Friday, December 7, 2012

10 Questions answered

I have not done questions like these in so long that I  forgot they can be still around so here it goes....and check out Emily's blog at

1. How many speeding tickets have you gotten?

None! I am crafty devil now as for other charges.....

2. Can you pitch a tent?

Pitch it where? Over a cliff?
3. What was your worst vacation ever?

I actually can not say I had a bad vacation. They were all fun and, in fact, I need another one.

4. What was the last thing you bought over $100?

My stamping stuff for my card making. I didn;t tell my husband that though
5. We're handing you the keys to what?

Lamborghini of course i can still only afford in in hotwheels or matchbox.

6. What was the last meal you cooked that made even you sick?

Chicken or was it fish. I don't remember I was on an airplane at the time
7. Fill in the blank: Oh my gosh! Becky, look at her butt! It is so big....
it looks like 2 pugs are going dancing

8. What was your first car?

I had a barbie Camper that I would place my barbies in, have the doors open and push down the stairs to see it wreck. I wanted it to explode like on TV but alas, it did not
9. Your best friend falls and gets hurt. Do you ask if he/she's okay or laugh first?

I help her. I wish I could say I laugh but I go and help the clumsy twit
10. What's the worst song ever?

Disco duck...enough said. It could only be more worse if Justin Bieber redid it while wearing overalls like he did meeting the Prime Minister
Now soon I shall post some more pics of cards...if i get a chance:)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Flowers x3 - Open -Anything Goes Anything Goes -Anything Goes

On all the sites and always on Make It Monday (Which I love), it is Anything Goes. I had these cards done a while ago(I posted the 1st 3 before if you want to check them out). I used the cuddlebug, nestabilities, the flowers for each month, prismas pencils for colouring the flowers and stick ons for borders etc.. I also used crystals for some bling and May has a butterfly:) One thing I am proud of...the bow! The bow doesn't look bad! I actually made one that looks pretty good-It's not perfect and so many can do beautiful bows...I am not one of them. I tried to look for ready made bows to buy(you know the small ones everyone seems to be able to make except moi-I hate you all:)) OK just kidding about the hate part but seriously, I have had people try to show me how to make a bow. I even bought a contraption that was supposed to be idiot proof...didn't work for me. maybe it is my blond hair or something. OK enough about bows. These fit the Anything Goes  for everyone. I seem to have been busy lately with cleaning, life crap, mom and well regular stuff. I hope to now endeavor to have a messy home but happy in making cards:) Enjoy the day and remember-so many fought for us to have the right to do what we take for granted, my dad included. I think of you today Daddy and raise a toast to you and all the people who endured war, including the men and women who were our enemies. I lost 2 Uncles in WW2 and one was only 1 yr old, the other only 19(my mom is German). I will never know them but my heart is with you. To everyone who has someone overseas may I give my humble thoughts to you and your families. All the best

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Flowers of the Year Part 1 - Glimmer & Sparkle - Anything Goes

I was a busy little beaver a while back and made all 12 cards cards for the flowers of each month. I love these stamps and just got right into it. I didn't make them for any specific challenge but if they fit for any challenge then that is just a bonus! I tried to use a similar method for each card. The images are all flowers. I coloured them with the gamsol pencils which I love. I used nestibilities and layered the main image 3 times and I also used crystals on each card. The first card(January) I also used stickles for added bling and glitter stickers for the corners. The middle card also has the stickers for corners but in gold and the last one I used my cuddlebug to cut the corners and I used my pastels to edge the white card a bit. I am trying now frantically to make a scrapbook for my dear friend who is coming to visit me in 2 weeks. He has always been there for me and I thought I would gather some pics he sent me over the years of his travels and do this scrapbook. Of course I have been a lazy lardbutt and didn't start it until last week and working full time just cramps my style to get this book done:) I will have more cards to follow in the following weeks...following the message. Hmmm did I use follow too often:)

