Thursday, December 29, 2022

Thursday Movie Picks: TV Edition- Amnesiacs


Wandering Through The Shelves made me put my thinking cap on but I think I came up with 3 that work so here we go...


I saw this show before I watched Secret Agent Man starring Patrick McGowan as a debonair spy who never kissed the girl( he actually had this in his contract because he only felt he could kiss his wife, which is kind of nice). This series starts where he quits his job and wants to leave but is gassed and wakes up in the village. He is only known as #6 as he tries to figure out who he is, why he is in this village and why he is prevented from leaving. When he tries, via the water, this big white bubble comes along and envelops him. You are treated to a cat and mouse game as the higher ups try to gain info from him. It's an excellent series that has received cult status and rightly so.


So, this is just one episode in the original series but Star Trek liked this type of format which was used in The Next Generation and even in the movies. This is one episode that seems a bit out of the norm because it seems to be more about Kirk's life with the Native Americans on a distant planet than about alien planets. Kirk, Spock & McCoy  beam down on a planet that is in the direct path of a huge asteroid and will be destroyed unless the 3 can do something to stop it. They find this strange obelisk and before you can say, Kirk's a jerk,  Kirk lands into the obelisk and gets his brain fried enough to forget who he was. Spock & McCoy have to get back to the ship leaving Kirk behind. When these pretty Indian maidens come to the obelisk to pay respect, out comes Kirk. Believing he is a God, they bring him to their tribe and he seems to prove it when he saves a drowned kid. Kirk and the prettiest maiden fall in love, marry and she becomes pregnant. It goes on from there. I found this episode not the most popular but I have always liked it for the gentle manner of this one episode.

3. QUANTUM LEAP- 1989-1993

I am watching the remake and, although not as good as this original, I don't hate it like so many do. The original stars Scott Bakula as the brainiac Sam who decides to go it alone into his machine and gets pulled into other people's lives without knowing where he is, who he is and why he is there. On top of it all, his brain has become jumbled and ge can't recall who he truly is. Al, played wonderfully by Dean Stockwell, is the only one who connects with him from his present and tries to help him figure out what Sam is supposed to do to help the person he has inhabited. Everyone sees the person but we see Scott Bacula even when he plays a woman. The only time we see the person he inhabits is when he looks in the mirror. I loved watching this show for the different plot lines, some dramatic and others quite comedic. We also get a chance to see how talented Bacula is as a singer when he did a version of Man of La Mancha. It's quite a great show and worth checking out.

What shows can you think of with amnesiacs?

Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Happy New Year....Soon


Well, this is what hubby will be doing when the ball drops on Saturday. I will stay up because I always want to stay up and see the stupid ball drop before I get to bed and sleep in the new year. I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas as I have. Hubby spoiled me and I am so grateful and he is grateful for what I gave him and that makes me happy. Now, on with the music....


This is a somewhat quiet song maybe even melancholy, but it sounds so pretty especially with Judy singing it. This song was written by Gordon Jenkins back in 1949.


This  song comes from their last album, “Super Trouper,”  sung by Agnetha Fältskog (the blond one). I got a kick that this was originally titled, “ Daddy Don’t Get Drunk on Christmas Day.” Which cracks me up. Oh, and guess what? Agnetha’s mom’s name is....Birgit.


We all know this song, which was written by  Scotsman, Robert Burns, back in 1788 and was set to tune back in 1799. I honestly didn’t think it was that old...the melody not the poem. Guy Lombardo, Born in London, Ontario-Canada, made this tune famous with his Royal Canadian orchestra and we hear his version every year after the ball comes down in Times Square. My dad loved watching his New Year’s Eve special on the CBC every year until Guy died in 1977.

Wishing you a very great and healthy New Year ahead!

Thursday, December 22, 2022

Thursday Movie Picks-Winter Sports


I’m late again because Ive been busy with Christmas shopping etc... some of you already have everything done...😛⛄️. Ok, just having fun with ya....I promise I won’t stick my tongue out at you and am glad you are all ready for Christmas. Wandering Through The Shelves' themes for this year are almost done and am looking forward to the new year of themes, but we still have 2 more to go and this is a fun one. I, alas, have yet to see any Sonja Henie films...she was huge back in the day and a gold medal winner in figure skating. One day, I will see her films even though they will be corny but, I know, I will enjoy them. Now...on with the show...


