Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year....2016....Remembrances

I am just so amazed how fast 2016  has gone by. I have had not so great things happen, which you have heard me whine about, but I have had fun times also which I am happy to say I shared with family, friends and my hubby.

The New Year will bring highs and lows as per norm in our own lives and on a global scale. There will be shocks but also the mundane and we can get through all this from watching funny YouTube animal videos. There will also be people we know well from the media who will pass away and I hope it will not be as many as this past year. I am honouring 10 people that I like and could have gone further but I chose the ten below with a film clip that you watch...or not ( although I hope you do) to represent their work. I chose more the move/tv people than some of the great musicians or sports people because I know this area best. I no diddly squat about sports and surprise myself that I know how baseball works.  We have lost some that I won't talk about but mention like Garry Shandling, Michele Morgan, Ken Howard, Gary Marshall, William Schallert, Bernard Fox, Gloria DeHaven and so on.

In memory of some greats, I pay my humble respect...


He is known first as an amazing singer, entertainer but he was so much more..a true advent-Garde artist who kept pushing the boundaries. His final work is true art and I loved watching his videos where one was done in his hospital room. He was also quite good in films and we all remember him whether he was the man in Labyrinth or the androgynous figure from his Ziggy Stardust days. We will never see his style again. I didn't place it here but I would go and check out Lazarus (the video).


I fell in lust, hubba-hubba, love with this man when I first saw him in the film, Truly, Madly, Deeply. We all know his as Professor Snape from the Harry Potter series but he already did so much in film and theatre that this was just another huge notch on his resume. He first gained recognition in North America when he played the nut terrorist in Die Hard and then the nasty Sheriff of Nottingham in the dreck flick Robin Hood(starring Kevin Costner). He could play so many characters from these nasties to the romantic( Sense and Sensibility) to comedy (Galaxy Quest). He is someone We will all miss, from his great acting to that wonderful voice.


This man often played mean brutes early on in his career but he gain prominence and an Oscar playing a convict in Cool Hand Luke. He would play cops as well  and  other characters who held some position to make changes. He starred in all the Airport films( there were 4 and not to be confused with Airplane) and as the sidekick to Frank Drebin in the Naked Gun series. He made many films, some are great (The Dirty Dozen) and some are horrible ( Bolero) but he was always professional and a genuine nice man.


Here is a Young gal who won awards for her amazing performance as the child Helen Keller  and gained prominence playing twins on the Patty Duke Show ( with William Schallert as her dad) only  to disappear from the public for quite some time. She came back with a book called, "Call Me Anna"'  talking about her abusive Guardians and her battle with bi-polar disorder. She was one of the first stars to talk candidly about this disease making it known that it is not something vile but something  we should all understand. She is right since we all know someone who has this disorder or we ourselves, suffer from this. I am blessed that I don't but I know people who have and I consider them very brave.


This man, with his crazy hair, made us laugh and we found him endearing especially when he fell in love and married Gilda Radner. He was our manic genius who not only could act but wrote/co-wrote some of the best films that make me laugh out loud every time I watch them. We find him fun if not a bit sinister in Willy Wonka (not creepy like Johnny Depp) and his work with Mel Brooks is legendary . He also had a great partner in Richard Pryor and they made 4 fun films together. He is another great star that passed surprisingly and made us feel very sad when we heard the news.


Now here is a man that we all recognize  but had no idea that he had such a long career in film and in TV. He was part of the 7 in The Magnificent 7 and won an Oscar nod for The Young Philadelphians but we also know him as Napoleon Solo in the TV series The Man from U.N.C.L.E. He was even in Coronation Street and loved acting. Whether he played someone sympathetic or a bit slimy, he was memorable.


I watch Dancing With The Stars and she was at the finale since she was in the audience for just about every show and was even one of the stars one year. It was a shock, for me, to hear that, the next day, she suffered a heart attack and died. We all thought Mrs. Brady would always live on and we loved her with that show, The Brady Bunch, plus we would often gasp and giggle when we would see her on Politically Incorrect or in a Weird Al video. She was also an accomplished soprano who played Maria Von Trapp  in the Sound of Music as well as other heroines from the Rogers and Hammerstein musical. I know most people think of Carol Brady as I do but I was blown away by her singing in The Song of Norway...not a great movie by any means but loved her voice and the scenery.