Monday, September 17, 2012

Angel Blue Colour - Anything Goes - Anything Goes - Celebrations

This is my celebration card for my anniversary  with my hubby. We have been together a total of 6 young years and it has been fun and we also needed the angels with all that has happened from my mom getting dementia to Michael now needing full shoulder replacement surgery due to his rheumatoid arthritis. I thought angels were a good choice. I created the backgound in sponging different blues on glossy white. I stamped the image in black and embossed it in black sparkle powder. I had these new leaves and stars which I added to opposite ends and added silver stickers and mounted it on glossy blue cardstock. Blue is my Favourite colour. Anything goes at Whimsy and Make It Monday so I entered them here as well. Everyone have a great day! 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Presents galore -Presents - Early Christmas -Theme challenge-gifts'+All+Year+Long) -Snowy - sparkles-bling

I can not believe we are already in September! At CCAYR their theme was presents and also similar was 52 Christmas cards throwdown. They actually show a beautiful picture of gifts. Christmas comes early at Anything Goes and I always try to recycle something and I hope we will have snow this coming year:) I also always love sparkles so it is on almost every card in some form. One of these had a quilty theme a while back so the first card was using that image and I had a present sticker and I used glitter to fill in the gift. I used an old ribbon and mounted the cardstock on top of the ribbon. I finished it with gold stickers and a Merry Christmas.  The second Picture I recycled the stickers from the present to make a 2nd gift card. I coloured it and mounted it on shiny paper I had lying around. The 3rd card I used perfect powders and used a present stamp to make the background and then used several layers of paper I had, again, laying around and mounted the Christmas stamp that I also used the powders on to make a more manly card. My Mr. Penguin for the 4th card is done in purples. I had used powders for the background  and then placed the penguin on top of that. I used silver cardstock, purple cardstock and an old ribbon I have had for ages and made a very sad looking bow to finish it off. My last card shows some snow.  I used the cuddlebug and the snowflake design for the background. I took some very shiny sparkly cardstock and mounted the penguins on top and finished it off with some snowflakes(I got these new) and crystals.

Monday, August 20, 2012

The 2 Jeffs -Anything Goes - Lots of Layers
I made these 2 cards a while ago for 2 important men in my life-the 2 Jeff's. The first one is like my brother whom I call V.J.(for Vancouver Jeff). and the other is for my ex whom is shared 16 years together and, although the separation was sad and painful, our friendship has weathered that storm and now he is freinds too with my current spouse and vice-versa. The first card I used stamps of the alphabet(I wish i had all of them). I coloured them with my tombow markers and mounted them on this great brown glitter paper-well, more of a sheen than a sparkle. I added the gold stickers around the border too. The 2nd card I mounted it on several different pieces of paper which I think, goes along with the Whimsy challenge. I made the background paper too on the kraft coloured paper. I used the cut out for the nestibilities and stamped "Happy Birthday" in Egyptian gold powder. I used a gold pen for the edging and some purple crystals too. I can say they enjoyed their homemade cards.

Monday, July 23, 2012

The Holly & the Poinsettia -a Sketch'+All+Year+Long) - Sketch you like use Holly or Poinsettia

Oh I missed a few challenges like Gothic challenge from Craft Your Passion and Whimsy for Monochromatic. I just had to deal with my mom taking another turn downward with her dementia and my dog passing away. Boy...I guess I am a bit of a downer but I tried to get better by making cards! The first card is the Sketch that Sparkles wanted  us to use and I had fun doing. I used up some card pieces I had (well I have alot left) and I used sparkles for the tree and stickers of holly as well as the tree. The 2nd card is in silver but the same tree-just different sparkle colour with the holly leaves. The 3rd card is from the 52 Christmas Cards Throwdown that I also missed but I love the sketch so much and the way I did the sketch that I entered it  in the Christmas Stampin. I used my poinsettia stamp and  embossed in 3 different spakle colours (Green, Egyptian Gold and red). I cut it for each panel and the background I used Pearl dust pwoders. I stamped the Seasons Greetings in the same sparkle powder and used watercolour for the distressed edging.  The 4th and 5th card would have been great for Christmas Stampin last week as I never used those stamps! The 4th card is a stamp I bought for $4! I used all shades of brown with a hint of colour. I used mainly my chalks and distressed the edges too. The punch is the poinsettia punch and I used some stickles on that flower. The last card I tried my gothic look. I stamped the angel in silver along with the holly and used silver sparkle. I added the snowflakes and raised everything with pop up dots. Only black and grey papers were used...all with some shimmer:) Have a great day everyone and week!

