Thursday, October 29, 2015

Thursday Movie Picks-Ghost Movies and a couple of cards:)

It's Thursday which means movie pick time! Wandering Through The Shelves has created a blog hop where a topic is picked each week and you pick 3 films that work with that topic. It can be movies, you love, hate or just feel a big rousing "meh." This week it is Ghost movies and there is a plethora (love that word) of them out there. Here are my 3...

1. REBECCA-1940

You may not think it is a ghost story and it isn't in the typical way but that doesn't mean the 2 main characters are not haunted by the now dead Rebecca. A very rich, attractive man whisks poor, innocent(hah! It's Joan Fontaine who is anything but) young lass into marriage and to his mansion with huge fireplaces, that I would love, and the head housekeeper who would freak out Nurse Ratched. Everywhere one looks, one is reminded of Rebecca, his first wife and Ms. Danvers, The creepy head housekeeper, will make sure no one ever forgets her. Creepy and suspenseful and, yes, A Hitchcock film.


Yes I must mention this great film again because I love it. It is pure Gothic in its approach from the very beginning of the film. The main heroine, played by the beautiful Gene Tierney (no man will ever want her overbite to go away), is a strong character who moves to a home with her young daughter and housemaid to start over once her husband dies. The home is not all that it appears to be. It has great comedic moments, a great romance and a sadness that gently permeates throughout the film. It is rich and makes you long for more.


I could have picked "The Haunting" which is one of my favourite films (not the dreck of a remake but the original), but I have to give some love to this comedy that probably very few have seen and that I love. It has the Spirit(nyuck, nyuck) of Disney but with a little sass and some sex innuendo. Nothing R rated and perfectly fun. Sid Caesar and Vera Miles play the parents of a teenage son who can see ghosts (parents can't). Of course hijinks ensues because nobody believes the teen when he says there are 3 ghosts-2 of whom have the hots for one another. Loved John Astin in his small role. I want to try to get this on DVD.

Now which ghost films do you like?

I have included a couple of cards as well.

Animal Friends-Halloween
Eclectic Ellapu-Purple Team-Halloween/Dark/Horror

I LOVE Al Hirschfeld. I find him a fantastic artist who drew thousands of caricatures of many famous people. I knew he had to have done one of good Ole Hitchcock so I looked it up on the internet and then free hand drew it. I did not photocopy:) What's fun also is when his daughter, Nina, was born he always placed her name somewhere in the drawing (It was in Hitchcock's hair). I tried some watercolour with distress ink to make it look like blood, stamped some spiders around to frame it, added sticker borders  and edged the side in red. Boogedy-boogedy.

Dream Valley Challenges-Use some blue
Craft Your Passion-Anything Goes

This card was inspired by the Battle of the Bands post. I love listening to the battles and deciding which one I like better... even when they are heavy metal, blast my ears off, music (music??) -heehee. I am learning a great deal and decided to create a card inspired by one of the songs a blogger has chosen for the challenge. Over at Angel's Bark (I love the title because all dogs are angels in my book), her Battle was on the song, "California Dreamin." (is it "on the song"...doesn't sound right but it's late so forgive me). I stamped the trees in black and embossed them in silver pearl for that grey November blah look. I also stamped clouds because clouds can look dreary on a November day. I sponged on some faded blue die ink. I stamped the sun and embossed it in Gold pearl and then used yellow, orange and red die inks to create a California feel (you know, without the earthquakes, drought, fires, oh the list goes on). I stamped the saying in yellow and blue, added some border stickers and adhered the card to Grey cardstock. Hope you like my inspiration.