You know I had to find a way to get this film into one of these themes and I did! Yes, it might be a stretch but, it’s a key plot point that carries resonance throughout the film.  We see a young George Bailey sledding with his pals and his kid brother Harry, on shovels, when Harry breaks through the ice. George jumps in to save Harry but George catches a bad cold and loses the hearing in his one ear. The film continues from there and, if you have not seen it or don't know the plot, you have been hiding under a rock...shame on you! This is my favourite film which I watch every year. Just thinking that sledding can be as simple as what is shown in this film to  what we see in the Olympics. Yes, i still have to see that film about the Jamaican sled racing team starring John Candy. 


I saw this film when it first came out so I am a bit foggy with the details, but it stars Russell Crowe in a sweet dramedy ( I know! Russell in a sweet film??) about a team of guys that play hockey on an open rink. Hank Azaria, now a writer (or something like that) who comes back to his home town, only to find a chilly reception (pardon the pun). He writes up a story that a professional Hockey team will compete with the amateurs. before you can say, Holy Freeze, Batman, The Hockey team goes up to the town and play hockey. No one is happy about this event but, somehow, people find more than they bargain for. I find this movie a hidden gem and one that i enjoyed watching and would love to see again.


This film was (co)written, directed and stars Paul Gross (He was the Mountie in the hit Canadian TV show "Due South") as a man who comes home and ends up compiling his old teammates in the winter sport of, you guessed it, curling. To say they are rusty is putting it mildly so Paul decides to enlist his estranged dad's help in getting the team into tip top shape. The dad is played by the legendary Leslie Nielsen who often co-starred with Paul Gross on his TV Show, "Due South." One of the opposing teams is played by the legendary Canadian rock groups, The Tragically Hip, to great comedic effect. I have to admit that, when I was a kid, I would watch curling. I never played it but I enjoyed watching it....I was one strange kid. This is a very fun and sweet movie that I can watch over and over again but part of that is due to my crush on Paul Gross....and Leslie Nielsen. 

Which films can you think of that includes winter sports?

Now, we are to be hit with a huge winter storm, just like a storm that hit Christmastown all those years ago with Santa almost cancelling Christmas. If it wasn't for Rudolph's shiny nose, we would not have had any presents....:) I am certain many of you will be in a similar shape since this is one huge ass of a storm. I wish all of you a safe and wonderful Christmas. Please know I read every comment you leave even though I fell flat on my brains in replying to your great comments. 

Merry Christmas!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2022

More Christmas Songs Please


Normally, I do my "Guess which song won the Oscar"  theme this week but, it's Christmas and I wanted to showcase 3 songs I love that comes from other parts of the world, not just English or German (since I showcased German last week with Mad Ivan). I grew up hearing these songs and I thank my mom for showcasing more than just what was in our backyard and with no singing that sounds like cats are in heat. 


This Capella group is from Ottawa and I think they did this traditional French song justice. It's actually from 1720 written by Bernard de La Monnoye. I always loved this song and heard a newer version on the classical radio station I listen to but forgot the singer's name. I have to find that version.


I am writing this way too late....Anyhoo, I tried to find the original version I heard from the "Great Songs of Christmas", from 1963, but I couldn't find it so I hope this version does well. I can't hear it when I download it onto my blog. This is a beautiful Spanish song that comes from the 1800s, written by Jose Ramon Gomis and later, lyrics by Juan Francisco Munoz y Pabon and was published in 1904.


I recall watching this special Christmas concert with these 2 great operatic divas and wondered why Kathleen Battle(the gal in the red dress)  seemed to want to outdo Frederika. I found out that Kathleen Battle is notoriously difficult and was actually fired from the Metropolitan Opera House for her horrible behaviour to, well, everyone. Actually, everyone applauded when she was told to leave! That being said, you can't say she can't sing and this was an excellent Christmas concert. This is a traditional Italian Christmas carol written in 1917 by Pietro Yon.

If you care to listen to one of my favourite albums, here is "The Great Songs of Christmas", from 1963 with Julie Andrews and Robert Goulet in 2 of the carols. Enjoy!

Thursday, December 15, 2022

Thursday Movie Picks-Movies with a Flower in the Titl


I believe the wonderful Brittani chose this unique theme and there are quite a few out there that fit this. Head over to Wandering through the Shelves and let's see what else has been chosen. Here are my 3...


