Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Upon A Midnight Clear

I have this felt in black and navy blue with sparkles all over it so I used the blue to convey a peaceful night sky and I cut out this card and placed it over this felt and it is simple but so elegant. This is Michael's...and my mom's favourite. I got a real kick out of redoing the Christmas cards and making my own. I save my cards and often cut them out and make tags or place it on the gift instead of buying gift tags. I have done this for years to save money ( Michael says moths come out of my wallet:)


  1. Beautiful!!!

    That was funny about the moths coming out of your wallet!!! Just don't tell him that if you save money on these cards that you'll have more to spend on other supplies!!!!! hehe!

  2. Brigit, thank you so for visiting my blog and for following, I love your blog and your work, I need more inspiration on recycling cards that I have recieved and you have already, gotten (is that a word) my imagination going. I love the velvet idea, and the chickadees are wonderful

  3. WOW! Your cards are just stunning! I LOVE all of these. I think the "chickadees" may be may fav. They are just too darned cute. Great job getting all five cards done!