Thursday, June 29, 2023

Thursday Movie Picks: TV Edition- Revenge


I know there is a TV show called Revenge but I only saw the first episode and then lost track. Wandering through the Shelves stumped me at first but then the dusty cogs started turning and I came up with 3 that, I think, fit. 


Revenge is a constant in Soaps and this is one I have watched since I was a little kid. My mom watched this soap since it started which is why I watched it so long ago. In fact, there is an actor on the show whom I recall as being a young tween who often sought revenge…Scotty Baldwin. He fell in love with Laura but she ended up running away with Luke Spencer. This was at the time when the show was nearly cancelled until Luke no Laura ran away. Luke’s sister, Bobby Spencer ( played by Jaclyn Zemon who just died of cancer at age 70 and made her last appearance a month ago) wanted Scotty and sought revenge against Laura whereas Scotty sought revenge against Luke. Later on Bobbie softened and was not a meanie but others came and went and revenge was always big. Just recently, a character, that I can’t stand,  got her Royal twit in a knot and sought revenge against her boyfriend’s ex-wife but, obviously, it backfired. They never learn.

2. DALLAS-1978-1991

This is the daddy of the night time soaps and started the rage of the soaps from the 90s with big hair and big shoulder pads. This starred Patrick Duffy and Victoria Principal as newlyweds but from 2 bickering families who happen to be rich. Patrick is a nice guy( well, he was the man from Atlantis after all) but his brother, played by Larry Hagman is anything but nice. He is J. R. Ewing who loves to be mean because he can. In fact, this soap started the season ending Cliffhanger. The most famous is the “Who Shot JR” episode which, I remember, sweeping not just here but the world! It was revenge for how mean he was  and..shock! It was Bing Crosby’s daughter. 

3. DYNASTY-1981-1989

This is the one night time soap I never missed( anyone remember the Moldavian wedding massacre episode?) this starred John Forsythe as Blake Carrington who recently married his sweet secretary played by Linda Evans. Of course, his grown children dislike her, except for one…if I remember, and try to out her. It was not doing well in the ratings when Forsythe, up on murder charges, realizes he is in deep doodoo, when a mystery lady for the prosecution comes in. Of course that was the season cliff hanger which grabbed people’s attention so when it premiered and turned out to be Joan Collins chewing the scenery in all her shoulder-padded glory. It turns out she is his ex-wife and is seeking revenge! Joan brought the right spice along with glistening lips, fancy outfits and many sequins to see which person she was out to get.  When Joan and Linda Evans fight it out in the fountain pool, we weren’t sure who to route for. 

All 3 are fun, stupid and silly but you have to love the outfits and the stare downs.

Which tv shows make you think about revenge?

Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Wednesday Music- The Beatles...kind of


No, not that type of beetle! The English invasion known as the Beatles was the theme over at Monday Music Moves Me. It was suggested by Patrick from Adventures in Wiseland. Everyone did many songs from The Beatles which are, rightly, famous. I love the band but, strangely, I don't own an album of theirs...weird. I went a bit different but still all about the Beatles...


I love this band that happens to be Canadian and have a prog rock feel ( am I right with that assessment??). Someone suggested that they were actually the Beatles who were hiding under this name and it became quite the talk of the town for a while. You can hear the influence with this song.


I love, love, love this song by John Lennon which, I think, is a powerful song. Many get their butts in the air about " no religion too," but many wars were started as a result of religion( Crusades anyone, never mind the zealots in the name of their God who commit aatrocities). I have seen people on TV  say they believe in the Bible and place their gun on top of it...WTF? Some of the worst people I have met or seen are ready to judge and vilify another person because they disagree with their own beliefs. So, I think it's perfect to have that in the song. Sorry for my rant.


I had to place in a classical piece that Sir Paul composed  and he has composed more than one classical composition. The sadness is that the so called high brow snots scoff at his orchestral works which is such a shame because I think it's quite good. 

So these are 3 of my choices which are odd, except for Imagine(maybe), but it works. I do love The Beatles and my fav was always George. Loved him in The Travelling Willburys. 

Thursday, June 22, 2023

More Wedding Movies


It's still June and Weddings are the thing to do in June and the rest of the summer. I've been a bride once and a divorcee now but I still love looking back at my wedding. I've been many bridesmaids having to wear some outfits that just should never be. I never had to wear a seafoam green taffeta number with netting in the arms and skirt which catch a lot of bugs. This was a dress a friend had to wear. Anyhoo, I am picking 3 more recent films that can be considered rom-coms and here they are...