Oh Darling, how could I not place her here. I almost didn't since she was more a star for the cameras than a film star but you have to love the Gabor sisters in all the fur, jewels and Hungarian best. She was in some great movies like Gigi  but she also played in films like The Queen From Outer Space. She is more known for her 9 marriages, her love of the camera and slapping a cop. She had an over the top marriage with the great George Sanders (who also married her sister Magda) and she considered him her true love although who knows with her. Before the Kardashians, there were the Gabor sisters and they can't be beat.


Talk about a shock! She is Princess Leia and she should not have died! She was coming home from London to spend time with her family at Christmas when she suffered the severe heart attack dying on the 27th. Now, if all we know her for is for Princess Leia, that would be enough, but this lady had brains! She was born into celebrity since her parents were Eddie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds. She had to grow up in the limelight and had to deal with all that comes with it. Unfortunately, she got into drugs but she did clean herself up and found out she was bi-polar. Instead of keeping this secret, she became an advocate, like  Patty Duke, about the disease and was very frank about her life. Although she had an up and down relationship with her mom at times, later, they were each other's rock, I believe, and she was with her mom often in the last few years making sure her mom was ok in the last year. I used the clip above to showcase her wit and intelligence. If you don't watch any of the others, watch this one.


One day after her daughter (Carrie Fisher) passed away, Debbie suffered a massive stroke while making funeral arrangements for her beloved daughter. The last thing her son heard her say was "I wish I could be with Carrie". How sad for her son to find his mom 15 minutes later, unresponsive, just after losing his sister. It is a bittersweet ending to 2 great people from the same family. Debbie became most prominent from playing the female lead in Singing in the Rain but her star kept rising from there and she played in a variety of roles from the film Tammy and the Bachelor to the Unsinkable Molly Brown which, I had heard her say, years ago, that this was her favourite role. She was also known to have loved Hollywood and its history and bought up many costumes and props when MGM sold many of their memorabilia. Unfortunately, she had to sell off all she collected years later when she filed for bankruptcy. This lady knew her ups and downs but she was a consummate performer who was loved.

Sad notes but I wish to say, we will see more go this coming year but let's hope we all have a happy and healthy New Year!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Thursday Movie Picks-Coming Home

This is the last theme for this year and we are all here to read about it or pick our favourite (or non favourite) for this week. As I'm writing this, thinking of 2 of the films I will use, the 3rd comes on TV! It is an obvious choice but never crossed my mind until I hear the music. I hope everyone had a good Christmas. I was behind and wrapping Christmas Eve which was pathetic but at least it got all done and it was wonderful. Now, the theme this week is about Coming Home and there are many films that can fit this bill but these are my 3. If you wish to know what the others have picked, head on over to Wandering Through The Shelves to see what everyone else has chosen. The The list for next year have already been picked so if you wish to join, just start Next Thursday. By the way Happy New Year!!


This is the movie I am re-watching right now when I should be in bed but I am late in writing this and I am enjoying this movie. I wonder if there is anyone who has not seen this film. It's all about a young girl, named Dorothy, who sings about being over the rainbow and after a tornado, ends up there or so she believes. She kills the wicked witch of the East by accident when Dorothy's house falls on top of  the meanie. Glenda, the good witch, places the Ruby shoes onto Dorothy's feet which just pisses off The Wicked Witch of the West. During Dorothy's trip down the yellow brick road she meets a Scarecrow, a tin man and a cowardly lion who all decide to venture to the Emerald City to meet the great and powerful Oz. Personally, I always thought Glenda was a smarmy bitch, I mean, she could have told her from the get go that she could go home. I mean, after seeing the munchkins, I would have believed without that long trip:)


This does not show the war at all but, yet, you experience all the horrors of it through the 3 men who are coming home. We meet them on the plane as they are coming back from the war and all have reservations coming back to their family, their job and resuming their lives as if nothing changed.  One man is a banker with a wonderful family, another was a hero and an officer who returns to a slutty wife and his job as a soda jerk. The third, a true real life war veteran who lost both his hands in the war, is coming home to his family and his fiancĂ©e and is wondering how they will have to deal with someone crippled by the war. This is a powerful statement, not only on the war but on how families were affected, PTSD, coming home to jobs that no longer seem fulfilling. This is a powerful film, brilliantly acted and one of the best films dealing with men who have trouble fitting back into society.


