Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday Minute

Ahh the Monday Minute, well here are my astounding answers:)

1. What's your favourite sport to watch on TV?

Is Art history considered a sport? What about archeology or history?? What is sport?? Now that we know I am a total geek and was always pick last (actually it was more like, in high school, " We don't want her, you take her for your team. no we don;'t want her, you are stuck with her..."). Anyway, an actual sport I watch well the Olympics-more the swimming, skating, skiing, bobsledding....not into team sports (Eghad! Is there a person out ther who is not into team sports??) and I also like watching the Tour De France. When I was sick once for 2 weeks I really got into it-Go yellow jersey go!

2. What's your favourite fast food establishment?

Those places are verboten to me (sorry german peeking through:)) I guess the closest would be Swiss Chalet. They are restaurants but I would say in between fast food and a regular restuarant. The quarter chicken dinner is pretty damm good.

3. Do you like mushrooms and onions?

YUM!! What else can I say. And no Muchrooms are not made from tires OK?!:)

4. If you had to get a tatoo done tomorrow, what would you get done?

Hmmm I just can't wait to have needles pricked into my skin and ink spew into my body and have a tatoo that looks great now but when I am 80 it turns into a wrinkly mess. I would love to see some of these lovely lasses who have tattoos everywhere when they are 80. I wonder how it will look then. That being said, I will say the artistry behind tatoos are quite striking and some are real artists. Now what would I get done if I had no choice???? Maybe Claude the cat or that yappy little puppy that drove Claude insane or maybe the vampire from Bugs Bunny. OK a warner Bros cartoon character. I could do a fairy or butterfly but they are so overdone:)...not that there is anything wrong with that.

5. What are your thoughts on the female proposing marriage to the male in a relationship?

Hey! why not? Right after she then would take him to to a jewelry store and get that ring before he knows what hit him:) What would be better is if he was 95 yrs old with an IV in his arm and he is a millionaire...wait I think that has already been done by blond tootsie rolls everywhere. And we call them dumb:)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Flower Fairy

For Flutter by Wednesdays, I believe it was an anything goes...I have not looked at Flutter for a couple of hours and so i am hoping I am correct otherwise I am losing my brain cells:) For Simon Says it was Glitter. Normally I would use all sorts of glitter but I did not feel like having glitter everywhere so I chose to use cardstock for the glitter background and the sticker border has glitter too. I have the pop up fairy who seems to shine and sparkle on her own and used the pop up dots to make her more 3 dimensional. It is a rainy Monday here in Ontario so it was nice to make a card...or 2:)

Monday Minute

It is that time again for aht e Monday Minute. I took the day off(Yippee!) and will be doing only what I want to do:)....well, we'll see.... Anyway here is my Monday Minute

1. What is your all time Favourite Book?

I have to choose one??? I have actually a library...yup, a Library and it isn't just for looks either. I do actually read, contrary to popular opinion. So ....hmmm....I LOVE Call of The Wild. I Love To Kill a Mockingbird, Any book on film except please no bios on Justin Bieber (AKA the anti Christ) or Paris Hilton (I don't need to read bubblegum) but Greta garbo and Louise Brooks by Barry Paris are excellent. I love Art books and the occult, archeology etc... If I spell anything wrong I will just blame it on too fast same with my grammar:)

2. What are your pet's names?

Well first is my beautiful Katie. Our Black Lab. I got her 10 yrs ago and she is 11. I would have named her Klutz but she came with her name:) When I met Michael(can he be classified as a pet:)) He had Naddie-he is a male tabby cat. I think of the Johnny Cash Song "A boy named Sue" when i think of Naddie. he is a large cat who is very gentle with the other cats, will rip you to shreds if you try to give him a pill or bring him to the vet, not exactly the most intelligent(he is a cat after all) and he runs like a girl (like me actually). We have Lucy-our middle cat or AKA The Diva! She tells you or rather, demands, when she wants something, loves to be stroked and only eats certain foods. Actually I call her the Naomi Campbell of cats and am very happy Lucy can not pick up cell phones. We have Jade-the 3rd cat. She is adorable. She is very affectionate and is not scared of the dogs and licks them to death and even will bite their ears and they do not budge. She actually seems to imitate the dogs. Of course our last animal is Wallace, nope not Wally, but Wallce. He is our latest addition that we got last year. he is a rescue dog from Louisiana. he didn't come from the actually hurricane but he was abused and is so severely traumatized that he is terrified of the outside. he is now on anxiety medicine since he shakes with fear when he knows to go outside and hence he is still not fully house-trained as he is often too scraed to go outside. I am not taking him to a behaviourist so he gains more confidence in me. Actually I am the one being trained:) We named him after William Wallace. he is a Louisiana state dog/retriever mix. Actually he looks like a dingo:) and he has one blue eye and one brown eye.

