Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dragonflies and Butterflies

http://thestampmanchallenges.blogspot.com - Butterflies and Dragonflies

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I love to say my mom, who was only 79lbs on June 6th is now...drumroll....91lbs! The respiridone works wonders with her dementia and has calmed her down and, with not smoking(big feat for her to do and proud of her), her eating has improved. Now on to making a card!! I was so happy to make a card and it took a while since I have been out of it for a bit which just downright sucks. I had another cuddlebug butterfly image and perfect pearls was used on it as a background and it didn't really look so hot so I decided to add pastel chalk to the images. I mounted it on the nifty green sparkle cardstalk and then edged it in stickers (silver) that I coloured in purple. I added the dragonfly and then used stickles on the butterfly, dragonfly and the centres of the flowers. I finished it off with light green crystals on the butterfly and these pretty pink flower crystals on the four corners. Yeah!! I made another card!!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday Minute

I wish to give a Big Thank you to marlene who is kind enough to try to link me up properly and bring Yoda onto my Monday Minute Blog. Anyway this is from http://thedailydoseofreality.com ...

1. What's a piece of advice you'd like to share?

Time moves the same way-not slower or faster...just our perception of it. Don't go buying that new stereo right away because you have to have it. It will be there-justsave up the money. I know I am sounding motherly...or cheapo but hey it is what i do for a living. I just feel bad for people who have too much stress due to credit due mainly to wanting things right away(I don't mean either the poor people who lose a job, have medical issues, marital break-up). Noone wants to be $50,000 in debt due to spending....it happens though

2. Describe the last time you sat on the toilet screaming at someone to bring you some toilet paper.

About a month ago, I go to use the toilet paper and gone-none in the cupboard. I call for my hubby who is in the basement...no response so i finally scream til i cough and spit and then he comes up all annoyed---definite No-no when you need toilet paper. he did not win this argument..Oh and he cleaned out the garbage too so nothing to use-Ughh

3. Explain why anyone would want to eat Sushi

If you knew Sushi like I knew Sushi-Oh!Oh! Oh! what a meal! I love it but the fun part is it is not only with fish-it is with veggies and other fun stuff. I can't get enough of it actually but I am a little off kilter:)

4. Describe your perfect dinner-one appetizer, one entree, 2 side dishes and one dessert.

Ok this is mainly a German meal and no sauerkraut or saud=sage is in this-yuck! I would have sushi(OK just kidding)...I love calamari then proceed to Rouladen(thin slice of beef that you can roll-salt, pepper, mustard, onion, bacon and a pickle-roll it like a cabbage roll and roast it), red cabbage(simmered in red wine), mashed potatoes and end it with alomd mocha chocolate torte.

5. When was the last time you pissed in bed

I was a bedwetter-17-I felt gross and bad...enough said

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Butterfly

In the midst of mahem and all such other things, I have been able to make a card! I decided to make something pretty and sweet...yup I know, really?? I am actually liking this one card of mine. I entered this in http://flutterbywednesdays.blogspot.com. This week was to have Pink, Orange and Green in the card. I used a cuddlebug for the butterfly motif. I coloured it with perfect pearls, in an array of colours, using water for the base. I never tried this before and I like the result! It gives a nice shimmer and I am all for shimmer and sparkle.I then mounted it on green cardstock and white cardstock but I used pink tissue paper for the background and glued it on the white cardstock. I then edged it in a silver stickers which I coloured in orange. Now i hope to do a few more cards soon as my mom(having had to go to the hospital because of the dementia and lighting a pen on fire thinking it was her cigarette) is better now. She is back home with us but is now on meds that calm her down and we can function! She is now smoke free for 3 weeks! She has been a smoker for 60 yrs but she had no choice but to quit as i don't want her and my home to burn down. I have to hand it to her. This is no easy feat especially after decades of smoking. So another pretty day to enjoy...have a fab day!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday Minute

To see more check out his website at www.thedailydoseofreality.com especially since I am such a dolt when it come to getting yoda on my site here. One day I will figure it out...when someone actually physcially shows me:)) Yes I am a natural blond:)... here goes my Q & A for the week:

1. In terms of having sex, etc... what's your "safe" word?

OK Remember I said I was blond...haddya mean?? OK It is Monday and I had a busy weekend so i will use that as an excuse as well. If it means what i think it means, I would just say..."seriously, Now? "

2. What are you wearing?

I am wearing that meatdress I borrowed from Lady Gaga, along with silver sequined Chinese foot binding high heel shoes, and that IUD hat that princess Beatrice wore at the wedding. I mean can it get any uglier?

