Thursday, February 28, 2019

Thursday Movie Picks: TV Edition-Books to TV Adaptations

Tv time since it is the last Thursday and the last day of February which is wild. Where is this year going? I have had some crappola happen which we all have but it seems to be getting to me and I don’t like that. This past weekend we had a wind storm which took off part of our roof and my hubby must go for another operation on his right shoulder. a result, I have fallen down on reading some great blogs and I feel so bad about that since I enjoy it. You still come to visit here and I am so very, very thankful. Ok, TV adaptations...let’s see what Wandering Through The Shelves will showcase. Here are my 3...


I watched this show every week faithfully since I always loved Michael Landon from his Bonanza days. This is based on the books by Laura Ingalls Wilder, which I read when I was in grade school, based on her experiences with her family growing up in the Midwest during the 1880’s. Laura Ingalls was played by Melissa Gilbert who was so good in her role as the feisty kid who sees things through her eyes as she deals with nature, people and her nemesis, Nellie Olsen. I loved all the characters in Walnut Grove and some of the episodes were brilliant like the snowstorm and the fire at the blind school costing the lives of a regular of the series plus the baby of Mary (Laura's sister). Some of the episodes really held your heart and I still like watching the show despite the Ingalls' home looking like a huge Outhouse. Oh yes, today, as I write this, we are having a snow storm:).

2. ROOTS-1977

This is a huge  miniseries that should be shown in schools and be on Netflix because of the horrors the African Americans experienced for hundreds of years. The book was written by Alex Haley who, many years later came out that the people in the book were not his ancestors but that does not matter because almost all African Americans today have roots in slavery. I can not begin to imagine that my ancestry can be found in a log of purchases and see my ancestors' name listed as property. It is disgusting! This film follows Kunta Kinte from the time he is taken from his homeland, brought over by ship to America and sold for labour. You want him to escape and he tries, more than once but, in the end, he does not succeed and must watch as his daughter is sold to another slave owner. You follow the family all the way  to gaining freedom. It is a miniseries that riveted North America and showcased how horrifying that time was.

3. EAST OF EDEN-1981

This miniseries is a great retelling of the major work done by John Steinbeck. Jane Seymour was the main protagonist and she was brilliant in this role and so evil. The Film, with James Dean, is excellent but only deals with the last part of the book whereas this miniseries brings the whole book to life. We see how a father seems to favour one son over another with one son seemingly virtuous and the other a wild rebel. When the father dies, the sons inherit a fortune and in comes Jane Seymour whom we already have met as she has already killed her parents and beguiled one man to suicide. Of course both men succumb to her beauty and charm and she gives birth to twins. The twins, when they grow up, seem to repeat the same story which is where the film version begins. If you ever get a chance to see this, I would advise to sit back and enjoy this great miniseries.

I bet, that if Netflix was around in the 1970 and 80s, I would not have seen these shows because I don't have Netflix. I find it, in many ways, a shame that I have to pay extra to see shows that are on Netflix, HBO, Hulu or whatever other streaming blah blahs are out there. I do want to see Game of Thrones one day but that is one day so, for now, I choose these greats from yesteryear.

Which TV shows, from books, would you choose?

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Oscar Questions Answered

Another year gone by with egos, stupidity, some humbleness and WTF moments all assembled at the 91st Academy Awards.  To create some (possibly) more furor, The people from Black Panther and Spike Lee need to chill out. I still have to see Green Book but they make this film sound like it is Amos N Andy gone on a trip to the good ole South when it is anything but. I doubt Mahershala Ali and Octavia Spencer would be part of this film if it did not express the exact opposite. The issue is that it is a white man driving and watching over an African American who took the huge gamble and courage to play music in the South. Is this film as good as BlacKkKlansmen? I don't know but I do think Black Panther, albeit a very fun and engaging action movie, should not have been up for best picture. It was up because it made a huge amount of money at the box office and it had a, predominantly, African American cast. To be honest, I think Avengers: End Game was a better film because the writing was excellent by being able to follow the film with the huge cast of characters and the acting was better, by some, as well.  OK so on with my questions and answers...

1. Best Dressed

 Emelia Clarke

Tina Fey

Both are so beautiful and I couldn't choose one over the other

2. Worst Dressed

Maya Rudolph-she is so funny and talented but she should not have gone to her grandmom's house and steal her drapes.

