Monday, May 30, 2016

Birthday Cards

FairyTale Stampers-Anything Goes
Eclectic Ellapu-Anything Goes
Retro Rubber Stamping-May Flowers RRCB39
Simon Says-Anything Goes
Animal Friends-Love (must have an animal in it...Insects will do:))

I created this card for my Honey Hubby who loves blue, just like me....of course I added some green, teal and a lavender/pinkish hue. It has been Birthday nuts around my home so all the cards you have seen lately, that is not Christmas, have been given to my friends and family. I got the dragonfly stamp about 6 years ago and the flower swirly stamp at least 10 years ago. First, I took some multi coloured die pads and, trying to use a light green and teal only, I sponged on the colours. Next, I stamped the swirly flowers in a dark blue and used a blueish purple embossing powder and heat embossed it. I stamped the dragonfly lovers in a lavender dye and painted the wings with gismo pencils and ultraviolet paint for a nice sheen. I fussy cut them out and used pop up dots to adhere them to the card and then layered the card with a mulled lavender/pinky paper and a dark blueish/purple paper. I finished it off with some border stickers. He did love his card which always makes me happy.

Craft Your Passion-Always Anything Goes

So my friend's daughter, Zoe, loves ducks, orange and yellow so this is what she got! It is not the usual pink girly card but I think it's still girly. This is actually a simple card that is all 3D effects which I layered onto orange paper and a light green/yellow paper. I finished it off with some orange stickles and Wink of Stella (name of a brand of paints that come in a variety of colours with some sparkle to it) glitter on the flowers. 

I can't believe May is almost done! 2 months ago, we were cold with snow complaining about the weather. Now it is sticky and hot...and complaining about the weather. In case you don't know this, Canucks love bitching about the's a national pastime.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Thursday Movie Picks-Internet Movies

I have been falling behind a bit but I am in the middle of 7 Birthdays! It is birthday month madness here and, include Mother's Day,'s just nuts. Last week was my hubby's niece's birthday on the 17th, my niece on the 18th, I had company on the weekend followed by a friend's step son's birthday on the 22nd. Today (May 25th) is my hubby's birthday and mine is next week. That's right....there are 2 Gemini's in the house which means there are at least 4 people in the house at any given moment. Anyway, this week, at Wandering Through The Shelves, we pick 3 movies about the Internet...not my favourite topic but I could still pick 3.... (oh the other 2 birthdays are my dear friend who celebrated her day on the 14th and her daughter which is on the 29th)

1. THE NET-1995

I saw this film when it came out and thought it was quite good and entertaining. It's nothing to say Oscar, Oscar, but it is a good thriller. A poor lass with no friends and a mom with Alzheimer's, works  with computers. A fellow co-worker who she talks to online, decides to meet up with her and he sends her something on a chip or whatever (I am more interested in the thriller aspect) to keep. He dies, on route to see her, in a plane "accident'. She takes a vacation to Mexico, meets up with a charming guy who tries to kill her for this computer thingy. She escapes but wakes up 3 days later with her complete identity erased! She must now outwit the mastermind terrorists and get her identity back. It's a fun film even though it's a thriller.


This film is based on the classic, "The Shop Around The Corner" with James Stewart, that was later remade as a musical with Judy Garland called, "In the Good Ole Summertime". The update is about 2 dueling bookstore owners, one owns a huge bookstore chain like Chapters  (Tom Hanks) while the other is a small children's bookstore that is independent (Meg Ryan). They dislike each other and the bigger store is trying to oust the smaller bookstore but, unbeknownst to both, they are secretly falling in love with each other via the internet! They talk to each other through the use of the computer and we see how things grow from there. this is a pleasant romantic comedy that Meg Ryan is famous for (before she ruined her face with Botox and whatever she looks more like The Joker).


Sigh...I am expecting this one to get lots of love this week...but not from me. Yes, it won tons of awards and is ranked highly among many critics and fans alike but I found this film boring and rather irritating. I can't stand Jesse Eisenberg and he would be on my list of the top 10 who need to be bitchslapped:). The film is about how Facebook was first formed in college after a girl dumped her boyfriend, played by Eisenberg, and how he developed something to vent which turned into Facebook. Other young boys got into developing Facebook including the guy who started Napster (played by Justin Timberlake whom I liked in this film). Don't go by me and see this film to make your own assessment but I found it was over-hyped since I am on the "Who cares" list about facebook even though I am on facebook and have a total of 40 "friends"...hahahaaaaa

Which films would you pick?

