Thursday, September 28, 2023

Thursday Movie Picks: TV Edition-Book Adaptation


I’m late..I know! I have been working late plus my pain from my bad fall is coming out more so I’ve been lax in visiting people, my apologies, and creating this post. Wandering Through The Shelves created this TV  spotlight. So, let’s get it going…

1. M*A*S*H- 1972-1983

This is an incredible show that I’m so happy to have watched while it was still on TV and I was one of the millions who watched the TV finale which is still the highest rated TV program ever. It’s about a group of surgeons and nurses on a MASH unit who do their all saving soldiers in surgery while dealing with their hijinks off surgery. The main leads are Hawkeye Pierce, played by Alan Alda, who, at first starred in the show and later, became a writer and director of many episodes. Trapper John, played by Wayne Rogers and MacLean Stevenson, as Col.  Henry Blake. Loretta Swit was Margaret, “Hot Lips”, Houlahan as head nurse who is having an affair with Mgr. Frank Burns, an inept doctor who is a thorn in the side of Hawkeye and Trapper. Rounding out the cast is Gary Burghoff as Corp. Radar O’Reilly ( who appeared I. The film version), Corp. Max Klinger who dresses in dresses trying to get a section 8 and Father Mulcahy, played by William Christopher. Later on, when Rogers and Stevenson left the show, they were replaced by  Mike Farrell as BJ Hunnicutt and veteran actor, Harry(Or Henry) Morgan as Col. Henry Potter. When Larry Linville left after the 5th season, David Ogden Stiers, came in as Mgr. Charles Emerson Winchester the 3rd. There are so many classic episodes from this landmark series it’s hard to pick. I love the first 3 seasons when it was more comedic since some of the later episodes felt a bit preachy but they are still classic and one of the best later episodes is the dreams episode where each person dreams something and it is so memorable.


I actually read the books when I was a kid and this series ventured way off the books but that doesn’t matter because it is a good tv show from star, writer and director, Michael Landon who plays the father, Charles Ingalls who brings his family, wife and 3 girls to Walnut Grove. From there, we often view the episodes through the eyes of Laura Ingalls, Half-Pint who is a happy kid that must deal with bully, Nellie Olsen. There are some great episodes and some have been comedic and some devastating. Michael Landon did not hold back when it comes to grief like the snowstorm episode or, later on in the series, the fire episode. It’s worth watching.


I went with this miniseries which is a remake of the famous 1945 film of the same name, starring Joan Crawford which, I believe, is better than this miniseries even though this is closer to the book than the older film. Kate Winslet plays Mildred who must deal with a husband who does not help her when the going gets tough. Her 2 daughters are so opposite from one another with Veda, a spoiled, nasty brat and Ray Pierce, a sweet-natured daughter who ends up dying throwing everyone into the whirlwind of this plot. Guy Pierce plays the debonair a-hole that Mildred falls for when she makes it big in the restaurant business. This is well acted but I do prefer the film version. I also love the Carol Burnett funny.

What tv shows, that were adapted from books, have you seen? Oh and I’m Ok but  more pain has come out all on my right side plus other pains in my hips, ankles and wrists. My pinkies are bluish and my knees…don’t look nice. I’m Going to work and am moving.

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Andre Rieu in Concert!!


This past weekend I took my mom's best friend to Toronto to see Andre Rieu in concert. She introduced us to him through a DVD years ago and, yet, never saw him herself. It was beyond superb!! He did 2 sets plus another 40 minutes because the 20,000 people would not let him go. He played the Blue Danube where he had fun with it plus Bolero and so many other songs. He also had a Gospel choir who were just beyond excellent. Another music person, Songbird's Crazy World also has spoken about  Andre Rieu. My mom's friend was so happy..overjoyed which made me happy. I'm joining Monday Music Moves Me over at Curious As A Cathy.

One thing though, on our way home, we were at the bus stop and, to make a long story short, I fell over her suitcase which she parked right in front of me. My phone and glasses went flying. both my pinkies have swelled up as well as part of my hands. Wrists are sore. Both my knees are swollen with the right one double the size. My ankles hurt and, strangely, my left foot. I don't want to press down on it. My right side has taken a turn for the worse today so I really did a number. The people came rushing to me and were so sweet and helpful because I was bawling due to pain and shock. They helped me up and stayed with me on the bus talking to me so I would not think about the pain. Aside from that tumble, it was a fantastic weekend.


