Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday Minute

It is that time again for aht e Monday Minute. I took the day off(Yippee!) and will be doing only what I want to do:)....well, we'll see.... Anyway here is my Monday Minute

1. What is your all time Favourite Book?

I have to choose one??? I have actually a library...yup, a Library and it isn't just for looks either. I do actually read, contrary to popular opinion. So ....hmmm....I LOVE Call of The Wild. I Love To Kill a Mockingbird, Any book on film except please no bios on Justin Bieber (AKA the anti Christ) or Paris Hilton (I don't need to read bubblegum) but Greta garbo and Louise Brooks by Barry Paris are excellent. I love Art books and the occult, archeology etc... If I spell anything wrong I will just blame it on too fast same with my grammar:)

2. What are your pet's names?

Well first is my beautiful Katie. Our Black Lab. I got her 10 yrs ago and she is 11. I would have named her Klutz but she came with her name:) When I met Michael(can he be classified as a pet:)) He had Naddie-he is a male tabby cat. I think of the Johnny Cash Song "A boy named Sue" when i think of Naddie. he is a large cat who is very gentle with the other cats, will rip you to shreds if you try to give him a pill or bring him to the vet, not exactly the most intelligent(he is a cat after all) and he runs like a girl (like me actually). We have Lucy-our middle cat or AKA The Diva! She tells you or rather, demands, when she wants something, loves to be stroked and only eats certain foods. Actually I call her the Naomi Campbell of cats and am very happy Lucy can not pick up cell phones. We have Jade-the 3rd cat. She is adorable. She is very affectionate and is not scared of the dogs and licks them to death and even will bite their ears and they do not budge. She actually seems to imitate the dogs. Of course our last animal is Wallace, nope not Wally, but Wallce. He is our latest addition that we got last year. he is a rescue dog from Louisiana. he didn't come from the actually hurricane but he was abused and is so severely traumatized that he is terrified of the outside. he is now on anxiety medicine since he shakes with fear when he knows to go outside and hence he is still not fully house-trained as he is often too scraed to go outside. I am not taking him to a behaviourist so he gains more confidence in me. Actually I am the one being trained:) We named him after William Wallace. he is a Louisiana state dog/retriever mix. Actually he looks like a dingo:) and he has one blue eye and one brown eye.

3. What kind of undies do you prefer?

I prefer pretty ones but that are also comfortable. I have tried the thong ones and well it is like a rope up one's butt. I feel like I am getting a constant ...what is that called when they yank your panties up?? Anyway I am going to comfort nowadays. I can't believe I just wrote that:)

4. If you could go back in life, what would you now choose to do for a living?

Actually I am not someone to go back in time and think of these things as I believe we choose something for a reason and that is why we stick to it. I love being a Credit Counsellor. I always was good with money(Yup I was a weird kid who would never spend her whole 25 cents I always saved 10 cents of it). Now that being said, if I wanted to change careers, I would probably go into the arts. I love Museums so I would work in a museum giving talks about the meanings of paintings or such. I also LOVE travel. I could be that guide in Europe holding the umbrella having all the people who do look like tourists, follow me while I lead them to very interesting areas or, get them lost make up a story about something they are looking at while i try to find my way back again(It happened to a friend of mine).

5. Do you hit snooze in the morning?

Yup! I DO! I hate having to get up so early. Once I literally threw my clock out the window and I was 5 stories up. I guess I am not a morning person.


  1. I am following you back. Yes pets are wondeful and the word you are looking for on the panties question is "wedgie" :) Have a wonderful day!

  2. Rope up one's butt! LOL!

    I missed out on the Monday Minute this week! Never got the email. Poopy.

  3. I think you'd get used to the wedgie, cause I never feel them! ha! I also only like certain ones. Apparently, I'm a picky thong wearer. ; )

    My husband has a library pretty much too. He can't part with books!