Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hello New Gal in town

Well I have never had a blog before and I am quite a novice with the computer. In fact I often am quite unsure what can all be done. I just bought a digital camera and I have alot to learn. My last camera was a minolta from the '80's that I inherited from my grandfather. I am learning about how to use the camera so I can take toms of pics including my handmade cards I make. I tried to download the pictures and it looked like i did it...but now I can't find them! Well I will be on the search this eve to see if I can find the missing pics. many experienced computer geeks are just shaking their heads at this moment.

I live in my beautiful home with my boyfriend, Michael, an amzaing artist in his own right..and I mean amazing! He is rebuilding the existing garage and making it into his studio. he works on wood and burns the images-all freehand and to such detail that it defies description. It is a true Tapestry on wood. He did have a show at the Burlington Hospital that showcases aspiring artists and many people were left speechless by his magnificient art work.

We have 3cats-Naddie, Lucy and Jade (the baby) and my favourite, my wonderful doggie-Katie. She is going to be 10 in May. She is a black Lab and I just live her to bits. She is so gentle and sweet and gives so much affection. She is great with the pussy cats, in fact they take her bed and she leaves and sleeps on the floor. I have to make sure to relocate Jade to another place and give Katie her bed back. Katie gives licks to them and her favourite is Lucy. They often greet each other with licks. Jade being a youngster who loves to play is a bit much for Katie but Katie is so gentle that she just walks away.

I pwn a duplex so my mom lives on the upper floor. She is a peach of a mom! She is a true beauty inside and out. She is always there for everyone and she is quite the spitfire! She also has led quite a life and I need to write a book on her life because she has been just about through it all. She is german and lived through the war, escaped from the communist side (East germany) to the West. She suffered a major accident and had to relearn how to walk and talk and she came to Canada in 1956 and loves this country with all her heart.

I have been at my work for almost 18 yrs and I still love it...oddly enough. I can truly say I am having a wonderful life(my favourite movie). I am an avid film buff, love to read, love chocolate(too much), love my famuly and my friends and i love to do my cards.

This is just the beginning...