This song became famous in the early 60s sung by little Peggy March and got famous again when it was featured on the film, "Sister Act" that starred Whoopi Goldberg. Andre created something magical here and it was...great!


Andre has his own 3 tenors that can bring the house down. This is a fun German song..yes fun and German in the same sentence! What I love is the one gal, in his orchestra, is truly funny as well as talented who can play more than one instrument including the bagpipes. Here, she was salivating for some bubbly and downed it! You don't see it in this clip but it was in the concert I saw on Sunday.


This is a justly famous song from the late 1700s that is played often. On Sunday they played Scotland the Brave with Amazing Grace which was beautiful.

I tried to download a video but it didn't work...bummer.

Thursday, September 21, 2023

Grape and Wine Festival

The last days of summer and looking into Fall. September has been the time for the Grape and Wine festival culminating in the big parade. The parade is sometimes good, sometimes…not, but I can count on the overweight Star Wars guys dressed up as Luke, let me eat fried butter, Skywalker who sit in their mom's basement salivating over Princess Iwannalayya in her slave outfit, walking in the parade with running shoes on. Well, talk about a running along sentence:). Now, before I get to some Wine movies, yesterday was my " who won the Oscar for Best Song in 1939" post. Of course, " Somewhere Over The Rainbow" won the Oscar but, “ I Poured My Heart Into This Song”, was nominated which means that popular tune,"Good Morning" wasn't even nominated. 

Ok, I am talking about movies with Wine or Vineyards. This was harder than I thought but I came up with 3...


I love this romantic comedy about a young woman, Meg Ryan, who finds out her fiance has dumped her for a cute French gal while he was at some conference. She decides to overcome her fear of flying and gets on a plane to get to Paris to win him back. She does not expect to meet an attractive conman, who gets under her skin, nor does she expect him to put an expensive necklace in her bag that he hid in a grapevine. Through a series of events, the 2 traipse through Paris before ending up on the French Riviera. I find this film enchanting and you love that this man, played wonderfully by Kevin Kline, wants to start his own vineyard. I even own the soundtrack.

2. SIDEWAYS-2004

I have not seen this film in years, but it's a fun dramady about a sad sack, played so well by Paul Giamatti as a teacher who hates his life but loves Wine. His friend is an oaf, played to the best of his oafness, by Thomas Hayden Church who is about to get married but wants to have one..or 2 final flings before getting married. They decide to enjoy the wine country meeting up with 2 gals, one played by Sandra Oh. To say it was gross when Paul's character drinks from the spit bucket is an understatement but it is hilarious. This won many awards including the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay. In fact, Merlot wines took a hit when the character professed his disdain for Merlot and championed Pinot Noir which was selling out afterwards.

3. A GOOD YEAR-2006

I spoke about this film before but I really love it..the whole ambiance makes me just want to travel to France and enjoy life...I know money and reality. Russell Crowe stars as a Uber type A finance guy who finds out he inherited his Uncle's vineyard after his uncle dies. He decides he will sell it to make a profit but when he comes to the place, his memories take hold when he lived with his uncle, played by Albert Finley. It's enchanting, serene and full of life. The director, Ridley Scott and Crowe just finished filming, "Gladiator" and wanted to make a light-hearted film which this one was the result.

Added funny bonus...

Which films can you think of that deals with wine, grapes etc...?

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Oscar Songs 1939


I thought I might as well tackle the big year of 1939 and see if you can guess which song won the Oscar, which was nominated and came up empty handed not even getting nominated. Over at Monday Music Moves Me  the theme is movie music and boy that packs a wallop! I could do songs for each year never mind scores like Dr. Zhivago or Gone With The Wind. Ok, here are 3 and see if you can guess correctly.


We know this song from the great musical, “Singing in the Rain” that stars Gene Kelly but this song harkens back to these young teens who sang it in the film called, “Babes In Arms”. The song was created by Nacio Herb Brown(music) and Arthur Freed(lyrics)  and Freed became quite famous for his Freed Unit which produced many top notch musicals including “Singing in The Rain”.