This stars Alan, "I'm not short" Ladd as the main character who is coming home with his 2 war buddies, one suffering from battle fatigue( WW2 name for PTSD),  after being overseas in the Pacific. Al decides to see his wife who, you guessed it, has been unfaithful and drinks like a stinky skunk. Her dalliance is with the owner of a nightclub called, you guessed it, The Blue Dahlia. This noir film gets even darker when slutty wife ends up dead and hubby is the main suspect. He meets up with a Dame, Veronica, "don't get your silken hair caught in that vice" Lake who is true blue. There is more to this story and the Ladd and Lake team was popular. Raymond Chandler wrote the script, put Paramount in a vice when they wanted the ending changed by being able to drink plus work from home. Chandler hated Veronica Lake whom he called Moronica Lake dissing her every chance he got.  It's a good movie with a perfect Noir looking theme. Yes, this is where the poor gal  Elizabeth Short, who got sliced in half...literally, got her name with a slight change...the Black Dahlia, a still unsolved murder. 


Yes, I have talked about this film more than once but I just love this film. It's by the magical team of Michael Powell and Eric Pressburger. This stars Deborah Kerr as a nun sent to this remote Tibetan area to run a nunnery in what used to be a palace for a former king complete with enticing colours and diagrams on the walls. With a debauched man( rugged good looks, baritone voice and devil may care attitude...I would have climbed him like a tree) bringing them things they need or just causing shit, the nuns seem to be swaying to the senses and erotic undertones with one nun going all out with red lipstick, giving up her order for lust. I love this film. Sensual, beautifully photographed, you almost think you can smell all the spices.


Jack Lemmon stars as an up and coming public relations exec who goes to all the parties and shindigs having drinks and enjoying the perks. He marries the young secretary( Lee Remick) and initiates her to booze. Before you know it, they are in deep in as alcoholics where he loses his job. Even trying to kick the booze at her dad's place doesn't work. He finally finds AA but who knows if it will last. It's well acted and raw with Jack Lemmon in an early dramatic performance that truly showcases his acting metal. It's a great portrait of alcoholism. 

What films can you think of with a flower in its title?

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Christmas Songs...‘Tis the Season


I do love the Christmas music I grew up with which included German music that just seems to exude peace, love, beauty especially when the church bells ring. Often the bells ring before and after Silent Night is performed. I don’t like the many songs out there where the singers sound like screeching cats butchering iconic carols nor do I like the music that is called Christmas music because they throw in the word Christmas in it. I don’t mind Dean Martin, Perry Como etc... but I always go back to the great classically nuanced carols or music that has that vibe like the Harry Simeone chorale. I also just the Bonanza Christmas album that has a whole story with musical interludes all sung by Lorne Greene, Michael Landon, Dan Blocker and one song by Pernell Roberts. It’s not Christmas until that album is played.

One of my favourites is a Christmas album sung by Ivan Rebroff. He was a German singer with a freakish 8 Octave range who could sing from low  F to high F...2 octaves over C. He fancied himself more Russian than German even though he was German, but he may have had Russian lineage. He loved to dress up like a Cossack and was a true workaholic working 7 days a week for a 2 years...not just months...crazy nut. He was born in 1931 and, sadly, died in 2008 while only in his 70s. He could play the violin and piano/organ, became a citizen of Greece and lived on one of the islands and was known for his robust personality and 6' 5" build. I played one of his songs, last year, here...a favourite song of mine but I am going more traditional with the German music so here we go.


This famous carol was composed by Frank Gruber in 1818 after the Napoleonic wars, in Oberndorf, Austria with lyrics by Joseph Mohr who was a school master and organist. Due to flooding the organ was damaged so this is why it was first heard with the guitar.


This is a famous song, again, Austrian in origin composed near Salzburg. It actually is a German folk tune but Georg Gotsch created the lyrics back in 1865.


This comes from a Latin hymn called O Sanctissima, which you may have heard Bing sing in the film, “The Bells Of St. Mary's" with Ingrid Bergman. Johannes Daniel Falk set this to a German text after he lost 4 of his children to Typhoid fever. He founded a rescue house for abandoned children in Weimar area and dedicated this song to the children. 


Hope you listened and enjoyed.

Thursday, December 8, 2022

Thursday Movie Picks: Retro Chic


I found this theme a tough one. Ro find a modern type of film that looks retro was not easy so I will be very interested to see what everyone else chooses. Head on over to Wandering through the Shelves to find out. Here are my 3...


