Thursday, August 26, 2021

Thursday Movie Picks: TV Edition-Books You Want To Be Adapted Into A TV Series


Ughh...This was a tough one because many of the books I read have already been adapted into something so I went to my Go To knowledge which are Movies/Actors/Actresses. Wandering Through The Shelves picked a doozy and I had to put my thinking thinking cap on. I will also state these are Mini-Series or now called Limited-Run Series. These will also be on the good old fashioned regular TV-No Netflix, Prime, Disney, HBO, Hulu, Gulu, Zulu, Boo-Boo. Here they are...


I have always been intrigued by the murder of William Desmond Taylor, a pretty famous director, back 100 years ago. He was murdered on Feb 1, 1922 and the murder has never been solved. Careers of some big stars were harmed because of his murder and the sensationalized antics of the newspapers. Famous stars, Mable Normand and Mary Miles Minter were thrown to the wolves by the newsmen. It was found out that William Desmond Taylor was actually, William D. Tanner who walked out of his home in New York City(I think, 1909) and never returned, leaving his wife and daughter behind. This book was brought to my attention by Joel, whom I think is the Guru for anything Hollywood. Mr. Kirkpatrick wanted to write a biography on King Vidor, a very famous film director but, when Mr. Kirkpatrick found a steel box, hidden away, with all the investigative notes by King Vidor on the Taylor murder case, he decided to write a book on this murder. It does go step by step through all the crap that was written about Taylor, the people involved and what was unfounded and what was surprising. I found the book went a bit to the romantic glow of it (when Vidor meets Mintor in 1967 and is dumbstruck at how Minter looks and behaves) plus I think he may have taken some liberties (Vidor and Colleen Moore relationship as he was not in the room with them) but I do like the investigation. I would love to talk with Joel about who Vidor thought was guilty because I am not 100% certain of this author's assessment or even Vidor's. Anyway, why no film has been made about this big murder is beyond me.


I have always been enamoured with Louise Brooks because of her intelligent beauty. I had no idea about her rebellious nature nor her sexual appetites and F You attitude that got her into many troubles. Barry Paris wrote an excellent book about her life detailing many events that just leave you gobsmacked. She is best known for playing in the 2 German films, "Pandora's Box" and "Diary Of A Lost Girl" both directed by G.W. Pabst (whom she slept with...she also had a one night stand with Garbo). It would be a brilliant mini-series to see this actress's life come alive but it would have to be intelligently written so, I think, PBS, should have this. The only problem is...who could play this rebellious lady with a strong, screw you attitude, but with great intelligence. If you can think of someone today who could play her, that would be great. Please no Keira Knightly. 


I could not put this book down and it is not a "Mommie Dearest" type book but a very detailed account of a world famous star, Marlene Dietrich, and the image she had to always portray. It truly showcases how narcissistic Marlene was and how she manipulated her husband and his beautiful, intelligent, sweet but frail mistress, Tamara, who finally was placed in a mental institution. Marlene went from shocking the film industry by wearing pants and kissing girls to box office poison only to return in a western before helping out the war effort, singing for the troops sometimes behind enemy lines. She also gave herself to many a soldier since they need something before they may die in battle the next day. She became a Cabaret star (I don't get it) in very "revealing" outfits. When she fell off the stage in the 70's and broke her leg, she retired to her Paris apartment spending the last years of her life in bed...never moving from it...literally!. This is an excellent document on a very disturbed but talented woman. Again this must be shown on PBS and who could play Marlene? Please no Meryl (ughh) and no Jennifer Lawrence. Maybe Diane Kruger??

The clips I chose are lengthy but they give a good insight into the possible films that could be done.

Which books would you choose to become series?

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Weekly Song Challenge


Let’s be musical and enjoy all the tunes we love. I think Jingle, Jangle, Jungle really takes in this way of thinking. I love this weekly challenge and enjoy the themes. Here are this week’s themes



I enjoyed the 80s so much. I was in university, drank like a fish, had many fun antics and danced almost every weekend to the music that really sounds like it comes from the 80s. This is one of these songs and I love dancing to it. Little did I know it is originally from "Shocking Blue" in 1969.


Fred Astaire is synonymous with white tie and tails and a great top hat. He could dance like no one could (Gene Kelly is his match but totally different style as Gene is more for jeans and a t-shirt) and this routine just epitomizes his style. This song was written by Irving Berlin for the film "Top Hat"  and seems made for Fred Astaire. I know all of you own at least 2 suits with tails.