This is a very famous song and became Judy Garland’s theme song for the rest of her life. In fact, you can watch her sing this song from this innocent style to a heart-wrenching version that always puts a tear in my eye. If you want, you can view it here. This song was written by Harold Arlen(music) and Yip Harburg(lyrics) and they had to fight Louis B. Mayor and the other big wigs who wanted this song taken out of the film thinking it slowed it down. Thankfully, the musicians won. 


This came from the film, “Second Fiddle”  often known as Irving Berlin’s musical since he wrote all the songs. It stars that hunk of a man Tyrone Power and Sonja Henie, the famous Norwegian Olympian figure skater who was famous in the 1930s for making many musicals. The audience loved her even though she had a thick accent and couldn’t act that well so most of her films were big box office.

So, which song won the Oscar, which was nominated and which one got nadda? 

Which movie songs can you think of?

Monday, September 18, 2023

A Few Cards


Color Throwdown-CTD 760- Navy, Blue, Yellow

Happy Little Stampers- Watercolor Optional-Layers

The Flower Challenge- Use a Die

I had a lot of fun today. I created the background using colour bursts in blue, blue sparkle and yellow. You just dab the powder on water colour paper and it's like magic to see the colours appear. I stamped the flower in black and coloured it in with Gamsol pencil crayons. For the 4 corners I took a die cut and cut it out using my sizzex. I glues them in place and added the blue crystals  including the little butterfly. For some extra sparkle, I used stickles on the flower.

Christmas Card Throwdown - Theme Challenge- Christmas Mice

Crafty Animals- Anything Goes

Simon Says-Make it Cute

Christmas will be here before you know it and I love Christmas but wouldn't mind it being delayed. I had this cute mouse yawning but, I thought, I could make a group and they could be singing so..they are. I created the background with distress inks and flicked some water on it to give that splatter look, almost like snow falling. The mouse was stamped and masked( stamp it on sticky paper, cut it out and place it on the mouse for protection) in order to stamp the mouse 2 more times. The tree and sentiment were stamped and embossed in blue indigo. I layered onto different papers.

Addicted to Stamps- Any Occasion
Butterfly Challenge- Anything Goes
Stamping Sensations-Garden Delights
Tic Tac Toe- TTTC226

I used Stencil, Free, Foliage

Girlie card galore! I tried this pink paint to see if it was still good...and it is. I took an Embossing folder and ran it through my cuddlebug and then applied this lavender paste gently across the top to highlight the leafy foliage. I stamped the flowers and coloured them in with my pastels. I stamped the butterflies, coloured them in with the pastels and fussy cut them out. I glued everything in place but used pop up dots for the flowers for added dimension. I finished it off with the birthday greeting. 

12 Months of Christmas- Christmas Baubles

Another Christmas card. I put my blue card in the star folder and wrung it through my cuddlebug to get the star images. I again used my lavender and gold paste to gently brush the colour o top of the stars. Using my sizzex machine, I used an ornament die cut in a shiny purple cardstock and glued it onto white sparkly paper. This was glued onto my silver sparkle cardstock.

See, I was busy!!

Thursday, September 14, 2023

Thursday Movie Picks: Non-English Language Movies


Foreign film….I have not seen many to be honest and I know there are some that are great. I might be cheating, but I’m  choosing 3 films that are non-English but might be cheating…I don’t think so. Wandering through the Shelves has chosen a favourite theme. Here are my 3…


I first saw this film when I was a teen and this film was only 59 years old which is how old I am now. Jeez this means films made in 1964 are 59 years old. Now this famous German Expressionist film is 103 years old…F&$#!  Ok…this is such a modern look to a strange film about a young man, in love with a woman, who are at a fair where a strange magician shows a somnambulist, played by Conrad Veidt, whom he controls via the mind. Of course, the old guy is bad who uses the zombie guy to steal but doesn’t count on the zombie falling for the beautiful girl. The sets are justifiably famous for being purposely off kilter and the people are dressed in black and white…even though you know it’s a black and white film. This is quite modern with a “oh snap!” ending. 


