Thursday, January 27, 2022

Thursday Movie Picks: TV Edition-2021 Freshmen Series


The last post for January but the first for the TV Edition and I hope I got the theme right. I believe it is all about new shows that Wandering Through The Shelves wants us to talk about. I admit, I suck at this since I don't have any special channels so that leaves the regular channels that I grew up with, meaning I am old as sugar beehive! Here are my 3 picks...


This is a rip-off (what else is new) from a British comedy which I would like to see as well. A young couple upend their lives in New York City when they learn she has inherited an old mansion/manor house. They fall in love with it and decide to open up a bed and breakfast/wedding place but they have no clue that ghosts inhabit the place. The ghosts try to spook them away but that ends up with the gal falling down the stairs and hurting her noggin. When she comes back from the hospital she can now see and interact with the ghosts. These poor beings must stay on this mortal coil until they do something that will have them get sucked off(not my term but theirs) to heaven. You have the Viking warrior, a 1776  Revolutionary Captain, A hip Native American, The female former owner of this place and the gal's 4th great grandmom, a 1920s Jazz singer, a Flower child who tried to hug a bear and had way too much LSD, a Boy Scout leader with an arrow through his neck and a young Wall Street hustler who doesn't wear any pants. You have the cholera victims in the basement and a headless man who  I have only seen twice in the show. Her hubby (who is hilarious), can't see the ghosts but knows they are there and believes in his wife. This is funny and quite entertaining which is much nicer to watch then some morons trying to get it on with another person to win money or whatever.


 This is a British show that took this show from the original Belgium show which I have not seen. It stars Ben Miller as the annoying, but brilliant, professor who has more hang ups than a bat. His former pupil, now a detective, requests his services in solving a case. It's like the Mad Hatter meets Sherlock Holmes in one body which I find immensely entertaining. This man often daydreams that he is tangoing with the head of detectives and seeing cheerleaders do a very naughty cheer while he is talking to some lady. He has an overbearing mother, played by the wonderful Frances De La Tour, his suffering secretary and the Dean who has eyes on his mother. The detective team are not all that happy with him helping out but they realize he is an asset. If you can check it out, I would recommend it.


This is a Canadian show starring Victor Garber as a womanizing lawyer who heads a firm dealing law. He decides to bring in his kids...all from different moms, to work as a team even though he lacks certain ethics(ya think?). His one daughter is a total screw up who was fired from a prestigious law firm, ending up on probation. She is an alcoholic, whom no one wants except for dad, who tells her about her new siblings that she never knew about. She has a chip on her shoulder the size of Lincoln's nose that does not endear her to anyone even her husband and kids. This may sound like a typical show but it is quite a fun one which interjects humour with some serious schtick. It's worth a look if you get the chance.

Have any of you seen any new shows? 

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

To The Future...


How is everyone? Next week will be the start of a whole new month which means time to look to a rodent to let us know about winter. February is always wintry where I reside and March is whatever it wants to be. I just heard that we will go down to -30 C this eve (-22 F). Let's keep looking forward, shall we, which is better than lamenting the past. 


My mom loved this song and I always think of her when I hear it. It is a compilation of 2 songs with "Let the Sunshine in"  written by James Redo & Gerome Ragni (lyrics) and Galt MacDermot (Music) for the musical, "Hair". I liked finding out that, apparently, Billy Davis Jr, from the 5th Dimension, left his wallet in a cab and a man involved with "Hair" found it and asked the group to come and see the production. Howe and the rest loved the song so much that Howe got the idea to use the 2 songs together. I found that cool how this song came to be. 


When I first heard of Klaatu, from my brother, I just loved how they sounded and bought both of their albums. They were the first to do "Calling Occupants...," before the Carpenters, which is on their first album. I just loved sitting back and listening to this song that was written by Dee Long, a member of Klaatu. By the way, they got their name from a great Sci-Fi film, "The Day The Earth Stood Still", which is the name of the big, don't make him angry, Klaatu, the robot.


I have to admit, I roamed around the internet before finding this song which I really like. I thought, for sure, this song would have been from the late 60s early 70s but, apparently, it is from 1999 written by Neil Young when he heard the other 3 got back together to make another album. If I am wrong, please correct me. It does sound quite good, eh? you all know we got a big snowstorm last Monday amounting to almost 2 ft of snow. My hubby was out snowplowing for many hours, 3 different times, to clear our sidewalks and others who are elderly or have physical issues. He has severe Rheumatoid Arthritis, to boot, but is on special medication to hinder its advance. He was beyond pain when he came in the first time..I could see it on his face and gave him pain meds and he sat for a long time before going back out. 