Summer blooms - Summer -Colour Palette-Dark Purple, Lavender, Cranberry, Light Blue, Sky Blue - Anything Goes - Summer - Lavender & Lace

I have been busy as I made some Christmas cards which you can also see on my blog. I entered them after this one:) I have also been a bit blue. My mom is taking a little turn for the worse. I think she is losing her ability to know how to cut her food up and so I make sure I am with her for at least 4 days of the week, after my work. It is just sad to see someone succumb to Dementia. On top of it my beautiful Doggie, Katie, Passed away. She was 13 (a Black Lab) and she was my peaches and cream. I thought she would last longer but she had a stroke and the vet said it was the best thing and I know he was right. So I have been away from making cards but I tried for some summer. It has been way too hot here. It is weird to say that we are looking forward to a chilly 27 tomorrow. Anyway, On this card I stamped and embossed the hyrdrangea 3 times and coloured it in tombow markers on watercolour paper. I cut each one out and raised it on background white paper. I tried to use lace and stamped on top of it for the background but it didn't quite turn out as I wanted. I had some left over lace which I used for the border after I used my dye inks. May the summer get a little cooler and a little rainy here:)

This is my beautiful Katie...All Smiles

Monday, June 25, 2012

Theda, Oh Theda --White on White -Time or Travel --Anything Goes - Anything Goes-Performing Arts - Colour Pallette

The top card is for a friend's birthday. I used the colour pallette of cream, light and dusty rose, lavender and sage green. I stamped the flower image in basic black ink. I coloured it with gamsol pencils. I stamped the image again and cut parts out for a 3D effect. I also used a little ribbon. the cuddlebug and background in 2 shades of pink. I hope this works with the abc challenge and Make It Monday.  The 2nd card is for travel for the Stampman Challenge. It was for my husband who loves Picasso. The stamp was bought in Venice and he is travelling on his horse. I added the background image and coloured it with sparkly golden hued pens and added the mask since it just seemed to go with Venice. The last card, works for the Whimsy Inspire challenge to have a white card except for the image which I drew-I did not trace -from one of my favourites-Al Hirschfeld. This image is Theda Bara. The first screen Vamp. Poor Theda-she always wanted to be loved. I used the cuddlebug alot for the background and the scrolls. I added the bling and now Theda is alive again! 

Monday, June 4, 2012

Too Late for Favourite Songs of Christmas

I missed Christmas Cards All Year Round challenge where one was to make a card to one's favourite Christmas song/Carol. They now have that one can make one card but I still like making 5 and decided to do the challenge anyway and have fun with other challenges.  On Make It Monday it is always anything goes so there are 5 to choose from:) The first card is "Blue Christmas" but with a twist and it is my humour card for  Dream Valley Challenge. I have this version...sung by Porky Pig! If you can ever listen to it-you will laugh yourself silly:). The piggies are coloured in prismas colours and masked so the background notes are stamped on. I mounted it on layers of cardstock and cut the edges with Victorian cut style scissors.I used a glitter blue pen for the wording around the card.
The 2nd card is a song sung by Ivan Rebroff who could sing low F to high F-I am not kidding and I love this one song sung in German which is supposed to be a Russian sleigh song. I had no sleigh so the carriage will have to do. It is about getting home as fast as the wind to home and sit by the fire and be with the children at Christmas. It is my favourite Christmas song since I was a kid. This is a punch out card and 3d effect with pop up dots.
The 3rd card is Monochromatic for the Christmas Stampin Up challenge. I thought of the song "Angels we have heard on High". I bought this new cuddlebug emboss folder-It is 2 in one. I also bought the victorian cutout one that I can use with my cuddlebug as well. I distressed the edges. I stamped and cut out the angel and coloured her with tombow markers. I added the ribbon and stars on the edges.
The 4th card I thought of the "Skater's Waltz" but it could be "Winter Wonderland" as well. I love the "Skater's Waltz" better and this was also done with the pop up dots which I love.
The last card is "O Christmas Tree" and This works for the ABC Christmas Tree Challenge for Keep it Simple. I chose a basic black cardstock. I embossed the tree in silver and used White sparkle embossing powder. The Merry Christmas stamp is embossed in Egyptian Gold sparkle. I added some stars and snowflakes and that is it. Oh and I added the edge in Egyptian Gold as well.
So Christmas rules at the beginning of June:) Have a fund day and week!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Birthday Crazy! - Anything Goes - Brown, Green, White and a hint of Lavender/Purple -Anything Goes

