Friday, September 28, 2018

Christmas is a comin' & the geese are getting fat

Yup, I have no geese to show you but I do have some cards which, I hope, you will enjoy.

Cuddlebug, embossing folders, stickers, gems (not real, of course), design rubber stamp, black dye ink and black glitter embossing powder.

Eclectic Ellapu-Anything Goes
Crafty Creations-Anything Goes
Addicted to Stamps-Anything Goes

I enjoyed making this card which was not that hard to do and I think I will make this in a variety of colours. 4 different papers were used with 2 placed in an embossed folder and shoved through the cuddlebug machine to get the design. I took the rubber stamp and put black ink on it, stamped it on a red paper and put the sparkle powder onto the design.  the powder only adheres to the stamped area. I heat embossed it and then layered it all using double sided tape. I took some gold stickers and outlined the border along with the having the "Merry Christmas" sticker and snowflakes on the final black paper.

distress sprays in blue & gold, stickers, gems, gold dye ink & gold sparkle embossing powder,  leaf rubber stamp, scissors.

ABC Christmas-S for Snow and T for Teal
Happy Little Stampers- Christmas Challenge-Tree
Sparkles Christmas Challenge-Blue & Gold

Cuddlebug, embossing folder,  same leaf stamp, silver embossing powder and silver dye stamp, pink ink, gems, scissors, wink of stella(glitter pen/brush), mirror pink paper

Twofer Challenge-Leaves
Penny Black-Make it Feminine

I joined a new blog for stamping and i finally created 2 cards using the same stamp!  It is that blasted leaf which I fussy cut out many times:). In my Christmas tree image, I used the leaves to try and make a Christmas tree and placed light blue gems around.  The teal and gold background was all done with sprays and it gives a nice shimmery effect you can't see with this pic but I tried for a different snowy background. My non Christmas card was for a friend who retired from our agency after being here since 1997. I took a pink ink pad and covered the embossing folder with it. When i shoved it through the cuddlebug, not only the design printed off but the colour adhered to the card.  I follow a few people who create cards and shamelessly used what they did for my 2 cards and hope they don't mind.

Cuddlebug, embossing folder, dye ink, pearl green embossing powder, distress green ink pad, water, sizzex machine, poinsettia cutting image, gem, ribbon, sticker saying

Flower Challenge-Anything Goes
Winter Wonderland-Ribbon or Twine..Missed that one but it is now Anything Goes:)
Cute card Thursday-Monochrome
Sparkles Monthly Challenges- Dies or Punches

I swear I didn't punch anyone:) I took the poinsettia die cut and, using the sizzex placed the paper in it with the die cut and rung it through  to cut the  flower.  I used my cuddlebug to put throught the holly embossing folder and gently swiped the dye pad across and added shimmer embossing powder to highlight the leaves.  I pieced everything together, added ribbon and some sticker stars & the saying. Voila!

Wolf stamp, Blue, black & silver paper, stickers, Light grey tombow marker

Simon Says-Anything Goes
Stamping Sensations-Starting with B-Black & Blue, Beasts(cute beasts)
Happy Little Stampers-CAS-Wild
Animal Friends-In the Forest
Alphabet Challenge-Nature

OK so wolves are wild and they can live in the forest so I thought this worked. Even though I layered the card, I think it is pretty simple since it is just card layers, I stamped the wolves in black and added light grey to take away from the white added some corner stickers and the saying.

Forgive any spelling or grammar faux pas :)

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Thursday Movie Picks: TV Edition-Anthology

September is now almost done....shaking my head in freakish WTF?? I am not much for this week because of pain and, this past Tuesday, we had to travel to Toronto to the Allevio Pain Clinic for my hour of infusion where I get super stoned. That’s not the bad thing although it takes me all day to get back to norm and I get a headache and sleep most of the day. the crap is I have to take a vacation day, we have to leave by 6am to get to the clinic in time for 9. The worst is the QEW, 427 and the 401 because people are nuts in driving. The QEW is so busy never mind the 401 and that is if there are no accidents which can make traffic a mega nightmare. Canadians are crazy on the roads with weaving, cutting you off, driving way too’s insane. Ok..that’s my rant now on to tv and the ole Anthology series. I almost chose one today that I love but I am saving it for October so I have 2 that, I believe, will be popular and one less so. You can find out if the 2 I pick will be popular by venturing to Wandering Through The Shelves to see what everyone has chosen. Here are my 3....

