Thursday, April 25, 2024



So, a couple of weeks ago, we had that total eclipse in my neck of the woods and I was worried how crazy the roads would be travelling to Niagara Falls. I need not have worried because the streets were almost vacant of traffic. Tons came to the Falls only to be disappointed because we had cloud cover, although a bit of a break came where people could see a bit of the eclipse. I was talking to a client, via Zoom, when this was happening but we both kept glancing out our perspective windows noticing it getting jet black for  a minute before it became daylight once again. Funny, the sun peaked out 10 minutes later becoming a clear sky for the remainder of the day…hahahaaaa. Now, it seems many people are having eye issues because these morons decided to look into the eclipse despite repeated warnings not to do this…sigh. This made me think of movies that had a solar eclipse in the movie so I went with that.


I haven’t seen this film version in decades and I want to see it again because I remember laughing at the antics of Will Rogers. In this version, Rogers plays a radio man sent to a mansion to fix a radio, from what I remember, a suit of armour falls on top of him and he wakes up during the reign of King Arthur. He is ready to be killed for being a witch but his rodeo rope antics and matches make people stop from killing him. I seem to remember he “foresaw” the eclipse which made more people believe him to be better than Merlin. Merlin and Morgan Le Fay are the evil doers and Will Rogers must outwit them. I enjoyed this movie and fell for Will Rogers who was a major star back then and very much endeared to the public so, when he died in a plane crash in 1935, the world was devastated.


This version, which I also saw decades ago, is a musical starring Bing Crosby, this time as a singing mechanic who bumps his head and winds up in King Arthur’s court. There he meets and falls in love with Rhonda Fleming while avoiding being killed when he predicts the solar eclipse. This is a musical remake of the Mark Twain classic and one that I also enjoyed. 


I love this fairy tale with a young Matthew Broderick as a thief who falls into the sad tale of love when he meets Rutger Hauer with his hawk. At night, the boy meets up with a beautiful woman, played by Michelle Pfeiffer, with a wolf. They venture to an old castle where they meet up with a friar who tells the young thief that these 2 people are in love but a spell was cast on them so they could never be together because , when day comes, she turns into the hawk and , when night comes, as she transforms back into h7man form, Rutger turns into the wolf. The only way to break this curse involves a solar eclipse. I got a major crush on Rutger Hauer when I saw this film and just loved the Grimm fairy tale feel of this movie.

What movies can you think of that show a solar eclipse? Did you watch the eclipse, with protective glasses, of course?

Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Singers/Songwriters Born in April


 This could be a big one with a number of musicians born in April including countless singers…where to start!? Curious As A Cathy has a good theme this week. So, I hope you like my picks…


I love this song from a great movie that was a who’s who of great stars. Elmer Bernstein is most famous for this theme and  The Magnificent Seven but he did so much more including True Grit ( I almost chose this theme), Animal House and Ghostbusters.


The Baby Elephant Walk is the most famous from this score but I enjoy all of it. I am sad about the animals that are 5ake n for zoos but that’s how it was back in the day. It’s a fun film and I do love the baby elephants.


This man is still known as the little tramp and one of the funniest during the silent era and beyond. He could  act, write, direct and compose songs with this song being one of his most famous. Lyrics were added later but not by Chaplin so I decided to just keep the music on this one.

I have to do a couple more


Agnetha Faltskog( the blonde one) was born on April 5, 1950  and her one time husband, Bjorn Ulvaeus, another part of the famous group, ABBA, helped create this song which Agnetha sang brilliantly. 


It’s late so I’m too tired to search for the original year this song was created so I chose when this great musician performed it on the Ed Sullivan show. The first time I saw Ravi Shankar, born on April 7, 1920, was on the documentary on Woodstock( the best documentary) and I was enthralled. I found out, later, that the Beatles became interested in his music especially George Harrison. He is a great musician with this lovely instrument called the sitar.

OK, I’m done, so what singer/songwriter can you think of? 