3. How are you feeling?

It's Monday-Tired, ditzy and way too blond for my own good.

4. How many and which language can you speak fluently?

English(sorta) and German...well not fluently but can get by. I also speak a mean bad ass lunberjack mouth..the words that can issue from these lips when someone cuts me off while I am driving...well thankfully, most can not hear.

5. Name at least one thing that you did as an adolescent that, if you caught your child (or future child) doing, you would get pretty mad.

Hmm I was a geek and freak when I was an adolescent and I went home and read and watched TV...mainly old movies. I loved and still do, classical music and knew all the old film stars. I did not partake in parties (I was never invited) and I didn't like sports but loved art...Hell just print a bulls-eye on my chest for Uber Geek (there should be 2 dots over the "U"). Once I reached university though I would say I would partke too much in drink and then I would drive....that is a major NO NO in my book now. So many kids do this and thank God there was a geeky angel over my shoulder thinking I had something more than just being an idiot.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bragging Big Time!

Now Look what my hubby made for me for my Birthday! He said he felt bad that he did not have any money for a gift but he made this for me which is priceless! Yup I am bragging big time!!! This is a treasure box that he made from scratch! He did not buy the box or just add things, he took an old oak lumber that looked black with age and being outside and planed it down and cut it to make the box. he stained it and put it all together. We cleaned out my mom's workroom a few weeks back and she had a treasure trove of stuff(plus a lot of crappola) that he used for the exterior and interior. He put all the red and gold trim on and the crystals. he also woodburnt my initials and some filigree for a BB coat of arms. When you open it, the lid shows a monster with stars and lightning but the sun is peeking through(he calls me his sunshine...have I made you puke yet). It is a music box as well and plays a tune from the Nutcracker Suite. The bottom part he burnt in "Happy Birthday Birgit" and it lifts up to show the interior. He used sparkle paper in blues and more beautiful ribbons and crystals and stuff. When I opened it up I found the necklace that he made me! Yup he made me a necklace and I have already worn it. He also made this "bookmark" more like a love poem in wood that goes inside and he burnt in a poem on the one side and wrote a poem on the other side(he copied from the book of Solomon-he's great but he can't write poetry but he still found it). He said this is a keeper of his heart and I am the sunshine that takes the demons away. I am normally cracking jokes, swearing and well, love to think I have some cynic in me but all I could think of was that sappy song from "South Pacific"..."I'm in Love, I'M in Love, I'm In Love with a Wonderful Guy". OK now you can all go a gag...but I don't care!

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Monday Minute

Yet another week for the Monday Minute from www.thedailydoseofreality.com. Here are the Q & A's:

1. In your opinion, rank the following in order of historical impact 1. being the highest impact-slavery in the U.S, The Holocaust of the laste 1930's through the mid 1940's or Women's suffrage.

This is actually a very difficult question and I must state how much the media can play a heavy role in keeping these horrific moments in history fresh in our minds...and so they should be! We have detailed film images of what happened to the 6 million Jewish people during the nazi regime but there were also way too many people who were gay, mentally/physically handicapped and other Germans who spoke out against the regime who died in the same camps. There were millions and I mean millions of Russian jews who perished during the Stalinist era never mind the millions of Russians who died too. In one year alone -1932-1933, 7 million Hungarians died due to Stalin. Holocaust in any place is just evil. Slavery is known about and we see photographs and documents but no true film images and this is so sad that it does not appear to bring out in the average person the same horrific emotions than when we see the images from the holocaust. It is also quite horrific how demeaning people were dealt just because of the colour of their skin. The brutality and to be sold as if they were a piece of meat..I mean ...it is incomprehensible. The old films too protraying the South as somehow right in their beliefs makes it even more sad since these are films made not too long ago. Nowadays there is slavery too, we just do not hear as much about it..but it is still around. The Women's suffrage...OK we were not placed in mass graves but we were still considered non essential except to make men happy. Scary that we did not have the right to vote until recently(I mean in the last 100 years...that is pretty recent). When these women fought for their basic rights, they were jailed, beaten, raped and humiliated. This still happens today and many are mutiliated, raped and stoned. This is just too scary.