I really love this movie because, even though it was filmed in modern times( yes, I know it's 49 yrs old but it's still modern to me), it has that 1940s/ early 50s feel. Philip Marlowe is a PI who drives a 1940s car and smokes like a chimney where everyone else no longer smokes and they drive the latest cars. His friend asks him to drive him to Mexico and he does since he has nothing better to do. When he returns, his friend's wife is murdered and he is arrested but is let go soon after. He then finds out his friend committed suicide and Marlowe doesn't believe the crap he is fed. Elliott Gould is great as Marlowe, a more slovenly, debauched Marlowe than Bogie but fun to watch. It's quite stylistic with some subtle nuances that give this film a retro feel. Robert Altmann was great in directing this film and watch for baseball great, Jim Bouton, as the friend. 


I love the whole look of this Fantasy film that is quite unique in the story and excellent cinematography. A young teen always watches this old 50s Ozzie & Harriet type show and wishes he could be in that show...literally due to Don Knotts giving him a magical remote, he can use but he didn't plan on his wild sister to join him. Everyone is black and white, happy and cheerful but soon things begin to change and colour comes into play to make life more than just...cheerful.

3. DOWN WITH LOVE- 2003 not my favourite as I am not a big Zellweger fan plus I feel like the actor's know what they are all feels forced and I feel somewhat manipulated. It is supposed to be a homage to the great 50s sex/non-sex comedies of Doris Day and Rock Hudson with some Douglas Sirk feel to it with the look of it. Zellweger plays a successful woman who doesn't need a man, enter Ewan McGregor as a devil may care playboy who gets under the skin of Zellweger. The best is David Hyde Pierce in the Tony Randall role( who makes an appearance) as the friend of Ewan. Meh, maybe I should tryvthis again but I have to see Zellweger.

Can you think of any film that fits this theme?

Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Christmas Month of Songs or Carols or Teds or Alices


My big Gazoo, aka Harley, happily sleeping..maybe sugar plums are dancing in his head but, I bet, they are shaped like steaks. I can’t believe the Christmas season is upon us and I truly sucked this year in card making. I am making that epic fail scrapbook for my brother for almost a year and still dimly hope I can get it done by Christmas. I think I’m seeing those blasted sugar plums...I’m just choosing songs I grew up with or love from a recent  album. Here are my first 3...


This was the first Christmas album my parents bought together in late 1959 and it’s one of my favourites. This musical piece was written by Leroy Anderson during a heatwave when he was dreaming of cool temps, back in 1949. There are many, many versions of this song but I find this tempo one of the best because, often, it is done too slowly, in my humble opinion.


This is one of my favourite Christmas songs and this version comes from Simeone’s Christmas hit album “Little Drummer Boy.” I do love this album but there are 2 songs that are just off the wall whack a doodle. The songs are fine but the versions, from this album, makes me think they all took a snort of coke before going nuts. Thankfully, this is not one of them but I may save those 2 for another time. I had no idea that this song comes from a Ukrainian folk chant called “Shchedryk” that was enhanced by Ukrainian Mykola Leontovych with lyrics by Peter J. Wilhousky.


This comes from their hit Christmas album “The Christmas Collection” with this song just so powerfully sung by all 4 men but especially the baritone Carlos MarĂ­n who, sadly, died last December from Covid. This is a French song based on a French poem by Placide Cappeau in 1843 with Adolph Adam setting it to music in 1847.

Hope you enjoyed this Christmas musical interlude.

Which is the earliest Christmas album you own?

Oh, what the hell..

Anybody craving sugar?

Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Actor of the Month



BORN: December 29, 1908

DIED: December 30, 1996

AGED: 88 yrs

DIED FROM: Natural Causes after going into a coma

MARRIED:3 Times-Lola Lane, Ginger Rogers and Diana Hall

CHILDREN:1 son with Diana Hall (1968)

AFFAIRS: A few from what I read, the most famous being with his co-star, Jane Wyman

REAL NAME: Lewis Ayres

OSCAR NOMS: Once for Johnny Belinda (1948)

TALENT: Was in a Jazz Band and could play the banjo and guitar

KNOWN FOR: Being a conscientious objector during WW2; Playing Dr. Kildare

He is actually one of my favourite actors not that he was a stupendous one but one I always felt a sincerity that came across when he acted. I think that was due to his own sense of doing what he felt was the right thing to do no matter the consequences. His first acting gig was in a silent film called "The Kiss" starring Greta Garbo but the role that made him famous was as the young German in "All Quiet On The Western Front." This role is the main reason he decided not to fight in the 2nd World War and the public, the studio and many of his friends shunned him not knowing that he signed up as a medic making sure he would be able to serve in the Pacific. He was one of 16 medics who arrived, under heavy gun fire, to set up evacuation hospitals during the invasion of Leyte. By the end of the war he was awarded 3 Bronze stars plus he donated all the money he made, while serving, to the Red Cross. 