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Thursday Movie Picks-Alien Movies

This week the theme is Alien Movies. I have to go all comedy here because so many of them give me the heebie jeebies. I still have not seen most of the film Alien or any of the others-really freaks me out and I find them disturbing. If you wish to check out what other movies have been chosen, head on over to Wandering Through the Shelves, the host of this weekly series.

1. COCOON-1985

I saw this movie when it first came out and loved everything about it. It is a gentle comedy that speaks highly of the elderly and with respect. In fact, when I think about it, respect permeates through this whole film. The main stars are all elderly...except for Wilfred Brimley who was only 51 when he made this film but passes for an easy 75. I would want to stay away from the Quaker oats if that's what it did to him. There are 4 couples, 3 are married a long time and one is happily single but hooks up with all the ladies including the leggy Gwen Verdon. 3 of the men routinely walk over to a nearby estate to swim and one day, they see these weird egg like things in the water. They pay no mind and continue to swim but soon these spunky elders notice a spring in their step and begin to feel younger. They soon meet the people who have brought these egg things up from the ocean floor and decide to help each other out. It is funny, sweet, intelligent and moving. Worth a look.


Oh...let's talk goofy. I never thought I would say this but it was fun watching Slim Whitman and Sylvia Sydney save the day. There is an actual all star cast for this film which is about these freaky martians that land on Earth seeming to want to be friends. We extend our hand in peace and then we watch as they vaporize most people in their path. Yes, they take Sarah Jessica Parker's head and place it on her dog's body and vice versa but that still doesn't stop her from falling in love with the head of Pierce Brosnan when they are in the spaceship. Nope-I couldn't make this up. Tom Jones is in this flick along with Jack Nicholson who plays several roles including  the President. Once you have seen these martians in little green speedos you know you are in for a wild ride.


Whoever loves Star Trek (or not, but that doesn't exist), should love this heartfelt send up to the franchise. Stars of their once famous TV show, are now spending all their time at these conventions where they are to sign autographs, repeat certain sayings over and over again and smile to their fans. The former lead star ends up drunk and discouraged before he is taken on a wild trip into the galaxy by aliens who are trying to stay alive  and away from the evil general that looks like he would make a nice purse. When the star returns, he tells his cast mates about his journey and, of course, they don't believe him....until they are taken up to the ship as well. Now the ship is based on their ship from the TV show and the aliens do not know what it means to lie. They believe the show to be a historical document and feel really bad about Gilligan and all the castaways. Believe it or not, it is up to these sad sack of actors to save the alien race from my future purse. Alan Rickman nails it as a former Shakespearean actor who never takes off his make up and Tony Shalhoub is perfect as the guy who is not phased at all by the aliens, the general or being turned on by a big squid (see the movie).

What would be your choices?

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Cards Galore!

Fairytale Stampers-Anything Goes
CHNC-Anything Goes Christmas
Addicted To Stamps-Clean and Simple
52 Christmas Card Throwdown- Colours-Blue, Grey and Kraft

OK, I have been neglecting my card making and now I am back like the glitter vixen I am. This first Card was fun to create since it brought out my Christmas stamps. I used my sizzex and cuddlebug for the cutting and the design. Blue dye ink and pearl blue powder for the ornament stamp and distress ink for the evergreen. Some silver stickles and silver pen completes the look.

Holly Jolly-Lots of layers
Happy Little Stampers-Inlaid Die-Cutting
Glitter N' Sparkle- Use Ribbon or lace
Dream Valley Challenges-Use Ribbon, Lace and Pearls

Girly card alert! Glitter, Pearls, Lace and ribbon! This was actually the previous week's challenge for 52 Christmas Cards and I missed it. I used the sizzex machine to cut out the village twice...once with the glitter paper and the next time on basic white paper. I coloured the village with tombow markers and inset it into the glitter paper. I surrounded it with lace, added the ribbon and adhered it to a mauve cardstock that I used the cuddlebug on-there are layers from the lace to the ribbon and beyond! For some dimension, I rubbed versamark pad across the raised areas and placed perfect pearls over top.

