Sunday, May 31, 2020

Last Day for some Cards

Ladybug stamp, saying stamp, flower punch, paper scraps, glitter black felt scrap, embossing black powder, red sparkle embossing powder, black dye ink,Tombow Markers, special scissors, gems.

Addicted to Stamps-Anything Goes

This was fun to make and quite quick. I actually made these 2 about 3 weeks ago before, well, blah blah. I need to get my jolt juice again! So I have this little ladybug stamp which I stamped and embossed in black. I took a red tombow marker to colour the little bugs. I added a scrap red paper plus my heavy, sparkle, black felt and glued them down. I inked the saying in black and added black sparkle embossing powder to most of the words but added red sparkle to the word "loves'. I used my flower punch from a yellow and orange scrap paper for some zowie colour burst with 2 red gems for the centre.

Birds Stamp, silver embossing pad, various embossing powders, cherry blossom pink stickers, flower gems, dark blue chalk, Q-Tip, pink and shimmery navy blue cardstock.

Simon Says-Anything Goes
Dream Valley Challenges- Add Some Sparkle
Sparkles Monthly-Use a Real Stamp

I have a weekly day planner and, each week, a new picture is shown for that week. There are these beautiful birds, don't ask me what they are, but they have light blue head, iridescent body in blue and red legs. I decided to try to reproduce this using embossing powders that I sprinkled down in the area I wanted that colour to be. I heat embossed it so the colour is melted on (one uses the heating tool every time you emboss with embossing ink and powders). I took a Q-Tip to spread some darker blue around the image and adhered it to the cardstock. I finished it off with some pretty cherry blossoms and the flower gems. Oh, to make sure the chalk plus other stuff, like Perfect Pearls, doesn't come off your fingers, I spray hairspray in the air and move the card through the mist. 

Can you believe June is already here?

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Thursday Movie Picks:TV Edition-Competitive Reality Shows

I have been a cripple again and the pain is tiring. I’m sorry for not visiting like I want to...same old, same old. It’s TV time again over at Wandering Through The Shelves  and it’s about Reality shows but more to the competitive side. I hate...hate the nasty backstabbing crap that makes most of these shows so I refuse to watch Survivor, Big Brother, Hell’s Kitchen etc... I do watch The Amazing Race which is the closest to backstabbing I will get because I like the travelling. Anyway, here are my 3...


Everyone knows I love this show despite that DJ winning when he never should have because he was a lousy dancer because it’s ..nice. There is some typical crap that the executroids do like building up romance where there is none or showing the diva side of people but overall, it shows some fun dancing from the romantic waltz to the sexy Samba. They have had class D listers but they also have had some good people on there like Clovis Leachman. I also have fond memories of watching this with my mom who always complained about the wretched music they often choose for the waltz. I would love it if they did choose a Strauss piece for once. Now, Derek Hough is one of the best dancers and would have been a major star if it was the 1930 to 1950s but at least we can watch him dance a great Tango to Psycho’s theme. I hope you watch this.

2. WIPEOUT-2008-2014

So this was a funny show where, I am certain, some people were hurt but hell, this was all about the big balls! You had 2 nerdy hosts who would introduce the contestant, also nerdy and happily dumb going to their doom being interviewed by the hot gal  at the scene. The people had to go through a series of obstacle courses involving water, mud, slip and slide, twirling until you throw up until only 3 are left. These 3 must get through the final course where they are normally hurtled through the air into water and having to get to the end in the best time. I think they won $50,000 if they was funny.


They don’t gripe about the other contestants, they show their fears, they are polite and actually help one another while they must bake 3 concoctions and hope they become Star Baker for that week while one’s bake didn’t work out and they must leave the tent. The other bakers genuinely feel bad for the baker even though they are happy they have another week to try to be star baker. At the end, the one who wins, gets flowers and a crystal cake holder with the name of British Bake off etched on it. Yup, they win no money but they hope to get some acclaim baking chocolate soufflĂ©, biscuits, breads, cakes, you name it. I almost lick the screen each week and love this show that Canada now has their own Bake off. Thankfully, no back biting or meanness just baking. 

So these are my 3, which ones would you choose?

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Thursday Movie Picks- Great Last Movies of Actors

I am so trying to learn this new blogging format and I just screwed up my previous posts. Not sure how to get my newest back. Anyway, over at Wandering Through The Shelves, you get to choose a great film that was the final film an actor made. Once I got to thinking about this, quite a few films came to my mind including the crap films some actors made and was their last. Anyway, here are my 3 that I have chosen...