I am expecting this film to be big this week and with good reason, it's brilliant! Every time I watch this film, it makes me miss John Candy even more. This is so funny, sweet, sentimental and it has heart. Steve Martin plays an uptight advertising man who is trying to get back home to Chicago but due to a major snowfall, his plane is diverted to Wichita with the amiable doofus, John Candy in tow. Somehow, the uptight, neat Neal Page becomes partners with the huge, slobby Del Griffith to get home to Chicago. I can watch this film over and over again and it never fails to make me laugh. The music is brilliantly juxtaposed with some great scenes that can only be seen to be appreciated. There are also many great lines("those aren't pillows!) that leave you laughing and the ending makes you tear least it does for me.

I will be doing a post on Carrie Fisher and her mom, Debbie Reynolds. This is so very sad especially for their loved ones left behind.

Let's hope the New Year will not be as big a year for famous deaths. Regardless, I wish you all a very Happy New Year filled with love, health and happiness.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Thursday Movie Picks-Parties

Christmas is almost here...ready to bring cheer...or at least some beer...I'm rhyming like Pat Hatt, I fear:) OK, feeling giddy and I have not had a drop of anything fun. This week it is all about parties and I am staying away from something icky like "4 Christmasses" and even away from the hilarious, The Hangover (chicken included..what was it about that chicken??-hahahaaa) and went swingin' 60's this week. This Movie Pick theme is the brainchild of Wandering Through the Shelves and I dare ya to join in one day or just venture over to see what the others have picked. Here are my 3...


This is one of my favourite comedies and it is a tour de force  performance by the great Peter Sellers who stole the show from the star David Niven. Sellers plays Inspector Clouseau who takes his wife to Northern Italy for a ski holiday which is a ruse since he believes the Phantom, a famous jewel thief, will also be there to steal the famous Pink Panther diamond. Clouseau has no clue that his wife is having an affair with the thief and is his fence. The thief's nephew comes to visit and quickly wants in on his Uncle's business. It ends in Rome at a huge masquerade ball where you have gorillas, a Knight and a zebra all chasing one another through the streets. It's priceless entertainment and the music is great with Fran Jeffries, who just recently passed away singing a sexy song called "It had better be tonight".


Oh, this is Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello playing fun loving kids...who look more like they should have teens of their own, frolicking on the beach having a great time partying, swimming, surfing, dancing and sky-diving. There is a sexy blonde babe, pre-dynasty Linda Evans, a mermaid, Don Rickles, Buster Keaton and the legendary (in his own mind) Eric Von Zipper and his rat pack bike gang. All there films are fun and silly and very g-rated.... too bad they don't get much air play any more.

3. THE PARTY-1968

I need to see some Jacques Tati films because this film seems to be playing homage to this famous French film director. There isn't too much of a plot but Peter Sellers knows how to improvise and create a great under-rated film. He plays an Indian actor who somehow blows up the film set by accident and is fired. By mistake the studio head writes the actor's name down as one of the guests to his wife's party instead of the blacklist. Sellers ends up at the party and he starts mingling with everyone at the party creating one disaster after another where many people end up in the pool, covered in suds while a baby elephant wanders around. To say the home gets destroyed would be an understatement. It is a comedic dream in my book and worth watching.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Feeling Funky Junky

I can't believe I am getting in under the wire, but I am! I have been crazy busy decorating last week and I do a lot of decorating! Last night I finished my final five tags for the 12 tags of Christmas over at the Funkie Junkie site. I really enjoyed making these tags and was very inspired by her creative works. She also has her own Boutique-the Funkie Junkie Boutique which is quite neat and I want to spend tons of money...but I can't:). So, without further ado (is that how to spell that it slang? I am getting a sick headache), here are my final tags.


I loved creating this Victorian style tag with an angel (I love angels). I had no stamp for the lamplight so I drew it by hand and cut it out. I stamped and fussy cut the holly leaves and the rose and pieced everything together with some added bling. Head on over the Funkie Junkie to see her original work and others who were inspired.


I love this tag if i do say so myself:). I used some green distress dies to darken the green tag. I stamped a little Christmas stamp and embossed in gold and also stamped along the edges and stamped that in Egyptian gold for some extra glitter. I used my sizzex for the cutout, added the greeting sticker with a bow and a star. Head over to the Funkie Junkie to see some extra wonderment:)


I love the Funkie Junkie's tag on this one so I did my best and I think I did ok with this one. I used some very pretty ribbon and laid down some cardstock on top to set my snowflake, filigree thingy and black piece on top. The snowflake and filigree thingy are punches. I took my white pen and added the dots plus the writing on the black pieces.