This film is a 2 parter, directed by the famous, Fritz Lang, based on the epic German medieval saga called Der Niebelungenlied which I did read by the way. It has everything in it and is the granddaddy of soaps with Fantasy, love, drama, action…you name it. The plot is about a young warrior, Siegfried, who kills the famous dragon, Fafner and then bathes in its blood to become immune to spears, guns, bazookas..ok no bazookas or guns but let’s just say, he can’t be killed but he doesn’t realize a leaf has fallen on his back making him all too human in that one area. He fights and overpowers a famous Dwarf and gets the gold. From there, he meets up with the King Gunther who pines for Queen Brunnhild who makes it impossible for any man to win her hand that is until Sieggy. Through some creative trickery, Sieggy wins her hand but for King Gunther and Sig wins the hand of the King’s sister, Krimhold. It goes from there and it is a compelling look at the fantasy of this saga. I bet Peter Jackson watched this as an inspiration for his LOTR saga trilogy.


Nope, not German but a Russian classic film by Sergei Eisenstein based on the true story of a mutiny set in 4 stages. We see the men on the battleship being mistreated by the higher ups which includes the poor men being fed maggot infested food but that’s the breaking point and then men mutiny. We think they are alone but they realize that many on land and sea believe in what they stand for. Oh yeah, it’s all about the evils of the Russian tzars and the Proletariat people who must stand in solidarity. This is in the early times of the Communist regime when it was still thought of as just (I can’t believe I wrote this with a straight face). The most famous, and often imitated scene are the Odessa steps montage sequence. It is very riveting and justifiably famous which was used as an homage in the film, “The Untouchables” which, in turn was parodied in a Naked Gun film starring the wonderful Leslie Nielsen. 

Which foreign films can you think of?

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Angels are Always Near


I have always been attracted to angels and wonder if they truly do exist..I hope so. I know people have stated they’ve seen them, some credibly and others…in a potato chip. Cathy over at Curious As A Cathy, just lost her father and it’s rough. Most of us have all been there or, unfortunately, will be one day because this is a part of life. It’s sad but let’s hope they become the angels who watch over us…I like to believe they do. This is for Cathy…


I really love this song which was written by Canadian Alanis who also sang this song. I love the music and the way she sang it which comes from the film, “City of Angels” a love story about a doctor  and an Angel. I haven’t seen the movie because I’m not enamoured with the stars..Meg Ryan, who plays the doctor or Nicholas Cage, playing the Angel. I don’t mind Meg Ryan but more in the rom-com movies.


She is known as the Angel from Australia and was named by the famous conductor and owner of his famous orchestra, Andre Rieu. The words were written by Saint Thomas Aquinas in the 1200s and finally put to music, most famously by Cesar Franck in 1872. I just find it beautiful.


I had no idea that Josh Grobin showed up on the TV show “Ally McBeal” back in 2001 introducing this song and becoming famous as a result. This song was written by Richard Marx and Linda Thompson and became quite famous back in 2001…the same year when the towers came down and many became angels that day. 

To Cathy and everyone who have lost a loved one.

Monday, September 11, 2023

Paper Piecing ... and Piecing


Tic Tac Toe Challenge- TTTC224- diaganol- Ink Blending, Die Cuts, leaves

HLS- Anything Goes With Dies 

Inspire Me Mondays- Anything Creative

I had a great time creating the background using distress glossy ink sprays and distress inks. I just bought  a pinkish and purple glossy spray and had no clue how it would turn out. It’s really cool! When it dried, it looked like a leather but almost feeling elastic. I added the distress ink in a blue to create a nice blend of these colours but I wasn’t sure what to do with it. I had a die cut of a peacock in purple and glued him down and proceeded to cut 3 more  and then slowly pieced each one in place which took forever. After that, I placed this piece on my cuddle bug and, with a rubber mat, pressed it threw the machine so the peacock pressed into the card. I stamped the edges in a filigree and the sides, top and bottom with leaves. I wanted to create a dream-like look.  So I stamped and embossed the leaves and coloured them in with markers and just embossed the others in green powder. I used crystals on the bird’s feathers and stickles around the leaves. I glued it to a blue cardstock and Voila! 

Have a beautiful day!