Sorry for the lengthy post...well, not really but some can skip the first part and other can skip the 2nd part:)

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sparkle and Shine

CASE Christmas-Review the card and be inspired by it
Christmas Cards All Year Round- No Stamps
Craft Your Passion-Always Anything Goes

A wonderful lady, named Asha, who creates beautiful cards and adores her fur babies, created a card over at CASE Christmas (You should check it out). I don't have the beautiful stamp she has (reminds me of Russia) but I had this die cut and created a little scene with snow falling. I didn't use any stamps! It's hard to see the village I think because I was compelled to use glitter paper . I coloured the tree and houses and steeple with markers. I used stickers, crystals and a white pen for snow. It is silver and blue (of course blue).

ABC Christmas-Unusual Colours
Crafty Creations-Don't be blue
CraftyHazelnut's Christmas Challenge 2-Anything Goes

3 colours...or non colours depending how you wish to view it:) Black, white and silver. Again No stamps so it still works for the other challenge at Christmas Cards All Year Round. My mom always loved Black and white and I decided to make a Christmas scene as if one was in the Alps at some ski chalet. I won't ski...I'll be in the hot tub drinking wine.

I have to pay homage to Maureen O'Hara soon since this beautiful lady passed away. Hmmmm, maybe someone will pay homage to her and pick a beautiful Irish tune. I will also post Halloween cards soon. I know Christmas before Halloween-I am crazy.

Friday, October 23, 2015

The last 15 of my Favourite films

So, as promised, here is my list of the last 15  movies that are my favourites. They are not the list from the American Film Institute or anything like that, just my own favourite films. Stephen T. McCarthy asked if I would participate in making my top 25 favouirte films of mine. The first ten I blogged about last Friday. Anyone can join and make their list which he would like by October 31st ( but it might be extended:) If you love a trilogy then don't name each but just the trilogy (ie-Star Wars first 3 films). Oh yes, instead of the usual poster, I went with my favourite scenes. So on with the show ...


THIS is the Titanic movie not that crap from 1997 which is basically the Love Boat sinking with great music and great special effects. If you want the real story down to the drunken baker (who did survive), then watch this film!


I love musicals and this is a great one with Fred Astaire and Cyd Charisse. Any man who doesn't drool over her when she dances has got to be dead. It's all about a one time big Hollywood star who decides to conquer Broadway. It is funny, satirical, well-acted and the dancing is wonderful.


Forget the remake (blechh)-this is the film that introduced "Klaatu Barada Nikto" plus that eerie music that starts playing every time  Gort is summoned. It is a great science fiction film that talks about peace  in the depths of the Communist fears


Gosh this is a rollicking adventure war film and we see very little of war. All these men have done something to either see them hanged or in prison for a long, long time. They get a reprieve if they work for Lee Marvin to infiltrate a Nazi command post. It's rough, they are put through their paces and when they band together to defy their leader, he makes sure they can not bathe or be given basic toiletries...Yup, everything's coming up roses.


This film starts with no music! One sees the gothic moodiness of the setting. The beautiful Gene Tierney stars as a young widow who meets a ghost, who used to be a sea captain. When I was a young girl I was so hoping they would kiss. Great movie, funny and poignant.


No, this is not a scene from this great movie but some of the actual men from this POW Camp that built the tunnels. I just had to put this picture here to honour them. I had no idea how many Canadians were part of this escape so that makes me even more proud. The film has funny moments and very sad ones as well. One of my favourite characters is played by Donald Pleasance who actually endured a POW camp in WW2.


Yes, I know, what's with the duck? If you have seen this film then you know it is Gertrude who joins in on the escapade to the center of the earth. I love this duck and found this film so entertaining. Yes, they just showed lizards instead of actual dinosaurs  and Pat Boone is in it, but it's fun! Every time it was on TV I would watch it.


This film is directed by Jean Renoir...the son of the famous painter and a great artist himself but in film. When I saw this movie I was mesmerized by the writing and great acting. It is not shown as black hats and white hats but as men in a difficult war. The French leader of his men and the German officer become friends. One sees class distinction, honour, sadness and hope all in this movie.

9. LORD OF THE RINGS TRILOGY-2001,2002,2003

I am one of these nerds that would love to learn the elfin language. This is a classic even though it is only a few years old. I wish I could go to this magical place called Rivendell. If you haven't seen it...please do.