My brother played this to my parents and me and My mom and I really loved this song. I love the way this man controls his voice and can have this range of voice. It was sad when he passed away. When I looked up this song, I had no idea about the battle for the rights to this song which was originally written by, South African, Solomon Linda but it was called "Mbube". Ahh, the behind the scenes battles. 

Let’s hear which songs you choose.

Monday, August 23, 2021

Cards..boring title


CHNC- something for a lady or girl

Simon Says-Add a Sentiment

Addicted to Stamps-Christmas

I missed the challenge for Christmas Card Throwdown for the colour choice, but I still completed the challenge and am happy with it. I used alcohol inks in pink and turquoise and spread it around for this background effect. Next, I took my  holly embossing folder and ran it through my cuddlebug for the holly image to appear. I used my gold paint and brushed on the gold so it would paint only the raised images(mostly). I glued it onto gold cardstock and set it aside. I took the alcohol inks again and created a 2 tone in the same colours. I have an ornament die cut which I used on gold glitter cardstock and ran that through my sizzex to cut out the ornament image. I glued the ornaments onto the 2 tone cardstock I just created and fussy cut them out. I used ribbon to make it appear as if they are hanging down and added 2 pink gems at the top. The final was cutting out the background for the saying, gluing it in place and adding the sentiment. 

Christmas Card Throwdown-Birds

Crafty Animals-Anything Goes with Animals

I am into my embossing folders recently so I took this one with the pretty cardinal and, before embossing it, I took 3 distress ink pads and placed them directly onto to folder. I put my white cardstock in and ran it through the cuddlebug. The raised images were still white but the background gave this neat background effect. I coloured the raised images with my pastel chalks. I added white gliiter on the snowflakes and the top of the branch and pinecone. I glued it onto red cardstock and gold finishing it off with some border stickers. 

Wishing you all a fabulous day!

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Thursday Movie Picks-Treasure Hunt


Time for some levity and it is all about Treasure Hunting so, needless to say, I am not picking the great film, "Treasure of the Sierra Madre" (We don't need no stinkin' badges!) because I wanted more fun this time. Head on over to Wandering Through The Shelves to see what everyone else has chosen for this theme. Here are my 3...

1. CHARADE-1963

This is a nice classic film directed by Stanley Donan about a recently widowed woman, played by Hepburn, who meets a man, Grant, when in the Alps. Without realizing it, she holds onto a a treasure that many people are after, including Grant. She has no idea where to look but when big oafs like George Kennedy and James Coburn come after her, Grant is there to save her. She knows better than to trust him since the CIA operative(played by Walter Matthau) informed her about the stolen loot and who is all after it. This is comedic, romantic and fun which is nicely directed by Stanley Donan (not directed by Alfred Hitchcock).


SYLVESTER!!!! Yes, I have picked this film before but, I just can't help it because it is perfect for this theme and I love it for the true zaniness of it. There are many cameos in this film(Don Knotts, Jerry Lewis, etc..) starting with Jimmy Durante driving like a nut on a mountainous road passing all these vehicles before he hurls off a cliff. The vehicles all stop and the men venture down to Durante who tells them there is a treasure under the "Big W" before he, literally, kicks the bucket. The men make it back up to the gals, by the side of the road, and soon decide to split the treasure if they work together. Well, that doesn't work and they all scramble, like nutjobs, back into the cars to get to the treasure. You have a married couple, another married couple with the loudmouth mother-in-law in the backseat, 2 best friends and a repair man all trying to run the other off the road. Before you know it, they pick up other people who also try to get in on the action. The police? They know all about the treasure and follow all these bumbling buffoons hoping they will lead them to the treasure. Poor Spencer Tracy is the police chief henpecked by both his wife and his daughter. Dick Shawn as Sylvester, is brilliant as the stoned out of his mind son of Ethel Merman, who keeps calling him yelling his name. I remember watching this movie with my dad and the climax of the film, had my dad laughing so hard, tears ran down his of my favourite memories. It's a long movie but you don't realize it and it is a fun time to escape from today's world.