On Wednesday, the city plow came through our street and plowed all the snow onto part of our very long sidewalk that needs to be kept clear. By this point it was hard and full of major chunks. They did this to every corner home and blocked every driveway. I have made complaints and contacted our MPP. Apparently they received 1,500 complaints, but then they should make sure to hire contractors who do a better job. This is my rant and just look at the picks below. 

This shows the sidewalk after my husband snowplowed it. He doesn't just do a path, he does the entire width of the walk. 

This is after the city plow went through. Now people must walk on the street. My husband told the city if he cleans it up, they will get a bill from him!

Have you been dealing with a similar issue? Did you enjoy the song tidbits?

For now I say "Klaatu Barada Nikto"

Thursday, January 20, 2022

Thursday Movie Picks-Time Loops


On Tuesday, I kept thinking it was Wednesday...I hate that when it happens. Time...what the hell is it? We look at our watch..oops, phone or, if you are like me, the microwave. We feel time is slower than molasses when we are waiting in line but are amazed how time flies when we are having a great time. I often say to myself, "Time to move my ass." Time is truly freaky sometimes and Wandering Through The Shelves picked a good one regarding time loops. I wonder if we don't get stuck in some time loop when we do the same thing each day and wish to get off that lumpy gravy train. Anyways, I hope you like the movies I chose this week.


I just watched this a couple of weeks ago and it fits this theme. A man travels to a cottage, hired to  remodel the cottage. He meets the owner as well as guests who have all been invited for a nice gathering, but the man feels he has been there before, in his dreams, and knows all the faces he meets at the cottage. From there, we learn each person has had some spooky encounter from a strange mirror, a child and even a mental patient. The psychiatrist feels that each person's story can be explained in scientific terms even though he, himself was unsettled by his patient. The ventriloquist part is the most famous and most eerie but I liked all of stories. Funny, I watched this  just before I heard that Sally Ann Howes (you know her from Chitty, Chitty Bang-Bang) passed away because she played the young teenager who helps a little boy in the one segment of this film. If you can catch this rare "horror" film from Britain, I would advise to sit down and enjoy. I wonder if Anthony Perkins watched the last segment to get a sense of his character in "Psycho".


Of course I had to mention this famous one which, I believe, will be very popular unless everyone avoids it because it fits the theme so well. I went with the obvious because it is a funny movie with Bill Murray as a jerk (wow, really!?) who is stuck in this small town awaiting the rodent to predict whether we will have 6 more weeks of winter or an early spring. Honestly, it is pretty stupid how all the major news networks etc... discuss what this rodent will do and we all hope the critter will say Spring. What the hell does the rodent actually do to predict the outcome? Anyways, I sound like Bill Murray in this movie. His character is happy when the day is done and he can go back home but this doesn't happen because, the clock (that my brother owns to this day) flicks to 6 am, Sonny & Cher come on and Bill is in a nightmare. He is reliving the same day and he has no clue what to do to stop it. He ends up trying to kill himself which doesn't work so he decides to woo every chick he can because men will do this, let's face it:)). Throughout all the days he relives..ugh..I mean, the same day, he finds out he has true feelings for his colleague, played by Andie McDowell and wishes to change things for the better. It is not only funny but endearing and worth a look.


I normally don't choose newer films, as you all know, but I actually like this sci-fi  flick that stars Tom Cruise as a cowardly, inept moron who must keep reliving the same day to learn how to destroy the nasty aliens who wish to destroy us. Why are all aliens trying to kill us? Maybe, for once, a peaceful film could be made without the shoot 'em ups and death all around movies that we always get. Oops, I Tom meets the head of this division, played by Emily Blunt, in which she states he is their hope, sadly. It is funny to see Tom in a slightly different role at the beginning of the film and, believe it or not, he is rather funny when he keeps getting killed in various ways. It's a better movie than I thought it would be and worth checking out one Sunday afternoon when it's raining/snowing or blecchy outside and you want to sit back and turn off your brain. 

Which films would you choose?

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Janus, The God, now looks to the future


I am writing this on Sunday when it is a balmy -17 and we are supposed to get quite the snowstorm. We shall see if this happens because it often misses us. I took this picture of our tree, last year, after an ice storm and it fits for January. Janus is the god with 2 faces, one that looks behind and the other face that looks forward. I wrote about the past/memories so now we will look forward so here are my 3 songs that, I think, fit.


This song is written by my favourite Beatle, George Harrison when he was at his friend's home which happened to be Eric Clapton. I guess, George was dealing with some personal issues and he wrote this which, I think, is quite a hopeful song and one we all need.


This song sounds melancholy but, to me, it is the opposite because he sings this that when you are down and out you need to pick yourself up and carry on towards the future. I think that is what Shadaroba might mean since I did look it up on the web. Mainly it is Future oriented and hopeful so I shall go by that. This song was actually written by Cindy Walker who wrote many songs and was a singer herself in the country music world.