Of course, Hitchcock has to be here again. I could make a list just with his movies. A case of mistaken identity- a man (Cary Grant) meets one devious devil played by the superb James Mason and must take an adventure to clear his name. He ends up in Lincoln's nose....

11.  NOSFERATU-1922

This film freaked me out especially when he rises from his coffin. The great F.W. Murnau directed the German expressionist film starring Max Schrek (means Terror). The make-up, to this day, is one of the best. (On a side note, you should see Shadow of the Vampire-Willem Dafoe plays Max and he deserved an Oscar).

12.  REAR WINDOW-1954

I love Jimmy Stewart and I love this movie which is another Hitchcock film. It takes place on this set and even though, we can't move, just like Jimmy's character can't, we are brought into to being a voyeur and see what he sees. We realize, soon enough that we want to know all the goings on of the people around. Hitch was fun playing with our heads.


I know it is different from the book but I don't care. This is a great movie about patience and defiance. When  Tim Robbins' character locks the door and plays this beautiful aria, it was magic. I could see me do this because I like to defy jerks.

14. TOP HAT-1935

The Astaire-Rogers musicals are heaven! Thank god for film because we no longer see the beauty of great dancing any more the way we used to. They made 10 films together and I would say to see all of them but I picked this one because of the plot, which is typical, the character actors which were often in their movies, the over the top set (Venice never looked so white and deco) and the dancing. This is one of my favourite dances and I agree with Ginger-the dress is great (she helped design it). Fred hated the dress-sorry Fred.

15.  TRUE GRIT-1969

I could make a list just with Westerns! John Wayne alone! Now THIS is the film to see not the remake...sorry. I liked Hailee  Steinfeld but Jeff Bridges tried too hard to sound like a gravel voiced oldie. I hated his take on it. HATED it! John Wayne brought in everything about this character, roughness, drunkenness but also tenderness. I even prefer Glenn Campbell over Matt Damon. This scene when he tells Ned Pepper to fill your reigns, got my heart a thumpin with awe.

So there is my list:) Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Thursday Movie Picks-Werewolf...There Castle:)

This week, over at Wandering Through the Shelves, It is Werewolves. There is a theme each week where you pick three films that work with the topic.  Every time I hear the word Werewolf...I think of Marty Feldman in Young Frankenstein saying to Gene Wilder..."There Wolf...There Castle".  Cracks me up and makes me giggle every time. This can lead to weird moments when people just look at me as if I just stepped off the weird truck but, then again, I have. Here are my picks:

1. THE WOLF MAN-1941

This is the granddaddy of them my book. I think this started the happy go lucky life of the werewolf even though this was not the first film depicting the werewolf. This poor man didn't ask for this curse but as the great gypsy, played by the wonderfully weathered, Maria Ouspenskaya, told him, he's in for it now. Lon Chaney picks up where his famous dad left off and had a less than stellar career than his dad but he should be known, in his own right, as a famous monster. I love it that Claude Rains is in this film because anything he did just made a film that much better. I should also mention Jack Pierce, the great make up artist, created this look which is iconic.


I love this movie especially since it stars "Little Outhouse on the Prairie", Michael Landon. This is before Michael Landon gained huge fame as Little Joe in Bonanza (I love Bonanza). I had to choose this campy poster because it looks like they just had a great time kissing-her lipstick looks smeared and it looks like he has some on him as well. Anyhoo, Landon plays a mixed up teen(wow what a shock) with an attitude and in bad need of anger management. He ends up going to a very bad psychologist who injects him with some serum to bring out the beast within. I thought all that took would be a scolding and taking away his cell phone...oops wrong era. Yes, Landon is over the top but I just love this campy film and it is fun to watch.