Thursday, September 7, 2023

Thursday Movie Films


School has officially started and I still get the heebie-jeebies. I thought I would go the student route this time so here are my 3...

1. MARGIE- 1946

I saw this when I was a teen and was over the moon with this sweet film about a young girl who dreams about her teacher. Now, this film could never be made today because the teacher feels the same way! Yikes!! This stars Jeanne Crain as a young girl, in the 1920s, who can't seem to fit in maybe because she wears older clothes. An even bigger problem is that her bloomers keep falling down. She stays with her grandmother while her dad works (mom's dead) and she starts to crush on the French teacher. It actually is a sweet film if you get past the fact that she is supposed to be 15 and her teacher wishes he could have taken her to the dance instead of his present date. I was in teenage heaven over this film due to the romance. Remember, it was during the time...oh never


Matthew Broderick plays the teen who wakes up to a perfect morning and decides to cut class. He tells his parents he's sick, they stupidly believe him, and as soon as they leave, he's out the door to his best friend who is a hypochondriac with many other issues. After convincing his friend to skip school with him, they find a way to get Matthew's girlfriend out of class. Thus begins the day of fun with the evil principal and his jealous sister hot on their trail. It’s a fun movie with heart that comes from the friend and the girlfriend.  Off screen Matthew started dating Jennifer Grey, who played his sister and, when they were in England they were in a head on collision when Matthew veered into the next lane hitting the car head on and killing the 63 yr old mother and her 28 yr old daughter.  


This is an under-rated film that should be seen even if the star is Jake Gyllenhaal. It's based on a true story where Jake and 2 of his friends decide to find a way to build a rocket. They are hoping to get a scholarship to get into university and away from the dead end coal mining town they live in. Jake's dad, played so well by Chris Cooper, is against his son's dreams and thinks he should go to the mines to make money. The one who tells them to go for it is their teacher played by Laura Dern. It's such a brilliant small film that captures the world they live in and want to escape from. It’s neat to find out that all 3 ended up working in the space program and you see the actual photos of the people in the end credits. 

Which student movies come into your mind?

Wednesday, September 6, 2023

September in Song


September already...WTF? OK, so I thought pretty flowers would do since it's over 30C today and for most of the week. I am part of the Monday Music Moves Me  ( over at Comedy-Plus)which is to showcase songs with September in the title. By the way, Cathy over at Curious as A Cathy just lost her dad so any well wishing for her and her family would be appreciated.


This is a really nice song that was written by Harry Warren and Al Dubin back in 1937. I really like Julie's singing style.


I had no idea Walter Huston was in a musical and specifically asked for a song he could “sing” so he got this ditty written by Kurt Weill(music) and Maxwell Anderson ( lyrics). It's for the musical   "Knickerbocker Holiday" and, I think, he does it well. By the way, he is the grandfather of Angelica Huston and the father of John Huston, a very famous director.


I love Roy and this was the first song that popped into my head so when I went in search of singers, other than Jerry Orbach (who is excellent btw), I found this gem, so hope you enjoy.

What September songs can you think of?

Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Star of The Month-Yvonne DeCarlo


BIRTH: September 1, 1922

DEATH: January 8, 2007

AGED: 84 yrs

DIED FROM: Heart Failure 

REAL NAME: Margaret Yvonne Middleton 


MARRIED: Once to stuntman, Bob Morgan

CHILDREN: 2 sons and 1 step-daughter

AFFAIRS: gets ready…Billy Wilder, Howard Hughes, Robert Stack, Burt Lancaster, Prince Abdul Reza Pahlavi, Howard Duff, Jock Mahoney, Cornel Lucas, Robert Urquhart. She was engaged to Jock, Howard, Cornel and Robert.

TALENT: Singer, dancer and could ply numerous instruments like the harp.

KNOWN FOR: was coined by  producer Walter Wanger, the Most Beautiful girl in the world which started her career in Hollywood. TV Icon, Lily Munster from the TV Show, “The MUnsters”.

