Sunday, July 25, 2010

Christmas in July

I am at the end of my vacation and boy did I need it! I have to say I did something off my bucket list....Last Saturday my friend and I went on the Jetboat tours through the rapids in the Niagara River. We went through class 5 rapids-can one say wall of water!!! It was a blast and i highly recommend it...completely safe too. Now on to the challenges. I belive i conquered Chstmas Card All Year round-Open, Charistmas Stamping-Button and bows (Bob Hope comes to mind-remember the song?), Simon Says-Sketch Challenge and Flutter By Wednesday, Christmas in July (use butterfly, fairy or angel). The first is my Angel. I used dark blue tectured cardstock with light blue glitter paper and I stamped the angle in black and then coloured her in with tombow markers-I tried the Chartres effect. I finished it off with some stickles on her wings. The next is Simon Says Challenge-the sketch. I stamped the tree in silver and embossed with white glitter and then I used a textured gold paper with green and the glitter white and the black glittery paper(I love that paper). I used a ribbon in red as an effect. Christmas Stamping had the buttons and bows-Actually I got this paper from Christmas Cards All Year roundas a gift and it is so pretty I wanted to highlight it so I just used a nice white pearlized cardstock and a blue and stamped the sentiment. I stckled it all around and made the bow which took me forever-why can't one buy instant bows??? I just placed the button in the centre and stickled the tree parts too. The last 2, well, I used my glitter white paper and I stamped, in green, the evergreen branch and waited for it to dry. I randomly sponged colours in blues and then I used stickers (glittery of course) and laid it over top and then cut them out and placed them as if they are hanging from the branches and then i finished it off with stickers. The last one is my manly Christmas card. I used a burnt orange as a base and then a lighter card stock along with a remnant of my brown leather and green. I had a St. Nick that I had stamped before and was ready to toss since the bottom portion didn't turn out and then a lightbulb hit(yeah I couldn't believe it!) and I cut it out with my oval shape plastic, and I mounted it on top. If I knew how to make it look like glass I would do it but I don't know since my diamond glaze, when i put it on as a try out, it turned out all streaky. Anyway there we go. Have a fab week ahead everyone!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Grape Time

Well, maybe ......maybe I did 3 posts. I am jumping the gun but we shall see. First off, for Flutter by Wednesday we had to use a minimum of 3 layers and at Simon Says, one had to be fruity. Well I made a manly card as it is my Michael's uncle's birthday. I have my grape stamp (which I love using and i got it on sale...I love that even more). I stamped and embossed in black. I used chalks for the background and the grapes. I stamped the image twice and then cut out the grapes and, using pop ups, I have the grapes, well, up:) I created a little butterfly from a punch and coloured it quickly with tombow markers. I then hammered those eyelets in(what are they called again??) the 4 corners and then i layered it on leathered brown cardstock followed by dark purple, green and then a shimmering brown. I used stickers that I coloured purple to finish off the look. Now i shall see what 365 day cards has today. I am a busy gal this day. I have to clean(yuck), do the laundry(yuck, yuck), get banking done (blah blah), take care of my Wallace my freak boy dog who hates walks and rather pees in the house than go outside because he has been so traumatized(we got him as a rescue dog last Aug and he is still shaking like a leaf to go outside...any suggestions would be mighty helpful). We love him so though and he deserves love more than anything. My other dog, my Katie girl has been throwing up so I fear I need to take her to the vet today too. She is 11 and she is my peaches and cream! My mom seems to be forgetting time more and repeates quite a bit and that is hard seeing her disappear before my eyes. My friend Vancouver Jeff (as opposed to my ex-Jeff) is coming down this weekend. He is MY brother in all cents of the word and he even said he would come down for a weekend (yup from Vancouver-he is on his ex-partners' plane pass still.....maybe I should give the fruity card to him...ok I am sorry I can't help myself, please do not hate my political incorrectness as I can actually say that to him quite freely since VJ loves tossing me into fountains and generally getting my goat:))to stay with my mom so Michael and I can get away...amazing isn't it. We are picking him up at the airport today. I plan on doing something I have not done yet with him---bucket list time....Maybe we will go on the rapids(there is a boat) on the Niagara River. Now i don't mean above the falls and I don't me the Maid of The Mist (I laugh now as Mist in German means Manure) but they have a boat in the gorge to tackle the rapids and it holds about 50 people or so so it is safe. Anyway Look at me just talk..I can do that naturally.,... Have a fab day to all fo you. Happy Card making