1. TWILIGHT ZONE-1959-1964

Rod Serling died too young at 50 probably due to all the cigs he smoked per day but, in his lifetime, he created some great tv and this is the one he is most known for. He often would write the episodes and, later, introduced them in his stiff-lipped, staccato voice. Many episodes have become famous, from the gremlin on the airplane that drives William Shatner nuts to the kid entering the 4th dimension. The music is very well known even though that particular musical piece only started on the second season. I bet many kids have watched a Simpsons’ episode and have no idea the show is parodying The Twilight Zone. To Serve Man is one creepy episode but I have my favourites and all are well acted that starred many actors from the past as well as many that would become famous like Robert Redford. Which episode(s) is your fav?

2. AMAZING STORIES-1985-1987

I am probably one of the few who watched this show that was created by and, often, directed by Steven Spielberg who, by the way, directed the initial episode of Night Gallery created by...Rod Serling. I would like to revisit these episodes because they were better than given credit for and, unfortunately, only lasted 2 seasons. The episodes were well written and, many famous people starred or directed episodes from Clint Eastwood to Martin Scorsese. Unfortunately, the executroids cancelled the show due to low ratings which was a shame.

3.  LAW & ORDER- 1990 TO 2010

I could have chosen nothing but the law and order shows from New York, Florida ( take those sunglasses off and say some quip Mr. Caruso) to Wainfleet...hahahaaa sorry, that’s where I grew up and had to give some snark. The basic premise starred the same 6 people-2 cops and their Captain and the DA, his assistant and their boss. The first half hour was all about apprehending the culprit and the 2nd half was how the prosecution would send them up the river. It took away all the soap opera stuff of most shows and mainly dealt with the crime and how the system worked. It is so popular that there are many version that were and still are out there. They usually do take from the headlines which will be fun to see what will be done with Bill, up the river, Cosby. I have to say, I always disliked that man and found his humbleness as fake as a 3 dollar bill. I only watched the first season of his 80’s show before I found it pretentious and, “look at me, how aww shucks I am” crap. When he would take his name off the Emmy’s list and would only accept the People’s Choice Award, I knew he was a smug a-hole who knew how to charm the people. Oops, I digress again. Ok, so these are my 3.which ones would you choose? Gosh, I am full of attitude today:)

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Thursday Movie Picks-Farm

"Green Acres is the place to be, farm living is the life for me"...oops sorry, whoever loves to get up at 4am, clean up shit, work until hands are raw from bailing hay, and send off cows to the butchers and chop chickens’ heads’off have no clue. I grew up on a sawmill but we were surrounded by farms and my friend was the next door neighbour, so I helped out with hay baling, catching chickens, cleaning up the barn plus picking fruit and veggies. They had a good free hand:). Did anyone else ever work on a farm or live on one? I wonder what everyone else will pick, so head on over to Wandering Through The Shelves and find out. Here are my 3...

1. THE EGG AND I-1947

I just re-watched this since I own the DVD and enjoyed it thoroughly. It’s based on a book about the exploits of a young newlywed couple who buy a farm, knowing likety-split about chicken farming. The movie became a smash (hahahaa..get it...smash..eggs..ok never mind) hit despite Claudette Colbert and Fred MacMurray being a bit too old as young newlyweds, but they were great in their roles.  The house looks just as bad as the chicken coops but she does her best to help make her husband’s dream come true. Enter a good looking woman who brings out the green in the new wifee and Ma and Pa Kettle who help out the newlyweds teach the ways of farming and you have a good entertaining movie. In fact, Ma and Pa Kettle were so popular in this movie that the studio used the actors, Marjorie Main and Percy Kilbride, to make a whole bunch of movies based on their characters.

2. SO BIG-1953

I have not seen this film in decades but I really enjoyed this version and the 1932 film, with Barbara Stanwyck, but I remember the newer version better. Jane Wyman (the ex Mrs. Ronald Reagan) plays a teacher who helps a young man realize his dream of being a concert pianist. She ends up meeting a farmer, marries him and they have a son whom the nickname, So Big. Her husband dies and she is left to deal with the farm and her young son. She sees her son also has a gift in building and helps him to become an architect since her farm is now a success because of (blecch) asparagus, but he meets a wayward woman, the hussy. He loses his way and his mom becomes disappointed in him. She must overcome many hurdles especially being a woman in farming but her love for her son, for teaching and helping others see their potential keeps her going. It’s melodrama at its finest and Jane Wyman was the queen of melodramas in the 1950’s.

