. By the way, I hope Guilie doesn't mind, but she recently lost a furbaby which I posted the picture above. I will speak about my favourite dog film after hers.

I feel bad that I missed the giveaway but I still find it important to have her here at my blog so, without further adieu, here is Guilie....maybe I haven't missed the giveaway...:)

Thank you so much for having me over to talk movies, Birgit! I've long been a fan of this cozy space you have here—to say nothing of your crafts; you have a wee talent there, my friend!—so I'm thrilled to get a chance to contribute a bit to it.

You'd think that, being such a dog lover and all, I'd be first in line at the box office to watch anything with dogs in it. Alas, that is not the case. The prospect of a dog movie gives me that sinking feeling that most people associate with the moment at a roller coaster when you're all strapped in and just waiting for the thing to start rolling.

Part of it is that I can't help worrying about the dog actor/actress. Were they treated kindly, were they mistreated (remember "https://www.hollywoodrep dogs-purpose-outcry-what-happe ned-whos-blame-967160" that awful scandal around A Dog's Purpose; fake news in the end, but it's every animal lover's worst nightmare)? Were they trained using positive reinforcement or were their fears preyed on for the sake of the production? This is what I obsess over during every scene that has a dog in it. Every. Scene.;No, not pleasant.
And I dislike the heartstring-pulling. Dogs seem to get cast in movies mostly for the purpose of engaging—and manipulating—the audience's emotions. But my heart can only take so much dog (and animal) suffering, and, as a rescuer, I see too much of it already on a daily basis.

So, yes, I hesitate.

Having said that, there are two dog movies I love. Deeply, and without reservation.


The all-time Olympian champion of heartstring-pulling, the most shameless of all manipulative tear-jerkers ever brought to the screen. Seriously, Pollyanna does not hold a candle to this yellow dog's story. I love it to bits anyway. I can't watch it (especially not the end, never ever again the end), but I love it. Maybe it's nostalgia. Maybe it's the 'found dog' idea (I've been rescuing since I was 8). Maybe it's the 'boy and his dog'...

I grew up an only child, and my one constant companion was a wonderful Boxer named Cookie (Cuca for short) whom I adored and who adored me right back. No raccoons or bears or rabid wolves; our adventures were much tamer than Travis's and Old Yeller's, but their camaraderie still resonated.

And maybe that's where the value of this film is. The relationship between boy and dog is not just central to the plot; This is, at its core, a film about the lessons a dog—loving a dog—brings to our lives.

                                                              The Secret Life of Pets (2016) 

This one I'll watch anytime, anywhere. I'll stop channel-surfing if I catch it on TV. There is no tear-jerking here, no dying (well, almost no dying)—no, this one has humor! And a happy ending! (Sorry for the spoiler, but for us too-sensitive animal fanatic rescuers, the happy ending is a must!

Don't be fooled, though. This film may look like a pet version of Toy Story (the comparison just begs to be made), but it goes far beyond that. "The Secret Life of Pets" does something really special: it captures animals in all their wonderful, quirky uniqueness. Each of the animals here—dogs, cats, goldfish, parakeet, psycho bunny—has their own distinct personality but never fails to come across as a realistic representative of their species. The way the cats play, for instance. The dogs' body language. Their rationale, their relationships with their humans... It's all recreated to a T.

I love it because it brings to life the amazing diversity of the animal world, because it does that in incredibly funny ways, because it never loses sight of the basics of animal welfare—and because it deals with the issues of cruelty and neglect and human ignorance without making light of them but still keeping it easily digestible. When it comes to animal welfare awareness, it's films like this one that end up making a broader impact.

(And because of the soundtrack. That 'Grease' cameo in the sausage factory—and when was the last time you heard Beastie Boys in a film? An "animated" ;film? Oh, and because of the strong female lead—even if she started out as a ditz, but that was her journey. And, above all, because of Psycho Bunny.)

Of course I still cry at the end (and throughout, really). But it's the good tears.<

Birgit, you were one of maybe three full-steam-ahead supporters back in 2016 when I wrote the original blog series that would, eventually, become "It's About the Dog: The A-to-Z Guide for Wannabe Dog Rescuers", and I'm forever grateful to you for that. Without your encouragement and enthusiasm, I probably would never have dared to even imagine turning it into a book. I'd certainly never have had the motivation! I can't thank you enough for hosting me here today, and I look forward to chatting with you and your readers in the comments. I'd love to know if you've seen these two films, and what you thought if you did, and if you have any favorite dog movies.

Guilie Castillo, Mexican expat, writer, and dog rescuer, is the author of 

 "It’s About the Dog: The A-to-Z Guide for Wannabe Dog Rescuers" (Everytime Press, April 2018), a hands-on, less-tears-more-action, 100% practical introduction to dog rescue.