Monday, April 22, 2024

A Couple of Cards and some Quail Eggs


Addicted to Stamps- Make Your Mark

Fab N' Funky- Add a Sentiment

Tic, Tac, Toe-used Stencil, Green, Foliage 

Dream Valley- Make It Female

Simon Says- Stencil It

This card was made for a wedding that I, unfortunately, could not attend. It took place in Halifax so I just couldn't swing it. She is my ex's niece who still considers me her Aunt and I think of her as my niece. Her wedding was medieval so I stamped my image in black and coloured it in greens, her favourite colour and part of her wedding colours. I took a stencil, placed it on green cardstock and used distress sprays to cover the card in a Foliage type Stencil. I coloured the image in tombow markers and added Swarovski crystal chain and crystals and, finally, the sentiment, to finish the card.

Christmas Card Throwdown- Vintage

I stamped the Santa and coloured him in with my tombow markers adding glitter to his fur. I had a remnant from my other card which I distressed with more green and brown distress inks. I had a parchment laying around for eons so I stamped the writing in apricot brown and took green card stock and stenciled the border in with this glitter gold paste. I glued it all in place added the ribbon and the crystals to finish off the card.

Now, my mom made a l8ving by selling her Faberge style eggs and I saw John, from The Sound of One Hand Typing, speaking about Quail. My mom l9ved the look of the quail egg and the smaller the better. She would create the flower and birthstone for each month inside the egg..all is handmade. She made little baskets and even little jewel boxes with a surprise inside, one is a blue Jay and the other a rose. Cool, eh? Oh and that goblet is from a pudgeon egg I believe.

Thursday, April 18, 2024

Thursday Film Picks: Tax Evasion


I got this idea from John Holton over at The Sound of One Hand Typing ( a great blog, you should check it out) who created a music post on musicians who owed/owe big on income tax and, I thought, there are many film actors who also ran into tax trouble so I am picking 3 films with stars who ran into tax trouble. Here are my 3…


This film stars Cary Grant as a widower with 3 precocious kids who run into the beautiful Sophia Loren who is running away from her very wealthy dad. They believe she needs a job and the kids want her as their new nanny and she is happy to oblige if that takes her away from being a contessa. It’s quite a fun film with Cary Grant and Sophia Loren having real chemistry. They should since Cary fell madly in love with Sophia and asked her to marry him but she opted for short, fat, bald Carlo Ponti, an Italian film producer…go figure but, it seemed to be a happy union. Sophia Loren went to jail in 1982 for a whole 17 days for fudging her taxes which she stated she was innocent. Many years later, the government stated she was right and apologized for the boo boo.

2. OCEAN’S 11-1960

This film stars the infamous Rat Pack- Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jnr, Peter Lawford and Joey Bishop as friends who decide to pull the biggest heist in Las Vegas history. You see how they all connive to steal millions from the 5 top casinos. Sammy Davis drives the van from casino to casino. Sammy Davis was someone who could act, sing, dance, you name it and had fun with his cohorts in the Vegas strip when he wasn’t allowed to stay in the hotels due to his colour. Frank Sinatra told the casino that if they want him and the others around Sammy must stay at the hotel and be able to walk through the front door and , they capitulated. Sammy also made the sin of marrying a white woman( May Britt) and received death threats. Poor Sammy was always running out of money and, when he died, in 1990( died of throat cancer, he was a 4 pack a day smoker),  he owed a ton to the IRS. Sadly, because his widow signed on his income tax forms, they came after her for the money.


I would love to see this film again. It stars Patrick Swayze, Wesley Snipes and John Leguizamo as drag queens driving to LA for. Drag Queen competition but run into a nasty cop and then their car goes on the blink leaving them in this small town with people wondering what the hell they are. You know that they and the townsfolk will become richer for knowing each other but it’s how they all work together. I love the cameo of Robin Williams at the beginning of the film and love that Julie Newmar( Catwoman in the Batman tv show) also made an appearance near the end of the film. I also love seeing tough guy and Blade star Wesley Snipes dressed as a woman, not a good looking one, but a woman nonetheless. Wesley Snipes went to jail for 3 years for tax evasion and, I believe, still has issues with the tax man. 

Who can you think of who ran afoul of the Tax man?

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Who Won The Oscar-1977


This was the year of Star Wars, which I did see in the theatre but was, sorry, not enthralled by it. I thought it was fun but that was it.  What did I know?! It did win best score but this is about best song. It's freebie week  at Monday Music Moves Me  over at Curious as A Cathy and it's Oscar time for the year 1977. So let's see if you can figure out who won the Oscar, who was nominated and who came up empty-handed.