Happy Little Stampers-CASE the designer (she used black background, Butterflies and flowers)
Eclectic Ellapu-Anything Goes
Craft Your Passion-Anything Goes

This was fun to play with (so is my husband but that's probably TMI). I have some basic black cardstock, stamped the image in versamark pad and used perfect pearls and brushed the powder over the image to create this scene. I used some greens, violet, teal, and white sparkle. I adhered it to...get this....wallpaper circa 1972! You only see it as a border but I thought it was kind of funky. I finished it off with some border stickers that I coloured in blue with markers.

Retro Rubber Challenge-Inspired by a photo rrcb38
Happy Little Stampers-Anything Goes with Dies

Distress dye pads were used for the background and believe it or not....super easy! You take these pads and put the colour down on some surface that is easy to wipe off. You can choose as many colours as you wish but I chose 3-I can't remember the exact names but one was a yellow, one was an orange and one was a strawberry. You take a spray bottle and spray on the surface to wet the dye ink and then take your basic white paper and place it on top of the ink...Voila! I stamped the tulips (the stamp is about 4 years old) with basic black dye pad and used my gamsol pencils to colour the tulips. I used the sizzex to cut out the butterfly, added the stickers and some glitter. Colouring just relieves the stress....

Friday, May 13, 2016

Mock squid society!

I didn't play last month for obvious reasons.....I was going nuts doing the A to Z.
This month we choose one of the previous ...choices:) I'm feeling really dulled in the head right now as you can tell from my fascinating writing here. There is quite the library being built up  and if you wish to check out what the others have chosen, head on over to the Armchair Squid. I chose the film which was originally reviewed by Toi Thomas.


I love this film because it is so well written, acted and designed. It is quirky which doesn't appeal to many people but I am quirky so it fits:) It takes place when the hotel will soon close and an older man reminisces, to the Author, about its heyday back in the 1930's when he was first hired to work there. He works closely with the concierge, played brilliantly by Ralph Fiennes, who always puts great effort into whatever he is doing. Fiennes character, Gustave, makes sure the hotel is running smoothly and hemakes sure the older ladies are kept , um, happy (wink, wink). One, in particular, he is quite fond of and, unfortunately, she dies. It is believed she is murdered and Fienne's character is the #1 suspect. He escapes with the help of his bell hop( The Narrator) and the Bell Hop's beloved who bakes wonderful cakes. Everyone is after Gustave since he was in her will and was bequeathed a valuable painting so some (many) want him dead. It is a comedy by the way and it is an absurd one done with intelligence and great wit. 

I love the cinematography since the director hearkened back to the early silent film days and used iris shots, fade outs and even a sped up scene on a toboggan. The art direction is rich and beautiful and the wit is priceless. One wonders why Ralph Fiennes doesn't do more comedy.  The director is Wes Anderson who directed The Royal Tenenbaums and Moonrise Kingdom. You either like him or you don't but many who did not like those two films still seem to like Budapest Hotel. I say give it a try and hopefully you will enjoy it.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

A to Z Reflections and Thursday Movie Picks

I survived! I have to say I felt bad because I fell behind and tried to comment on some people's blogs and couldn't. When someone left me a comment, I tried to return the favour but in some instances, I fell behind or I couldn't locate them. I was getting twisted into knots because I didn't want to be perceived as a jerkess but there is only so much time in a day. In the end I came to the conclusion...this is supposed to be fun! Enjoy reading all the comments, reading what other people chose for a theme(or non theme) and don't sweat it. I decided to take that approach and I felt better. I still will go back and visit others because I couldn't get it all done but I hope you do not think ill of me. We all know the pros and cons so we just have to think more about the pros and how enjoyable this challenge is. If anyone wants to check out the A to Z just click here. Here's to next year! Now on to Thursday movie picks...

This week is a toughie for me....Spanish films. I have not seen a lot of foreign films so I have 2 that I have seen and one that I want to see (plus more...there is always more:)) If you wish to see what the others have picked, head on over to the host, Wandering Through The Shelves.  Here are my 2 picks plus one I want to see...