This Canadian girl wanted to become famous and so did her mother who made sure she took singing and dancing lessons. They headed off to Hollywood with Yvonne’s new name. Along with Maria Montez,  Maureen O’Hara, and Rhonda Fleming , was known as the queen of technicolor. She had numerous affairs  and became engaged to a few of them but they either got cold feet, had other gals on the side or were alcoholics. She married and it was good until he suffered a bad accident on the set of “ How The West Was Won” and had to have his leg amputated. Due to a clause in the studio contract, they didn’t have to pay for his treatment so it fell on Yvonne to try to work. They were in a bad way financially when John Wayne heard about her financial problem so she hired her on as a co-star for his film, “McLintock” which really helped her out. A year later she was cast as Lily Munster in the fun family tv sitcom called , “The Munsters”. This really saved her bacon and she played this character in later tv films. She had 2 huge fans in Eva Peron and Sophia Loren who said she saw all her films.  Sadly, her son, Michael, died in 1997 from a brain hemorrhage and she was, obviously, devastated. Her mom died that same year and Yvonne suffered a small stroke, brought on by the sadness she endured the previous year. In the last few years of her life she was in the Motion Picture Home for actors and actresses where she passed away. No matter what, she lived quite the life!


1. Salome, Where She Dances-1945

2. Song of Scherazade-1947

3. Brute Force-1947

4. Criss Cross-1949

5. Scarlet Angel-1952

6. Fort Algiers-1953

7. Happy Ever After-1954

8. The Ten Commandments-1956

9. McLintock-1963

10. Munsters, Go Home!

Sunday, September 3, 2023

The Scrapbook of 2 Years!


My mom had a true artistic talent and that was created Faberge-inspired eggs-real chicken, goose, emu, rhea, ostrich, quail and even little finch eggs. I decided to gather all her photos of her eggs and create a scrapbook in honour of her egg making masterpieces. She actually made a living selling them and became known as the egg lady. 

In the beginning, she used a razor blade to cut the eggs but, later, she got a dremel tool to cut the eggs. She’d use water and glue to strengthen the egg plus the paint, fabric, braids etc also help strengthen the eggs. Once, after curing a swirling pattern out of a goose egg, she placed the egg down only for it to fall on the floor and break in pieces. Instead of throwing it out, she pieced and glued it together! 

Most of the pieces inside the egg were all handmade by her and she would do her best to do it to scale because she hated seeing eggs in books with way too large a figurine put into the egg. She made many special eggs that people wanted like the retirement egg for a lady leaving her job from Shoppers Drug Mart with all the interior hand made including the tiny receipt coming out of the cash register. She also made the tiny lady in front of a sewing machine …all hand done including the lady’s outfit, yup my mom knew how to knit and crochet although that was not her favourite thing to do. 

She would buy Swarovski crystals, toppers, holders and braids but she would use things she found to make a base or create an effect like the flower and gem of the month with the quail egg hung on a grape twig and the base, a wood chip. The animals and people were often made out of bread dough and could be so very tiny like the flowers and leaves in that quail egg. Ok, I wrote enough, so here are some pics my brother took of the album I gave to him.

These are eggs she created  in the early days with bases consisting of a rock, old brooches, pieces found in hardware stores and the wood pieces. The goose egg on the upper right hand side with red silk inside the doors was cut using a razor blade, painted black and gold flowers ( using 2 bristles on a paint brush) with the interior in red silk and the Indian dancer hand carved out of balsa wood.

The top right egg is a goose egg with a birthday card used for the outside flowers which she raised up for a 3D effect. The interior is all handmade and the gold outlining the openings is an actual tiny gold thread, not paint. The base is a wood knot. The bottom right egg s a vase with the flowers all hand created out of bread dough and the base? It’s an oil of Olay bottle.

Yes, she placed tiny thread through the sewing machine so it looked authentic.

She has created many more and I could go on and on but here is a snippet. I had 102 pages and my poor brother couldn’t really close the album so he plans to buy another and have a part one and part 2. I thought this would take me a couple of months, not 2 years! Honestly, I think it meant more than I realized when I undertook this challenge but I’m glad I got it done. 

Have a great Labour Day

Friday, September 1, 2023

What I Watched-A Double Header!