Julia Roberts played in quite a few of these flicks and, in this one, she is the best friend of a man she used to date but now are just best buds....until she meets his fiancée played by Cameron Diaz. Now, Julia wants her best friend back as her boyfriend and tries all sorts of tricks to get him back. She even brings in her other friend, who is gay and very handsome, to help her or, at least, tell her to smarten up. This is a fun flick where you can just watch and not worry about the world.


This was the surprise sleeper hit for the summer. It stars Nia Vangelos( who also wrote the script) as a mousy daughter of a large, boisterous Greek family that run a restaurant. She has a dad that believes windex is a cure all for everything, a loving mom, a crazy aunt ( played beautifully by Andrea Martin), a sister who thinks it's time to marry and have 6,000 kids and, in your face, brothers. Did I mention the nutty grandmother who sneaks into the next door neighbour's yard? In comes handsome John Corbett who finds this gal interesting but Nia, who likes him, feels she needs to stand on her own 2 feet and start looking a little better. She goes to school, finds a razor and calms down her big hair before meeting him again. We go through their courtship and see what he must deal with since he is marrying into this family. This was written in a somewhat autobiographical way and I enjoyed every minute! 


I bet Joel hates this it stars 2 semi-irritating stars in Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughan as 2 best friends who crash weddings to score. They have a system from getting into weddings, how to portray themselves and how to get available women. They go to a very fancy wedding held by a senator, played by Christopher Walkin and his drunk, nympho wife, played by Jane Seymour and meet 2 sisters played by Rachel McAdams and scene stealing Isla Fischer who is hilarious. Owen falls for Rachel and agrees to go the senator’s compound meeting the rest of the weird family and Rachel’s ass fiance, played by Bradley Cooper. They end up getting more than they bargained for when they end up on the stately island. I find this funny…stupid, but Funny and love the scenes with the freaky sister, played by Fischer and their weird brother who is on the other side of weird. I enjoy watching it when it comes on tv. 

What other Wedding movies can you think of?

By the way, the Oscar winner music from yesterday, was “ Can You Feel the Love Tonight” with the nominated song being, “Circle of Life” and the song that got nuttin’ was “Let Me Be Your Wings”. I  kind of like that song better than the Oscar winner.

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Oscar Songs 1994


This year, 1994, seems rather sucky when it comes to great Oscar worthy songs. I dug into Animation so let's see if you can guess which won the Oscar, which was nominated and which won got the loser badge. I'm joining the Monday Music Moves Me over at Curious as a Cathy. It's fun to listen to all the songs. Here we go...


This song comes from “The Lion King” which is a really good animated film about a young male cub who, after witnessing his dad's death ( yup, Disney), goes out on his own and is befriended by a warthog and a meerkat. All the songs were written by Elton John, starting his demise into blank white-toast dull musak. This is better but...meh


This song comes from the animated film, "Thumbelina" a fairy tale created by Hans Christian Anderson. If you've ever read his tales you know he must have suffered from depression( truth...the little mermaid dies and never gets her man. Oh, and every step she takes is excruciatingly painful). Thumbelina is the size of a thumb and wishes to be a fairy but she's to be betrothed to a toad( no, her real name is not Melania). All the music was written by Barry Manilow, white bread himself, with lyrics by Bruce Sussman & Jack Feldman.


This song is also from "The Lion King" not the porn version but the legit one ( the title just makes me think it should be from a porn film).  The music is also by Elton with lyrics by Tim Rice.

So, let's see if this is an easy one or not. Who won? Who was nominated and which got nadda?

Thursday, June 15, 2023

Thursday Film Fest- Weddings


I love my Jade who is 15 and still loves, loves, loves. It's June which means there are weddings galore, followed by a new home, new baby, more debt, and....divorce. lol I am such a romantic. There are so many movies about weddings I could do a part 2...maybe. Here are my 3...


This is a great comedy with Katherine Hepburn, who held the rights to the story having starred on Broadway, Cary Grant  and Jommy Stewart in an Oscar winning role ax a reporter who falls for the haughty socialite, played by Hepburn. You see, this rich gal is going to marry a dull moron but her ex husband, Grant, decides to come to the wedding to see her off. Her ditzy mother, alcoholic father and wise-ass younger sister all are viewers to the antics of their snotty loved one and Stewart and Ruth Hussey are sent by their Newspaper ( remember those?) to document the whole affair. This is funny, witty and intelligent.. a real gem.