It stars Hugh Jackman (hubba, Hubba). The main plot involves the evil Dracula and his 3 wives but there is a sub-plot with a werewolf. Throw in Kate Beckinsale  for some men to drool over and you have a fun flick. It is nothing to overwork your brain but I find it fun to watch. I enjoyed the special effects and the masquerade ball was really quite good. I think my favourite character was the sidekick monk/friar played by David Wenham. Leave your brain at the door and enjoy the fun, besides did I mention it stars the luscious Hugh Jackman? Did I? Yummy.

Which Werewolf movie do you love to watch or scared you? As you can see, I did not pick some really scary ones because I haven't seen them...too scary.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Movie List...The First 10!

Stephen T McCarthy has requested a list of the top 25 films that are your favourites. He asked that the first 10 be separate from the other 15. Also, it is not a list of what you think of the best films but which films you love and could watch over and over again.  You can combine a trilogy (Star Wars trilogy, the first 3 for example) but you can't choose  Stars Wars and Empire Strikes Back to be as one film when they are not. They don't have to be listed from your most favourite to least either...just your favourites as is fine:) If you can place them in alphabetical order that would be nice. He would love the list done before October 31st...I think. Oh Heck, just go to his blog and read. So without further delay, here are my first 10. One more thing, I decided to find pictures of my favourite scenes from the films rather than a poster.


A great film! A Great cast! Great one-liners! Great Romance! A Great Bar! The Great Claude Rains


This is my favourite film! We all need to view our life this way. I love every scene so this is the start.


This IS the BEST version of a fairy tale ever done! Period! It simply took my breath away when she opened the doors and went down this hall. Jean Cocteau is a genius (he's the director).


"Those aren't pillows!" I can't fathom of someone not having seen this film. Perfect pairing of 2 fun and great actors. Great priceless scenes and the music just adds to the brilliance of the film.

5.  THE QUIET MAN-1952

The all man John Wayne falls in love with the beautiful but spitfire Maureen O'Hara in a great comedy romance set in Ireland. I have to admit, if a man didn't get put off by my high-falooten ways and dragged me through 5 miles of country, I would be bruised up but I would look at him with happy excitement dreaming about breaking the bed (see the film).


I love John Wayne and Westerns! This is one of his best acting roles ever. He showed tenderness, loneliness, anger, hatred,  and so much more. When I saw him look back at a woman, this look reminded me of my dad who could shoot the same look. Powerhouse film


Great musical! Stunning dancing! Great story when the movie industry went from Silent films to sound. If you think they overdid the issues of silent movies and stars going to sound...think again. Jean Hagen as the big silent film actress just about steals the show (but not Cyd Charisse's legs)


Hitchcock at his best. 2 men meet on a train-one is nuts and he wants to swap murders...criss-cross. So many scenes are brilliant and you never think of a carousel ride the same way again.

9.  THE THIRD MAN-1949

Post war Vienna, shot on location brought me to film noir with unique angles. I am not sure if there is any shot done that does not have a crookedness to it. Add the wonderful Third Man theme played by Anton Karras with his Zither and you have a stellar film.

10.  WHAT'S UP DOC-1972

Crazy ass comedy hi-jinks at its best! a tribute to all the screwball comedies from the 1930's and early '40's. When my dad saw this scene, he laughed so hard, tears were streaming down his face. This film has a car chase scene to end all car chase scenes.

So this is my top 10 of films I can watch over and over...and over again. This was hard but this is it. My next 15 will be next week:)

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Thursday Movie Picks-Asian Horror Films

So, over at Wandering Through the Shelves, one can find the weekly film picks. A topic is picked each week and one chooses 3 films related to that topic. This week it is Asian Horror films of which I know dick all (pardon my sarong). I decided there are some Asian Horror films I have seen so here are my three. Oh, and last night Windows 10 decided to blow up and kill me the way Pat Hatt said it would...yup the evil thing is back...again!

