Monday, June 29, 2015

My Top 10 Favourite Film/TV Characters

This is right up my alley!! C. D.  Gallant King from "Stories I Found in the Closet" gave his 10 favourite film and TV characters and invited others, one of them being little ole me, to join in on the fun. I gave it some thought and it was dam hard to limit to just 10. I could name 10 favourite characters of John Wayne alone. I mean John Wayne is an amazing actor and I don't care who says otherwise. James Stewart is another man that I adore as all of you, by now, probably know. I am just salivating to showcase my top 10 and  I have included TV Characters as well. Now if you notice I have not mentioned any women...I mentioned before I can't limit to just 10. They will have their own top 10 list next Monday.  So without further ado (or is that adieu) here is my list:

Lt. Col. J. Algernon Hawthorne

A great chap from "It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World" who was minding his own business collecting Cacti in the desert when he happened upon the family of Hell headed by Ethel Merman ("Sylvester!"). Of course he is eagerly brought in to find the money hidden under the Big W.  Who doesn't love that gap-toothed grin?



Surprise!! Back in the 70's, much to my mom's chagrin, I would come home from school and watch "Gilligan's Island" followed by "Lost In Space". I think I drove her nuts. Who wouldn't love the stupid oaf who has not quite figured out that he has 2 hot babes (and I don't mean Mrs. Howell) that he could have his way with for many years. Nope! The dumb oaf would get all nervous and then knock himself out when Ginger tried to kiss him. He always caused some trouble and I do believe he was the Skipper's boy toy...just saying.


Bond.....James Bond

Was he a bad boy that set women's lib back 500 years? Yup. Shouldn't he be dead by now from cancer from all the smoking he did? Yup! Shouldn't he be dead from cirrhosis of the liver? Yup! Shouldn't his penis (note the small gun) have gotten gangrene and fallen off from all the sex he has had? Yup..actually double yup! I can't get enough of this character and I do like Sean Connery the best.  He showed arrogance, posh, swagger and all the other idiotic things that this character has in spades. I never miss a film and can't wait to find out what the main women characters are called (my favourite is Pussy Galore). If  he came into my life with bullets blazing only to be dragged into a car being driven by him avoiding the bad guys and then be seduced and left in the dust,,, would I do it? Yup! Just call me Birgie Bosumbottom.


Arthur "Cody" Jarrett

Now you have your psychos and then you have Cody played brilliantly by James Cagney. A man who adores his mom a bit too much and who suffers migraines when things just are not going his way. Now I don't think I would ever want to meet this nut but this character is so well-developed and brilliantly acted that you can't help but root for the crazy ass. Top of the world to ya!



What's not to love about one of the best characters from a book and movie? He seems so sweet and not very strong but whoaaaa! He can kick some ass!! From his old pointed hat to the bottom of his ragged robes at the bottom, this Wizard commands respect and gets it and we know his underwear is in wonderful rainbow colours. He can stand the test of time and will.


Rooster Cogburn

Forget about Jeff Bridges' horrible portrayal of this character (Yes I said this so blech-sticking out tongue). Nobody can make this character as wonderful as the Great John Wayne. He doesn't have to create a gravelly voice that sounds like he is trying to hard (sorry Jeff, I like you but not in this role). This character boozes too much, shoots first and asks questions later and can be quite ornery but has a heart that defys the man. He shows no fear and you want him beside you when you feel bullied. This is the best portrayal of this character, hands down. "Fill your reigns you son of a bitch!"


Rod Serling

OK, OK, I am breaking, um, bending the rules here a bit but it just wouldn't be me otherwise. Rod Serling was a great writer who wrote "Requiem For A Heavyweight" but is best known for the TV series, "The Twilight Zone". He wrote many of the episodes and he introduced each episode. They were excellent shows that starred many great actors and were often quite eerie and thought-provoking. I can say it just would not be the same without his unique speaking and delivery. He also looked like a typical GI Man or Newsman so that just helped the series even more.


Neal Page and Del Griffiths

Yup, Breaking...bending the rules again because these 2 go hand in hand...except when they are between 2 pillows:) It is like an updated Odd Couple with Steven Martin as the  always in control, clean, happily married ad man on the road with John Candy's  sloppy, good-hearted shower curtain salesman. Neal Page learns a thing or 2 from his new found friend Del and this has become one of  my all time  favourite comedies with a heart.