Linda Cardellini-Hey Linda! Zsa Zsa Gabor came down from the heavens and asked for her bedroom dressing gown back.

3. Best Speech- Olivia Coleman who won best actress for her role in The Favourite. She was funny, humble-a truly fun acceptance speech.

4. Worst Speech- The Make-up people from Vice-Greg Cannom didn't really get to say much but Kate Biscoe and Patricia Dehaney were horrible. Yes, they were shocked to win and happy they won but you couldn't wait for the cane to come out and grab their necks off the stage.

5. Whom Do You Hate that Won- Rami Malek-Best Actor-Yes, I said that! I love Queen and I liked the opening part with Queen and Adam Lambert but Rami should not have won. I still have to see Viggo Mortensen (Greenbook) and Willem Dafoe (At Eternity's Gate) but Bradley Cooper outshone Rami all the way, in my humble opinion, and I would have even given it to John David Washington (BlacKkKlansmen) over Rami.

Oh, God I am evil and will go to hell

6. Whom Do You Love That Won- The best song-Shallow sung by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper.  Whatever is happening behind the scenes doesn't matter, I truly felt this was the most interesting song and went best with the film as it was part of the film not just tacked on at the beginning or end like so many are now.

7. Best Part of the Show- Melissa McCarthy and Brian Tyree Henry (who is he??) handing out the award for best costume. When they came out to present and she had on this costume with the train full of stuffed bunnies on it, I started to laugh. As Brian talked, she had a bunny puppet and I just kept was funny.

8. Worst Part of the Show- The In Memoriam segment not because I do not love this actual segment...I do because they pay respect to the greats and I love the music usually accompanying it, but they missed some huge heavyweights that just left me gob-smacked as one might say. First-they left out Stanley Donen who was the last big director of Hollywood's Golden Age. He co-directed On The Town, Singing In The Rain, and directed Seven Brides For Seven Brothers, Funny Face, Damn Yankees, Charade, Indiscreet, Two for the Road and Bedazzled. They also missed Carol Channing (you'd know her voice), Gary Kurtz, the producer of American Grafitti and the little flick called Star Wars, Julie Adams, Sandra Locke, Verne Troyer (Mini-Me) and John Mahoney (Frasier's dad). WTF??

9. Most Boring- I was actually rooting for Mary Poppins to win since it is a musical but Black Panther won and I had no idea Jesus was so F&^% boring! His name is actually Ludwig Goransson but he could put anyone to sleep.

10. What drug Were They On?  Aside from Lisa Bonet who did look like she took one too many vallium as she walked down the carpet with her Husband Jason Momoa, I will actually go with the dumbass executroids who  could not make up their minds about having a host or not(didn't go too badly without a host) to thinking it would be a good idea to have some awards handed out during commercial breaks (thankfully, they did not after a huge uproar)-the a-holes. Never mind the hug F-up with the In Memoriam part, you just wonder who is ruling over these knuckle heads.

OK so there you have list. I will now leave you with a couple more best dressed and a couple more (or more) WTF dresses and you let me know... plus some jewelry.


Yes this is a man and he is not hiding his horse's ass behind that skirt.

A murder of crows

I heard she parachuted right on to the red carpet


Talk about bling! No I don't mean the pretty girl's Ta-ta's either

Friday, February 22, 2019

Oscar Questions

I can't believe that a another year has gone by but, thankfully, Meryl Streep is not nominated this year. So we have 2 Black Panthers-one from the comics and one kick ass real dude. An actor with horrible prosthetic teeth, a nutty Queen, a great pianist, a black and white drab social commentary movie, Lady GaGa with her real hair and a crazy ass Vice President.  It is the Oscars-full blown before they even have aired with all the controversy of the host to some idiots thinking it was wise to showcase some awards when commercials are on. WTF??? Thankfully, enough film people bellowed and the schmos over at Oscars put everything back in. I know many of you won't watch but I hope some of you will or at least catch a glimpse. I have made up my quick list of questions that you can choose when watching these people thank God for winning a Gold statue. Here are my 10 questions for you to ponder...

1. Best Dressed?
2. Worst Dressed?
3. Best Speech?
4. Worst Speech?
5. Whom Do You Hate that Won?
6. Whom Do You Love that Won?
7. Best Part of the Show?
8. Worst Part of the Show?
9. Most Boring (Person or scene)?
10. What Drug Were They On?