I love this song, from the Bond film, "The Spy Who Loved Me", sung so well by Carly Simon. It was written by Marvin Hamlisch with lyrics by Carole Bayer and was a great Bond song.


This earworm came from the movie of the same name and made famous by Pat Boone's daughter. It was written by Joseph Brooks and was played to death. I still can't stand this song.


This very famous song is always associated with Frank Sinatra but it actually comes from the film, of the same name, starring Liza and Robert DeNiro. It was directed by Martin Scorsese and its a film I still want to see. This famous song was written by John Kander and Fred Ebb specifically for Liza Minnelli..did you know that?

So which song won, which was nominated and which got nadda? 

Thursday, April 11, 2024

Thursday Film Picks: Best Actress Choice


I am picking a year and a category and choosing the actual winner, the nominee and one that got neither and will choose the one I think should have won. I am just going with 3 even though the norm is, usually, 5. I have chosen 1954 and the best actress category which showered a new lady with the Oscar and treated a veteran pretty crappy. Grace Kelly won the Oscar appearing in a beautiful icy aqua gown designed by the famous Edith Head. Judy Garland had just given birth to her son and was surrounded by all the reporters and cameramen because they believed Judy would win the Oscar but when she didn’t, they unceremoniously, packed everything up and left. Needless to say, Judy felt like a bag of meat. 


This is my favourite version of this oft filmed plot about a talented woman, found by an established star, who helps her become famous despite his career waning partly because of his alcohol problem. You see the 2 fall in love despite his career going down the toilet while she becomes famous. Knowing that Judy suffered from years of drug and alcohol abuse and was fired by MGM after giving years of her talent to them makes this scene even more poignant. James Mason plays the down trodden film star who falls for Judy but it is Judy’s film and she truly deserved the Oscar, in my humble opinion.


Beautiful, elegant Grace Kelly wears a basic sweater and little makeup and winds up winning the Oscar for the role of the long suffering wife of an over the hill actor/singer and alcoholic Bing Crosby. The years of trying to keep up her husband’s mood took its toll and she is a shell of her former self. William Holden sees her as the beauty and wishes she would drop kick her husband out the door. It is well acted especially by Bing Crosby but, even though Grace did a good job, I didn’t think she deserved the Oscar. I do need to see this film again. Off camera, Grace was having an affair with Bing and William…not at the same time but one after the other, she was quite the gal.


Ava Gardener gave her all in this film which almost seemed to be a bit of her autobiography of this stunningly beautiful actress. It’s not really her biography but it does seem to recognize Ava’s freedom loving ways. Humphrey Bogart plays a director who finds Ava and proceeds to make her a star. Men fall in love with her but she doesn’t care much about their desires only her wish to feel free and dance to her own tune. It is very well acted and Ava deserved an Oscar nomination but she wasn’t recognized which is a shame because she did a great job as this earthy woman who beats to her own drummer.

Have you seen any of these pictures? Anyone else you thought should have won or, at least, be nominated?

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Novelty Songs


My sweet Harley loves to rest his head on my knee when he tries to gain sympathy....usually works. On the Monday Music Moves Me, it's all about Novelty songs and I chose these 3 and hope you like them.


This song became famous by the great Helen Kane, becoming her signature tune, back in 1928. It was made more famous when Marilyn Monroe sang it and it even showed up.on Gilligan’s Island when Ginger sang it( and Mary-Ann thinking she was Ginger). It was written by Herbert Stothart and Harry Ruby with lyrics by Bert Kalmar and this rendition, by Debbie Reynolds, leaves me in stitches every time. The young man is played by Carlton Carpenter and it is from the film, " Three Little Words."


My brother has a 45 of the Bertha Butt song and I remember his record differently from these 2 but these still work and they are from the same guy. I just always found it funny and still sing it in my head. It did become a bit of a hit.


This was written by Bob Merrill and became famous by Patti Page. My dad loved this song and he was a dog lover. He would have loved Harley and so, for my dad and Harley, this song is for them. 

One more for the road…


I just had to include this one which is so funny. I showcased this before but had to include it. 

What novelty song comes into your mind?

