Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Grapes Rococco

Here is my try with fruit. I just love this stamp and I got this on sale! It is actually a larger image but I cut out the grapes and used tombow markers and then createx to get the sheen. The white paper has just a hnit of the glisten and I used perfect pearls for the background. You can't tell but the grapes are raised up.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Meditation in Red

Wow I got the 2nd day in...just! I just loved the picture so I had to try something creative. I made the flower from pieces of japanese style paper (reminds me of Japan). I used the cuttlebug for the black background and then just a bit of gold...why not! Thank you everyone for all the lovely comments on my previous card. I say this with great humbleness. Now I will try to figure out how to accept my gifts but since I am computer unsavy I expect i will be asking my friend tomorrow how to do that. The cards I have seen so far from everyone just are so beautiful.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring Day

Well I can't believe it, I actually was able to make a card within the deadline! I used an array of materials for this card. I stamped the 2 flowers and painted them with twinking H20's. I placed a velum paper strip and (it is hard to see) I made a simple design by puncturing holes in the vellum. The oval background is actually a remnant of wall paper. I placed pearls around and I nice brocade on the bottom. For some whimsy I added a fairy (hard to tell her face though-bummer). I had alot of fun with this card. Now I have to clear up the big ant problem in my kitchen-Just noticed it. I heard though that mixing sugar and baking soda is a natural way to get rid of them. They take both kinds back to the nest, feed it to the queen and blammo! The baking soda expands and boom go the ants. Lets hope it works.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Upon A Midnight Clear

I have this felt in black and navy blue with sparkles all over it so I used the blue to convey a peaceful night sky and I cut out this card and placed it over this felt and it is simple but so elegant. This is Michael's...and my mom's favourite. I got a real kick out of redoing the Christmas cards and making my own. I save my cards and often cut them out and make tags or place it on the gift instead of buying gift tags. I have done this for years to save money ( Michael says moths come out of my wallet:)

Frohe Weihnachten

Blue Blue Blue...just love Blue. OK I loved the angel so i had to add her somewhere and since I am a Canadian with German heritage and the Germans just love...and I mean Love Christmas I had to stick a german greeting in there. It means "Merry Christmas and much luck in the New Year".

Stained Glass Nativity

Well it is Christmas so a nativity scene does seem appropriate and I love stained glass so this beautiful blue glass card with sparkly red trim seems to bring the right Chartre style.

Happy Chickadees

I was aching to use blue primarily for a Christmas card and I finally got to do one...since blue is my favourite colour. What is cool is that I found 2 sayings from 2 different cards and it seems to work well together. I can't help adding the sparkle

Christmas Wishes

I love this card, the Santa and holly. I wanted a little different colours so I chose Lavender and yellow and this bright green!

Little Birdie

365 Cards had this pattern style so I took my inspiration from that and used my cuttlebug. I dusted on 3 colours of perfect pearls, the white and yellow are sparkly and a nice lavender. I had to have a birdie because all last week I kept seeing a robin in front of me and it would not fly off. I made this card on the weekend. It is strange too because my former mother in law, who was very sweet and told me, even after my husband and I separated, that I was her other daughter (she had 4 boys and one girl) passed away yesterday morning. She was not well but it was still a little sudden. The thing is, she loved birds! She would always make sure they had food for the winter and would watch them out her kitchen window. So this is for her spirit and I know she has spread her wings and taken flight over the rainbow.

Flower Wishes

OK I joined the 365 cards and I am inspired but I am slow to get the cards done in that day so I take their inspiration and make some cards. I wanted colourful. Michael likes this reminded him of the Partridge Family(remember the bus). The middle flower I embossed with psychedelic powder. I also put on tiny crystals within the circles of the silver sticker borders. It was fun to use some extra paper laying around

Beach Dreams

This was a fun one to make since last week it snowed and I had to do something fun, warm and beachy...and I love Mr. Fish

Simple Card

OK This is a simple card but I enjoyed the simplicity. I just stamped the squares and then embossed images inside the boxes. The centre is the April flower-The Sweet Pea