I saw this way back then and enjoyed it quite a bit because it is about mothers and since, we just celebrated Mother's day, why not pick this film. It is not your normal everyday drama-comedy. There are a few comedic bits but also some very sad and moving scenes as well. A woman has a teenage son who ends up being killed in a traffic accident. After his heart is donated, she continues to travel to Barcelona to tell the father about the son he never knew he had. The father is a transvestite and she meets up with him eventually along with a pregnant nun and another transvestite. This film has so much love and showcases different types of a mother's love. It is well worth seeing.


This is a film I has fantasy, horror ( not the typical horror which I don't care for), war, is brilliant. A young girl, travels with her pregnant mom to her new home-her cruel and nasty step father's home during World War 2. She enters a maze and finds a magical being who tells her she must do 3 tasks that are dangerous but the reward would be to be the Princess she was born to be. I was so taken with this film, with the amazing art direction and special effects and make-up. It is one of the most beautiful films even when it is scary and worth to see at least once.

3. VOLVER-2006

Cheating!! I have not seen this film but would love to. I know it is about a young woman who sees her dead mother and it goes from there but I don't know much more so I will see it one day.

Have you seen any of these films? Are there any others? Hope you enjoyed my A to Z theme. Have a great day:)

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Thursday Movie Picks-Androids/Cyborgs

The A to Z takes over one's life doesn't it? It is fun though so well worth it. I am amazed that I still did my Thursday movie picks and it is another week and another theme. This week it is all about robots...ok, Androids/Cyborgs. If you wish to see what the others have chosen head on over to Wandering Through The Shelves to check out the blog list. Here are my 3...


Oh...I picked another silent film and a German film to boot! This is not just any regular film but a masterpiece from the story (which could be used even today) to the great special effects considering the time in which this film was made. Fritz Lang was inspired by New York City when he visited and he tried to duplicate this city for his future city. He co-wrote, with his then wife, Thea Von Harbou ( they separated when she went all hungry Hitler and he hated, rightfully, the a-hole) this futuristic film where a young man who lives in splendour, in the above ground city sees a beautiful woman who is fighting for the welfare of her people who live in the underground city. He defies his father and travels down to the underground city to see the plight of his own countrymen and is disgusted by their treatment so he can live a great life. Unbeknownst to him, his father has a mad scientist construct a robot replica of the heroine to work in his favour but the evil scientist has other plans. This film got reworked in the 80's and had rock music placed into the film which, to me sucked big time. As is always the case, restorers found an original cut by Lang of this film in 2008 and was restored and shown at the Berlin Film theatre in 2010.

2. STAR WARS-1977

I mean, this has to be on my list because of the wonderful Laurel & Hardy, aka R2D2 and C3P0. Yes, George Lucas was inspired by the famous comedy duo when creating these 2 characters. These 2 characters have been in every film (except the last one I believe) since this film came out. You know the plot, beautiful princess with the earmuffs places  something in the R2 unit before she is captured by the evil Darth Vader. R2 and C3P0 travel down to a planet and are picked up by a young Luke Skywalker who soon learns that they are not your ordinary droids. With the help of Obi Wan, a former Jedi knight, and Han and Chewie they embark to save the princess and the galaxy. I love that Lucas was inspired by the old Flash Gordon serials of the 30's. It is great movie that started  so, so much from special effects (Industrial Light & Magic), McDonald Toys and geeky fans everywhere to so, so much more.


I could have chosen so many others but I have a soft spot for this movie even though it is normally not my cup of tea. From the famous line, "I'll be back," to seeing Schwarzzie's butt, it is one hell of a ride. I am not a fan of James Cameron and feel one should stick a needle in his head to let out all the hot air, but this film packs a wallop. A young woman, nothing special, is being hunted by by a cyborg to be killed since she will give birth to the man who will save earth. A man from the future comes back in time to help her survive. You are on the edge of your seat with this one and, thankfully, Arnie doesn't speak much so, it is quite a good movie. This film also started a whole new franchise of never ending robots vs man movies.

I could have picked Star Trek: First Contact which i love along with A.I.  and Ex Machina but I went with these 3. Which ones would you choose??