I like Steve Martin but, with due respect, forget his remake of this classic comedy that stars Spencer Tracy as the father having to foot the bill, his home and his soul for his daughter, bride to be Elizabeth Taylor. We witness when she gets engaged to the time she actually marries the man she loves( this is fiction because she will love only this one guy and stay married unlike the real Liz who married 8 times). We see everything mainly through the eyes of her dad who is not happy with any of it. His wife, played by the wonderful Joan Bennett, does her best to keep her husband calm while she enjoys planning the wedding. This film actually coincides with Liz’s first marriage to Nicky Hilton( of the famous hotel chain and Paris Hilton’s great Uncle or Uncle..who cares) in a gown that looks similar to the one she wore on camera. Too bad Nicky was an abusive, alcoholic a-hole dooming that marriage in less than a year.


This is a musical remake of The Philadelphia Story starring Grace Kelly in the Hepburn role, Bing Crosby in the Cary Grant role and Frank Sinatra in the Stewart role. It s a pretty good remake and fun to watch especially the number with Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong and Crosby when they sing about Jazz. Kelly was perfect in this role since she was a socialite and was destined to become a Princess. No one talked about Kelly loving just about every co-star she starred with from Crosby, Gary Cooper to Clark Gable and William Holden. I don’t know if she had fun with Sinatra, but the only 2 men she did not bed down with was James Stewart and Cary Grant. She was young and her dad was not a nice person so she was looking for love which, I think, adds to her acting in this fun movie…strangely enough.

What wedding movies come into your mind?

Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Music on a Wednesday - Teenage Artists & Belated Happy Birthday Joel


The lady above is Linda Darnell, a famous actress from yesteryear, whom Joel loves and this is for his Birthday, which was yesterday when he turned ….29?…39? Who cares! He’s a great commenter on mine and other film nuts’ blogs and I always look forward to reading what he says. I decided to join the Monday Music Moves Me, which I always do on Wednesdays because, that’s just me. This week it’s about teenage artists and 2 came to mind and, I think, Joel will like these gals.


Deanna Durbin, that beautiful, operatic-singing, Canadian was born in 1921 who single-handedly saved Universal Studios from Bankruptcy. Here she is, before she turned 16, performing with the famous Conductor, Leopold Stokowski. The Met was truly interested in her but she felt she was not up to snuff yet…wow! This gal, disillusioned with her career, married, retired and settled in Paris never to talk about Hollywood again ( except for a rare interview in the early 1980s). She was happy, content and lived to be 91.


What more can one say about Judy. We know about her tragic life and early death at the age of 47 from a drug overdose but we forget that she was part of the Gumm Sisters (her real last name) and was the break out star. When she sang this song for Clark Gable at an MGM birthday party for him, the studio was so impressed that they placed her in the film, “Broadway Melody of 1938” where she played a lovelorn teen pining for Dear Mr. Gable. This song was written in 1913 by James Monaco with lyrics by Joseph McCarthy ( not the nut job senator from the 50s) and became one of her many signature tunes. She was only 15 here.


This song comes from a short called “ Every Sunday”  which was, basically, a screen test for the 2 young teens. MGM boss, Louis B. Mayer wanted to sign both up but Durbin’s contract lapsed and was swooped up by Universal. I just thought it was fun to show these 2 different musical artists together plus I love the old guy going 1,000 mph in his wheelchair…cracks me up every time.

Hope you had a great birthday Joel.

Thursday, June 8, 2023

Thursday Movie Picks- Seasons in Title


Wandering Through The Shelves decided on the seasons which is a good theme and more difficult than I thought it would be but I think I found 3 that work. Let’s get this going…


I like this movie with some quite good musical numbers aside from the justly famous “Get Happy” number with Judy Garland. I love the routine Gene Kelly created with newspaper and the dance between Garland and Kelly. This is the last film Garland made for MGM before being fired by them due to her addictions and mental state. You can see that Garland does not look all that well…tired but she does a great job, regardless, as the sister who works the farm singing away on a tractor( yeah, not a great opening scene of Garland) whose other sister comes with a troop of performers and her boyfriend, Kelly, only to leave everyone stranded when given a better offer. Enter Garland to save the day and the musical troop. Not one of the better films they made but still enjoyable.