1. TO BE OR NOT TO BE-1942

Carole Lombard was beautiful, sassy, had a mouth of a hardened sailor and every person loved her. She loved practical jokes and could put people in their place with some wise crack or gesture. Once, when Alfred Hitchcock compared actor’s to cattle, he came onto the set the next day (for Mr. & Mrs. Smith) and found cows on the set instead of the actors. She was married to Clark Gable and they did both love each other. She was selling war bonds and wanted to get home quicker so she decided to take a plane. With her mom and others in tow, they took off only to crash into Tablerock mountain..there were no survivors. This film came out after her death and she never looked more stunning and gave one of her best performances as the wife of Jack Benny. Carole and Jack head a group of Polish actors in 1939 Poland when the Nazi invasion becomes all to real. The young air pilot, in love with Maria, goes to fight the Nazis and the acting troupe help the resistance movement. Even though the word “Jew” or “Jewish” is not said, it is heavily implied and this dark comedy has very deep overtones, a great comedy that I need to revisit.

2. THE MISFITS-1961 

This is actually the last film for both, Clark Gable, and Marilyn Monroe who both died too young. This film was written by Arthur Miller  for his wife, Monroe although by now, their marriage was crumbling. This film is more of a character study on the 4 main principles, recently divorced Monroe who meets Gable( his first name in the film is Gaylord, “Gay”..poor guy) and they go out to a home that his buddy, Eli Wallach has built. When they go to a rodeo, they meet up with Montgomery Clift who becomes friends with Monroe. Wallach and Gable decide to capture Mustangs and sell them for dog food (disgusting!) and when Monroe witnesses, she starts fighting them and yelling at them calling them of Monroe’s best scenes. This film is known for the huge difficulties and it unfairly marks Monroe as a reason for Gable’s death just 12 days after filming completed. Monroe was difficult  during the making of this film often not showing up for filming and always very, very late. She could not remember her lines and was heavy into booze and pills. Clift had his own demons as well and John Huston, the director, was drinking heavily, gambling, falling asleep on set and just not keeping hold of this film. Gable, a consummate professional, was affected by this but he also wanted to do his own stunts including being dragged by a horse in 108 F heat. He knew he had heart problems but was ignoring what the doctors were telling him. He died of a heart attack shortly before his 60th birthday and before the birth of his son. Monroe was filming another film before she was fired and died u Dee mysterious circumstance in 1963. Even though she was a mess, I believe she was murdered. Anywho, this is an excellent film. And worthy a watch.


John Wayne, one of my favourite actors, played an aging gunfighter coming into town to get a second diagnosis from a friend who is a doctor, played by James Stewart. He has cancer and it is throughout his body and has not much time left. Wayne just wants to be left alone to live out what’s left of his life but his reputation will not allow that to happen. He resides at a boarding house run by Lauren Bacall who dislikes what he is but slowly shows her gentler side to this man. Her son, played by Ron Howard, idolizes this man and wants to know all about his exploits but Wayne just wants peace. He does end up friends with this young man but does not want this boy to glorify what Wayne’s life was. This is a deeply moving, sad film brilliantly acted by Wayne who knew this was his swan song since he was battling cancer and died from it in 1979. Despite the sadness, it’s a film worth seeing and I hope you do.

Which films would you choose?

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Thursday Movie Picks-Girl’s Trip

So, one day my best friend, Loretta and I went on a road trip and had a great time visiting James Stewart’s home town and Lucille Ball’s home town enjoying every moment. So how could we cap this? Oh, I know, we decided to shoot up a tanker trailer to make it blow up, have the police force come after us and, smiling at one another, hold hands while speed driving off a cliff. Don’t all girls do this? I mean don’t we? Oh, and we play that Brenda Lee song, “Is that all There Is.”  I’m sorry but that song is one I laugh at every time it I hear it. OK, so this week it’s all about girl trips and I want to go another with my best friend. Let’s see what everyone else will choose so head over to Wandering Through The Shelves to find out. Here are my 3...

1. THE WOMEN-1939

This is one of my favourite films and one of very, very few films where not one man is shown. Men are talked about throughout the film but you don’t see one. Norma Shearer is happily married, so she thinks, and goes shopping and gets her nails done all while hob-knobbing with other women some sweet, others gossipy and others just nasty. The nasty played to the hilt by Joan Crawford. You soon find out Norma’s husband is having an affair with Joan Crawford who wants to move from perfume counter gal to rich bitch. Well, Norma decides to go on a trip to get a divorce only to meet other girls on the train and they all go together to find some fun in this pain. These women work well together with Paulette Goddard and Rosalind Russell almost stealing the show. I love how they show each woman and compare her to an animal...ok not politically correct but I don’t care because I always wanted to be compared to an animal and pray it’s not a warthog.