Can we say Birthdays!!! My friend's birthday is on May 14th, My hubby's niece is on the 17th, my niece is on the 18th, my friend's son is on the 21st, My wonderful hubby, Michael, is on the 25th, my friend's daughter is on the 29th and mine is onJune 2nd!!! Now put Mother's Day in the mix and my head is ready to explode. I used to have my birthday all to myself and loved being the cracked Gemini that I am but now there are others and Taurus in the mix...I really need to find stamps with astrology as a theme. Make It Monday is always Anything Goes and I love it. They have such a great site and so many beautiful creations. Now I love Simon Says because it also has so many neat creations and I always loved playing that game but I always lost...I didn't use twine so I hope you do not hold that against me. So many did a great job. Colour Create Challenge is just that..a Challenge. I think I have more than a hint of Lavender/Purple but I hope it still fits the bill. I used some great paper with glitter. I stamped the daisy image in Apricot Brown ans I used my Prisma Pencils for the lavender effect. I have the basic white cardstock with the peel off in Gold and some remnants from my cuddlebug that seemed to work and it is in Lavender. Thank you to all the beautiful works I see when i venture to these sites and to all the others-what a great way to view such wonderful works. Thanks!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

One Layer, Framed - Case-use a design team's card as an inspiration - Frame It!

Hello one and all! I actually made this card 2 weeks ago as I  will be helping a craft class at a long term care home where my mom is now living. At DreamValley Challanges, one could use a number of design team's beautiful cards as an inspiration and use their card to make one of your own. I was inspired by this One layer card that says "LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE" It had a heart and flourishes on the card. This is a card that I will be using for the elderly to make. It is one layer andthe flower is coloured with pastel chalks. I used a brown dye pad for the flourishes to frame the flower in and then I sponged the card with pink, lavender and a blue. It just seemed to fit this challenge and the Frame It challenge at Crafty Creations. . When I visit my mom and I see the elderly there, many do not talk and can not walk and I think of their lives and what they must have been in youth and that saying Live, Laugh, Love just seemed to hit me as I am hoping the people whom I will help next Saturday will have a little fun. Enjoy the day and every never know...  

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Male Cards a Go-Go - Anything Goes -Your Favourite technique -Torn or distressed edges

I have missed a few challenges and these were made with them in mind. 2 had a male themed challenge but it so happened that I wanted to use my favourite technique that I haven't used in a while which works out! The top card I used my brayer and rolled the colour on which is called Autumn. I stamped in black dye the image. I used the cuddlebug which I also love for the green paper and mounted it on the nice brown paper and finished it off with gold trim. When I took the picture the flash just seemed to hit the right spot eh?? The 2nd card I used my cuddlebug to cut out the nestibilities design. I then used my stencil with grapes and covered it with paste which creates a 3d layer. I coloured it with pastel chalks. I used, as almost always, the trim on the edges. Oh yeah I also distressed the inner card  for an aged look. It makes me think of wine..let me dream.....I entered these challenges for the anything goes challenge for Make It Monday and My Favourite Technique for the Stampman Challenge and Craft Your Passion which I hope you do see the distressed look, or I shall be distressed:). There are so many techniques I love.... hard to choose

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Rant...and why not!