Aside from his 2 brief marriages in the 1930s to the actresses mentioned above, he had a few fun times with others including an affair with Jane Wyman while making Johnny Belinda and she, still married to Ronald Reagan. You can tell, just by watching the film, how much chemistry they had. I had a big crush on him after I saw this movie and, yeah, I was like 15. He actually won a Golden Globe for his documentary titled "Altars of The World" but he is most famous for playing Dr. Kildare in 9 movies and was ready to play the character again on TV, but he wanted a ban on all smoking commercials feeling that smoking was harmful (Boy, was he ahead of his time). Not wanting to lose this revenue, he was dropped and they brought in young Richard Chamberlain to play Kildare (Chamberlain became the hot ticket after this). Lew Ayres guest-starred in many TV shows during the last 2 decades of his life like "The Love Boat", Fantasy Island", "6 Million Dollar Man" and "Little House on the Prairie."



2. STATE FAIR-1933

3. HOLIDAY-1938

4. YOUNG DR. KILDARE-1938 (the first of 9)


6. ICE FOLLIES OF 1939-1939





Friday, December 2, 2022

What Did I Watch In November


Harley and me...he is our big Gazoo. It’s been a busy month seeing the Pink Floyd Tribute Band and Robert Cray, my dear friend visiting from Vancouver, going to the Christmas party and staying over night plus it's been crazy busy at work but I still watched a few movies and tv shows. Here they are...



Carey Mulligan works in a sweat shop in the early part of the 20th century and witnesses, first hand, how atrocious women are being treated. We follow her on her quest to be treated equally but at great personal sacrifice. It's well acted and I liked it better than I thought I would because of the negative criticism it received. 


Stellar film about the true story of a boxer and his brother, once an up and coming boxer, now full tilt in addiction to drugs and alcohol. This is more than just a boxing film but about a family dealing with addiction and a wackadoodle mother. Christian Bale nailed it as the drug addled brother going so far as to losing tons of weight for this role. I watched the extras (  I always do) and it shows the real brothers...boy, Bale nailed the character.


I found this gem at Sunrise Records and snapped it up! This is a TV film I watched when I was 11 and totally freaked out with the 3rd story about a young woman who buys the ugliest African doll you could ever get a hold of which carries the curse that if the belt falls off, the doll comes to life and will try to kill you. Well, guess what happens? I totally freaked out when I watched this as an 11 yr old. The other 2 episodes concerns a teacher who becomes prey by one of her students...or is she? The 3rd concerns 2 sisters, one naughty and one nice and the one really wants the other to die. All 3 stories star Karen Black. These 3 stories are great!

4. TED 2- 2015

What can I say? It's dumb and rude but I laughed. It stars Mark Wahlberg as the best friend to Ted, his cute teddy bear he wished to life in the first movie and this follows how Ted marries his tramp girlfriend and they want to have children....God help the kids! It's mindless, full of crudeness but I found it funny. It's not as good as the first movie, but it's still funny. It comes from the brilliant mind of Seth McFarlane who really is so talented. I want him to make a musical.


OK, guilty as charged...I like watching this dumb ass flick and its sequels. You have a gang of mercenaries headed by Sly Stallone who seems to put more marbles in his mouth every times he talks. His right hand man is Jason Statham with his band of misfits, Dolph Lundgren, Terry Crews, Jet Li etc.. as they go to help a woman  in some Central American corrupt country, try to usurp her dad who is now a puppet to bad, bad man played by Eric Roberts (Julia's bro). You throw in Arnie, Bruce Willis and this kick ass gun that blows people, just the bad people, apart and you sit back and enjoy the ride. Oh, and crazy f#&€ Mickey Roarke shows up for the ride.

6. SPY- 2015

This is a very funny spoof of sexy spies starring Melissa McCarthy as the his girl Friday to debonair spy, Jude Law. When Law is killed by big haired meanie, Rose Byrne, McCarthy is sent in to get some Intel but gets right into the hair of the meanie. I thought it was so funny and loved that Jason Statham plays on his roles but, in this movie, he is one intense,but complete, idiot. Too funny.