I saw this in the theatre and was pleasantly surprised at how much deeper it was than just a frolic with dumb ass gals. Whoopi Goldberg plays a woman who just ended a relationship with her girlfriend and her band. She wants to go to California and places an ad to share travel costs. In comes Mary Louise Parker who seems to be this uptight nerdy gal that Whoopi is not keen on. She decides to take her on anyway and off they go on an adventure picking up Drew Barrymore along the way. They all come with baggage that brings tears, laughter, loss and love but created in a non cloying way. It is intelligent and fun to watch.


Now this is one funny movie..not a great one or even a really good one but one that you can watch, laugh and forget right after..unless you are my best friend who went through over 2 years of sheer hell divorcing her narcissistic, arrogant jerk of an a-hole, bastard husband. This movie is about a successful woman, Cameron Diaz, who meets and falls in love with a charming(there’s that danger word) man who swoops her off her feet. She finds out that he is married...from his wife who will not leave her alone until Cameron finally relents and they decide to get even. They follow him on a trip to the Bahamas and find out he is with another woman, young and built, whom They quickly let in on the fact that the one is his wife and the other is his unknowing mistress. They soon find out how much the wife has been bamboozled by this schmuck and this is where the fun begins. My friend can so relate because, she was a good wife who signed what he put in front of her after gaslighting her for years that she had no clue about money. He had complete control, was often gone on business trips while she stayed home to care for their 3 kids. It finally came out, from a letter sent to her, that he was having an affair with someone, racked up huge amounts of debt in her name and, yes, he often went to the Bahamas. If you think this is unique, think again, her lawyer knew what kind of person he was before the first 5 minutes were in. Over the decades, he made her feel like she knew nothing and she is highly intelligent. So, for people who can relate, watch this movie and laugh because you are not alone.

What 3 films would you choose?

Monday, May 11, 2020

A Couple of Cards

Butterfly and saying stamp, gold and teal die ink pad, gold glitter embossing powder. Tombow Markers, water, cuddlebug machine, embossing folder, teal alcohol ink, butterfly stickers, gray, gold, light teal cardstock, fancy scissors.

Color Throwdown-light turquoise, teal, gray, gold-CTD592
Cute Card Thursday-Anything Goes

It has been snowing here, nothing has stayed but, still..ughhhh. I love snow but not in May so what can I do but make something summer like but not too hot. I stamped the butterflies and used my tombow markers to colour them in using a watercolour technique. I took a a plastic lid from a margarine container and scribbled some tombow markers on it. I then took my brush and dipped it in water and placed it on the markers scribble to pick up the colour and coloured in my butterflies. I fussy-cut them out and set it aside. I had  gold cardstock which I embossed  through my cuddlebug. I decided to try something new and took my stream coloured alcohol ink and put it on the gold cardstock using my dauber. I took almost all of it off making sure the teal  stayed in the edges. I stamped the saying in teal and heat embossed it with Egyptian gold embossing powder. I used a fancy scissor to cut the edges. Finally I  had some pieces of of cardstock that I had used some distress inks from something previously, and took a couple of butterfly stickers over top the colour and fussy cut them out.. I glued everything together using pop up dots on the butterflies. One card done...

Alcohol inks in pale pink and pale teal, deer in forest stamp, white dye ink and white embossing powder, white glitter cardstock, shimmer sheetz, corner punch, stickers, scissors 

Xmas Card Throwdown-Non-Tradional Colours
Simon Says-Use a Punch
CHNC-Use a Tree or More

I forgot all about my shimmer sheetz which have this shimmer effect, this one being Opal...I love these sheets! Well, slap my head with my palm as I haven’t used these in eons. I put alcohol solvent on a piece of glossy cardstock and quickly put some alcohol inks right on the card and watched it spread. What is fun is you can keep playing with it until you like the effect. After I came down from the fumes, I stamped and embossed the piece with the deer in the trees stamp and set it aside. I took my opal sheet and used a corner punch on it and adhered it to a pearl white paper card. I glued the white glitter cardstock to the opal shimmer sheetz and layered the deer one to the white cardstock. I took a star, bell and leaves glitter stickers and placed it on top of a piece of sheet I coloured in some paint that worked with the colours I needed. I fussy cut them out and put them on the card using pop up dots.

Well, still snowing, off and on, but let’s hope this is the final hurrah and, before you know it, this Canadian will be bitching about the heat which I hate! Hope you all had a good weekend

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Thursday Movie Picks-7 Deadly Sins-Envy


I am trying to get used to this new Blog “behind the scenes” look. On to a new month which means a new sin and it’s all about envy folks. Wandering through the Shelves has put me through the paces thinking up ones that fit the theme and it’s funny how I can think up tons of movies when I don’t need to write about that theme but, when I do....blank goes the mind.  Anyway, here are my 3...