1. GODZILLA-1954

This is where it all began with a man in a monster outfit. I mean who doesn't love this bad dude. We are kind of to blame anyway since he is from the nuclear fallout. Remember that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were blitzed only 9 years before. He stomps around and can breathe fire and destroys Tokyo. Later on he fought King Kong, Rodan I think,  and even ended up being a good guy. What's not to love.

2. GAMERA-1965

This starts where a little boy visits his scientist dad and begs his dad to be able to take out the new top secret sub built for one (or 2-can't remember) around the Bay for a spin. What's a great dad to say about a sub that cost millions of dollars but let his son take this sub out for a spin. The boy does and meets Gamera! This is a cute turtle with big ole teeth who can walk upright when he wants to and can fly! Yup, he just brings his 4 legs into the shell and then, like the engine who could, fire bursts forth from the openings like a rocket, and he flies around. Of course he destroys a few things along the way but seems to have a soft spot for the little irritating boy. I used to love watching this and all these films on the old UHF channel on Saturday afternoon. Hey at least I didn't talk about Mothra with those 2 little Japanese singing gals who flew with the giant moth....until now.


Has anyone seen this flick besides moi? They are 2 brothers, one green-he's evil and one good...he's brown. The brown dude was raised by humans and is gentle and sweet while the Green guy is one badass. What is funny is it stars Russ Tamblyn-who the hell is Russ Tamblyn? He played the leader of The Jets in West Side Story, he was the youngest brother in 7 Brides for 7 Brothers and co-starred in a great film called "The Haunting" (later). He must have needed the money or just thought this would be  a huge career move. Anyway this dancing man doesn't dance in this film. The one thing I remember quite vividly is when evil green dude, after destroying a city, picks up a screaming woman and throws her in his mouth. Green dude looks like he just ate a brussel sprout and spits her out. Poor lady wasn't even good enough to eat-a real self-esteem killer if you ask me.

So these are my 3 horror films and I am sticking to it. Which Asian horror films have you seen?

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Just a few Cards....

I won't do much writing because I have a few cards to show. The 2 Autumn cards were inspired by the Battle of the Bands(BOTB) hosted by Stephen T. McCarthy.  I couldn't get my computer working know...Windows 10 (insert expletives here). If you visit Pat Hatt's blog you know how I ended up dead because of it:) OK so on with the show.

Fairytale Stampers- Photo Inspiration
Simon Says- Colour Inspiration

This was inspired by Vivaldi over at BOTB. I am sorry that I don't recall who picked Vivaldi. I had it marked down but my hubby cleaned my area and now I can't find my scribble notes. If any of you remember, please remind me:) I loved making this card with a funky background, paste that I mixed with purple, coloured the the grape image and leaves and cut out the leaves.

Crafty Creations- Don't be Blue

This is the 2nd BOTB inspiration from Curious As A Cathy-he song choice-"Autumn Leaves. I just thought of leaves falling and then went from there. I used my alcohol inks, my favourite leaf stamp and the cuddlebug

Whimsy Card Challenge-Anything Goes or Halloween
Craft Your Passion-Always Anything Goes

This was from a color challenge a few weeks ago but I still put it up and can be for any occasion. I had fun with this card and it's suitable for a hint of Halloween but can be a birthday even for the winter months

CCAYL- No Stamping
CHNC-Vintage/Shabby Chic
Winter Wonderland-Christmas Flowers

The next 3 are Christmas cards and this was from another Color Throwdown I just missed. Oh well. I really like the colours and, Unsure if this goes with Shabby Chic but ...that's because I really just don't know what that means. I'm still going for that look.