1. CHEERS-1982-1993

This is such a classic sitcom about a former big league ball player, an alcoholic, who owns a bar and we get to meet the patrons who  basically, live there from Norm who can drink beer like a mosquito sucks blood, to Cliff the post man who thinks he knows everything and drives everyone nuts. When Diane comes to the bar and is hired by Sam because he felt sorry for her, you see sparks fly. This show was the lowest rated show in 1982 but the great head of NBC, Brandon Tartikoff, believed in the show. When Sam & Diane express their feelings for each other at the end of season 1, it became the highest rated show. This show brought in Frazier Crane!


This is about a nice family with 3 young kids, who have his crazy ass parents and brother live across the street. It's a brilliant, funny show with parents you would never ever want to have. 

3. HOPE FOR WILDLIFE-2009-2020

This is a Canadian reality rescue animal show showing how this great lady, name Hope Swinimer, started this rescue in 1997. This rehabilitation place,  for all forms of wildlife, helps get these animals back into the wild. Sometimes, the animals are too injured but, overall, you see how dedicated she is, and her team, to help as many critters as she can. Her place is on the coast in Nova Scotia and you go through all triumphs and losses that she endures with grace, including her cancer scare and the loss of her husband who died at sea. 


This is a new series based on the brilliant books by Anne Rice. The show has changed quite a bit from the original novel but still seemed to create something of interest. Somehow, the people who created this series found an actor who looks and talks like Anthony Bourdain which is freaky. He interviews Louis and you are taken back to 1910 New Orleans when Louis is still human and the apple of his mom snd sister's eye. Louis meets Lestat, an annoying yet charming asshole who is a vampire and makes Louis one. It's quite intriguing and well done but you have to keep an open mind since there are quite a few differences from the books. 

So...what did you watch?

Thursday, December 1, 2022

Thursday Movie Picks-Combat Sports


This is an interesting challenge this week because I am so far removed from this..namely, sports and combat. Actually, I watch a lot more combat movies and documentaries than I would ever watch sports. That being said, I realized I have seen quite a few films that meet this theme. Wandering Through The Shelves chose another great theme this week so let’s get on with the show.


I really love this movie and first saw it when I was a kid and found it hilarious. This is the best version although Adam Sandler’s film is not bad, just not as good as this original that stars Burt Reynolds as a disgraced football quarterback who winds up in a Southern prison run by a corrupt warden, played by Eddie Albert. The warden decides to pit the guards up against the prisoners and puts Reynolds in charge of developing a team. He does and uses many unique ways to give it to the guards which just made me howl. I love some of the character actors in this film like Richard Kiel (Jaws from the Bond films) which makes this film more gritty but without losing the fun. There are some sad moments in the film but that's what makes it even better and how can one not love those cheerleaders.

2. SLAPSHOT-1977

This is about hockey when bashing each others' face in and not wearing any helmets was the way it was. It stars Paul Newman ( who, I had read, said this was his favourite film) as an over the hill player who loves to drink and play. He rolls his eyes when these 3 young dumbf%$×s are brought on board to play until he sees how they play which is using elbows, fists, body crushes win the game. It's hilarious and, you don't see blood spurting all over like some Godfather movie, but just fights etc all with a twinkle in their eye. I love Strother Martin as the manager of this team and how can one not love Paul Newman in 70s garb. My brother still needs to do a write up on my blog about this movie.


Seriously, you can't get more combat sports than this. We all know how the Romans just loved watching gladiators slay each other for sport or be pitted against animals. I bet you any money that it would still make big business today. In this excellent movie, Russell Crowe is a general who leads the Roman army to victory against the Barbarians with Richard Harris, the King, calling him the son he wished he had. Evil Joquin Phoenix hears his daddy say this  offs his dad and has Crowe arrested and be put to death. He underestimates Crowe who survives and tries to make it home before the Roman's only to be too late. His wife and son dead, he is knocked out and brought to Oliver Reed ( his final role, who died before his scenes were completed) to be a slave who must become a gladiator and combat others in irder to stay alive. Crowe becomes valued and famous before coming to Rome and the coliseum. There he reunites with Joaquin and now who will truly win. This won several Oscars including best actor for Crowe. I love most of the movie except for the saccharine ending which makes me roll my eyes a bit but, overall, it's a great movie and one of my hubby's favourites. 

Which combat sports movies would you pick?