Thursday, May 28, 2020

Thursday Movie Picks:TV Edition-Competitive Reality Shows

I have been a cripple again and the pain is tiring. I’m sorry for not visiting like I want to...same old, same old. It’s TV time again over at Wandering Through The Shelves  and it’s about Reality shows but more to the competitive side. I hate...hate the nasty backstabbing crap that makes most of these shows so I refuse to watch Survivor, Big Brother, Hell’s Kitchen etc... I do watch The Amazing Race which is the closest to backstabbing I will get because I like the travelling. Anyway, here are my 3...


Everyone knows I love this show despite that DJ winning when he never should have because he was a lousy dancer because it’s ..nice. There is some typical crap that the executroids do like building up romance where there is none or showing the diva side of people but overall, it shows some fun dancing from the romantic waltz to the sexy Samba. They have had class D listers but they also have had some good people on there like Clovis Leachman. I also have fond memories of watching this with my mom who always complained about the wretched music they often choose for the waltz. I would love it if they did choose a Strauss piece for once. Now, Derek Hough is one of the best dancers and would have been a major star if it was the 1930 to 1950s but at least we can watch him dance a great Tango to Psycho’s theme. I hope you watch this.

2. WIPEOUT-2008-2014

So this was a funny show where, I am certain, some people were hurt but hell, this was all about the big balls! You had 2 nerdy hosts who would introduce the contestant, also nerdy and happily dumb going to their doom being interviewed by the hot gal  at the scene. The people had to go through a series of obstacle courses involving water, mud, slip and slide, twirling until you throw up until only 3 are left. These 3 must get through the final course where they are normally hurtled through the air into water and having to get to the end in the best time. I think they won $50,000 if they was funny.


They don’t gripe about the other contestants, they show their fears, they are polite and actually help one another while they must bake 3 concoctions and hope they become Star Baker for that week while one’s bake didn’t work out and they must leave the tent. The other bakers genuinely feel bad for the baker even though they are happy they have another week to try to be star baker. At the end, the one who wins, gets flowers and a crystal cake holder with the name of British Bake off etched on it. Yup, they win no money but they hope to get some acclaim baking chocolate soufflé, biscuits, breads, cakes, you name it. I almost lick the screen each week and love this show that Canada now has their own Bake off. Thankfully, no back biting or meanness just baking. 

So these are my 3, which ones would you choose?


  1. Hi, Birgit!

    I watched Survivor for approx. 7 seasons before handing over my torch to Jeff and leaving the island. Like you I got sick and tired of all the whispering, gossiping, trash talking and back stabbing. Then there was The Apprentice. Need I say more? Fox is now heavily promoting LEGO Masters and The Masked Singer. (I haven't seen any COVID masks on the performers yet.) What WILL they think of next?

    The only thing I like about Dancing With The Stars is Julianne Hough, the beautiful actress, dancer and Rooms To Go spokeswoman whom I discovered a couple of years ago starring in the horror-thriller movie Curve. She's terrific!

    I haven't seen Wipeout. Looks like plenty of torture is involved. One thing I do know is that it hurts like the devil when you land wrong on your balls. :)

    WHAT??? There's actually good sportsmanship on The Great British Bake-Off? Shirley, that series is doomed to failure! Oops, I see they've actually been on the air ten years. Maybe they're onto something. I'm not interested in baking, but I'd love to follow the show just to enjoy the English accents. Mrs. Shady and I are working our way through The Crown which we highly recommend.

    Thank you, dear friend BB!

  2. I also picked DWTS, I used to be really into that. I've seen Wipe Out and that show looks so painful lol

  3. Only saw one episode of the Bake-off show, though I used to watch baking and cooking shows on HGTV. One of the baking contestants on HGTV is now an instructor at the culinary school I attended and I have taken classes from her. Her family has an Italian store in Detroit that makes the best cannolis ever. But I digress..
    Not into reality TV, but I did watch the first few seasons of Survivor and then got bored with the same old, same old. Never saw any episodes of your other two shows.