3. What kind of undies do you prefer?

I prefer pretty ones but that are also comfortable. I have tried the thong ones and well it is like a rope up one's butt. I feel like I am getting a constant ...what is that called when they yank your panties up?? Anyway I am going to comfort nowadays. I can't believe I just wrote that:)

4. If you could go back in life, what would you now choose to do for a living?

Actually I am not someone to go back in time and think of these things as I believe we choose something for a reason and that is why we stick to it. I love being a Credit Counsellor. I always was good with money(Yup I was a weird kid who would never spend her whole 25 cents I always saved 10 cents of it). Now that being said, if I wanted to change careers, I would probably go into the arts. I love Museums so I would work in a museum giving talks about the meanings of paintings or such. I also LOVE travel. I could be that guide in Europe holding the umbrella having all the people who do look like tourists, follow me while I lead them to very interesting areas or, get them lost make up a story about something they are looking at while i try to find my way back again(It happened to a friend of mine).

5. Do you hit snooze in the morning?

Yup! I DO! I hate having to get up so early. Once I literally threw my clock out the window and I was 5 stories up. I guess I am not a morning person.

Monday, November 15, 2010


Well I missed the last couple of weeks so here is my Monday Minute....

1. Would you rather be stuck on a bumpy roller coaster while having to pee extremely loud or be stuck on a crowded elevator with really bad gas with co-workers?

Easy-elevator. I hate hights with a passion so I would never be ona roller coaster. I also have been in a similar predicament but since men are usually on elevators and believe farting is a form of sport I figure I can let one go and the look at the man in disgust and turn away from him-devious is key:)

2. What is the one thing you miss most from your childhood?

the deep snow, with beautiful music playing, watching my mom bake and my dad read while I read a nice book...

3. If aliens exist, what do you think they look like (describe)

Hmmm....They would look like George Clooney or Rick Fox(seen him on DWTS??), the voice of Patrick Stewart, the mind of Einstein and the sensitivity/compassion of Jimmy Stewart...A girl can dream

4. Would you rather discuss your body weight or your salary with people you know?

I am an open book and when i discuss matter likes that people are so rivit..zzzzzzzzzz oh sorry fell asleep

5. If you were stuck in a predicament like a movie "Alive", could you revert to cannibalism? If so, how would you feel about eating your deceased family/friends?

Donnelly-Party of Five:) Survival is survival. I would hope I would not but let's hope that will never happen. As for family/friends? Depends who? Oops i hear my knife and fork are calling

6. People that are born blind, what do they dream about? Sounds?

Aside from feeling people's faces in dreams-the usual-being chased, being naked, trying to use the toilet iin front of everyone, sex

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Christmas is a Comin'

Well We are into November already! I can not believe we are so close to Christmas although, being Canadian, I am thinking of Remembrance day and proudly wearing my poppy. OK so For Christmas Cards All Year Round, November Challenge was to have a Tree and ribbon on the Card. This first Card actually also goes under the challenges for Crafty Creations (Fables and Fairy Tales), Simon Says (All White), Flutter By Wednesday(Anything goes)and any of these cards can got for the Stampman Challenge:). I thought of the Snow Queen. I decided to try to imagine what happened to the Snow Queen (OK Fairy) after the boy she liked and took for herself, left her for his best friend...who happens to be a girl. She almost made him forget his past life and iced his heart but his little girlfriend warmed his heart once more and he left with her. All that the Snow queen has are his tears that became ice droplets. So I placed her in the forest (all white of course) that I embossed with Sno Sparkle. I stamped her in silver and coloured her in with tombow markers and then I used ribbon aroundthe edges and finished it off with Svoroski crystals (how does one spell that name). That little boy was a true heartbreaker:)
This is Michael's Favourite. I used Alcohol inks for the background and then is used a bow for the centre(I HATE trying to tie a ^*%$ bow. I can never get it perfect like so many can-this was after a half hour-do not look at the centre and I kind of glued it in place. No those contraptions to help make a bow do not work with me either..I still screw it up..I just wish I could buy an instant bow. I lack the gift). I had christmas tree stickers and embossed the saying in gold and finished it off with crystals.

This Christmas funky tree also works for Christmas Stamper (Purple and silver). I used my cuddle bug for the background on silver paper. I had purple cardstock and a sticker for the tree. I coloured the tree with twinkling H2O's. The small ribbon is in purple that I glued around the purple cardstock

The 4 th tree in the series is a sticker that I coloured red and used stickles (yellow and green). I had some cardstock with trees on them ( won that actually last year from Christmas Card all Year Round-thank you again!) and I used ribbon to highlight everything.

My last card, I used a dark red, light green and a sparkly white cardstock. I had this pop up image for the bottom part to make it look like the tree and ornament bounced right out of it. They are also stickers that I stuck on a basic white cardstock that I coloured with tombow markers. I (YUP I did )made 2 small bows that I placed on top of the tree and ornament and then I used gold sticker for borders. Take care everyone.