Before Kathleen Turner played Chandler Bing's dad(on "Friends"), she was a downright sexy gal in the 1980s. I have to say, it always pissed me off that she played a Transvestite(Transsexual??, I don't mean to be ignorant but I get mixed up) on "Friends" because she had gained weight and her husky voice got a little deeper (just like Lauren Bacall). It came out later that Turner is a recovering alcoholic but also suffers from severe rheumatoid arthritis so the drugs she takes does not help with weight. She, to me, is still beautiful and there. Ok, back to the movie which is so much fun about a mousy, pent-up romance novelist who receives a map in the mail from her brother-in-law whom she finds out has been killed and her sister, kidnapped. She goes to Columbia to save her sister and give the map to the kidnappers when the bus she is on is taken over by a corrupt cop who wants the map for himself. Enter devil-may-care and Vidal Sassoon hair man, Michael Douglas, who saves the day much to his and her's chagrin. Let's just say, they end up in the jungle running from people who want this map that holds the key to the treasure. Along the way, they also have a pint-sized nemesis in Danny DeVito. This is such a fun movie that spawned a brief affair between the 2 leads that settled into a lifelong friendship along with Mr. DeVito. It also spawned a sequel and a nasty marriage black comedy with all 3 in the later movies. You can tell they all had a lot of fun. 

Which 3 treasure hunting films would you choose?

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Weekly Song Challenge


Another week for Jingle, Jangle, Jungle to bring some fun music themes to us and this week is no different. I always try to choose songs that pop into my head right away. I don’t seem to be of this time..oh well. Maybe I will surprise you one day and choose classic rock which I do love. Here are her 3 themes:





This song is from their final album(The Visitors) which I own and love. It’s a song about mom and her daughter and it is so touching. I think of my mom now.....


French-Canadian Franks Mills got an international hit with this song and was played so much that many people got sick of it. I always loved it from the time it came out when I was 15. I always love music boxes and find them enchanting. This song just made me feel happy during rough times because of being so bullied. I love this song.


This is another song I just love so much and first heard it in the Astaire/Rogers film, The Gay Divorcee.  It is a Cole Porter song created for the 1932 Broadway musical, The Gay Divorce. The title had to be changed for the film because of the Hays Code. divorce can be happy...There are so many renditions of this song and wanted to choose Thomas Hampson who is a great opera singer but also known as the Ambassador of the American Song because he makes it a point to research the songs etc.. that he will sing. Alas I could not find it when I searched through here but I did listen to Shirley Bassey("Goldfinger" theme song fame). I think of a man singing this but she does a great rendition. I made it a point not to show Astaire and Rogers even though I love it and I hate, I repeat, hate Diana  Krall's singing. I just can't stand anything she has sung and feel she is grossly over-rated. humble opinion. 

Can you think up 3 songs that fit the themes?

Thursday, August 12, 2021

Thursday Movie Picks: Movies that Confuse You


There are movies that I have watched and just thought..WTF?!? I have not watched any Jean Luc Godard films nor seen Marienbad(thank God), but I have seen films that just confuse me and anger me because I wasted my time watching that film. I will be curious to find out what everyone else thinks so head on over to Wandering Through The Shelves to find out what everyone else has chosen. Here are my 3...

1. PERSONA-1966

This is an Ingmar Bergman film starring his 2 favourite actresses Bibi Andersson and Liv Ullmann. One plays a famous theatre actress who suddenly stops speaking. Every test is done so they figure it is  a mental issue. To help her out, the doctors and her husband all feel it is best to place her on a secluded cabin in the middle of nowhere with a nurse who just won’t shut up. This nurse talks all the time. Soon the 2 seem to mesh with one another especially that they look very much alike. They seem to be taking on the other’s personality.  I just sat there ...watching this film, as their faces appear straight on the camera or half on and half off the camera with Freudian themes..ughhh.  I just felt all my brain cells seeping out of my ears. I knew this was supposed to make me think philosophically but I just shook my head. This is supposed to be Bergman's masterpiece but I am just scratching my head wondering ...what's the point?


Why...why must they make sequels to films that were big and ended in a positive manner? Oh These 2 films were mostly about looking sleek in a shiny, skin tight pleather outfits with dark sunglasses, have tons of fight scenes that make you go ..oooh and aahhh.  And have a plot that makes me think of a balloon quickly deflating and then drop to the ground. Oh yes and then we have that big rave concert thing while Neo and Trinity have tribal sex.. she dies...nope she doesn’t but Neo dies..maybe. Probably not since there will be a 4th movie coming out. Ughhh

3. TREE OF LIFE-2011

WTF?? This grown up man, played by Sean Penn is trying to deal with his issues with his dad, played by Brad Pitt in the past. We know Sean had 2 other brothers but one died way back when.  In between the basic plot we have to think so, so hard about the philosophical nature of what the director, Terrence Malick, wanted to say.  Again, my brain cells seeped out and I felt like I had the IQ of 7. I hate pretentious films and find all of these films are just that...pretentious.