2. Why did you select #1?

You can tell I really didn't select a #1 even though I spoke about the Holocaust first. I wish the media spoke more on topics and brought out on more than just one area since it is not just relevant to one decade or one race. The bottom line to me is that for historical impact, it shows how animalistic humans can be. In all of these notorious times, people's rights to freedom, speech and beliefs were taken. They were degraded, brutalized, and killed....but they survived! Their culture is alive and their spirit possibly even stronger. We can only do our best to learn, appreciate and be humbled by the people who survived and flourished. I think they are all # 1 because it can teach us how much we cherish what we take for granted right now

3. To plan something means that you are gathering information, planning ahead, getting ready, etc... What is pre-planning?

That is for the OCD people who keep thinking about planning to do something...and never end up doing it! Then they get a tremendous headache, feel bad about themselves, drive everyone nuts and then need pills to keep them calm and to steer clear of pre-planning something they will never do in the first place. Don't you just want to bitch-slap them?

4. If you are a female, have you ever "lost" a condom while having sex? If you are a male, have you ever broke on through to the other side?

ick!! Yup and neither of us wanted to go get it..He was an idiot? Thank god I don't remember his name beside it would have come off if he placed it on his pinky finger which was bigger than his brain(You know what I mean)...TOO much information!

5. Explain how you can slap the shit out of another person

Well if the person is a neurotic mess to begin with and they can annoy you to no end then yes I can see where it could happen( see answer #3). Now if I could just get the visual out of my head. Ewwwww!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday Minute

For www.thedailydoseofreality.com I keep trying to cut and paste Yoda boy following the directions sent to me and I guess I am just too blond and definately a klutz with any computer. So here are the 5 questions....and answers:)

1. What part of "no" do you not understand?

Almost all of it! Sounds like "Obey" to me and I hate that word. If someone told me not to jump off a bridge, I know enouigh(let's hope) that I will not jump off that bridge but if someone was being all puritannical on me and told me not to have that glass of wine and I am not driving, I say "Bottom's Up" and drink it right in front of them! Now if a man hears no then NO it is no matter what:)

2. Which current reality show do you think you could win?

None! I could never eat something disgusting or bungee jump off some friggen bridge or tower but if i want to dream and play"Let's pretend" I would say "The Amazing race" but then they do those friggen high crap stuff and make people eat crickets etc...I know..."Dancing With The Stars". hey in my mind I am a star and since some of those people think the same way, I could be on that show. I can dance pretty well too until I dislocate my joints and make a trip to the hospital...Well I can dream.

3. Would you amputate your right arm for 10 million dollars?

WTF??? Are ya kidding me-never!! Just add a limp, chewing tobacco and a weird laugh and Iam the next sidekick in a western. oh see weird laugh below

4. If I say "Just bring it" What you got?

My weird laugh that when i get going makes plumbers investigate if the pipes are OK. (actually happened when i was laughing back in university days).

5. You are opening a restaurant-what type or theme of food are you serving?

I would have a bavarian theme where everyone must wear dyrndls and leather shorts and dance the schoeplattler. I will serve bacon fat on rye bread and say it is wonderful. Have those big gooey balls of flour called dumplings that bop up and down in water, put gravy on top and say it is wonderful with a side order of saurkraut...mmmm nothing like cabbage doused in vinegar...yum. For a special meal I would serve the uber delicious Sciottish haggis. I tell ya once one eats sheeps intestines served in it's stomach, well you just can get enough. Yum Yum. Now if you believe this will go over and I would even ever think of owning a restaurant I have some prime swamp land to sell you. :)