Monday, April 8, 2024

What I Watched In March


I watched a slew of movies trying to see as many Best Picture Oscar nominees as I could. I do watch TV Shows but I have spoken about them mostly so I don’t have many here. Ok, on with the show…


Story of troop ships and how they were protected by small boats. Made me think of my dad and dad in law who were part of the mass of soldiers being sent over during WW2. Excelllent film!


A professor must take care of kids who are not going home over Christmas. A grieving mom is the main cook for these misfit toys. Well done and really great cinematography that makes me think Jack Nicholson will appear on screen.


Intelligent comedy about a novelist who decides to write trash on how white people think black people are…very funny and my favourite. Brilliant script.

4. 1917-2019

Excellent film during WW1  about 2 young men who must bring a message to another unit before that unit decide to do battle and lose. Tense, sad, energetic and tiring make for a great movie.


A man dies, seemingly fell from 2nd story window, or was he pushed? The trial begins on his famous, novelist widow charged with his murder. Her son may hold the key. Love the dog who deserved an Oscar but found the film slow in spots. Could have been edited down a bit.


Emma Stone deserved the Oscar for how well she carried this film. That being said, I didn’t expect this to be soft porn! Holy full frontal and thunder thumping! Willem Dafoe deserved an Oscar Nom. Art Direction is excellent.


A documentary Short that puts a smile on your face. I saw in on YouTube and it’s only 35 minutes long so worth seeing. People fix instruments for a school.


It has nothing, thankfully, about killing a tiger but about a man who stands up against his some town and tribal leader to defend his 13 year old daughter who was gang raped after attending a wedding. Most of the people feel it’s her fault and she should marry one of the rapists…are you F$&# kidding me!? Huge cultural rift between how we view this and the average person. The dad deserves a medal.

9. BRIAN’S SONG-1970

This was a TV movie that I haven’t seen since I was a kid. It’s about 2 men, in football who become great friends despite the colour difference and are there for each other especially when one becomes very sick. A true bromance and well acted by James Caan and Billie Dee Williams.


A classic musical starring Fred Astaire and Judy Garland with Ann Miller about Astaire who loses his star partner and love interest and picks up a gal to make her a star but tries to mold her into his former star with disastrous results…until he sees her real talent. Superb!


Moses, Moses, you incredible fool you! Moses, played by granite Charlton Heston loves/lusts after Ann Baxter and so does her brother, Yul Brynner. Instead of realizing he could have helped his people by giving them a wage, a free day and medical coverage, he says he’s. Hebrew, is cast out, meet Lily Munster( Yvonne DeCarlo), meets the burning bush( not DeCarlo or Baxter but God), his hair turns white and he goes to free the people. Are they happy about it? For about 10 seconds before Edward G Robinson tells them Moses is leading them astray ( after everything he has done for them) and they decide to have a Cecil B DeMille Orgy and gyrate around a golden calf. You bad people you. A fun time to watch every year.



This is scary, devastating and all too real. A must see documentary about the evacuation in Kabul and how so many people suffered and tried to escape.


I love this show. You have 2 people who are asked to investigate an art piece to see if it is genuine or just a nice piece of art. It’s tense and makes you hope that the art piece is real. It gives you an inside look into the art world and how frustrating it can be.


I'm not sure this is the right video but it still shows this famous reporter and the PTSD he had to deal with. The show I watched is abe out him and other vets who have severe PTSD and how being in this rugged environment helped them cope and even find the ability to sleep. 

The eclipse is got very, very dark for a couple of minutes and then back to norm. I eas working so I just looked out my window.

What did you see in March? Did you see the Eclipse? Did ya care? Lol

Thursday, April 4, 2024

Thursday Film Picks- A Grab Bag


There is a theme here, believe it or not, let's see if you can guess. Here are my 3 film picks...