Which films confused the hell out of you?

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Weekly Song Challenge


Another week and more songs to listen to. Head on over to Jingle, Jangle, Jungle to hear other ditties. Here are the 3 themes:





This song is so often parodied nowadays that we only know it as a parody and, I think, I can understand because it is so gooey but with these 2 famous operatic love birds, they do their level best to believe in them. This song was  by Rudolph Friml & Herbert Stothart for the 1924 production of Rose-Marie. She is an opera star with a bad brother who has high-tailed it to Canada. There she meets a Mountie and, well, love blossoms. When Jean Harlow died, at age 26, the funeral was a star-studded affair and MacDonald & Eddy sang this in the church....ughhh.  What about you...oooh, ooh, oooh, ooh, ooh, ou??


Ok, I am showing Lou Bega with Andre Rieu and his Orchestra because I thought it was a lot of fun to watch. Many were just dancing up a storm. I love this song and danced to it many times without knowing that this song was in the courts for 7 years! Apparently, there is a version by Cuban, Damaso Perez Prado from 1949 and, the Prado's estate sued Lou Bega winning the case but it was declared a new song by Prado and Bega (who is actually German!) so Bega was aok. 


I guess I should be a hockey nut since I am a proud Canuck but ...I'm not, I shall leave that to my brother. This song is now an institution and is played at every game, at least, in Canada. I guess it is split up in 3 parts for the 3 periods of the game and the Stanley Cup is mentioned. So, Here is for Canada!

Which songs come into your head?

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Penguin with periwinkle feet


CHNC- Penguin  
Christmas Card Throwdown- sketch 52cct29-21
Christmas Crafts All Year Round- O & P  for Ornaments, Penguin, Periwinkle & Purple.
Retro Rubber Challenge-Anything Goes rrcb164
Crafty Animals- Anything Goes

I had some fun making this card with Wilber the penguin with periwinkle feet. I coloured him with my tombow markers and I stamped Wilber in basic black. I stamped the ornaments in purple and used periwinkle embossing powder on the one ornament and green sparkle on the other that one only sees when you move the card around. I cut out the areas where I wanted the images to show through on the black cardstock. I stamped the evergreen in versamark which is a clear sticky pad and used my perfect Pearl's in magenta and a green to create the look.  I glued the black onto the white and added green ribbon as a frame. Wilber, the Penguin stamp must be at least 15 yrs old and the ornament about 10 years. The evergreen stamp is 3 yrs old. I think my Christmas Wilber card turned out ok.

Thursday, August 5, 2021

Thursday Movie Picks: Oscar Edition-Best Costume & Best Make-up & Hairstyling


Oscar Time and Wandering Through The Shelves chose The Costumes and Make-Up/Hairstyling for this this Month at the Oscars. It's a long one so let's jump right in... 

1. SABRINA-1953

Edith Head, the Queen of the Costume Dept, at Paramount was nominated 35 times and won 8 Oscars during her career. She "created" the famous sarong for Dorothy Lamour as well as the beautiful gown that Grace Kelly wore when she won the Oscar for lead actress in "A Country Girl." Now, that being said, The famous outfits you see Audrey wear in this great film (even if Humphrey Bogart was miscast, in my humble opinion, as the grouchy romantic lead) were mainly created by Hubert De Givenchy starting a beautiful friendship between the star and the clothing guru. Audrey ended up almost always wearing his clothes in films and in personal life. Unfortunately, since Paramount was the studio behind the film and Edith Head was head of the Costume Dept., she got the Oscar which she accepted not ever recognizing Givenchy as the main reason Sabrina Won. The film is about Sabrina(Hepburn), a daughter of a chauffeur, who saved enough money to send her to Paris. When she comes back, she is very sophisticated with clothes to match and has attracted the attention of the younger brother of the rich family her father works for. She is happy because she feels she is in love with this younger brother but  is she? All eyes are on Hepburn especially when she wears this black dress, near the end of the film, for the unique cut of the neckline. It became famous as the Sabrina neckline.


