Thursday, November 27, 2014

Gratitude Post

I truly and honestly enjoy reading Vidya Sury's posts as they are always uplifting even when faced with hardships. She finds great quotes that are truly inspiring. Now she and another lady, Corinne, have started a gratitude post which you post on the last Thursday of the month. It can be your own experience, a story, poem, whatever as long as it has anything to do with gratitude.

We can often recall, vividly, the bad things that happen whether we see it in people, in the media or even within ourselves. We often overlook the positive and gratitude can bring this about. This is the first post about gratitude and one can reflect on the month that just passed. One can keep a journal and it might even be quite helpful.

I am grateful to be part of this blogging world, to read everyone's post about their lives, their books, their humour. I enjoy reading about film and picking song choices. I see beautiful card creations and other creations made from yarn or beads and am truly happy and smile at the uniqueness of each blog. I love the quizzes and also blog hops. I marvel at how amazing some people are in responding and looking at so many blogs and always being a huge support to so many people (Alex).

So I am grateful to you, to be a part of this create and learn from every blog I visit. I humbly thank you!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Julie Andrews-What a Card!(Nyuck, Nyuck)

The Great Al Hirschfeld drawing of Julie Andrews in "Star"

Colour Q-Use Early Espresso, Dusty Durango, Old Olive, Cool Caribbean and white
Dream Valley- Anything Goes

I love Julie Andrews...who couldn't?? Of course my first memory of her is from The Sound of Music. I love that film in all its sweetness and miss steps. At the end, when they are heading over the hills...they would actually be going towards Germany. I would not have wanted Baron Von Trapp giving me directions.

Al Hirschfeld-He is one of the greatest artists..I mean one of THE greatest!!! He created great caricatures from the 1920's to the 2000's. My dream was to be drawn by him. I mean he has done everyone from Louis Armstrong to the Beatles, Bob Hope to the cast of Friends. He drew Julie Andrews more than 50 times from her beginnings on the New York Stage to film and back to the stage. I decided to draw her for a card and get my creative juices flowing as it were. I did not trace but just looked at Hirschfeld's drawing and drew on white cardstock. I could not find a regular pencil so I had to use a colouring pencil and could not erase anything. So poor Julie looks a little more sullen (reminds me of one of nun teachers I had) and her hands looked like they were ready to snatch a rabbit from above so I decided to hide them.

Last week there was a challenge from Simon Says saying "In the Stars". Of course, I was too late:) Julie Andrews starred in a film called "Star". It is based on the life of Gertrude Lawrence who originated  Anna from "The King and I". I have not seen the film "Star" in decades (ugh that makes me sound like I am 250 yrs old) but I recall it being pretty good but not mind blowing. I have to give it another gander before I give my 2 cents worth.

I decided to be inspired by Ms. Andrews since she is such a great star and had one of the most beautiful voices. What a shame that a Dr. screwed up her vocal chord surgery (to remove polyps) and she can never sing again. Think how devastating that must have been to this fine lady. Anyhoo, I believe I got all the colours correct and could enter this card in one challenge:) I missed Colour Q too-hahahaaaaa...oh well but I got Dream Valley (Yahoo). Oh when Al Hirschfeld's daughter was born, she was named Nina. From that time on he always included her name somewhere in his artworks...sometimes more than once....Can you find it in his artwork here (not mine but his)??

Monday, November 17, 2014

White means purity....I was this once

Different white cardstocks-(glittery, shimmery, pearl). Sizzex machine to cut, nestibility design. Glitter (of course) and pearls

White cardstock, light blue transparent paper. Cuddlebug, sizzex machine, cut out frame window, town scene and tree. coloured in blue with pastels. Silver glitter and stickers in silver

Holly Jolly Christmas- Colour Choice-Blue, White & Silver
Dream Valley- Anything Goes
Crafty Hazelnut Challenge- Anything Goes as long as it's Christmas
Christmas Cards All Year Long- No Patterned Paper
ABC Christmas- "W" for All White
52 Christmas Cards- Window as a focal point

OK, I can't believe I did an all white card because, to quote Mae West,-I'm as pure as the driven slush! I went to another stamping garage sale (lord help my wallet) and I bought some more nestibilities for $3! The 3 bucks wasn't phony either! They normally sell for $25! I had to try the all white card and I think I did a pretty good job and no patterned paper!

I, in case no one yet knows this, love blue so I had to pick blue, white and silver which, by the way, is my favourite metal to wear (I leave my Brunhilde breast plate in my closet). The snowy scene looks so nice....on the card. We got hit with some snow but it is that wet dumpy ass snow that melts inside your shoes as soon as you step outside. I hope I captured a window scene in all its pure delight for my second card. I am gushing-white, pure....what is going on with me? Those words should burn up as I write them. Oh well, These cards were fun to do. I am working on a Star card and hope to have that up soon:) Think Al Hirschfeld

Monday, November 10, 2014

Christmas is a coming....faster than we think!