I have not been on this great site for a while and I am doing a little rant today. To the public at large..please bathe! or at least use something so my nostrils are not attacked by the foul stench emanating from your personhood. I work with the public. So many are great and have so much to deal with...and then there are others who come in and feel entitled to be given money for back rent even though they just told me they won $5,000 on a scratch ticket ...but they can not make their rent. To top things off they then swear and the kicker-my eyes begin to water and my stomach convulses ready to puke out alien because the man never heard of soap. When I noticed the paint peeling I knew this was a winner. I have had others who never believe in soap or lysol or anything of that note and then feel compelled to come closer to me and start talking. I beg to all people out there who are soap deprived-please go to any dollar store and buy some soap. There was one woman who came in-she still gives me nightmares.....To say she was ugly would be mean to warthogs out there everywhere. Now if she was physically deprived but the heart of an angel I would not even think of writng this but she was just mean. I mean...mean!!! She would walk in, she was a large short woman with missing teeth(I kid you not), who had large bahama mama's and would never wear a bra..yup they were lopsided and she would usually wear a white shirt. Her hair-was so greasy you just had to wipe her hair on a pan and you could cook veggies without adding any oil....again not kidding. The smell emanating from every pore of her nasty soul would make me gasp for breath as I had to take her money every month for payments. One poor lass came walking down the stairs whistling a happy tune when  the sewer pits of hell was in, the poor girl took a couple of whiffs and literally ran down the hall dry-heaving. I wish I was exagerrating but, alas, I am not. Sewer Pits would never say hello or thank you and would often grunt. Ughh I would have rather taken money from Satan. I wish I could give a care package out to people which would always guessed it! Soap!!! To people who design buildings without the ability to open windows...tell me why do you do that??

Monday, April 9, 2012

Christmas April??

Happy, ur...Easter!? I decided to make Cristmas cards:) I still will try to make 5 cards for the CCAYR even thought they changed the rules and one only has to make 1 card. They used a photo inspiration which were Ukranian eggs. I used to make them and I love them! Every colour and image has a meaning behind it. The first card also goes with ABC Christmas. I have this stamp which reminded me of the design on some of the eggs and I used a hint of green sparkle embossing powder and Egyptian Gold embosiing powder on basic white cardstock. I cut it into an oval shape and placed it on this beautiful gold paper. I trimmed it in green ribbon. The second and 4th cards are my favourite colours and combinations. I used a stamp that reminded me of hearts and swirls on the eggs but also reminded me of the turkish tiles found on the Titanic ( I am a Titanic nut and LOVE the 1958 film version-A Night To Remember- which much better illustrates what happened on the ship than the 1997 blockbuster where the kids just kept going back into freezing water so many times...and never froze...well he did but I saw that coming..oops I digress). I coloured everything with my tombow markers. On the 4th card I cut out the center and have a peek-a-boo to the inside where it says Merry Christmas which I embossed with a gold hue. I also added tiny crystlas on the outside of that one card. The centre that I cut out I further cut the squares and used them on the 2nd card. I used a beautiful mirror blue cardstock for the backing and highlighted everything with silver stickers and the stars I painted purple. Stars are often used on the Ukranian eggs as are hearts, and swirls and never-ending ribbons/belts.
The red card I saw this pure red and black egg on the picture and loved it so I tried to replicate this using a black sparkle embossing powder and 2 different red cardstock and used pop up dots to highlight the red card and mounted a gold emblem at the centre. The final card, I call it my M.A.S.H. card due to the hue of that green....which turned out army looking...Oh well. I stamped the snowflakes in white on white glossy cardstock. I took my roller and rolled yellow on top. I stamped the stars on it and then used my green dye ink thinking it would turn out a beautiful green instead of , well ca-ca colour but I kept it. I wanted to try my hand at how the eggs are actually done. They start with what they want white first and then go to yellow, green, blue, etc... each time they cover what they want to remain that colour, in wax, to ensure the design. I tried this on this card. This card turned out to be a headache. I used vellum for the centre and I like the look of it. I used the December flower for the centre and embossed it in gold. Through another mistake I ended up putting glitter around the edges. I also ended up cutting the centre 3 times I think. In the end it is done:) What a card...It is more for a man even though there is a flower.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Butterfly Galore