Irene Sharaff won the Oscar for this slog of a film known more for the backstage antics of Lizzy & Ricky than for the actual film. It is a long film and there are some interesting bits but it is a long one about how Cleo(Elizabeth Taylor) meets Julius Caesar(played by Rex Harrison) wrapped in a Persian carpet to her famous affair with Marc Antony (Richard Burton) and eventual death at the hands, er...fangs of an Asp (not Ass, that would be Eddie Fisher). The costumes are amazing even daring for the time with the most famous being the gold outfit she wears when entering Rome. Irene Sharaff won 5 Oscars and was nominated 12 times in total but also won a Tony Award for The King & I. I think part of the success of An American In Paris are the costumes because I don't think that film would have won best picture without her. 


The Oscars, for that year, were one of the most boring, not just because of the usual boringness of it but the utterly boring outfits all the stars wore except for one...the co-winner of this fun film, Lizzy Gardiner  and here's why...

Yes, this dress is made up of expired American Express cards and it is...not the nicest and must have been a bitch to sit in but people still talk about it today. Now, Lizzy gets all the looks but her co-Oscar winner was Tim Chappel who both came up with the amazing frocks that Terence Stamp, Hugo Weaving and Guy Pearce wore as Drag Queens crossing the the Australian Outback meeting a variety of interesting and some dangerous folk along the way. You quickly learn that Terence, once a famous Drag Queen is now Transgender who decides to go with his fellow performer and friend, Hugo, to do a gig in a small town. Also along for the ride is young upstart Guy. It is a heartwarming movie with some good tunes(ABBA) and offers some very heartwarming moments. 

Best Make-Up and Hairstyling...

1. MASK-1985

Michael Westmore(famous for many, many Star Trek make-ups) and Zoltan Elek won the Oscar for this film about a young boy suffering from the Elephant Man's disease or Craniodiaphyseal Dysplasia, a very rare bone disorder. Cher plays the mother who is a drug addled mom who hangs around bikers with the lead biker, played by, be still my heart, Sam Elliott, the father of her boy. One thing this mom has is her profound love she has for her son as she will walk through fire to help him through anything and everything. Cher gave a fantastic performance as did Eric Stolz who played the son. 


OK I could have chosen this for Best Costume as well since the outfits are amazing in this film created by Eiko Ishioka who won the Oscar that year but the make up was also excellent when you see Good ole Drac a few centuries old. The 3 make up artists who created the looks in the film are Greg Cannom (he also did Mrs. Doubtfire and has won 5 Oscars), Michele Burke (she won 2 Oscars) and Matthew Mungle (won for this film but won many Emmy's). I love this film, despite Keanu Reeves who I like better than most people do but he is the weak link in an otherwise great film. The big bat sequence is amazing fior the make-up as well and now, they would probably CGI it which would take away from the film. We know the Dracula story but this film brings in a love story and even reincarnation as a major theme. The acting of Gary Oldman is excellent and I love the music.


I love this film which is part fairy tale, part horror story and part dreams. The sad thing is that the horror part is not that evil looking eye thing but the reality the young girl has to live in. Her mom marries a nasty Spanish Franco following Captain and they travel to his home in the country. There the young girl meets fairies whom she follows into the forest where she meets this fawn-like character who states she needs to do certain deeds if she wants to reclaim her throne. We follow her through the fantasy and the reality hoping the fairy tale will have a happy ending. The looks of the fawn and that evil looking thing with one eye, is downright creepy and quite memorable were created by David Marti and Montse Ribe. CGI is used here in certain ways to enhance a scene but not rule it which is what I always prefer. 

Now, I have to mention 2 amazing make-up people who not only created the works but were the only ones to make  these works which, nowadays, there is a whole department even if only one or 2 people get the Oscar. 