Ethan Edwards

This is a famous scene with John Wayne paying homage to a great silent western star, Harry Carey who had passed away before this film was made. John Wayne made sure his wife and son had parts in the film. Ethan is a driven man who is racist and harbours a secret love for his brother's wife. When they are killed and their daughter is taken by the Indians, he goes on a 5 years actually, to find little Debbie, and bring her home...or does he plan to kill her instead? A haunted man who dreams of family but will never have one. Brilliant acting!


George Bailey you didn't know:) If anyone knows me they know this is my favourite film and Jimmy Stewart is my favourite actor. Believe ,me it pains me to have just 1 character portrayed by Jimmy Stewart on this list because I can easily do 10 and Hawkins, his short-lived TV show, would be on this list. George Bailey is flawed-he is a man who always wants to leave his hometown to see the world and resents his entire life that he built. Due to his loyalty and his inability to say no, he keeps the Bailey building and loan alive to fight evil Potter. He reluctantly gives in to his passion( one of the best passionate scenes he ever had) and marries Mary and he creates new homes for people to get out of the slums built by Potter. He never sees what he has until he is pushed to the brink of suicide and an angel intervenes. He is the everyman we all want to have as a neighbour, employer, friend, marriage partner and dad. What is not to love?

So this is my list. Can you name all the men who played Bond?  I would love to know if some of you out there in blogland would love to make your own about it? Alex Cavanaugh(Mr. Ninja), Stephen T McCarthy, Mr. Shady Del Knight, Cherdo by the Flipside, and anyone to read what you pick. My women's list(save the best for last-hahahaaaa) will be next Monday.

Gratitude or Kick me in the Ass and tell me what Life has to Offer

So I can bitch and moan with the best of them and where does that get me? I start channeling Marlene Dietrich calling everything "Kvatch" (crap) and singing "Falling In Love Again". You don't want to see this..or worse, hear this because you will think cats are mating and are not having a good time.

So I missed last month's Gratitude Circle which you can find at Vidya Sury's blog. This wonderful lady often speaks about the joy of living. You should check it out. On the last Thursday of the month, people can join this circle and speak about what they are grateful for.

1. Birthday Mahem! If anyone has read my recent posts you know that, in May, I went through 7 Birthdays in 2 weeks, not including my own. Someone wrote on my blog how blessed I am to have These many birthdays to celebrate. I had to ponder this and realized she is absolutely correct! My family means the world, my hubby means even more and my friends and their kids I keep close to my heart. I am blessed to have so much celebration.  They loved their gifts and we all enjoyed nice gatherings the past few weeks.

                                                           Me and Hubby, Hubby and Me

2.  Spring! My hubby has been hard at work keeping the yard looking really quite pretty. The side yard(we live on a corner lot) used to be gravel and full of weeds and now it is a beautiful lawn all thanks to hubby since I can't. To be even more honest he has forbade me to touch any plants since I seem to be the kiss of death. Hell I would even talk to them and they would still die. Hmmm maybe I needed to use some breath mints.

                                                         Front Garden-I did not touch them:)

3. I am a dog person...I love my Wallace and I miss my Katie girl deeply. My hubby is a cat man and we have 4 cats, Naddie, the boy who can't meow and runs like a girl, Lucy-the Diva, Jade the lover and Mia-fat, fatty, fat...and a bit psycho. What are we to do? Oh yes get another cat! I am a cat lady (sigh). We rescued another one and named him Kaspar (not Casper:)) He is a sweetheart who is 2 years old, loves to play and all the other cats are not happy. Wallace, on the other hand, is infatuated by him. He was found on a golf course where I think he was trying to get a hole in one but probably using the sand pits for his own litter box. Even though he has that evil moustache from many silent film villains, I am so grateful for this kitty- he just better not climb my Christmas Tree in December or he will be hearing violins! :)

                                                        Kaspar or Snidely Whiplash:)

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A Manly-Man's Card

Green, Dark Orange and Pale Misty Green cardstock. New stamps-pocket watch and gears. Sentiment saying, embossing powder, dye pads, white paste and green powder.