Over at The Funkie Junkie, her style is more country and so very pretty, maybe I went more rock and roll:) (Any Donny & Marie fans out there??). I love shiny and glitter (I must have been a magpie in a previous life) so I used some red shiny paper and a gold decal. I used my sizzex for the ornament cut out, placed  the Christmas saying sticker on, added pearls, lace stars and gold stickles.


The last tag but I think it turned out to be quite pretty even though I was a bit bleary eyed by this point. Over at the Funkie Junkie, her tag is so beautiful so I emulated it as best as I could. I, again, used darker green ink pads and sponged them on with a hint of brown on the edges. I used my evergreen stamp and embossed it with white snow glitter for the background. The bottom part was added and I sponged on some gold and used the Egyptian gold powder for embossing. I stamped the Merry Christmas stamp, added the Noel in letter stickers. I inserted a piece of white card stock to make it look like a letter is in the pouch and added 2 punches of leaves that are also glittered up. A few crystals are the final additions to this final tag!

If there are some spelling/grammar mistakes, please overlook them.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Wandering Through The Shelves-Movies based on Video, Arcade, Board Games

I can't believe it is a little over a week away before Christmas! Now I have been a kettle of glum, waaaaah, and bleccchhhh recently but there is also fun times especially at this time of year. I have a new Doctor, who (or is it whom??) I saw yesterday, and he listened and knows about Ehlers-Danlos and will be sending me to someone who works with pain which is great! We got Mia a nice urn and she is resting on our mantle in the bedroom. The other animals are all doing well even though one of them peed on our Christmas tree that we had out in the veranda for a while. The smell of cat pee is not a Christmas blessing so we had to hose the tree down with some stuff and it smells better now. I took this week off and have been decorating and enjoying the cold weather and the music. So now, on to movies....Wandering Through The Shelves has the theme of board games, arcade games and video games as the theme this week.  I went an easy route this week so, here are my 3....

1.  CLUE-1985

I love this game and played it frequently when I was little. I loved the characters and the whole vibe of the Agatha Christie mystery to it. This film stars the wonderful Tim Curry as a detective sent out to a mansion to investigate a murder. We meet all the suspects from The board game and, of course, hijinks ensues especially with this cast. The big twist is that there are 3 endings and you could see a different ending depending which theatre you went to. The DVD has all 3 endings. It's fun...not the best movie but fun to watch.


Angelina is well cast in this frolic which showcases her...talents. I should be nice since she is a good actress, tough, but holy T & A Batman-she just can't help it with that bod! She's after some triangles hidden all over the world, gets mixed up with a good/bad guy, some really bad guys, fights statues that reminded me of the Ray Harryhausen movies, travels the world, makes amends with her dad and wears a dress at the end. Actually, this film is the reason for Jolie to be so involved with saving children. I remember her on the Tonight Show tearing up about the young children she saw in Cambodia and said she needs to do something...she has.


This time sexy kick ass is in some silver suit doing flips with her skidoo in the water. She has been asked by MI6 to find Pandora's Box before the evil guys do. There are many adventures going on and you do roll your eyes more than once but it is an enagaging flick with T &  A kickass saving the day.

What are your 3? Looking forward to Christmas? Enjoying the Christmas season? I'm looking forward to the Battle of the Bands also set today and will be eager to hear the music picked.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Thursday Movie Picks-movies based on Toys

Well, last week I told you about some crap and now I have had a bit more which is why I did not reply to all your beautiful comments which, I have to say, I am humbled and so grateful for all of them. My cousin came on the weekend for a short visit mainly to see his Tante Fiti ( my mom). He saw my mom in the spring and has noticed a decline since then.  She is slumped over more and has no more life in her eyes. You never know, my mom could live another year...or not.  The other sad part is one of our fur babies died, Mia....last Thursday.  She slept with me, ate, and when I came home she greeted me as always. When my hubby went to change around 9pm, he petted her and kissed her and then we watched a movie. After the movie he went upstairs and found her laying on the carpet, peaceful but in she had passed away within an 1 1/2 from when we last saw her. It was very sudden and we are sad to lose a member of our family.

I am doing my best to enjoy the beautiful holidays and I promise to be more sparkly. This week it is all about toys. Head on over to Wandering Through The Shelves  to see what the others have chosen.