  4. Hi Birgit...sorry you are in pain again must take care and rest....I don't like reality shows but do watch the great british bake off as its so light hearted and funny....hope you have a lovely birthday next week......hugs xxxx

  5. Hi Birgit - hope the aches and pains can whizz away for you ... take care. Personally I can't stand those sorts of game shows - must be me ... but I enjoy our Masterchef ones - both amateur and professional - though they're getting a bit stereotype. Stay safe and look after the aches and pains - Hilary

  6. I can think of two: "Home Run Derby" that I wrote about a couple of weeks ago, and "Iron Chef."

  7. I watched maybe two episodes of DWTS way back during its first season and it wasn't for me.

    I have almost no tolerance for these shows so I'm out this week.

  8. Not sure if it counts as one but I liked American Idol for a few seasons toward the end of their first run. Haven't seen the others you listed.

    Hope you feel better soon!


  9. I'd love to take dance lessons and go out dancing.
    I hate that you are feeling poorly as much as I love dancing.

  10. I pretty much don't do reality TV. But they had a crafting show called Making It (or something similar). That's as far as I'll go.

  11. Surprise-I know all 3 of these. I don't watch Dancing with the Stars but I am totally addicted to the Great British bake off. Hope your pain goes away soon. Hugs-Erika

  12. I enjoy the Great British Bake Off. I really enjoy watching Paul and Mary. Especially when they did a programme together which was great to watch.

    Sorry you have not been well Birgit. I do know what you mean about pain being tiring, is there nothing they can do about it?

  13. I too picked Bake Off. It is such a nice show and the contestants, as you said, are so nice to each other. I kinda like the Italian version better though because there's more drama lol

  14. The only reality show I've seen is the British Bake-Off. I don't much care for reality shows because they are either mean, dumb, or hurtful. One show I watched a couple of times because it was on at a time I was watching something else, is Meet the Peetes. It stars Rodney and Holly Robinson Peete. They focus on positive things and seem like a real family, too.

  15. I've never watched dancing with the stars.

  16. I've watched episodes of your first two picks, but haven't watched either faithfully. I'm not really too much of a fan of these genres of TV programming. I have tended to watch America's Got Talent and American Idol in the past, but all these types of shows have gotten pretty old and redundant for me.

    If I want reality then I'll stick to some news and documentaries. I think the "competitive" nature of the shows of this reality shows leads to some pretty contrived programming that starts to bore me pretty quickly.

    I've got enough reality in my life as it is and these days much of that reality doesn't even seem real.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  17. I've got an unbroken streak of watching Survivor since the first episode in 2000. I tend to side with its producers that Survivor is best understood as a social experiment. If nothing at all it's a fascinating glimpse into the cutthroat world of popularity; what does it take to get ahead? What're you willing to sacrifice? The winners have been a satisfying mix of people you could genuinely root for and...well, others. And the interesting thing is not everyone will agree as to which is which. The things people are willing to do, some of it they would never admit to themselves, preferring to believe it's only "what they did because they were on the show." But that's almost certainly never the case. There is certainly some nasty stuff that happens, but psychologically it's become an essential case study of humanity, or at least Americans, in the early 21st century. I don't know of any other popular platform that can legitimately make a similar claim. So that's why I will continue to watch for as long as new seasons are being filmed.

    I've never really formed an affinity for other reality shows, competitive or otherwise. There was The Mole, but that was incredibly short-lived...!

  18. Not my thing! Sorry to hear you’re in such bad pain again x

  19. Wipeout sure is a fun one. Yeah, all the forced drama and backstabbing crap in a lot of them, pfffft.

  20. BIRGIT ~
    I sure hope your health improves soon and the pain subsides. What a drag! I know it's been awhile since you've felt well.

    I think I've seen WIPEOUT a couple times. Or else it was a different but very similar type of show, and it WAS funny!

    And that's the only Reality TV I've seen. It's not my thang, and I haven't even seen a full episode of Survivor or Dancing With The Stars. In fact, I haven't even had television service for years.

    ~ D-FensDogG

  21. I guess sports has always been my "reality TV." I did watch Survivor for the first few seasons when it came out but have successfully navigated away from all the negativity most of them promote.

    Here's some reality for you...
    Happy birthday to you,
    Happy birthday to youuuuuuu! :-)

  22. I love Bake-off of course. I've always found it funny when the bakers start sitting down in front of the oven, nervously biting their nails, to watch whatever they made is baking right.