I was wondering whether to go with Joan Crawford or Bette Davis but I went with Betty Davis. In this film she plays twins, one nice but stuck in a losing bar business loved by an old fashioned cop with a big nose..yes, Karl Malden and her sister a bitch in a big house who just buried her husband, one she never loved...but her sister did.  What is the poor nice Bette to do but kill her horrible sister off and take her place since everything that sister has should have been hers to begin with. I mean her bitch sister did take away the man she loved, hell even the dog loves her more than the original rich bitch. Unfortunately not everything goes as planned. And soon Bette is smoking up a storm. It’s not the best Betty Davis movie but it is still entertaining and it fits this week’s bill to a T.

2. THE BLUE MAX-1966

George Peppard is at his steely blue eyed best as the poor boy looked down upon  by his peers only to want everything he thought he could never get and show up the  rich guys by becoming the ace of the German skies during World War 1. His heart is made of coal and it never really does grow 2 sizes too big because he is not living inWhoville.. This guy wants to have everything he thought he never could have because he envied  all the rich snots and now he wants them to envy him. This is quite a good war film that is not only about war but envy, power and fame. 

3. AMADEUS-1984

I have a feeling this will be a biggy this week. This stars Tom Hulce as Mozart who gets the goat of Antonio Salieri driving him almost insane with envy at this kid’s brilliance. Mozart was a child prodigy, touted all over Europe by his dad, including to the kings and queens of the day. We see Mozart as a young hellion  who makes fun of the establishment while trying to deal with the imposing shadow of his father. Salieri is incensed and in awe of this young man to the point where he helps Mozart compose his requiem knowing Mozart is too ill to finish. This is brilliantly acted by both leads with F. Murray Abraham winning an Oscar for his role as Salieri. The costumes are excellent and the music...sublime. 

Which films would you choose?

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Beautiful weekend...made some cards

We had a lovely weekend with nice warm temps reaching 21C sunday. I went for a walk and looked at what hubby was accomplishing outside before I headed in and made a few cards.

Distress inks, boy stamp, gear stamp, ferns and filigree stamp. Distress sprays, black dye ink, fern punch, glitter pen, glue, Crystal's.

Penny Black-Male Card
Dream Valley-4 legged friends
Alphabet Challenge- B for Boy's Card

Loved making this and  started off with a square white card piece. I used earthy distress ink pads and sponged on the colours using browns, mustard yellow, dark red and dark green for the background. I took glossy cardstock and stamped the image of the boy with his best friend and used the same colours to cover that piece. I stamped the filigree and fern stamp around the edges to just give a hint of the images as a frame. I layered the card in similar colours ending with a nice copper cardstock. I used evergreen punch in earth colors. I stamped the gears and used a glitter pen to colour the image, cut it out and glued everything together ending with the gem and crystals. This stamp reminded me of my cousin when he was little and he had a similar dog, named Fritz, that he loved.

Rose stamp, gelatos, alcohol inks, saying stamp, white embossing powder and ink, stickers, cuddlebug, plum dye ink.

Color Throwdown- soft pink, hot pink, plum and white
Cute Card Thursday-Feminine
Stamping Sensations- Say it with flowers

Now to something girlie. I missed out on the color Throwdown- again but it was fun to make even though I am not a pink gal. I took 3 alcohol inks of light pink, strong pink and plum, and placed droplets right on the card that had alcohol solution already on to make this effect. I stamped the Roses in white and embossed them in white  I took my gelatoes(they are creamy crayons) in light pink and green painting the colours on with water. I fussy cut them out and adhered it to the layered cardstock with the last one embossed using the cuddlebug. That last card was also coloured up by just lightly brushing the purple plum ink pad across the embossed image to highlight the raised images. I embossed the saying in white and finished it all off. I am sending this card to a co-worker...just because.

Cuddlebug, purple pearl embossing powder, alcohol inks using Pearl's, fish stencil, embossing paste, paint.

Crafty Creations- Anything Goes 
Stamplorations:Stencil- Anything Goes
Simon Says-Anything Goes

My friend, out west, is having a hard time because of this Covid19 because he can't stand staying at home during the day. He loves the ocean, water, snorkeling so I created this card for him. I took alcohol inks using some alcohol pearls I bought and love because it gives a shimmery effect. I have this under water stencil so I used parts of it to create this image by taking the paste and spreading it thinly across the image like icing a cake. I lifted it off and it turned out quite well. I painted the image with paints I have in shimmer effect. The nice blue cardstock I have that also has a nice shimmer (the word for the day), was embossed with shells and inked up with purple ink by lightly brushing it across. I took my pearl purple embossing powder and put it on the image. It sticks to wear the ink was so I can heat emboss it to have that nice look. I glued all the card pieces together and a 3rd card is done. 

Have a beautiful day!