Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Christmas Cards Done!

 - Use 4 items from this list: Chipboard, Hand stitching, Ribbon, Inking, Stamping, Textured Paper (embossed is good), Metal Embellishments, Alphabet Stickers or rub-ons for Sentiment, Stripes.

 - Anything Goes

OK I was in the middle of placing this all in my post when i hit a magic button and lost it all...I also just about lost it. So there are many posts here but first off for CCAYR they had this huge list and it was fun to do! I did not do Chipboard or stitching as it is hard enough for me to sew on a button. The first card is also for Mono. I have to admit when I first read that I thought the poor lady got the illness! I then realized, after my blond moment she meant Monochromatic. I used brown for the theme. I also entered this in the Colour Create Challenge. There is white in the sparkly snow and the Red is the crystal for Rudolph's nose. I actually thought of Rudolph and Clarisse being adult and happy...You know that song..."there's always tomorrow, where Dreams do come true..." hmmm I wonder what they are like behind closed doors. This would have been good for my inner animal from Craft Creations but I missed that challenge. I don't think I am a deer anyway...I wonder what animal I am...maybe ir depends on my moods(hahahaha). The second pic has stamping and coloured with tombow markers, the ribbon surrounds the look and thegreen backing was cuddlebugged. I placed the star for the metal embellishment. The third is Happy Feet:) That penguin who got lost and was fixed up and recently brought back to the wild. I thought that was a good celebration! Heis so happy so he has a fish for a gift, the stripes are on the backing of the border punches. Alcohol Ink dyes were used for the watery effect and The little fat angels(cherubs) are his guardian angels. I hope i got the challenge right for Crafty Creations in regards of the dyes. The Angel was stamped and water coloured with tombow markers I actually used an image from Simon Says...their card pattern but I believe I missed out on their weekly card too...bummer. I placed the ribbon on the side and around her (pale lavender). I realized after that the white paper she is on has stripes in it:) The top and bottom alcohol inks were used and i used the cuddlebug on them and the word "joy" is on the side. The last card are with bells on green and dark red background and also alcol inks again used and then cuddlebugged (I like my word). I used punches too from the cuddlebug on the 2 corners. Ribbon and a metal star embelishment and the gold is a lovely textured backgound paper. So my lengthy blog is done! Everyone have a great day...and i hope i do the bloghop correctly:) oh and no time to reread what I wrote so if ny mistakes...oh well next time will be better:)

Christmas Cards Done!

 - Do 4 from this list:Chipboard, Hand Stitching, Ribbon, Inking, Stamping, Textured Paper(Embossed is good), Metal Embellishments, Alphabet Stickers or Rub-ons for Sentiment, Stripes.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Butterfly, Butterfly -Super Sketchy Sunday -Anything Goes with Summer Colours -Punches or die cuts -Use Red, Orange and Green in Card - Use Blue, Green, White, Red & Brown with Texture

I have entered alot of challenges and this will also work for I used the cuddlebug for the white texture background and placed a yellow circle and on top of that a patterned tissue paper that has butterflies on it. I just used the one butterfly for effect...but it is tissue paper! I took green cardstock for the top band and I punched out the flowers and the smaller butterflies and the 2 leaves in the bottom corners (actually they are from another flower punch out and that is the remaining left overs from the flowers). Of course I used glitter in orange for the 2 big flowers and red glitter for the red middle flower and the little butterflies in the corner. I also used light green for the little leaves. I used a brown ribbon-it was silky on either end and see through in the middle so I cut the ribbon to place the 2 silken parts on the edge of the green cardstock and I actually made a ribbon from the middle part which I placed near the bottom. I finished off the circles in brown stickles and light blue pearls. I think I meet the colours for Colour Create...and Crafty Creations and it is summery since the colours meet summer and who sees a butterfly in the winter unless one is in the Dominican (Think about January and shovelling snow). Hey, after the past week, this weekend was eventless. Everyone have a great day...and week!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Trying out my hubby's laptop

Hello all.....I was ready, last time to chuck my ^%$* computer out the window because it took me almost 2 hrs to download the pictures, fix them and then place it on my blog and connect my pic to the other blogs. I'm not kidding...2 hours. So my hubby has a laptop which he rarely uses as he is not into computers and neither am I but i use them more then him. I did this card quite a while ago and I am not even sure if this was on a previous post of mine because i forgot:) I just did the poking hole thing for the butterflies and placed the middle butterflies on and then used beads to highlight them. I coloured the surrounding butterflies with chalk. It has been a freakly week here in my neck of the woods. The lady I told you about before is holding her own but is still in an induced coma and she has had many skin grafts. My ex, I found out, worked with the nut who set her on fire and everyone had to go for counselling because they never thought he would be the type to do this. Last Sunday my good friend, her husband and 2 children were at a flea market and 2 masked men came in for a robbery...they had guns and at one moment the bastard pointed it at my friend's husband. There was a struggle with one gunman and an older man got shot but he is in stable condition. Thankfully my friend and her family were safe but crazy. One guy got away. We had the one young girl fall over the falls and 2 people fell into the niagara gorge. I had a client come in and he told me he just came from Mars (nope he wasn't kidding) and that he has to wear the metal (all around his chest) so the electro magnetic waves from the U.S and \Canadian government won't get him and give him cancer. He talk about knives etc... Can I say it has been nutty!! I just had to rant but at least I put up some pretty butterflies. Hmmm I hope that doesn't mean I am flaky:) oh and I am going to enter this on

Monday, August 1, 2011

Martini anyone? - Anything Goes

Hi there! It is Monday and thankfully..a Holiday here so i get one more day of vacation and Mondays always suck when going to work. For this card, I had the green card piece lying around for a couple of years with the squares knocked out and I thought it would be a perfect card for a martini. I was originally going to have a 60's sofisticate style but it went in another direction...which direction I don't know but such is the way of a martini. I glued glossy white cardstock on the green and I used rainbow dye ink to stamp the Martini glass. I placed it on blue paper that I put through the cuddlebug (which I love) and mounted it on wine card stock. I edged everything with gold stickers and I had these flowers cut out from the cuddlebug and I double stuck them with sticky tape. One side I put multi coloured glitter (my other love-glitter) on and the other side I could glue right on the card. I also ended it with a stamp of "Happy, Happy, Happy" on the outside and inside I placed Happy Birthday and another Martini glass. Have a great day and afternoon everyone. I also want to thank everyone for the wonderful comments I have been the gals who follow me and the new ones who view it, a much appreciated thank you to all of you.