This post is a part of, "https://lifeindogs.blogs ur.html", The Dog Book Blog Tour; during April and May, author and book will be making the rounds of dog-loving sites on the blogosphere to talk dogs and rescue—and to give away THREE signed copies. (More about both tour and giveaway "https://lifeindogs.blogs ur.html")

I planned on creating a couple of dog cards and will do so and, when i show them here, I hope Guilie will accept these cards as a gift. Ok my favourite dog movie....


This film started the whole Lassie series and this dog was amazing! When I saw this film, with a young Roddy McDowell and Elizabeth Taylor, I was riveted about a collie taken away from the boy Lassie loved, and her way back home to the boy. The ending makes me cry every single time. Yes, it is manipulative but in the best way and, let me tell you this dog was treated well off camera. 

I have to give a mention to the Dog that started  it all regarding great dog adventures and, the rumour is this dog won the best acting Oscar in 1928 but, the bigwigs didn't want Oscar to lose credibility, so they gave the Oscar to a human-Emil Jannings.  Let's here it for the puppy saved by an American during WW1  in the trenches to become the biggest name in Hollywood during the 1920's...Rin-Tin-Tin

I hope you enjoyed this post and please check out Guilie's blog and her book which is excellent.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Thursday Movie Picks-Twisty Thrillers

It's all about twisty thrillers this week which are some of my favourites. I am staying away from Hitchcock, especially Psycho, which is a great pick but I think of him more towards suspense. I also stayed away from The 6th Sense which totally blew my mind away but I wanted to choose 3 other films. Let's see what the others have chosen so head on over to Wandering Through The Shelves to see what thrillers that blew their mind. Here are my 3...


This is a film review so to see a slight bit go to 1:35 min and watch the small bit. I love this film and can watch it over and over again. A serial killer is on the loose and kills women who have an affliction of some sort. A beautiful but mute young woman is told to stay at her home, a beautiful but eerie manor which is home to a variety of people-the kindly professor who felt sorry for the girl and took her in years before. His no good brother who has the hots for the professor's secretary, The old woman who is an invalid driving the nurse and everyone else nuts and the cook who loves her drink. Of course there is a bad storm outside and the killer seems to have found his way inside. An excellent film with many dark eerie corners shot like a horror film but also a thriller. A little known gem worth seeing.


"My sister...(slap)...My Daughter...(slap)..." Oh what fun one has with good ole Faye Dunaway who plays the femme fatale in this stylish but gritty film Noir directed by Roman Polanski. The gumshoe is acted by Jack Nicholson  who finds out early that not is all as it appears plus he better not have to blow his nose(see the movie). I found it a tough film to watch because it was hard for me to follow ...I guess I am a blonde. Anyhoo, you don't know whom to trust, believe or feel sorry for. The scene I allude to at the beginning floored me as well as the ending. It won many awards and I can see why even if it is a film i don't find fun to watch.


Talk about a little known gem that i would love to own in a DVD. It stars Debra Winger, whom most people could not stand to work with, as a Federal Agent who finds a connection to a series of murders that brings her to a very, very naughty woman, played by Theresa Russell. Theresa is the black widow who changes her looks and personality to suit the next male numbnut she wants to marry and kill. This film has 2 very strong female roles who bring more to their characters than the norm and created a killer (sorry) film. Well worth the watch.

Which 3 would you choose?

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Winter Frolic

I know, I know, we are just getting our of the winter doldrums but I always enjoy creating cards for Christmas or an occasion that happens in the winter. I have a couple to show here.

Crafty Creations-Anything Goes

I was playing around with the Tim Holtz dies and I liked the effect of the brilliant night sky using a vibrant blue, lighter blue and a purple for the background. You just take the dye ink and stamp it on something that takes the colour but doesn't absorb it. I use a stainless steel piece my hubby gave me. Once I placed the 3 colours down, I spritzed them with water and place the white cardstock on top. You can dry it and then reapply until you get the effect you want. Once completely dry, I stamped the trees and saying in white and embossed it in winter white sparkle. I added 2 strips of white cardstock on each side. I took a dark blue cardstock cut it to size and painted the edges in a iridescent blue. I added some dots for snow and clear stickles for rain. I live in the Niagara region of Ontario, Canada, so we can have snow, rain, wind, sun...all in one day!