This song was actually written for a video game! I had no idea but when roaming for songs, I came across this and thought it sounded pretty damn good and it fit the bill. Sir Paulie still knows how to be creative.

What songs can you think of?

Soooo....just to let you know, my city was one of the worst hit with 50 cm of snow which is 1.68 ft of snow! Here are some pics...

Our entrance to our backyard.

Our car

Try and find our stairs..hahahaaa 

A view down the street.

Sitting in the snow...yup, that's me:))

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Thursday Movie Picks- Hospitals


I am writing this too late for my own good and it’s about hospitals which was a theme I suggested and Wandering Through The Shelves chose. Let’s get to it....


This film stars Olivia DeHavilland as a young lady with mental problems( I hate the word mental as I think of it as a brain disorder) who has no idea who her husband is nor how she got to be in the psychiatric hospital. We see her slowly come to realize her issues with the help of electroshock therapy but when a nasty nurse gets the patient to erupt, she ends up on a ward called "the snake pit” which are for patients who will never get better. This is actually very well acted by DeHavilland plus Celeste Holm and Ruth Donnelly. DeHavilland took her role very seriously and would visit many hospitals plus lectures to understand the psyche. Today, the way she is being “cured” is out-dated, thankfully,  and so is the strong belief in Freudian psychosis. It is worth checking out for sure.

2. M.A.S.H.-1970

This take place in 1951 during the Korean War, at a mobile surgical hospital located about 3 miles from the front. The famous TV Show has eclipsed this film and I do love the iconic TV Show that still holds the record for the most viewers for the season finale. I watch the tv show every chance I get and love all the characters but this tv Show is based on this sarcastic film that is wicked in so many ways and could not be made today in our PC world. Hawkeye Pierce comes to this hospital and meets Trapper John where they soon bring on many hijinks to the detriment of upstart Major Frank Burns and Major Margaret Houlihan. These 2 believe in strict order and discipline unlike Hawkeye and Trapper. Burns and Houlihan find themselves loving each other all over with Burns calling her Hotlips unbeknownst that their lovemaking is being broadcast throughout the unit. This is so funny, sad,  and taking the PC society right on its head like the oncoming “suicide” of the dentist filming it like the Last Supper. I love this movie.


I have not seen this in decades but it left an impression on me because it shows a hospital closer to what it really is than the self-sacrificing doctors who will do all they can to not only save your life but make sure you, the patient, get the best treatment above JFK..If he were alive. Today, nurses are shown as all Florence Nightingales with some a bit ornery but always with the best love for the patients. Now, don't get me wrong, there are many out there that are decent, but I have met my share of a-hole doctors and nurse Ratchids. This film makes biting fun of these types that, I think, we have all met. Paddy Cheyefsky wrote the film, narrates it and had control over it..rare in itself. George C Scott plays the head doctor of this falling down hospital who left his wife, kids can't stand him and he can't get it up..poor guy. On top of it all, a couple of nurses and a doctor have been killed...what is he to do. If you ever get to see it, see it as it is a biting satire on what I have seen for real.

Which hospital movies come to your mind? You know...I still have to see a Dr. Kildare movie or even the tv show with heartthrob Richard Chamberlain.

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Looking Back, One More Time


This is our Lucy who is over 15 years old, thin, thin, thin and eats everything in sight. She is also the sweet one who decides to place her paw on my face at 3am. We tried giving her pills once, this smart cookie would swallow the pill, or so we thought, only to find the pills hidden behind furniture. Bless her...ok so Janus is not done with the past yet so I am presenting 3 songs of yesteryear....


I have to say I do like this song which has been done many times over since Irene Dune Sung it in the film, “Roberta” which also stars Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers plus Randolph Scott. It was written by Jerome Kern  with lyrics by Otto Harbach. I think it’s a nice song even though I do love “Smoke Gets Into Your Eyes” from the same film.


This song, written by Harvey Schmidt with lyrics by Tom Jones, is from the Broadway show, "The Fantasticks” in 1960 and was introduced by Jerry Orbach known more for Law & Order and Baby's Daddy from “Dirty Dancing”. This version might be from a,  "Night of a 100 Stars", which I'd like to see again. I actually love the simple way he sings these lyrics as it makes me think nostalgic.


My brother mentioned this song last week in his comments and I listened, remember it well and really like it so I thought I would present it here. Funny, Harry Chapin debuted this on the Johnny Carson Show and so many called and wrote in( must have been fast mail) that he came back the next day for an encore performance which was very rare on the Carson show also known as The Tonight Show.