This film was written, directed and stars Alan Alda as a happily married man to Carol Burnett who have 2 other married couples as friends who vacation each season together. This idyllic fun is blitzed when the one  couple split because he is unhappy in his marriage and winds up with a much younger woman. The other 2 couples must deal with their own feelings about this and what to do with their friendship with the former wife who now feels betrayed by everyone. I saw this film when it first came out and again a few years later but have not seen this in decades. I thought it was funny and thought provoking. I remember liking Carol Burnett and Rita Moreno in their roles. This is when Alan Alda, famous as Hawkeye Pierce from MASH, wrote, directed and starred in quite a few films during this time.


This is a horror thriller film more than just a horror movie starring Mary Steenbergen in 3 roles and co-starring Roddy McDowell as a creepy valet/right-hand man of this old coot in a wheelchair. Mary plays an actress approached by McDowell to appear at an audition to a director ( I think, it’s been a while) out of the city in some country mansion. You know this is not a good idea but now she is in it up to her fingers and slowly realizes that she is in some deep doodoo. I find this is more of a thriller than horror as there are no zombies or killers that keep coming back no matter how many times they die. It’s well done overall and there are some good surprises. 

So, what films can you think up that have a season in the title.

Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Weddings...Too Many


This picture is not from a wedding but from the German Open House during Folk Arts Festival. My friends and I still enjoy going to this and hope it keeps up. Weddings...I have been to so many, not my own...I am no Liz Taylor or Zsa Zsa Gabor, but have been to quite a few since I was a young teen. I'm joining with Monday Music Moves Me over at Curious as a Cathy. Since June is the proverbial Wedding month, I thought we should celebrate...


This was the first song that popped into my head...and stayed. I have to get it out of my head now. It was written by Jeff Barry and Ellie Greenwich when they were newly married.


This song became more famous when used as the theme for the TV Show, " Married With Children." I just like it andcwas not surprised when I saw the name Sammy Cahn attached to it with music by Jimmy Van Heusen.


Now this is a song I played at my wedding …it was the 3rd one to be played and the first fast dance. My first and, so far, only wedding was back in 1997 and it was fun! It was at my in-laws’ home situated just outside the city. We had a big tent and I picked all the songs and my brother placed all the songs on tape cassettes…yup, those old things. I have to say, it was a blast and this was just the right song to start off the night.

Now, a final song…

The blasted Chicken Dance!

How many of you danced to this at weddings? Don’t be shy, admit it. I’ve done this one and the Macarena. The Macarena is better than this one. My mom loved doing the Chicken Dance…oy vey.

What wedding songs come into your head?

Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Star Of The Month



BIRTH: June 13, 1892 in South Africa

DEATH: July 21, 1967

AGED: 75 years

DIED FROM: Heart Attack

REAL NAME: Philip St. John Basil Rathbone

MARRIED: Twice 2nd to Ouida Bergere from 1926 to his death. She was an actress and writer and later, his manager.

CHILDREN: 1 son with first wife. Had a daughter in 1928 with his 2nd wife but she died in infancy. Adopted a daughter in 1939.

OSCAR NOMINATIONS: Twice- “ Romeo and Juliet” - 1936 and “ If I Were King”-1938

TALENT: an expert swordsman who helped train Errol Flynn and Tyrone Power in the films they made together.

KNOWN FOR: His diction in the English language; 14 films he made as Sherlock Holmes and the very famous parties he and his wife gave. 

I always liked this character actor that made many films better because he was in it. He often played the bad guy done in by the likes of Errol Flynn, Tyrone Power and Danny Kaye but he was also known as the greatest detective, Sherlock Holmes, in 14 films with Nigel Bruce as Dr. Watson. I felt he often did his roles a bit tongue and cheek especially, later on, when he made movies like “The Girl In the Invisible Bikini” (a favourite of mine) to “Hillbillies in a Haunted House”. He was happy to be a good guy when he made the Sherlock Holmes movies only to be happy to be done with it by appearing on the New York stage in, “The Heiress” for which he won a Tony Award. Later, he often mimicked his Holmes character in TV Commercials. 