Chocolate Baroque-Colour Challenge-Dark orange, orange, apple green, light mist green
Craft Your Passion-Always Anything Goes
Eclectic Ellapu-Purple team-Steam Punk
Glitter and Sparkle-One for the Boys
Simon Says-Anything Goes

This is for a male friend of mine who left his free spirit ways and bought a condo in Vancouver area and now has to buy furniture and other stuff to fill it. This is the man who is a tour guide on a bus taking tourists to Banff, Jasper and Lake Louise, must deal with the beautiful views, great food, great rooms and partake in horseback riding or seeing a nearby glacier. He lived in a home for a few years renting a room out for $400/mth and was on his ex-partner's travel pass for Air Canada. He could travel anywhere for $30 that Air Canada went to. In the winter, he didn't work and flew off to Thailand for the past 3 years where he swam in the ocean, saw the beautiful culture and enjoyed life. Yes, he is a bastard! Hahahaaa He is a dear friend but he is still a bastard. My poor friend is now off the Air Canada pass, bought a condo and has his new boyfriend from Thailand with him who is on a work visa. His boy I mean boyfriend is quite dependent on him and it is freaking my friend out. Since it is my dear friend's birthday I thought I would give him the gears (nyuck, nyuck) and remind him that time is ticking by:)

I enjoyed this challenge using the colours presented in Chocolate Baroque and trying to figure out what "Steam Punk"- is it a punker being steamed in a big vat-not pretty or a punker being really steamed about something and seeing his green spikey hair turn magenta pink? My friend deserves a card from the heart because this whole experience is very unnerving for him. He sees beauty everywhere so I thought this Kafka quote was great to use. I embossed it  with a powder I can't recall the name by (does that make sense? It is late and my butt is sore....ok,ok too much information). I also used the paste and this wonky ribbon with holes in it to make the dot design and just spread the green paste over it. Oh wow-my 2nd card!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Finally A Card! I hope more on the way:)

White and grey cardstock. Cuddlebug and sizzex machines for embossing and die cut, Pink and turquoise die pad and matching embossing powder, Platinum embossing powder, tombow markers, sentiment stamp and bird stamp, ribbon.

Color Throwdown- Turquoise, Magenta, Grey, White
Crafty Creations-Embossing
Eclectic Ellapu- Pink Team-Anything Goes
Fairytale Stampers-Anything Goes
Simon Says- Favourite Technique and/or Product
Whimsy Stamps Challenge- Use Ribbon, Lace or Twine
Dream Valley Challenges-Girly
Craft Your Passion- Always Anything Goes

OK I have been going crazy these last few weeks because every weekend we have been either going out for dinner or have had company over and made dinner. I must say the dinners were good! I try to reserve Sundays to make cards since I work during the week, visit my mom and basically collapse after work. Pain has not been kind on Sundays-so let's just say I have a feeling for the CRAZZZYY.
I have another card in progress but this was is done and I find it works for the challenges above. I love tombow markers from the very beginning plus I love embossing both the wet way (Birds with house) and the dry way(background flowers). Now I hope to complete 2 more cards before the end of the week if my body lets me. Geez it sounds like I am a split personality and being a Gemini-very true. So I say, with a straight face-Yippee to the beginning of a new week.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Yup! Immortal Beloved!!

It is the reveal of my film today! This is hosted by Mock and The Armchair Squid where each month a movie is viewed and we critique it. This month, like last month, we could choose our own film and give three trivia questions the week before to see if you guessed the film.

My 3 questions were

1.  This '90's film stars a great actor who played everything from  a punker, a terrorist and a vampire?
 - Gary Oldman
2.  It co-stars a famous daughter of very famous parents.
-Isabella Rossellini who is the daughter of Roberto Rossellini (director) and Ingrid Bergman (actress)
3. It is a true story about a love letter found after the man died.
The love letter was written by Ludwig Van Beethoven and it was titled "To my Immortal Beloved."

This is simply a fantastic film that came out in 1994 and stars the great Gary Oldman, Isabella Rossellini, Jeroen Krabbe and Johanna Ter Steege. In fact I was hoping Gary Oldman would get an Oscar nomination for this role.