Let’s see what other songs you can think up. 

Thursday, January 6, 2022

Thursday Movie Picks-2021 Releases


A new year and we are here to talk about the releases from 2021 of which I am sorely lacking due to Covid, lockdowns, no HBO, Disney, etc.. so I saw 2 and hope to see more which I will discuss here. Wandering through the Shelves has picked more themes for this year and she always stuns me with her ability to pick themes for each week. So, here are my 3...


I saw this by renting it and enjoying  the fun without thinking too much. This belongs to the unending chain of Marvel superheroes of which some are excellent, some good, some meh. This is fun but not too memorable taking place before the last “the earth will die”  Avengers film. We get to learn about her childhood and how she was separated from her “parents ” and created to be the woman she is today. She soon finds out the diabolical scheme that her sister is involved in and reunites with her and her parents to save the world. It’s fun and I like the sister especially when she makes fun of how the Black Widow lands on her feet. I actually like the dad who plays his role for laughs. It’s fun, forgettable and one to see on a rainy day when you don’t want to think too much.


This is the final outing for Daniel Craig as James Bond and it is excellent. It starts out that he is with his lady love but it quickly turns dire and sour. He ends up back at work but his 007 moniker is already taken. You find out that Freddie Malek, is the evil genius who has created this harmful drug that he wants to send out to the world and guess who has to save it. This Bond outing is a good one with a fitting end to Craig as the angry Bond. I was dumbfounded in disbelief by the film but I don’t want to give out more. I just pray...pray that they do not pick a female Bond because that goes against what this secret agent is supposed to be. Please, create a new series with a female gal who is equal to Bond like Charlize Theron in Atomic Blonde, who could easily clean Bond’s clock, but leave Bond a virile man who meets Holly Goodnight, Plenty O’Toole or Pussy Galore and fights the bad guys. I could easily see Henry Cavill or Idris Elba in the role but not Tom Hardy...he is too....weird for the role. 


I know this film tanked big time st the box office but that means nadda to me since the furious flicks nake tons of money and they are shlock. I heard Spielberg did some updates from the original film and that's OK. To be honest, I always giggle and shake my head at the opening number in the original film when the thugs pirouette through the mean streets of NYC. The people can all sing in this newer film unlike the original where Natalie Wood and Richard Beymer were dubbed by the great Marni Nixon and Jimmy Bryant. Now we are in lockdown again so I vet I will see it on TV. Let's hope they don't dance in a rugged way...ooh, scary.

Which films have you seen from last year? 

Happy 3 King's Day/Day of Epiphany/ Little Christmas/ Ukrainian Christmas!

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Music Fest For January


"Get off the table!" I yelled...Kaspar...."Yah, ok, let me ponder that while I stare at you." January and soon it will be Little Christmas or 3 King's Day. I know there is a 3rd title for January 6th but I can't recall. This is actually when the Ukrainians celebrate their Christmas which is when the 3 kings finally make it to see the babe in a manger. If I was a Ukrainian, I would feel mighty on edge right now and I do, even though I am not a Ukrainian. On a better note, I find January one of reflection, hope, fears, what will happen next?, and hating winter (I don't). Anyhoo, I thought it fun to listen to some memories so here are 3 picks from me to you.


This song became the hit for the film, "The Big Broadcast of 1938" won the Oscar for best song and became Bob Hope's signature tune for the rest of his career. It's about a divorced couple who meet and reunite by singing this song. It was composed by Ralph Raingert with lyrics by Leo Robin. I always loved this song.


This major hit song came from the film "The Way We Were" starring Barbra Streisand and Robert Redford and remains a great song while the film is romantic hoo haa. It was created by Alan & Marilyn Bergman and Marvin Hamlisch. It's all about love and how wondrous it all was before it went to hell and a hand basket. (I think that's the cliche saying). Funny, it was not even up for a Oscar nom. 


Forget Cats, the film version which I still want to see, I went with the original Broadway recording with Betty Buckley in the role. She played the mom in "Eight Is Enough" a TV show where dad marries this lady after his wife dies. I had no idea Betty had such an amazing voice until I saw her perform this on Johnny Carson. I bought the album right away and I actually saw this musical 4 times, somehow. Elaine Paige originated the role of Grizabella, the former glamourous cat, now old and mangy, on the London stage in 1981, but I prefer Betty Buckley singing this since she originated it in North America and nails it. Barbra Streisand also sang this song which many people prefer. I listened to Jennifer Hudson sing it and it's ok but not a favourite and that white cat, who likes smelly cat, can't sing! Oh this is  from Andrew lloyd Webber from the poems about cats by T. S. Elliot.  Man, I have to see this movie. 

Looking back...any memory song you can think of?