I missed writing about July so it will be a double hitter or is that header? Oh well, on with the show…



Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and The Flash join forces to deal with a very bad guy who wants to rule the world. No, not Putin but an ugly creep nonetheless who has been able to find all the stones (what is with magic stones?) to gain control. They realize they need to bring Superman back to life to help them out although he is not a happy camper. Enjoyable, campy and funny.


Gal Gadot shines as Diana who saves a drowning WW1 pilot, finding him hubba hubba and decides to leave with him into the unsettled world. She becomes part of the crew and saves the day from nasty God Ares. Love the music.

3.  SUPERMAN-2013

Henry Cavill makes a good Superman and I wish he would be the next James Bond.  We know the story of Superman so we see how he comes to Earth and how he must defend it against these nasty fellow  guys from his planet. He gets help from his dead dad, played by Russell Crowe and Lois Lane, play by Amy Adams. It’s another fun one but my heart belongs to Christopher Reeve.


Finally saw this about the week when Lucille Ball was being called a Commie during the McCarthy Witch Hunts of the 50s. Javier Bardem plays Ricky Ricardo and he does a good job. JK Simmons and Nina Arianda are good as William Frawley and Vivien Vance but the klunker is Nicole Kidman as Lucille Ball. She plays Ball as a bit of a viper without much tenderness or comedic timing. If the real Lucille was like how Kidman portrayed her, we would never have that great show.


Gerard Butler plays a CIA operative trying to get out of Afghanistan along with his interpretor. They encounter many enemy forces as they try to get to their rendezvous point. This is really well done and on the edge of your seat especially since it’s based on a true story. It didn’t do well at the box office but that means nothing especially since Barbie made mega billions. Ughhh.

I can’t recall what I watched in July that was new. I’ve watched Frazier, the news, animal shows but nothing new…new.



Lana Turner is an American war correspondent( just go with it) who is having a steamy affair with a young, virile Sean Connery not knowing he is married. Before you can say, “Bond…James Bond” he dies and she decides to visit his home town and accidentally meets up with his wife played by the ever wonderful Glynis Johns ( she turns 100 this October) and grows fond of her and her kid. Melodrama, typical of a Turner film. The best happened off camera when her soon to be dead mobster boyfriend( at the hands of her 14 yr old daughter who was protecting her mom) went into a jealous rage and tried to bully Connery. This was met by a swift fist from Connery to that lout’s face knocking him to the floor making him scampering away. 


I love John Candy and miss him to this day. I will watch any of his movies even the ones that are not the best. This film is not a great one but it’s fun. He plays a writer of a soap opera who has the hots for the leading lady played by Emma Samms ( on my soap, General Hospital). She doesn’t care two hoots about him but he doesn’t care. In enters Mariel Hemingway who is trying to get on the soap and the scene stealing David Rasche as the male star having an affair with Ms. Samms. Candy suffers a bump on the head and wakes up in the soap he created. It goes from there and I laughed out loud…fun.


We watched this a while back but we watched it again and it is so sad but such a good film based on the Kursk. The Russian nuclear sub that suffered an explosion killing most of the men but for 23 men who huddle together hoping to be saved. It was all over the news and we were all hoping that Putin and the Generals would move their asses and accept the help from, well, everyone, but they didn’t. It’s heartbreaking but a must see.


Another comedy gem with good friends Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon reprising their roles as 2 curmudgeons who argue like no one can. Lemmon is married now to Ann-Margrock, Lemmon’s daughter and Matthau’s son are engaged when in enters Sophia Loren with her mom. They bought the bait shop and plan to make into an Italian restaurant. The scene stealer is Burgess Meredith as Lemmon’s dad who has no reason to behave. His outtakes are so funny!


YES!! We actually  made it to the cinemas and watched this action movie where Cruise can still run like he was 30. He still has done all his own stunts which are crazy. I’m not saying much about the film but it is good and you don’t realize 3 hours have gone by. 



The same formula where each person must create something amazing 3 different times. A regular challenge, a blind challenge and the show stopper. I’m always surprised at what they create

2. I LOVE LUCY-1951-1957

Yeah, I talked about this before but I love it. The classic series that, if you don’t know about it, you’ve been living under a rock.


This series showcases some of the best aircraft that saw combat from the early days to now. It’s quite interesting to watch with some great information about harrowing occurrences that men and women have faced.

What have you watched?