This film starts out with Ludwig's death  with throngs of people wanting to just touch the casket of the great composer. He was the huge star of his day. This, indeed, is what happened. I have read a bit about his life which is quite a thrilling life. His secretary/friend, Schindler, played by that wonderful Dutch character actor, Jeroen Krabbe, sets out to solve the mystery of who Beethoven's Immortal Beloved is. You meet 3 women who pass through his life-one when Beethoven is young, another that Beethoven could not stand. She ends up marrying his brother and  from this union you see the worst in "The Maestro." The third, Beethoven has a long standing affair/friend with a countess played by Isabella Rossellini. The 2 actors started a relationship on the set and were engaged for a time.

The music, Oh this beautiful, sent from the heavens, music that Beethoven composed, most of which he composed when he was completely deaf (maybe he heard some thump sounds but unsure) is obviously, throughout the film and it helps move the film forward. The anguish in Beethoven's eyes and face when it is revealed to the public that he can not hear is heart-breaking.

The nastiness of the man is shown along with his brilliance and genuine love he has for the people in his life but he is a man of  great complexity. Not an easy man to want to know and all this is conveyed by Oldman's performance and the writing.

Did Beethoven actually write this letter? Yes he did! There has been much speculation as to whom (who?? writers, help me) it may be, but I have read that it could have been as one sees it in the film. You will have to see the film to find out.

My favourite part is when the 9th symphony is played. It is a powerful piece of music set to Beethoven imagining when he was a child beaten by his drunken father (bastard!) and he runs and runs until he finds a shimmering pool of water. In this pool he floats and becomes one with the heavens-sheer magic!

Can you tell I love classical music? Yup!! Put this music on and I am on cloud 9 unless you play Wagner's Gotterdammerung in which case I am Homer Simpson with my eyes glazed over and drool on my shoulder.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Oh My Gosh-It is 3 question time about a film I watched

I almost forgot about this fun blog hop-talk about a Bonehead move! This was created by Mock and the Armchair Squid where we watch a film each month and discuss it. This month is the same as last-it's a teaser-hahahaaaa! I write down 3 questions about a film I have watched and see if you can guess correctly. I will write about the film next Friday.

So here are my 3 questions -cue the Jeopardy theme music.....

1. This '90's film stars a great actor who played everything from  a punker, a terrorist and a vampire.

2.  It co-stars a famous daughter of very famous parents.

3. It is a true story about a love letter found after the man died.

I left out a big hint that I was going to use but deleted it at the last minute. Are you saying something??? I can't hear you???:)

Bonehead Blog Hop

Face your fears! Nope, not in writing, but in some boneheaded thing you said or did and share it with others who have no problem sharing our faux pas. It is  always on the 5th day of the month and is hosted by Diana Wilder at Diana Wilder...About myself, By Myself and Cherdo at Cherdo by the Flipside.

So this was "Let's piss of your boss" month. My boss is as exciting as watching paint dry. He actually reminds me of the Warner Bros cartoon of the frog that drives everyone he meets crazy. When he is alone with one said person, the frog sings and dances but as soon as someone else may see him, the frog stops and just lets out one long "ribbbiiiitttt). I say "Good morning" and his response is ...."Yuuuup".

I am a Credit Counsellor and we deal daily with clients that often must be sent to a trustee for bankruptcy or a Consumer Proposal. The trustees make money and so for years, they have taken us out for dinners. This has been going on for as long as I have worked there which is 24 years. Well, our boss told us in a meeting that this one trustee has not been sending the same amount of people to us as we have to them. They also lumped us in with those dreadful debt settlement places and bad mouthed us on their website. He informed us we are no longer dealing with that one trustee.

Now, in the past our boss did not like us going out for dinners but as long as it was after hours he was, begrudgingly, fine with it.  Right after the meeting, my fellow counsellor and I get an e-mail from the trustee wanting to go to dinner. Can you hear the resounding thud! The other counsellor and I decided to think about what to say and how to state we can't go out for dinner any more.

What was this blond bimbette to do...oh yes-be too honest that's what and have her brains up her ass! I wrote a very nice e-mail stating we are no longer able to go for dinners due to the issues mentioned above. Can you hear that certain brown smelly stuff hit the fan?

Yup they called my boss and then the next day, the one trustee came to the office to speak to our boss who then thanked me for opening my mouth and placing him under the bus (my brother put it like this). I apologised to my boss realizing that I should have just sent the e-mail to him without responding. Oh wait! That would have been the intelligent thing to do but I wanted to get into some method acting and channel Chrissy from Three's Company so I sent the %$#! e-mail. The other counsellor told me not to feel so bad because I showed it to her before I sent it and she thought it was fine since we always dealt with the dinners before.