So There ya Go and just remember, the last time there were no hosts, this about drugs!

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Wandering Through The Shelves-starring Real Life Couples

Is it that time again?? Why, yes it’s Thursday Time which means another 3 movies to choose and enter it over at Wandering Through The Shelves the originator of this great weekly event. This week it is all about real life couples who starred in movies together. So, without further adieu, here are my 3.


This film stars the beautiful and talented Vivien Leigh and the equally beautiful and talented Laurence Olivier as star crossed lovers from history-Lady Hamilton and Lord Horatio Nelson. These 2 lovebirds started an affair when they first appeared onscreen in 1936 (Fire Over England) when both were married to others and it was quite torrid. They were deeply in love and created quite the buzz in Hollywood when she came over to film Gone With The Wind. This film is the first and last film they made as a married couple. The costumes are amazing and Vivien looked right at home in these outfits. It is purely romantic but also a propaganda film for the war effort (Churchill's Favourite). We see this film through Lady Hamilton's eyes who is married to a high ranking official when she meets Nelson, considered the greatest British Naval hero ever. To be honest, Nelson's affair with Hamilton is the stuff of legend as Hamilton was beautiful and in love with Nelson...and vice-versa but, when he dies, she was cast aside. The passion of the real life couple playing the passion of these historical people is just too good to miss.

2. PAT AND MIKE-1952

This film stars Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn as a sports promoter and an athlete, play by Kate. She is engaged to be married to an idiot who flusters her every time he comes around to watch her play golf or tennis. Mike sees this and makes sure he is not around which suits him just swell since he is developing feelings for her...and vice versa.  She helps him in other dealing with thugs. It is a fun, light comedy that flows smoothly due to these 2 great actors. They started an affair back in 1942 when they made Woman of the Year and stayed together until his death in 1967. He was married and had 2 children with his son being deaf. Due to his catholic faith(hahaaa-he had numerous affairs and was a major alcoholic), he would not divorce his wife which suited Kate just fine. Kate helped Spencer when he took off with a few bottles of liquor and try to drink himself to death. She would find him and help him even when he was a complete jerk to her. There is a documentary out about some man who was the go to guy for sex Hollywood. He claims that Spencer was gay and Kate was as well since he would help them find dates and their affair was all a ruse. I can't remember his name but I did order this documentary the DVD.


I like Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell who have been together for over 30 years with ups and downs as many couples have. Hell, I loved Kurt Russell as a mini Tarzan boy in Gilligan's island:). Remember, he was a Disney star back in the day. This is a fun light-weight movie about a filthy rich bitch who owns a yacht and wants a great show closet. Russell plays the carpenter building this closet and he can't stand her demanding airs. When the yacht leaves, she is on board with her jerk husband and her many servants, one played by the great Roddy McDowall. She falls overboard, hitting her head and wakes up in a hospital not knowing who she is. Enter Russell, who recognizes her and makes her believe they are married with 3 nasty, ugly, dirty boys. She has to clean up the pig-sty house and deal with the brats plus Russell but, you know, romance will ensue and does. As for her jerk husband..he is happy she has fallen overboard and now he can frolic with bikini gals and spend her money. This is  a very fun, and a sweet movie where we can turn off our brains and just sit, drink and eat popcorn.

Which movies would you choose that stars real-life couples?

Here is a portrait of Lady Hamilton by George Romney, a wonderful artist who fell in love with this lass and was the object of many of his paintings.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Thursday Movie Picks-Romantic Comedy

Happy Valentine’s Day where many give flowers and chocolates to their loved ones since they ignored them for the rest of the year:). Since this is the actual day for romance, it just seems the right thing to discuss romantic comedies. It will be interesting to see which way some of the film nuts go so head on over to Wandering Through The Shelves to find out. This is a huge theme but I went with a theme within a theme so here are my 3.