LON CHANEY-1883-1930

He was known as the man of a Thousand Faces and created some many iconic scenes that we see but have no idea what actual pain he went through to achieve the effect. In Fact, for the "Encyclopedia Britannica" he wrote the introduction to make up in an early edition. I copies and pasted what Chaney did for his make-up for his role as the Phantom. He loved what he did..."He raised the contours of his cheekbones by stuffing wadding inside his cheeks. He used a skullcap to raise his forehead height several inches and accentuate the bald dome of the Phantom's skull. Pencil lines masked the join of the skullcap and exaggerated his brow lines. Chaney then glued his ears to his head and painted his eye sockets black, adding white highlights under his eyes for a skeletal effect. He created a skeletal smile by attaching prongs to a set of rotted false teeth and coating his lips with greasepaint. To transform his nose, Chaney applied putty to sharpen its angle and inserted two loops of wire into his nostrils. Guide-wires hidden under the putty pulled his nostrils upward. According to cinematographer CharlesVan Enger, Chaney suffered from his make-up, especially the wires, which sometimes made him "bleed like hell."

JACK PIERCE-1889-1968

This man was head of the make up dept at Universal but, being a perfectionist, he was a true hands-on master and liked to work on the stars himself for the most part. Even though poor Boris Karloff had to endure hours in the make up chair with make-up that actually left scars, he got along well with Pierce. The same can not be said with his relationship with Lon Chaney jnr who played the Wolfman. I used this short clip because Rick Baker, another classic make-up artist, talks about Jack Pierce. Who can ever forget not only Frankenstein's monster but his Bride.  Oh, funny anecdote, Boris was a gentle man who loved gardening. When he was at his home, in full make-up, watering his flowers, the cops pulled up to arrest him because someone called in saying there was a monster running about. Poor Boris!

Which Costumes made you swoon? Which make-ups made you gasp at?

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Weekly Song Challenge


August...Holy Son of a beehive, Christmas tree! I love to swear but my mom in law taught me this saying when she was really steamed. Instead of Sh%# she would say, "Sugar." I now try and use that especially when out in the public eye. I can't believe August is here and the sun goes down so much sooner already. Anyway, Jingle, Jangle, Jungle has come up with another week of themes to challenge the 6 watt light bulb in my noggin'. Here are the 3 themes:





I love this song and heard it first sung by Nell Carter (known from the sitcome "Gimme A Break") who gained acclaim  in the musical of the same name. Actually this song was created by Thomas "Fats" Waller and Harry Brooks with lyrics by Andy Razaf for the musical, "Connie's Hot Chocolates" from 1929. I have to look up that musical. The song became quite famous with many big names singing this song like Nell Carter, Eartha Kitt, Ruth Etting, Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday etc... I chose Fats because he co-wrote the song and it worked so well in this musical "Stormy Weather."


OK, I believe I used "Honey, Honey" by ABBA already so I thought there must be a song from the funny movie called "The Egg and I" featuring Claudette Colbert but, nope...this song came up and it is from Cowboy Bebop series anime. They are Japanese and I never heard this before and really like it so here it is. I think it's pretty cool.


This was composed by Ray Toombs that became a hit for The Clovers (they did Love Potion #9). A Mint Julep is a a drink for young Southern ladies who could get drunk on this frou-frou drink but this time it is a black man who does much to his dismay. I love it and it is a fun song to listen to. 

Which 3 would you pick?

Monday, August 2, 2021



Color Throwdown- ctd653- colors bright pink, orange, yellow and green

Stamplorations- Summer Vacation  

Crafty Animals- Anything Goes 

Alphabet Challenge- Insects

Simon Says- anything Goes 

Butterfly Challenge-The Letter Q-I used all colours-Quinacridone(magenta), Quick Sand (Light Yellow), Quince(Green)

I usually play with the blues and purples but this time, I enjoyed creating the background using color bursts in orange, magenta and yellow. I spritzed the colour dust with water to create the background You can see the pale yellow(love that firework the colorburst does especially when using yellow). I added pearl magenta with alcohol ink for the top half. I took a flower like stencil and laid part of it on 2 corners opposite from one another. Taking my egg looking sponge, I took some dye ink colour in orange to create the effect. I had played with distress inks and alcohol inks a while back, in the greens,  so I took 2 butterfly die cuts and cut them out running it through my sizzex. I layered the card in the colours named above and glued the butterflies in place. I bought a new punch ( it was on sale and I love butterflies) and punched out 4 small butterflies to fill in the areas. I added Crystals and a border sticker I coloured in green, to finish the effect. 

My summer vacation is coming to an end and will return to work tomorrow. I have truly enjoyed my garden which my hubby created. We have many flowers that bring bees, butterflies and hummingbirds(I have not seen one but my hubby has). I promise to post some pictures of my (not so) secret garden. 

Wishing you a very happy day and week ahead.