Christmas Crafts All Year Round-Anything Goes
Winter Wonderland-Christmas in Snow
Sparkles Christmas-Reindeer

Last month Christmas Crafts had an all white challenge and I missed it by a hair...or is that hare? Who cares:) Anyway, I took a shimmer white cardstock and cranked the cuddlebug with the cardstock, placed in between the image, to get the desired scene. I took a light blue vellum for the edging and, to create the poinsettia, I took pieces of white cardstock and the blue vellum to  create the flower with my die cut and Sizzex machine. I used my punch for the glittery  branches in the back of the poinsettia. I stamped and embossed my reindeer in white glitter, fussycut it out and adhere it to the image as well. I finished it off with border stickers and added glitter to the rooftops for snow.

Alphabet Challenge-Dots
Addicted to Stamps-Use Markers

This is a funky Christmas or Birthday card where I decided to get rid of some cardstock pieces. We all have pieces of these flying around and, if you are like me, you have tons. I wanted to use colours not normally used for Christmas. I ran 3 through the cuddlebug with the dots image to create some dimension. I stamped the polar bear image in black and coloured it in with tombow markers which I love. I love these stamps who have the main image with plants and animals found within the actual stamp like the fox, walrus and penguin in this stamp.

I enjoyed creating these cards and getting back into it which is great. Have a great day!

Friday, May 11, 2018

Some More Cards on a Cheerful Day

Retro Rubber Challenge-Flowers-RRCB86
Happy Little Stampers-CAS-One Layer
Crafty Creations-Anything Goes
Addicted To Stamps-Anything Goes

Both of these stamps are at least 5 years old and I used these to make thank You cards for the people who contributed to the Alzheimer's Association or the Veteran's Affairs since my mom was a big supporter of the men who fought in any war. My mom's celebration of Life was really quite beautiful and I was so very happy with the turn out. My brother's boss was there with his wife throughout the whole service but my boss never even showed his sad face. For that I have not really spoken to him at all and will express my disappointment in the annual review. I feel I must tell him that his no show was dead wrong! He is retiring in July and has no care any more but that is no excuse in my book.

Anyhoo, I made 20 cards using these images to send to the people who gave or sent us flowers and to my dearest friends as well. They were stamped on basic white cardstock and coloured with prisma colours. I used the gamsol to blend the colours together, added the Thank You stamp which I embossed in silver pearl and added some stickles since my mom loved glitter just like me.

I found out from the others that my boss had his 45th or 50th wedding anniversary that day. My fellow co-workers(just 2 of them) thought I knew because he told them that he felt bad he couldn't go but he never said a thing to me! Yesterday,  I told him what I found out and that I was sad and disappointed but now understand why he didn't attend. Mr. Emotion said he couldn't attend because of the anniversary and was looking down and said he would have been there. ...sigh. It was sticking in my craw so I had to speak up.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Wandering through the Shelves- Cannes Film Festival

This is THE film festival that started in 1946 and many film people coveted the Palm d’Or  for their film with many winning, but many more losing out. This showcases many foreign films because it caters to all films plus the city becomes deluged with film people, paparazzi and naked gals on the beaches. I wish I have the ability to see more foreign films but I am unable to, so my choices are English speaking films. Head on over to Wandering Through The Shelves to find out what fun films the others have chosen.

1. MARTY-1955

I only saw this film about a year ago and it is a sweet film done on a style that was quite typical for the 1950s. A play created for film, shot in black and white, showing average people in full-on angst. This film is about a lonely butcher who still lives at home, caring for his mom, who happens to meet a lonely teacher at a dance. They strike up a romance and each must overcome hurdles...but will they? I actually found this sweet and not as heavy handed messagy( yes, I created this word) as other films from this time. It’s well acted by Earnest Borgnine who normally played thugs until this point and showed a range not yet shown before and he won the Oscar.

2. M.A.S.H.-1970

I love the great comedy/drama series starring Alan Alda and Loretta Switt that still has the largest amount of people ever to watch a series end. It is a brilliant series but it is based on a film starring Elliot Gould and Donald Sutherland as 2 doctors patching up people at the 4077 MASH unit in Korea during the Incident( insert eye roll). It is a dark comedy with the doctors drinking, screwing and creating chaos wherever they go but providing excellent care to the wounded. There are some brilliant shots especially the last supper scene. I found this an excellent comedy that came out at the height of the Vietnam War.

3. THE PIANO-1993

This is the first film to win this prestigious award that was directed by a woman, Jane Campion. It takes place during the mid 1800s  where a woman, with her young child, is sold by her dad to a plantation owner in New Zealand. The young woman has not spoken since she was 6 and finds solace in her piano. This is one sensual movie even though you see Harvey Keitel in full frontal. It is actually tastefully done and well acted. You really feel for the woman and the man who plays her wanna be lover dealing with the oppression of, not only her husband but of the heat of this damp jungle. Her daughter is excellent as her mother’s voice and young Anna Paquin won an Oscar for her performance. I really enjoyed watching this film especially since I don’t have to listen to Holly Hunter talk who also won the Oscar that year.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Hurray!!! Card making finally

Hello everyone! I am back to making cards and will show more later but I wanted to showcase this card I made for my friend who's having a birthday on the 14th and she loves anything hot and with a beach.