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fairy Dream

OK I made this a while ago but I thought it would be a good choice when Flutter By Wednesday challenge comes back and so here is my entry. I was inspired by one of my mom's eggs that she made and decided to make a little story that anyone can interpret. I used my main fairy stamp and then I masked her and surrounded her with several other stamps....the cottage, little flowers, little butterfly, the birds, the dragon($ only- yahoo), my unicorn and the cherubs. I coloured them in with my tombow markers. I added extra clouds and the sun using chalks to finish off the backgorund. I then used 2 different purple cardstock and of course stickles because wherever fairies are so is fairy dust ( there could be so many humerous anecdotes here but I just let you ponder and have a smile). I will add my mom's egg which will be above this card...she made the fairy and the harp and everything and she is sitting in a real chicken egg. Didn't my mom have talent! I can't believe I got this in the actual Wednesday!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

3 Shades of Orange

Well at 365 Day Cards, today's colour challenge was 3 different oranges so I stayed with my flower motif (see rest of blog...if you dare:)...ok just kidding). I stamped and embossed a rose(hard to see since I decided to stickle it. I coloured it with my tombow markers in 3 different oranges. The backing is a pearlized paper and I used my $1 punch again and my chalks in different oranges. I used my tombow markers on paper and then placed the glitter stickers over top, cut them out and used pop ups to secure them on the edges. I coloured in the butterfly and cut her out and used my pop ups again for Ms. Butterfly and placed it on dark orange colour stock paper. Today it is hot, hot, hot! Tomorrow hotter still so, well,....that's all folks! Have a great day!

Friday, July 2, 2010

365 Day Cards-flowers and Colours

WellI am finally caught up with 365 Day cards and since most are made with flowers it works as well with Fortnight Challenge (sorry if i got the name wrong). I went on a splurge and decided to do all studys on flowers and use the colours given for the day challenge at 365 Days Cards. Today is a Study in Purple. The background is actually purple tissue that I crinkled up for some texture. I used a lavendar card stock backing and then I used my perfect pearls powders for the main backgound with the flowers(English Lavender, Sweet Thistle, Forever Violet and Sparkly White). I bought a punch on sale for $1 (yup $1) and then I have these pop out flowers as the centre and you can't see it but they are 3D.

Yesterday's card had to be yellow so I used the pop out flowers in 3D(I love them) and used 3 different Yellows(oh yes the colours had to be in 3 different shades). I finished it off with stickers for borders and I used chalk for the final background in different yellows and some oranges.

Ah, The blue one-I turned out neat (OK Nerd alert) but I used glimmer sprays for the main background and I think more blue got on my fingers as the squirt bottle was working correctly right was a mess. I used Sparkly silver. Light blue backgound and the pop up flowers have a different blue as well. I finished it off with waterfall stickles as I thought this was a night look:)

O Canada! I made most of these cards yesterday as I am off work(Yahoo). This is the sole one without Flowers but I had to use that backgound paper as I just love it! It has a myriad of different reds on it. I used a wine red backing and cut it out with the heartbeat scissors and then I used a pin to finish the edging. I cut out the stamped leaves(stamped in black & embossed in black sparkle) and I coloured it with twinkling H20's in 3 different reds.

Monday at 365 Day Cards was a study in green and to use 3 different shades of the same colour. The main card is in forest green with a light pearlized green cardstock and then I stamped and embossed the Hummingbird. I painted the hummingbird with my twinkling H20's in a variety of green and some red and then I used my chalks to colour the backing also using different greens. I finished it off with green flowers and crystal stickles!