CCAYL- No Stamping
ABC Christmas Challenge-Non-Traditional Christmas Colours
Christmas Stampin' All Year Long- Favourite Christmas Colours and/or lots of layers
52 Christmas Card Challenge-  Blue or Purple plus 1 metallic

This involves my favourite colours:) So, of course 52 Cards stated Purple or Blue  and I made a card showing both colours. I hope it is still accepted. These are my favourite colours plus add in the glitter and it makes it just right:)

CHNC2-Always Anything Goes
Happy Little Stampers, Christmas-Poinsettias

The picture doesn't do it justice but here is the 3rd one. I was in a hurry and no matter what I did, I either had a glare from the metallic papers or it looked dull. I decided to go traditional with the red and green on this one.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Mock Squid Soup Film Society...The Answer is "The Others"

 Once a month we pick a film, or someone else picks a film that we all watch and then give a review. This month it was guess which film we chose? I gave the clues last week and tried to be vague but some of you got it! Good for you:) To see the rest travel on over to The Armchair Squid to see what everyone else chose.

My Pick is "The Others" from 2001

This film seriously freaked me doesn't take much because I am a wuss. It stars Nicole Kidman and the wonderful Fionnula Flanagan  in a great ghost story set during World War 2 (or is it??). Nicole plays Grace Stewart, a mother of 2 young children who both have a very rare disease that makes them photosensitive, in other words, they get 3rd degree burns from just being in the sun for a couple of minutes. Her husband is away at War and she is in this large home on an island off of England. 3 servants come to help out the young mom who has her hands full with keeping her children safe from the daylight. Strange things happen, the little girl seems to know more than she is letting on and we see poor Grace become more and more...tense.

There are no huge special effects...and truly it is not needed to achieve the isolation, fear and despondence that this film portrays. It is about that!  The home is surrounded by fog and when Grace tries to walk to the nearby village the fog rolls in leaving her disoriented.  Oops..I veered into some stream of consciousness....:)

There is a scene, near the end, that put me on the edge of my seat and totally freaked me out...that's all I will say. What I find wonderful about this film, aside from the acting, even the kids are great, is how minimalist it truly is in any effects. I have seen other films (That horrible remake of The Haunting with Liam Neeson comes to mind) where cgi and shock attack plays high rather than, um, how should I say...oh yes..Great writing!

If you haven't seen this film, see it because I did and, don't worry,  no kid is coming out of any TV ready to stretch your face into something disgusting. This film keeps you on your toes and makes you think plus you learn a little bit about the lives of children with this dreadful disease.  I give it a solid 8.5 out of 10.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Thursday Movie Picks-Villainous Children

It's October and with Halloween  at the end of the month what better way to celebrate than with evil kids. Over at Wandering Through The Shelves, one can see the topic for that week and pick 3 films that work with that week's topic. All in all, these kids need a good spanking!


This time I went with actual scenes not the posters. This film was written by Lillian Hellman who based it on her own book called "The Children's Hour" and was remade by the same director (William Wyler) in 1961. It takes place in a girl's boarding school where the main brat, played brilliantly by Bonita Granville, bullies another student to do her bidding which is to destroy 3 lives through gossip and lies. Even though Hellman had to change the story of lesbianism because of the censors, it is still riveting. It is very well written, wonderfully acted and, apparently based on a true story.

2. THE BAD SEED-1956

Who doesn't want to cuddle a blond child psychopath? This is one freaky film for sure because you see how pure evil this kid is but others do not. It truly lends the question if some of these kids are truly born this way...I actually think they are. This was a must see film for me and I finally was able to see it and it was worth the wait.


Talk about one of the best Science Fiction films made that is so creepy and with very little special effects. All the people in a little village in England suddenly pass out. They awaken and soon after find all the women of child bearing years, pregnant. They all give birth on the same day and all the kids look very similar and act...without emotion and with a much higher intelligence than their years are to be (OK awkward sentence but you get my drift). Anyhoo-These kids are nasty and can manipulate people just by their thought. What always freaks me out are when eyes glow, especially kids-just freaks me out. So, yup, their eyes glow.

So 3 films all dealing with mean, spoiled little brats who deserve a good spanking, except the last bunch probably won't let you near them. Have you seen any of these films? Which film have you seen that shows an evil kid? I can think of 2 more (from the 70's).