Monday, August 23, 2010

Flutter Challenge

I have not been doing cards lately. I actually made an inventory of all my stamping items and placed it in a book for reference. I also have had, well, alot of crap going on lately. In one week alone, my dog was ill (better now thank god), I got sued at work(thank God I keep detailed notes and have other proof- our insurance man took my statement last week and it looks like he will recommend this client of mine not get her way-can we say she has been caught in many lies), and my mom almost burnt my house down. I own a duplex and she lives upstairs. Thank God we turned her stove off but she placed one of those bean bags (to ease her backache) in the microwave and, instead of turning it on for 2min, she must have hit 20. I was not at home but my hubby, Michael, was. My mom came down and told him she thought she made a mistake. He went upstairs and when he opened up her door all this blue smoke came bellowing out. he knew it was the microwave and it was so hot that it actually scorched the side of her fridge and burnt a part of the wooden table it was laying on. Since then she has been quite upset that her stove does not work (we said it is the wiring) and she has pulled that stove away from the wall, I have no idea how many times. She thinks now there were 2 cords for the stove. It is not fun. This, though, does not compare to an acquaintance of ours. She was very close to her mom and we found out that her mom was murdered. We feel so bad for this lady because she is such a nice person and to have your mom murdered is unthinkable. We heard about it in the paper but did not realize it was her mom so this card is for our friend Naomi. I promise the next card I make will have sunshine and happy talk. I am glad that I can escape into making this card at least for her.