He was in WW1, under the London Scottish Regiment and was given the Military Cross for his daring venture of scouting out enemy lines in broad daylight under disguise( a white outfit with leaves and benches attached). He was also very angry when his younger brother died in battle in 1918. 

He got his acting chops playing Shakespeare notably, Romeo before he went to Hollywood. He was known as a genial man who gave some of the best parties with his wife, Ouida who really knew how to be the best hostess. I would have loved to have gone to one of their parties which were so famous Bob Hope made a quip about them in one of his movies. 

He was a professional in his field and more and had fun with it later on in his life. One of the best character actors to grace the screen.


1.  David Copperfield-1935

2. Anna Karenina-1935

3. A Tale of Two Cities-1935

4. Captain Blood-1935

5. Tovarich-1937

6. The Adventures of Robin Hood-1938

7. The Dawn Patrol-1938

8. The Hound of the Baskervilles-1939

9. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes-1939

10. The Mark of Zorro- 1940


11.  Crossroads-1942

12.  The Woman in Green- 1945

13. The Court Jester-1955

14. Tales of Terror-1962

15. The Comedy of Terrors -1963

Great sword fight between Rathbone and Tyrone Power

As Sherlock Holmes…

Monday, June 5, 2023

More Cards


Tic, Tac, Toe- #tttc211- I used Embossing, DIE Cut, Butterfly

I had 8 birthdays in May so I made a few cards. The 3 I showcase here are for my dear friend and her 2 girls. I stuck with a theme involving Spring and butterflies. I had this die cut frame from before and used my cuddlebug to emboss the flowery design. I used my tombow markers to highlight the images. I stamped the letter A( for Ali) and coloured it with the markers. I sponged around it to create a vignette and taped it all in place. Finally, I had this piece of paper I was using as a backsplash for other things and thought it would look good to create a butterfly so I die cut it on my sizzex and glued them in place.

Color Throwdown- CTD#745 colours are Green, yellow a d white.

For her youngest daughter (Zoe) I had another die cut frame and used a silver pen to highlight the edge. I stamped the letter and coloured it in tombow markers and used some white sparkle for the actual letter. I die cut the butterfly from a silver paper and, voila!

Butterfly Challenge- colours used- baby blue, Banana Yellow, Briar Rose, bow

Where the F#^* did my bow go? It's hand drawn and it must be under the one flower petal but it is there, I swear! I took another frame remnant and embossed it through the cuddlebug. I took my versa pad and gently skimmed it across so the pad was only on the top part of the embossed areas. Next, I brushed on the perfect pearl powders in a darker shade and lighter shade of blue to make it shimmer. I stamped the letter T ( for Tori, my friend's older daughter) and coloured it with the tombow markers. I die cut the butterfly using the same scrap piece of paper which looks pretty darn good, actually, and glued it in place. 

I've been busy and making some headway with the never-ending scrapbook. I had a great 4 days off. I hope all of you had a nice weekend. 

Saturday, June 3, 2023

What I Watched In May


This time I am better and am not late. Yesterday was my Birthday too so I did nuttin’ Honey! I just took today and Monday off and plan to enjoy my weekend. So let’s get the party started..

1. CAST AWAY-2000

Tom Hanks plays a, by the time, FedEx man who is the sole survivor of a plane wreck and lands on a deserted island. It’s quite good with some sad moments and funny ones too. Who knew Wilson could out act Helen Hunt? Well, that just says how much I like Helen Hunt…


Victor Mature is the gladiator who was just trying to defend his gal when the mean centurions are trying to find the red robe Jesus wore at his crucifixion. This is a sequel to “The Robe” which I still have to see. To say Jay Robinson, as Caligula, overacts and devours the scenery is an understatement,


This is considered one of the best comedies ever made and it is very funny but in a more subtle way. Mr. Hulot’s is a sweet but bumbling Frenchman who drives his beat up old car to the seaside  staying at a small hotel with many other French people also on holiday. Antics ensure but not over the top, beat it on top of your head kind of way, but more subtle. I do find other movies funnier but I’m glad I saw this movie.


2 men go on a fishing trip, pick up a hitchhiker not knowing he is a crazed nut on the lamb. They find out but are at the loon’s mercy. Quite intense and a good direction from Ms. Ida Lupino who should be better recognized for her directing and not just her acting.