3. BABE-1995

I love this fairy tale movie that was a surprise sleeper hit and gave a huge career boost, not to mention an Oscar nod, to James Cromwell plus using an innovative way to have the animals talk and make it look believable. We meet Babe, a young pig who is bought by a farmer to grow up and become bacon. The young pig is brought to the barn and is scared and lonely but is taken in by the mom dog who is an excellent sheep herder along with her gruff partner who doesn’t care much for the pig. The pig is always polite to all the animals and just wants to be friends and the farmer takes a shine to the little pig. The farmer takes the little piggie into his home much to the cat’s chagrin and starts to teach the piggie how to, herd the sheep (no, the farmer is not Greek). I found the whole film enchanting, sweet and very clever. It must have been a challenge to act against all these animals. I loved the cottage and wished I could stay there myself. In fact, I had a dream where I asked the mice if i could sing with them. Apparently, I sang this song out loud and woke up my then current hubby. Yes, I have weird dreams.

Which 3 would you choose

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Thursday Movie Picks-Good Remakes

We live in the age of remakes upon remakes, I mean, how many sPiderman remakes do we need? I almost believe that the good ole Hollywood have swallowed their brains and are shoving crap through their butts. Yeah, that happened long ago but they do make some good remakes, rare but it does happen. Wandering through the Shelves creates a theme each week and you pick 3 movies that suit the theme. Here are my 3....


This is unique because these films were directed by the same person, Alfred Hitchcock and, I have to say both are good but I lean to the 2nd film which stars, my fav, James Stewart and Doris Day. Yes, Doris was in a Hitchcock film and her most famous song (arguably) debuted in this film, “Que Sera, Sera". They play a married couple vacationing in Europe, with their young son, when their young son is kidnapped. They had come across a man who whispered something to Stewart just before the man dies and this results in the terrified couple trying to find their son. The song becomes a huge focal point in the plot to the point that I wanted Day’s mouth duct-taped shut but I understood why this was important to the plot. The original film that stars Peter Lorre is also a great film  that I thoroughly enjoy watching and, in both cases, the women were the reason their children lived. Check out both if you can.


OK, so 1937 is not the original (What Price, Hollywood from 1932 is) and it was remade with Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson in 1976 and now the latest is with Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga which I want to see.   The plot is supposed to be somewhat based on the marriage of Barbara Stanwyck and Frank Fay but John Barrymore, John Bowers and John Gilbert all have been referenced as the inspiration for Norman Maine. I love both these versions but my heart belong to the great Judy Garland. She plays a singer(duh!) Who is found by a famous, alcoholic actor played by James Mason. With his help, she is groomed and becomes a great star while his star diminishes. Of course, she sings but I don’t classify it as the typical musical that was made at that time. You get snippets of her concerts that she was just starting to do and she gives on hell of a dramatic performance. That one scene, where she talks about her husband to their Hollywood mentor, is brutal, sad, realistic and mind numbing considering she had her issues with drugs and alcohol. The 1937 film is well acted and is about 2 actors, but my heart belongs to Judy who should have won the Oscar. Shady, even though it is classified as a musical, I hope you give this one a chance.


The original stars the RatPack, Frank, Dean, Sammy, Peter and Joey as World War 2 vets who come together after a life of small time crime to do a heist. It’s ok and they reek suaveness but I love the remake starring George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Carl Reiner, Elliott Gould, and the late, great Bernie Mac, who also all know each other, for the most part from previous jobs they did. George decides to steal a ton of money from a casino run by a real jerk who happens to be seeing George’s ex, played by Julia Roberts. It is fun, witty, and quite well written and you know they all seemed to have a lot of fun making this film. Of the 3 I have chosen, this is the first remake which is superior to the original. I love the coolness of the film and how nicely they brought in a couple of men from the 60’s era. A Fun movie and so are the sequels.

Which 3 would you choose?

Monday, September 10, 2018

Card making-Yippee!

Christmas Card Throwdown-Hot Pink and Lime green colours-Colour challenge
CHNC-Use the word "Joy"
Winter Wonderland-Christmas Joy

It has been cooler the past 2 days and I am so happy! I hate the heat so this cooler weather makes me skip for joy..well, if I skip. I might knock out a hip so I will skip to my lou in my head. Yes, Christmas will be soon upon us and I have been so lax in my Christmas cards, so I decided to make a card and  girlie one at that with lots of sparkle and attention grabbing colours. I had this stencil for years so I finally used the stencil and placed the paste on top followed by the green sprinkles so it would adhere to the paste. After that was dry, I coloured the other 2 letters in hot pink with my pastels. I stamped the holly leaves and embossed them in green twinkle glitter powder and in pearl green powder and fussy cut them out. I took some leftover cardstock in pink and glitter white and used the double sided tape to adhere it all together. I will send this card to my sister who loves pink.