Red and green cardstock, Red foil, background stamped and perfect pearls used. Merry Christmas Stamped in Gold and embossed with Egyptian gold powder. Cardinal stamped and coloured with tombow markers. 2 sided clear sticky tape with glass beads placed on top of cardinal. Border stickers, bow and gems.

Dream Valley Challenges - Getting Ready for Christmas
Crafty Hazelnut Christmas 2- Anything Goes ( always Christmas)
Christmas Cards All Year Round - No Patterned Paper
Alphabet Challenge - "T" for Traditional
52 Christmas Card Throwdown - Colour Challenge-Red and Green with Gold or Silver

Drak blue cardstock embossed with cuddlebug. sponged my favourite colours-2 blues (my fav), lavender, plum and a green. Coloured snowman and snow in white. Used sparkle, stickers to set all off.

Winter Wonderland- Snowman
Fairytale Stampers- Favourite Colours
Eclectic Ellapu- Pink Team-Favourite Colour Combo
Crafty Hazelnut Christmas 1- Keep It Flat
Craft Your Passion- Something beginning with the letter "B"

First, I hope I did not offend anyone with my last post but I just couldn't believe what my doggie and pussy cat did! I missed the 52 Card challenge last week with their sketch so I combined last week with this week's challenge and made the card traditional with the colour combo. Craft Your Passion is right up my alley since my name starts with a B (and no not that B but at times I can be one:)). The first card has a bow and a bird and the last card has blue! I LOVE blue. I rarely use patterned paper so Christmas cards All Year Round has a great challenge for me. Most of my cards are flat since I do still mail cards (nope not e-mail, actual mail).  I am into Snowmen, that didn't sound right and they are a bit cold for my taste. Now I saw a beautiful card done by a fellow crafter, Bekka, who created a snowman card using the same stamp! I think she does an amazing job and you should check her cards out. I actually stole, um, I mean lifted...nope, I mean paid homage by creating a similar vibe with my snowman but I love hers so much better. If you can, too, she created a wondrous card and story about abuse a couple of weeks back. I hope Bekka doesn't mind me gushing about her here.

I do believe I write the way I talk which is scary! Whatever comes into my little head plops down on the page like mashed potatoes.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Porn! Or My Eyes were burnt out of my head!

Another month and I can't believe we are so close to Christmas! This is another round of the Insecure Writer's Support Group headed by Alex J Cavanaugh. I hope my little write up measure up:)

What can I say? My husband and I were on the couch enjoying a TV Show (Ice Road Truckers). We were very comfortable. My hubby was relaying to me how he had to travel similar roads when he worked on the oil fields out in Alberta many moons ago. My hubby and I held hands as we often do which is nice (better than eating chips or other crap). All was quiet except for the TV.

The show ended and it was time for me to go to bed. I smiled to my hubby and gave him a nice gentle kiss. I got up from the sofa to be met with the most horrifying shock of my life! Oral sex was happening in our very own livingroom. I am so sorry to have to share this with you but I must divulge a secret affair that has been going on.

There, on his back, all 4 legs spread out and in perfect smiling bliss was Wallace, our sex crazed hound of hell getting licked deep into his a-hole (sorry) by our  not so innocent cat, Jade. She should know better! I mean...really??!! WT&*^% are you two doing!? I was in shock and tried to mouth some words of disapproval but just the word No, No, No kept being uttered by me. Jade looked up at me wondering what was wrong, Wallace was still too blissfully stupid to even move.

Jade jumped up to my husband to want to head butt him like she usually does. I pointed my accusing finger at the tramp and told my hubby to not let her be near him. Hubby wondered why her face smelled of , well, poo. I told him "Because Jade had her nose so up Wallace's you know what and both were enjoying it!" Needless to say Jade got her face cleaned well. Wallace looked tired and probably could have used a cigarette and I want to burn out my eyes. My hubby just laughed and said "well, you know men". Ughhhhhhh

You do all you can for your little ones and then they have to do something that just leaves you speechless. I shall never look at them the same way. I feel I should buy Jade some high heels and fish net stockings and Wallace, he already got enough treats and he was Jade's trick.  What more is there to say. Below are the next porn stars Wally Wangerless and deep tongue Jade.

                                                               Wallace (Aka Wally Wangerless)

                                                              Jade (aka deep tongue Jade)

                                                           Smut and Slut ( cue the porn music)

I still love them but I think they may have driven me to get therapy.