I have a soft spot for this movie that stars Clark Gable, Jeanette MacDonald and Spencer Tracy in the epic music-filled extravaganza. It should have won the award for best special effects but it wasn't invented yet! Newsreel and documentaries will still use footage from this film for the famous 1906 earthquake that hit that city. The plot concerns a man's man huckster who owns a club who hires a singer  not knowing how talented she really is. Along for the ride is his childhood friend, Tracy, playing a priest for the first time. Gable gets up in arms when his gal goes off to be a big opera star and does not want to see how talented she is nor does he wish to see that prayer( eyeroll) will get you ahead until the big quake! It thumps the religious stuff a bit but I can get by that even when Jeanette sings " Nearer My God To Thee." ( I do love that song). The acting is quite good( love the old lady on Nob Hill) and the special effects are superb. Funny to know that Tracy and MacDonald disliked each other to the point where Gable made sure to eat lots of garlic before a kissing scene causing Jeanette to almost faint. 


I always found this film enchanting if totally farcical to Anderson's real life. Danny Kaye plays Hans who sees his fairy tales from the city, people, animals to the kids he meets every day.  The climax of the film is the ballet of the Little Mermaid which is done through the dream Kaye has. You can see how much Kaye loved children when watching this film as he was the head of Unicef for years. To be honest, I hope Anderson was more like this character but I doubt it. Why? Have you ever read the little Mermaid? The Little Matchgirl? They die! The little Christmas Tree gets thrown into the fire and the tin soldier gets melted down. He had some serious issues!


I will always state this is the best Titanic film bar none! Much better than the Love Boat sinking. Don't get me wrong, the ‘97 flick is well acted, and the special effects are outstanding as well as the music, but take away the effects, what do you have? An improbable plot( no one would ever..ever have that young kid dine at their table) where the kids would have frozen into lovesicles long time before for all the times they were in the water...really insipid. This film is based on the book of the same name which was written with many of the actual survivors still alive. This was filmed with all the real characters and shows a step by step series of errors that make this film tense and frustrating. You know the outcome, but you wish something else would have happened so these people would not have died. I love all the scenes from the Strauss's to the young woman who must have her lucky ceramic pig with her leaving all her jewelry behind.  It shows the baker who, drunk, stayed in the water for an hour but didn't suffer much at all! It's a mystery how this man survived.

So can you guess my theme?

Wednesday, April 3, 2024

April Showers and Flowers and Travel


My sweet, beautiful Jade went to the rainbow bridge last Thursday. I was with her when she passed away just before I returned to work after being off work, sick, for 3 days. I knew my sweet tuna loving girl was winding was a tough day and I miss her. She would have been 16 on May 11th and is missed by my hubby and I and our Kaspar and our dog, Harley.

On a nicer note, I decided to post songs about April, a turning point toward springtime and we need a bit of spring.


This is a great song and one that always makes me want to travel. I always liked this version sung by Dinah even though the famous version is by Ella Fitzgerald and Count Basie. This was written way back in 1932 by Vernon Duke with lyrics by Yip Harburg.


This is a nice song that, apparently, was written by Dino himself. …I think anyway. Please correct me if I am wrong. It is different from the song, “It’s April Again”. I need to listen to both of them when I get a chance to. I just wanted Dean Martin on my list this week.


This song was originally sung by that bombastic narcissist, Al Jolson, back in 1921 and became a big hit. It was written by Louis Silvers with lyrics by B. G. De Silva but many famous people have done renditions of this song. I decided on good ole Eydie, the one half of Steve Lawrence who were a famous married couple and singing couple. I think she was the better singer to be honest.

It’s supposed to rain and maybe, snow, this whole week. April is always pretty wet…

What April songs can you think of.

Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Star Of The Month-Bette Davis



BIRTH: April 5, 1908

DEATH: October 6, 1989

AGED: 81 yrs

DIED FROM: Breast Cancer

REAL NAME: Ruth Elizabeth Davis

MARRIED: 4 times-Harmon Nelson, Arthur Farnsworth(his death), William Sherry, Gary Merrill

AFFAIRS: Anatole Litvak, William Wyler, George Brent, Howard Hughes( he was a slut), Claude Rains, Gig Young, Vincent Sherman

CHILDREN: 1 child by birth, Barbara Sherry,2 adopted, Margo( who was brain damaged) and Michael. Had 4 abortions- 2 with her 1st husband, I with Hughes and 1 with Wyler…where were their “gloves” ‘cos they were just as guilty.