The cuddlebug is becoming one of my favourite tools because I can emboss and cut and I love this butterfly! Both can go for the Anything goes challenges. The first card I used purple and bright green and cream. The cream card I embossed and there is this neat sparkly green paper that I used for the butterfly wings but you can see the sparkle too much. I also had this fabric, sheer, that was used for flowers and I cover the purple paper in it for this neat sheen effect. I coloured the peel off in green and added these fabric flowers to the corners. The 2nd card I used a variety of greens and found this stamp that I haven't really used but I thought it was perfect for Wedding/Love since, in this day and age of entertainment crappola where weddings seem to last as long as a sneeze I thought the word "Sincerity" was appropriate. I used different strips of paper left around(don't we al have those) and created the stripes and the end pieces have polka-dots. I glued all these down with the sticky tape and the background of the butterfly wings I used vellum! I have not used that in ages and I coloured it with tombow markers and I wish I had a light behind the butterfly because it turned out really neat...if I do say so myself. I added peel offs for borders which I love using also and I used scizzors (another fav) for the border around the stamp which I then poked little dots with another of my favourite tools to have the delicate look. I placed some pastels colouring around the edges to finish it off. Everyone have a very Happy Easter!!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

4 Christmas cards done!

I finally made all 5 cards for CCAYR and this was difficult for me since I rarely work with patterend paper...I know...I am a freak!:) The first card i combines it with Simon says and The Stampman Challenge because each had a bingo card recipe and it seemed to fit all together so i hope this works for the challenges since I combined them. I used a nestibilities cut out of a poinsettia to make a flower and used 2 different patterned papers for that. I also used glitter paper for the swirlies and brads and glitter which I love always. The squirrel card does have 2 patterned papers but they were from the same bag, sort of speak, so I combined them. I stamped the squirrel and coloured them with tombows for a little definition. The 3rd card I love that patterned paper and didn't want to cover it up much because of the birdie and cage. I used a strip from another patterned paper near the top and then I placed "Merry Christmas" from my peel offs which I almost always use. The last card has the fun snowmen. The stamped image was painted slightly to reflect the same colours in the background snowmen and then I used a tacky sheer double paste to cover the snowman so I could use my ultra fine glitter to cover him with. I hope that made sense. I can not believe I am in the top 10 for make It Monday either-Wowzers! I am usually in the 200's:) Everyone have a great day!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Green Christmas -use green and 2 patterend paper -use peel offs

True to form even my picture is crooked. It is a wonder I don't walk with a permanent slant. I also am not centred with the card which also is so true to my form. This will drive my hubby it was well worth making it crooked:) I can sit for hours trying to make it straight and it still will turn out crooked. I used a ruler on this damm card too. I am true to my calling which is not a true artist as a true artist would have thrown this card away because they are freakishly wanting perfectionism. My mom is one and my hubby is another which is why I can say they are true artists. I rarely work with patterned paper. I just can't wrap my mind around it(sorry for the pun, you know-wrap-chuckle, chuckle). I will be making 4 more but this is my first one. I used the stars papers and coloured it green with tombow marker and paint that gives this pretty sheen. I used a second patterned paper in 4 strips to set it off. The middle is a peel off showing a town. I coloured it all in green tombow markers and I tried-the word meaning TRY to evoke the Currier and Ives feeling but using green instead of blue. I took a very pale green shimmer paper and used the cuddlebug for the background added a jewel and a peel off star and-Voila! my card for March..the first of 5.

springtime and Yellow

OK so I am finally trying to get my cards uploaded and my dinner is getting cold...waaay. Anyhoo I made a bookmark and a cute card for springtime. The cutie card is for someone who recently had a baby boy. I love the colour challenge so I made 2 cards and I hope the one fits the vintage theme since mideival is quite old. At least I hope it meets the challenge. I used alot of the pencil crayons and tombow markers and layered and cut. Now off to have some food!