This is the famous ballet by Tschaikovsky that we all know about and is often showcased in many cities at this time of year.. This was a televised production film in Toronto, Canada, starring Mikhail Baryshnikov as the famed nutcracker. Clara is a young girl who receives a Nutcracker from her uncle and then dreams that the Nutcracker comes to life and brings her to a magical kingdom where she sees wondrous things including the fight with the Rat King or Mouse King. This is a TV production but it enchanted me when I was 13 and I would watch it every year it came on TV. Mikhail did get rid of the Sugar Plum Fairy which I think was wrong and the Arabian Dance was excluded due to time constraints (although they did film it and I have seen it since then) but, overall, a beautiful  re-enactment of this timeless story. In case any of you are wondering, yes, I can't help but look at that bulge and I wonder how many male ballet dancers enhanced it with a sock or something.

2. TOY STORY-1995

Who doesn't know this film and the 3 more that came after. I love this movie and will assume it will be everywhere today. An animated film that brought so many toys i grew up with to life. A young boy owns a toy cowboy named Woody who is in charge of all the other toys this boy owns. One day, the boy receives a new toy, Buzz Lightyear, whom he plays with and seems to like more than Woody, much to Woody's dismay. Buzz also seems to be wooing the rest of the toys making Woody even more jealous. Buzz has one problem...he doesn't realize he's a toy. It is an infectious story and that kids and adults enjoy. I love it and I think T. Rex is my favourite in this pack. Who owned a slinky??

3. SANTA CLAUSE 2-2002

This sequel is not as good as the first movie but it fit the bill. Santa has to get married or Christmas will cease to exist. Santa and another elf decide to create a toy replicate of Santa so the real Santa can find his lady love. Little did they know they created Donald I mean a megalomaniacal despot... oh, yes Donald Trump:) As Santa goes about finding his wife (not in Thailand or Russia) and seeing to his naughty son, The nutty toy Santa places everyone on the naughty list since he has no real heart. It is up to the real Santa and his elves to take care of Trump and his toy soldiers (his cabinet). I had to have some fun:)

What movies about toys can you come up with?

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Thursday Movie Picks-Your Comfort Movie

I'm glad the theme this week is Comfort movie because I need this. Beside my pain, I had a PSW tell me my mom is going downhill and won't last long, my doctor was horribly rude to me that I left the office bawling and my best friend is going through a horrible hell at the moment (no deaths) and I wish I could help her more. My worry for her is large and she is still in denial. Anyway, if you head on over to Wandering Through The Shelves, you will see what the other movie bloggers have chosen for their comfort movie. Here are my 3...


Yes, I spoke about this movie before and if any of you don't know the plot, you have been hiding under a rock. George Bailey has reached his crisis point and, through the prayers of all who love him, you find out about his life and how Clarence, his guardian angel, earns his wings. It stars my favourite actor, Jimmy Stewart and this is my favourite film. Regardless what befalls one, we have to remind ourselves how truly wonderful our life is. The above clip....Jimmy Stewart did this in one take.


Love this musical that is so rich, not only in dance and music but in comedy and writing that even my hubby, who dislikes musicals, likes this one. It takes place when silent films become a thing of the past when sound takes over. The over the top characters are truly not that far off and many scenes shows what really did take place (ie-picking up the woman's heartbeat from the mic). Gene Kelly wore the actual outfit from Rudolph Valentino in one scene and they made fun of an early sound picture with John Gilbert. Jean Hagen, as Lena Lamont, almost stole the picture and I think she should have won an Oscar for her role.

3. WHAT'S UP DOC-1972

I think I may have chosen all of these before's good to bend the rules and this is my next comfort movie because it is so hilarious. There are 4 bags (not women but actual bags) owned by 4 different people who all converge in this one Hotel in San Francisco. Needless to say the bags get all mixed up with a brilliant car chase near the end of the film. Barbra Streisand never looked better and the same goes for Ryan O'Neil. It is a brilliant take on the old screwball comedies of the 1930's.

What are your comfort movies?

Monday, November 28, 2016

Tags Galore

I  have been creating tags and cards...promise, but I have been up and down on the roller coaster pain o' rama so it has been difficult to be up and doing things and then try to sit at the main computer for  an hour or more to download the cards and tags. Sounds silly but it takes time and it hurts. Today I am off ...due to pain but I can sit for this hour to put some tags up that I created. I have been inspired by the Funkie Junkie who creates a tag each week and you can either create a tag, card, gift bag or anything using her tag as inspiration. She is quite the artist so I'm glad I found her and am hoping to have 12 tags completed. She also has a store called the Funkie Junkie boutique if you wish to peruse.