Simon Says-Stamp On It

I love Sue Wilson's stamps who is an artist inspired by the Native teachings of animal totems. She has taken her designs and placed them on stamps and I love them! I stamped the elephant on basic white and coloured the elephant in girlie colours since this is for a girl who just got married and she loves elephants. I took white card stock and coloured the background with some subtle distress inks, fussy cut the elephant out and placed her (can't be a boy) on the card with pop-up dots, stamped and embossed the word and finished it off with some border stickers.

Eclectic Ellapu-Anything Goes
Butterfly Challenge-The Letter E-Used all 6 from the wheel-Embossing Folder, Embossing powder, Embellishment, Emerald, Eucalyptus, Electric Yellow
The Flower Challenge-Anything Goes

My hubby and I will be celebrating 12 years together this coming weekend so this card will be for him. I hope he will like it. He has put so much love and effort into our backyard/sideyard garden(we are on a corner lot) and his labour shows it. I am forbidden to touch the  plants since I am the kiss of death..I once killed a spider plant so that tells you a lot about me with plants. I am so happy to have been able to use all the E elements from the Butterfly Challenge. I stamped the saying, (which I found in Vancouver when I was there in July) with green embossing powder powder, on a cream cardstock. I took an emerald green metallic paper and embossed it with a flower motif using my cuddlebug. I also took a die cut and cut out the centre with the sizzex machine and placed the cream cardstock so the saying peeks through the cutout part. I stamped, in gold and embossed in gold embossed powder, the flowers and fussy cut them out and placed them on each side with the smaller flowers raised up using the pop up dots. I stamped the little flowers in green and embossed them with pearl green and stuck them onto the card along with the butterfly. I coloured them with my tombow markers in the colours suggested by the Butterfly challenge. I think this is a good card for a man...I hope:)  I am so happy to be part of the Flower challenge and Eclectic Ellapu. All the challenges are always so much fun to partake in.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Thursday Movie Picks-New Kid at School

Bleccch.....I have been out of high school for 36 years and when I hear all the stupid back to school commercials, I still feel a sense of foreboding. I hated school, I hated studying and I hated tests plus, as so many of you know, the kids were not the nicest but that’s the past. Tests and studying can still come to haunt me in my job but, I hope, I no longer have to take any more tests. Ok, so moving to films about being a new kid in school, I had a hard time finding films that I have not picked yet but I think I have chosen a good 3. Check out Wandering Through The Shelves to see what the others have chosen and she now  covers books she has read each month which you can also check out. Here are my 3...

1. GREASE-1978

This is a story about a pretty, sweet lass with a good reputation who meets a young lad during summer vacation. They fall in love but separate due to school starting. School has started, the lad is actually a rogue with a leather jacket and the new girl at school is the young lass who believes in her good reputation. They sing, they dance and there is romance with the rogue saying how good she was while she sings how sweet he was. He finally decides to be with her and loses his jacket but, wait a second, the sweet lass decides to change too, into a great looking slut in painted on pants. The world is aok now because he throws off his sweater because she changes for him. They sing and dance because she gave up herself, ruining her reputation all to make him happy as they fly away in a convertible. It’s a fun flick with some good songs but I can’t stand the ending because it sets back women and their strength of mind 50 years.


A nerdy geek, played by Drew Barrymore, works for a newspaper, and is given the assignment to go undercover in a high school to report on the kids of high school and how things work from the kids' point of view. She is scared of the assignment since she was bullied when she was in that environment years back but her brother gives her a makeover in how to be cool and joins her in the school where he becomes the most popular just like he was when he was in high school. One thing she did not count on was falling for the teacher who relates to her love of books, history, and all the things interesting:). What will happen? Will it all come crashing down? Will She get that kiss? (Duh). This is a cute rom-com that I like. It is nothing mind blowing but a fun little movie that makes you forget the bad day you just had.


The books are amazing! Of course, I saw the films first and I love both! This is where it all starts....once upon a time, a child with a scar on his forehead is left with muggles (you and me as we have no powers) who can’t stand the kid and abuse him through neglect, hard words, lousy food and living under the stairs. Yeah, thanks Dumbledore for saving me...jerk. Ok, moving on, the kid, Harry Potter finds out he can talk to snakes and has powers so, finally, after numerous attempts, he receives a letter to go to a school for wizards. He is met by a big, burly sweetheart of a man, Hagrid, who takes him to buy his school supplies and  brings him to the train station to venture to Hogwarts. He meets his future best friends, Wesley and Hermione, and they find out there are hidden dangers and they must stay on their toes. On top of that, Harry and Wesley join to play in a Quidditch game everyone loves since one can fly on a broom. This game looks like a lot more fun to watch than Soccer or any other sport actually. Great special effects, excellent acting especially by the kids and the great Alan Rickman as the creepy Snape. I love these series that are not just for kids but great for adults as well.

Which films would you choose?