DISPUTES: Miriam Hopkins (loathed this woman whom she thought was very untalented), Celeste Holm, Susan Hayward, Faye Dunaway( she probably deserved Bette’s wrath), Robert Montgomery, Errol Flynn, and, of course, Joan Crawford( didn’t like her but respected her acting ability) 

FAMOUS FRIENDS: Mary Astor ( got Mary to be her co-star after Mary went through a horrible, newspaper-filled divorce), Olivia De Havilland, George Brent, James Cagney

OSCAR WINS: Dangerous-1935, Jezebel-1938

OSCAR NOMINATIONS: Of Human Bondage-1934( the first and only write in Oscar vote), Dark Victory-1939, The Letter-1940, The Little Foxes-1941, Now, Voyager-1942, Mr. Skeffington-1944, All About Eve-1950, The Star-1952, Whatever Happened To Baby Jane-1962

TALENT: being prickly, forthright, challenging, perfectionist 

KNOWN FOR: being the youngest, nominated numerous times for the Oscar. Co-founding the Hollywood Canteen to help the servicemen during the war. These men were served food and waited on by the big stars plus they could dance with many of the actresses. She was awarded the Distinguished Civilian Service Medal by the Defense Dept., the highest Civilian award. Being the first woman to be head of the screen actors guild.

This hellfire, in a small frame, 100 cigarette per day smoker, came to Hollywood without any fanfare, in fact, she looked so unHollywood  that the assistant, who had come to pick her up, stated no one looking famous was there. She proved them otherwise by her fierce ambition and determination plus her famous eyes. The esteemed actor, George Arliss, saw something in this young girl and took her under his wing and became her mentor having her costar in one of his premier films. There was no looking back and, with her precious mom beside her, she fought hard to get ahead winning the role of Mildred in “Of Human Bondage” a role many women didn’t want because it was an unflattering portrayal of guttersnipe waitress who abuses a man who falls hopelessly in love with her. She made sure her makeup was how it should by applying the makeup on herself. This was a trait she did more often than not, from this role to “Whatever Happened To Baby Jane”. In fact, when she was not nominated for her role, there was a write in vote, the first and only time, for her Oscar but, she did not win. When she won the following year, for “Dangerous” she stated this was compensation for not winning the year before.

After winning an Oscar, Warner Bros. sent her a film to do that she thought was schlock so she put her foot down in which they abruptly suspended her adding that time to her 7 yr contract. She fought this system but lost. When she did return, she started getting much better roles and her best work lay before her. 

Bette battled with directors and stars but could be very helpful to others she thought were less fortunate. She had a slew of affairs and, due to her haughty manner, lost the love of her life, director William Wyler who gave her an ultimatum. She did not show and that was that. She regretted her decision for the rest of her life. Unfortunately, she did have more than one abortion, I don't know if they had the same prevention as now but her career came first until she had Barbara. She loved this little girl and wanted to stay home more but, she didn't and, later on, this brat married and berated her mom every chance she could hurting Bette deeply. She knew she may not have been the best mom but she didn't deserve that horrible treatment. The 2 children Bette and Gary Merrill adopted were loved and the son refused to have anything to do with B.D. Hyman( Barbara) after she wrote a scathing book about her mom. Margo, the adopted girl was found to be brain damaged so Bette provided the best of care for her.

Bette could have a great sense of humor when she was in the mood and she admired some actors like Henry Fonda, her favourite leading man and James Stewart who knew how to soften her edges. She had no problem making herself look ugly like in Baby Jane and she didn't see the need for plastic surgery. Later in life, she was beset by ill health having had a mastectomy and 4 consequetive strokes but she carried on with the help of her assistant Kathryn Sermak, who truly was there to help her. Bette found Kathryn to be more of a daughter than her own. 

I find this lady difficult and one I probably would not want to know, but I have to admire her tenacity.


1. Petrified Forest-1936

2. Juarez-1939

3. The Old Maid-1939

4. Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex-1939

5. All This and Heaven Too-1940

6. The Great Lie-1941

7. The Man Who Came To Dinner-1942

8. Old Acquaintance-1943

9. Watch on The Rhine-1943

10. Pocketful of Miracles-1961

11. Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte-1964

12. Death On The Nile-1978

13. Strangers: The Story f a Mother and Daughter-1979- TV Movie, won an Emmy

14. Right Of Way-1983-TV movie

15. The Whales Of August-1987