That's right, I went Doris, “I knew her before she was a virgin”, Day and Rock, “Mr. Secret", Hudson who made 3 films together and were life-long friends. She stood by him when the shit hit the fan regarding his private life, when he was dying from AIDS. Now, let’s forget about reality and travel back to their fun comedies which included the wonderful Tony Randall who usually played his friend. Pillow Talk is all about telephone lines specifically party lines. Anyone remember this? Does anyone even recall using a rotary phone? Doris is a successful interior designer who is fed up with the man who shares her telephone line. Every time she wants to call out, he is on the phone with some new gal. She is incensed and he decides she needs to be another notch on his bedpost. I love the hilarity of Tony Randall as Hudson’s friend and a big client of Doris's and the great Thelma Ritter as Day’s housekeeper. The film was a big hit and so was the song!


Hudson and Day are at it again as 2 Ad execs on opposite sides of the business street who are in major competition. I don’t think this film would even be made today because it involves her getting drunk from some candy that he gives her and they wake up married! Yeah...this would never be made today and the plot is quite scary since he would now be considered a sexual predator but let’s get back to non reality and have some fun. Remember, this is the day and age when women are supposed to be happy at home making bread in a dress, pearls and high heels. Doris played a woman in a field usually dominated by men and she always seems the stronger person.  Again, Tony Randall plays his friend/Boss who befuddled by the whole mess.


This is a film where the 2 stars are actually married. He plays a hypochondriac who, in a series of misadventures and misunderstandings, has his marriage in deep do-do. Tony Randall is here again giving his best in a film that is actually quite funny but not as well known as the other 2.

Now let’s have a listen to Doris...

What romantic comedies would you pick or who is your go to gal or guy for these types of movies?

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Thursday Movie Picks-Revenge

Revenge is a plate best served how I recall this saying. Sometimes I think about revenge but what will that serve in the end...I don't like a cold meal unless it is meant to be cold. A new month over at Wandering Through The Shelves and it starts off with this theme. I know it is a big one but, for the life of me, I had a hard time coming up with movies. It will be fun to see what everyone else has chosen. Here are my 3...

1. FURY-1936

This film is from MGM that normally did not go along with such hardened films but this is a gem directed by Fritz Lang whom most actors, including the stars, Spencer Tracy, could not stand. Spencer plays a man in love with a beautiful gal, played by Sylvia Sydney (the old lady in Beetlejuice who smokes constantly which she did in real life), who ventures to meet up with her only to be arrested on very thin evidence. A mob decides to take matters into their own hands and want to lynch him. He escapes but becomes so angry and hardened that he seeks revenge by pretending to be dead so the people in the mob are brought to trial. A very strong statement, not only on revenge but on the mob mentality that we see, all too often, today.

2. 9 TO 5-1980

Let's make people laugh and this is one movie to do it. It stars Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin and Dolly Parton as 3 women working for the sleaziest boss one could encounter (and let's face it, most of us have in one form or another). They end up kidnapping him in his own home and decide to keep the company going doubling productivity. The problem is they still have to deal with this slimeball played brilliantly by Dabney Coleman. It is quite funny especially that Jane Fonda plays the meek gal and Dolly can hold her own with the 2 female stars. A very funny film that I need to see again.


This, to me, is the best Star Trek film with the original cast and one of the best from all the Star Trek films. It takes one of the original episodes and shows what has happened to the people from the show. Khan was a leader, tyrannical one with an ego the size of Charlton Heston's chest, who is found on a ship called Botony Bay, frozen. The Star Trek crew defrost Mr. Ego who learns, very quickly, how the ship works. Of course, there is a girl who falls for his ruggedness and when he is caught at the end, he is placed with his defrosted crew down on a planet with the gal by his side. Jump ahead and now, you find out that the planet went into a deep freeze, the lady love died and Khan is out for revenge. He blames Kirk and is out to get him..and his little dog too! Sorry, there is no dog unless you count these ugly worms that dig into your ears and plant themselves in your brain, as some sort of pet. This is the film where Spock "dies" and it is powerfully acted especially by Ricardo Montalban as Khan who originated the role on the TV series. I think he should have been up for an Oscar.

To do a quick vent...January was not that great..I miss my craft room. There has been family issues and I am in the middle and this stems from January 15th. We got together to remember mom who died a year before but, unfortunately, it did not go as planned. A week later, someone rear ended our car..again, and almost to the same day when I had my car accident a year ago and, this past Friday our beloved Naddie, our oldest cat, died suddenly. My hubby got him when he was so little so he is quite devastated. Blecchhhh. OK that is me venting. I plan to give a little cheer about Naddie here when I can.

OK, I promise, I had nice days too:) Now, which 3 films would you choose?