Tic Tac Toe-Choose any row from above
Butterfly Challenge- Denim Blue, Dark Salmon, Dimension, Die Cut
Stamplorations Challenge-Theme and Sketch-Things with wings
Simon Says-Animal Magic
Crafty Creations-Anything Goes

I chose Flip Flops, Sunset, Free-butterflies is my choice for that spot for the Tic Tac Toe Challenge but I incorporated the colours and added dimension for the butterfly challenge. Since there is actually no sketch and the theme is things with wings for Stamplorations, butterflies fit perfectly. I also consider butterflies magical which seems to fit the Simon Says theme.

I took glossy white card and sponged on colours to make a sunset. I stamped the images in a navy blue. I had a flip flop sticker which I adhered to a salmon glitter card piece and cut it out. I just bought a new die cut leaf pattern which I used on 3 different card stock pieces in blue and glued it to the corner. I added the gold edging, a salmon coloured butterfly and a little bling. I think this looks a little magical.

Since my mom died plus the accident and the bathroom disaster, I have been having a hard time picking my butt off the sofa but I am getting my groove back. I know Mother's day is close so that will be hard. Funny what we miss, I miss her shoulder to cry on.

Monday, May 7, 2018

A to Z Reflections

The A to Z Reflections....I , once again, enjoyed reading people's blogs and found some blogs very informative while others, I found fun. I think I will change it up next year...famous last words but change is good. I liked the link post  but noticed not everyone used it and, I even forgot a couple of times but that is on me. What was nice was one could still go to the entry list and find more people there.

I feel bad that I did not respond to all the comments and fell behind with some great blogs plus I wish to catch up especially with the people who commented on my blog. It's always tough to comment, read the blogs who follow you or you follow them, and visit new people who participated with the A to Z Challenge. All I can say is I did my best and I enjoyed myself. I think this is what we need to take away...have fun, don't sweat it and expand one's horizon as it were.

That's it for moi! Have a fab Day!!

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Thursday Movie Picks -Making a Fresh Start

How many of us had to make a fresh start? I know some of us made choices for a fresh start whereas others were forced into it either by an ending of a marriage or a health issue. Whatever the reason, we can all relate in some ways although I’m not sure how many dealt with the issues in the movies I’m about to talk about. Check out Wandering Through The Shelves and see what other films have been chosen. Here are my 3...


Yes, I went back....waaaaaay back to a film that shows its age and I don’t mean that it just a silent film but one that goes with the times of that era. We must remember that people were not as tolerant as they are today. It stars the remarkable Lilian Gish as a naive girl taken in by a smooth talking jerk (we have all been there) and becomes pregnant by him(not all of us have been there:)). Of course, he drops her like a hot potato and, when her baby dies, she wanders out into the cruel world until she comes to a home where she decides to start a new life. This film has the famous climax of Gish on a floating ice field with her hand and hair dangling in the water with Richard Barthlemess jumping from ice to ice trying to reach her. Now, they are not going over a major waterfall like Niagara Falls but they did film this during an actual blizzard and the cameraman, Billy Bitzer, had to do all he could to make sure the camera would not freeze. When I watched the AFI salute to Ms. Gish and they showed this scene, there was an expression "OMG" from the audience at the climax of that scene. I’ll never forget that nor that Gish suffered from pain in her hand until she died.


This is a pure doomed romance set during the war...the First World War but obviously making a statement on the Second that was going on at this point. It stars the beautiful Vivien Leigh as a young ballerina who falls for a handsome and rich man ready to go to war. They plan to marry but she finds out he has died at the front and she is destroyed. Naturally she turns to hooking for a living so her life turns to crap only to find out he never did die. What is a girl to do change her life again? She was a good girl gone bad trying to make good but this is the height of the Hollywood Censorship time so what will happen?? This was Vivien Leigh’s, Robert Taylor’s and Winston Churchill’s favourite film.


Oh yes, I moved ahead a few decades because I just re-watched this film about a month or so ago. It stars Julia Roberts as a young woman married to a handsome, rich man who happens to be a very controlling, physically and emotionally abusive man. She can’t take it anymore so she decides to fake her own death and start a brand new life in a nice American town in a home I wish I could afford. What will happen?? Well, you can take a few guesses since this film is not surprising by any means but I have a better view of this film the second time around. It is well acted and well thought out and I was most surprised by Patrick Bergin who plays her husband. It’s worth taking a look but know it is not a masterpiece by any means.

What films would you choose?