Regardless, I also had my performance appraisal and he listed that I was too blunt but being German I can't help it. I wasn't going to correct him and say I am Canadian of German descent. He also looked right at me when saying that if the other counsellor becomes manager here after he goes and keeps her files there is no reason to have another counsellor so that made me feel rather ill. I think I put a big bull's eye on my butt. So that is my bone head move for the month.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

IWSG-My Most Memorable Birthdays

It is the first Wednesday of the month which means this is the time to let out your insecurities  and fears to the Insecure Writer's Support Group. Hosted by Ninja Captain Alex J Cavanaugh, this is to help people who are dealing with all sorts of emotions regarding writing, I just write here because I enjoy it even if I am grammatically challenged and brain challenged. Right now my butt is numb from listening to the great Battle Of The Bands posts hosted  by Stephen McCarthy and Far Away Eyes.

What am I writing about? Well June 2nd was my birthday and I turned 51. Yup I am over a half a century old and am waiting for that blue hair my Oma wore so wonderfully (actually it was lavender). I share my birthday with that incredible Tarzan, Johnny Weismuller. Mr "Jane...Tarzan...Jane...Tarzan" fame. I also share it with the Marquis De Sade. Sigh- I have one who is not the brightest bulb and one who was truly nuts and thought using bodily fluids was a turn on for sex. At least I know even Mr. De Sade would say 50 Shades of Crap is , well, crap.

So I had 7 birthdays starting May 14th and ending with mine and I thought why not list some birthdays that stuck out for me for various reasons.

1. I was little and recall getting a doll that rode a tricycle and could walk(kind of). I thanked my parents but was already thinking of things I could do to that doll since I thought it looked blank and stupid. I couldn't give it a punk haircut like I did to one of my Barbie's so that was out.  I had a friend over and my brother had his neighbour friend over and we had a fun time. No idea what happened to the doll.

2. Disaster! Why? I was a whiny brat. The one and only time there were lots of kids over and I got voted off Simon Says right away. I gave a temper tantrum and acted like a brat. I still feel embarrassed by my antics so let's move on.

3. So I had many birthdays over the years but they involved one or 2 friends, hotdogs, hamburgers, and homemade cake which was delicious since my mom is German and could make great Torte's with real whipping cream. No icing on my cakes which made you chip a tooth. Family was always there and my mom made it special with decorations and my favourite meal.

4. Later, when I was a teenager, my mom took me and one friend to Crystal Beach-A great amusement park with a Magic Palace, Laff in the Dark, and other great rides but no Comet(roller coaster) as I was terrified of heights. It was a great park.

5. I was 9 years old and my mom was gone to help her brother help pack his home because he and his family were moving to Germany. My mom said she would be back in time for my birthday but she couldn't be and I was crying. My dad and my brother could not see why I should be upset and they did nothing for my birthday. My mom was heart broken and boy did she give my dad hell when she returned. Yes I looked like that cute little penguin with Bugs Bunny that cried big ice cubes.

6. I always got books for my birthday and I loved it! I still have them all. Many were artists (Rafael, Durer, Monet etc...) from Time/Life, "Mysteries of the Unknown" plus any film books usually from my brother.

7. 1988-I turned 24 and my dad had just died on April 30th. It was rainy and under 50F but it was still lovely because I was with family and dressed like it was November-Damm weather!

8. Most of my 20's are a bit of a blur which yes was fully alcohol induced and I loved every moment of it even if I don't really remember much so let's move on. I know I danced to The Cure, Duran-Duran, or was that another time on my way to kill my liver....

9. Friends who surprised me by decorating my 1971 Ambassador (car) and surprising me at home-that was special. No they did not give me a heart attack

10. Last year-my hubby went all out for my 50th and invited all my friends. It was grand and he went all out. I love cake..can ya tell?

So that is my top 10 of memories unless you count my 20's which means they are all a bit vague... which means I had a ball! Now I am writing this ahead of time so who knows what June 2nd will bring. What are some of your memories of your birthdays? Do you still celebrate or are bah humbug? Oh and no I don't drink like that anymore, I would be in AA otherwise. I drink choice now is OJ and soda water:) or :-)