Sunday, June 27, 2010

June so Bright

Well I did the challenge for 365 cards, Christmas cards all year round and Christmas stampin all year round. Please forgive me if I forgot the correct blog way it is written:) 365 cards has a design challenge so i incorporated it in to the 5 cards to make for Christmas all year round and Stamping Christams. Stampin Christams stated to have stitching on the card and, thankfully, it could be faux, since I suck at anything regardign stitching. For the Christmas cards all Year round, June Challenge was to make it bright and, I think, your favourite embellishment (forgive me as I haven't checked in on my mom for a while and I am writing this quickly:))Well I LOVE crystals so I used them on all my cards. I just bought some nifty paper with glitter already on it in all bright colours so I used it on the Merry Christmas card. My glittery card is the snowflake and I used the fine glitter in white, yellow, light blue and light green...yup it is everywhere. My Santa, which I love is a hark back to Christams stampin 2 weeks ago to make a card look vintage so I used that as inspiration as I have been having a difficult time as of late to make cards. Well I hope I met the guidelines, Oh and quickly, the one Santa, I did not colour him in at all and if I did I would make it soft. Would you leave himas he is or colour him in slightly??? Responses please to my question. I am a gemini at heart so I go back and forth:)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

For baby Nathan

Well rarely I make a baby card but my 2nd cousin had a baby boy-Nathan, born June 11th-a Gemini(he will be a schizo like me) and so here is the card for him. I kept it blue and I stamped with blue dye ink the hands and feet, the stork, star and little bear on a moon. I used basic white cardstock and grey metalic as well. I coloured in the bear and outlined the bear with my tombow markers and used stickles. Since I can not sew anything I did the outline with a tombow marker and even that looks crooked. I am a terrible sewer...I once tried to sew the hem back in place on my skirt, 2 hrs later I was so happy that I stuck with and when i looked at the skirt it was all bunched up in places plus I sewed to my pants! It was just following the previous hem line where the stitching came undone! Ahh one of many priceless sewing disasters. Anyway this is my creation for Crafty Creations. I have been a bit pre-occupied with my mom who has vascular dementia so this has taken a bit of time but love means to be there in good and bad times and she has always been there for me. Now comes some bad times but this is part of life. I better stop before I go on in a droll....:)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Christmas for May-A Little Late

Well I am late with May's challenge for Christmas Cards All Year Round! I had to face some challenges of my own-I had 7 birthdays in 3 weeks and they are all close so that was difficult to get through. I also found out that my mom has vascular dementia. It has been an ordeal and her mood swings and fears have saddened me and I am quite tired. I have been told it is rapid. I am now giving her her meds. I have an unknown territory to deal with. She was an amazing lady-she lived through the bombings of Hamburg and Dresden, she survived being taken by the Russians, she escaped from them and from East Germany and actually suffered a major head injury and was in the hospital for 9 months having to relearn how to walk and talk! This happened all before she was 28! She was the great love of my father's and vice-versa. With all these memories going through my head it has been diificult to just sit and do some cards. I dont mind the first 3 but the last 2 I, think, are yucky. I am not a button girl but I tried my best. So not much on talking about the cards but, this time, my heart was not totally in it.