Finally, I saw this somewhat autobiographical film of Bob Fosse, the alcoholic, drug addicted, constantly smoking, womanizing but brilliant dance man and director. It’s quite revealing and very sexual. Roy Scheider ( of Jaws fame) plays the lead and he deserved an Oscar, in my opinion. Ann Reinking, who had a long affair with Fosse, played the min lover in this film. It’s worth seeing.


Halle Berry plays the wife of a good man who was murdered and Benicio Del Toro plays the best friend who has a major drug habit. She doesn’t like the friend but slowly they help each other out while dealing with the loss. Better than I thought it would be.


This movie really reminded me of the great film, “ The Best Years of Our Lives” which is about WW2 vets returning home and dealing with battle fatigue as it was called then. In this film they are returning from Iraq and must deal with PTSD. It’s sad but so good. Not as good as the original but worth a look.


Great film starring Bette Davis as a vicious  maven of a rich family where she and her 2 brothers scheme to get more money but not sure how until her ailing husband comes back. She berates her husband mercilessly while her sweet daughter watches horrified at how mean her mother is. Great film made famous on the stage by Tallulah Bankhead but Bette does a such a great job as this viper. 


A fun adventure WW2 yarn with Burt Lancaster and Chuck Connors as 2 Marine buddies and the gal who gets between their friendship, played by Virginia Mayo. I never thought I would see Burt dressed up in some freaky statue performing in a tribal dance. 



This is still playing on TV based on Anne Frank and her family but centred on their main protector, Miep Gies and her husband. We see how difficult it was to hide the families behind the bookcase as well as be part of the Dutch resistance. Knowing what happens makes it, always, sad but you applaud Miep, her husband and the others who risked their lives to save the Jewish people and fight against evil. These are the true heroes, not sports people.


Hubby and I enjoy this Canadian show about young men, a woman pilot and an older hippie looking for cars left in the trees, bogs, water, in old sheds…you name it. What I love is that they are saving these heaps, cleaning up the environment and can see the potential in these cars. Of course, they must bargain for a good price and they usually win out. 

What did you watch in May?

Thursday, June 1, 2023

Springtime MishMash


I have decided to keep doing Thursday Movie Picks, inspired by Wandering Through The Shelves, who has decided to scale back to a bi-weekly event. I just enjoy it so much and now that spring is definitely here and, this week it feels like mid summer all of a sudden. This is so typical in the area I live but I’m going stop being Canadian and stop talking about the weather:). I decided to choose 3 movies that take place during the spring time and here we go…

1. MAYTIME-1937

This is the first film I saw starring Jeannette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy, that operatic team that became famous for their formulaic romance films only to disappear a few short years later, their films not the actors. My teen girl heart just fell for this film about an operatic diva telling her young friend about her life and the man she loved. We see how she falls passionately for Nelson but feels loyalty to the man that has shaped her career, played by John Barrymore. You know I love the music and the pure schmaltz that are their films, but they belong to this time period, just before the war, during the Great Depression when you heard wonderful singing and saw some great costumes. Thanks, Joel, for reminding me of this film since you chose this in one of your previous comments. The last time I watched this, was with my former mom in law, who loved their movies and the more romantic the movie got, the more her crossed leg would move back in forth. I love that memory.


About face! This takes place in a small,  quaint English village who welcome a group of men who seem nice, at first, until we and the villagers, realize all is not right in the early spring world. It turns out this group are nasty Germans who are invading England and no person is safe from their wrath. Time and again, the villagers try to get help to the outside only to get kiboshed in one form or another. This film was obviously made when World War 2 was going on but, thankfully, the threat of invasion was much, much less. This “what if” story is quite intriguing and one of the baddies is played by, be still my heart, David Farrar, whom I find very handsome and had, apparently, brilliant violet eyes. It’s a quirky film that is quite bold for its time.


Matthew Broderick became famous playing this devil may care high school kid who wakes up, notices what a beautiful spring day is out there, and decides to play hooky. He talks to us, breaking down that wall in film, while getting his hypochondriac best friend to play hooky with him. After getting his girlfriend out of school, the 3 enjoy the day while his sister, played by Jennifer Grey ( they were dating in real life) is steaming that her brother gets away with all this while people rally around the dying Ferris. The principal doesn’t believe Ferris is sick either and goes to great pains trying to locate him and get him expelled. It’s a fun flick directed by the great John Hughes who seems part of the 80s in so many ways. 

I was all over the place with my films but I stuck to Spring. What Spring movies can you think of?