Wednesday, July 23, 2014

1964 Film Blogathon

I was thinking  about writing up something for the film world of the year I was born...ok not the best sentence but see if I care:) 

1964 was a banner year mainly because I was born and soon my dad would nickname me the screaming Hyena but that is for another day. There were many great events that happened that year like the Beatles coming to America but also some great films like A Hard Day's Night which you can review at At All Things Kevyn. This is part of Hitchcock's Announcing the 1964 Film Blogathon 

I chose "The Train" starring Burt Lancaster and Paul Scolfield (under-rated actor) and directed by the great John Frankenheimer. 

I don't consider myself a critic nor have the ability to write like so many critics where they blow me down with their words and cocksure attitude but I know what I like and love and I love this movie. ...I mean film!
It takes place during WW2 and how a nasty German Kraut (Scofield) steals priceless pieces of art to be placed on a train and taken out of France to Germany. Burt Lancaster plays the reluctant French resistance hero. 

It is filmed in black and white( never put colour to this film...or any film!), It is stark and well-acted. The Train derailments and explosive scenes are real! Burt Lancaster limping is real (he twisted his ankle golfing so the director used it to enhance the film) as well as Burt's stunts. He was a circus performer once so seeing him in action gives this film even more realism.  Of course this is based on actual events and one wonders about all the art that has been seized and never found which is a detriment to humanity! 

I saw this film 2 years ago on the now defunct "Saturday Night At The Movies" (I weep that it is gone and miss the great Elwy Yost) and I could not leave my seat from the clever writing and action in this film. There are certain scenes that always stick with me that make a film a true highlight and the last scene in this film, which questions the very nature of art and humanity, made me weep. 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Insecure Writers Support Group plus a Card or 2:)

Another month  for the Insecure Writer's Support Group and the year is half over!! Oh me oh my. I really enjoy reading people's blogs, seeing their cards and finding out how wonderful people are in general. The people who are writers go through so many obstacles that it must be daunting so I am going to try to help out in my own feeble way.

  • Procrastination-We all do it whether it is to avoid writing or taking care of that dust that those ugly dust mites enjoy eating (most dust is caused by our own skin-blechhh). The main point is we get back to our project, renewed and invigorated.
  • Tired- We can be so tired from trying to write or just getting into writing since we have families, jobs, health issues and that we would rather just sit and watch a movie. I say Give yourself a break! You all deserve a break on occasion. Once we take care of the all the irritating things like jobs, kids, pets (never pets) then we can  enjoy the T.V., um I mean the writing.
  • Writer's Block- Every person will have a mental block whether it is about writing, creating a card or deciding what bad thing to eat. All of you are blessed with blogland and the other people who feel the same and can help. Often by leaving the piece, an idea will spring forth, usually at the most inopportune time(in the middle of a bathroom break or at 3am in the morning when you wake up with a start and have the Eureka moment)
  • Publishers, Editors and all those others- I had no idea what all of you face when it comes time to send your work, that you have poured your heart and soul into,  to these people who neither respond, respond but in caveman years, decline you or accept you only to edit everything you worked for. I say to keep going because you are talented people and there are many big time authors who have been refused many times over before they were recognized and finally published. Perseverance is the key, not only in writing, but in life.
  • Guilt- I have read so many and all of you feel so guilty that you have not started, have not finished, have not edited or re-edited. You feel guilty about not being there for your family, friends and blogger friends. Guilt is a horrible feeling and I know as I feel guilty about everything...just saying:) Guilt does not help but hinders ones thoughts, actions and feelings. Family, when they know you, understand, friends too and blogger friends included as they are fellow writers and so truly "get it".
  • Fear- Now this is a biggy! We can fear everything. I am so scared of heights that I will travel an hour out of the way to avoid a bridge. I become crippled with fear of heights that my thoughts become completely distorted. Fear, schmear!!! I am in awe about all of you. Some of you are writers full time and are following your dream. How amazing is that! You write what you love and are doing what you love from science fiction to fantasy to romance to teen angst plus more. I think you guys are just swell. Now you can pick apart that last sentence since I am certain that the grammar is not all that great. 
I made a card for all of you as inspiration and hope you enjoy. The 2nd card is for a wonderful lady, Asha, who makes great cards and loves animals and her one dog, Rosie, is going through chemo right now so the second card is for her.

Crafty Creations - Things with Wings

Layered Cardstock. Used createx paints to create "THE FINAL FRONTIER"-hahahahaaa. Embossed the words and used the cuddle bug for the butterfly. Finished it off with stickles, and stickers.

Eclectic Ellapu-For the pinks-Furry Friends

Animal Friends Challenge - Dog or a cat

Stamped the dog (remind me of my Katie) in black on glossy white paper. Took nestibilites and cut and embossed the layers. Added the blue cardstock and stamped the corner and embossed in white glitter. Added some white stickers for a final effect.

This is all and for the next few days, until Monday, I am off on an adventure! My friend, Loretta, and I are going on a great road trip to Indiana, Pa to the Jimmy Stewart museum and then to Jamestown NY for the Lucille Ball museum. I won't be able to read some of your blogs until I am back. I promise we have not rented a convertible, we will not go to any divey bar, blow up any trucks or send ourselves, smiling no less, off a cliff.  Have a great week!