I have had some of these done for a while now but here we go.

Week 4

If you head on over the Funkie Junkie for week 4 you will see her tag which I ripped homage to, by having the focus on poinsettias and the colour red. I stamped a basic flower in silver and used white sparkly embossing powder for the background. I took 2 pieces of red and green ribbon and a paper snippet for the bottom and another snippet, I stamped the saying in red and adhered it to the tag. I used my punch for the leaves and I stamped, coloured and fussy cut the poinsettias and placed them on top with pop up dots.

Week 5

I enjoyed creating this card but I realized I don't have any fancy small holly leaves. If you head over to The Funkie Junkie for her original take, please do. I coloured the tag in silver and gold metallic paint. I stamped, embossed and fussy cut the holly leaves as well as the Noel ornament. I literally just ripped a piece of paper and used distress ink pads for an old world colour (like that instead of saying mud) and stamped the sentiment. I glued it all together and added sparkle pearl drops that look more like gobs than drops....oh well.

Week 6 

Now, The Funkie Junkie's tag is so pretty and I love her Scandinavian background and total feel of her card. My tag...have pity on me for it looks like I just came from some mental ward. The blue, in the background, I tried using some pearl paint on a metal stencil but it didn't turn out all that well so I did my best to cover it. I added the red ribbon and the leafy punch. I stamped the trees and cut them so it would look like a forest with added silver sparkle that didn't photograph well(That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it). I stamped the sentiment and added that final part to the card. Let's move on shall we:)

Week 7

This is 2 weeks ago but I am getting there:) It was a week of blue so I took my blue tag and stamped the deer in white snow glitter and did this same around the tag to make it look like one was looking through a window pane. I added the snowflakes, wrote, in my sad handwriting, "Let it Snow" and finished it with my sad little bow. Head on over to the Funkie Junkie to see her original and beautiful tag.

I am working on last week's tag but not sure when I will finish it. I hope to very soon. I still have to make my advent wreath and am late since first of Advent was yesterday. I do make it from scratch and it hangs from the ceiling with 4 candles on it...very German. I have no children and this tradition, along with the way I decorate the tree, will probably go the way of Jack Frost. My niece is not interested and I would not want to push something on her just for the sake of tradition. Geez, I just went morbid. Anyhoo, have a great week and I am going back to the couch.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thursday Movie Picks-Westerns-I picked this theme!!

I am excited because, way, way back, at the beginning of the year, Wandering Through The Shelves asked for some of us to fill in a few dates with a theme. I suggested Westerns because I love westerns and Voila! My mind has been all in a dither because I could choose some classics like Shane or High Noon. I could go to the man with no name in the Spaghetti Westerns which I love. I could even pick much newer films like the remake of the remake, Magnificent 7.  I decided to go with one of my favourite actors ...John Wayne whom I love! There is some negativity & bashing now about this dignified man  because of his politics and not going to war in WW2 but let's just set things straight...I do disagree with his stance on HUAC and his conservative leanings but I so respect his unshakable belief in his patriotism. He believed the States were in a crisis in the early 50's and he was not the total A-hole made out in the film "Trumbo". He had an ongoing injury from his football days plus he had  the head of the studio stopping him from getting into the action during the war ( without Wayne knowing). Wayne tried more than once to get in but was denied. This man is not a coward. Anyhoo, I went all John Wayne this week and am proud of it. I think because, Wayne reminds me of my Dad and I think my dad and Wayne looked similar (when they were older)

1. RED RIVER-1948

This film, I believe, started to really capture John Wayne as a great actor. He plays a man who, with the help of his sidekick pal and an orphan, build up his land and his cattle. They start out on an epic cattle drive but as time passes, Wayne's character becomes more obsessive and tyrannical to the point where the orphan, now a grown man, mutinies with the other men and leave Wayne behind.  Sounds like a dry land Mutiny on the Bounty with Wayne  not happy and set for revenge. This is a classic film in so many ways from the hee-hawing at the start of the cattle drive to even the contrived ending... this film is stellar!


I may have spoken about this film before but I don't care because it is so good. Wayne plays Ethan, a veteran from the civil war who reunites with his brother and the brother's family. You can instantly see that Ethan and the brother's wife have an unspoken love which is dealt with  great respect. Soon, unfortunately, Ethan's brother and his family are ambushed and killed by Indian warriors except for the little girl and the adopted son who is part Indian. So begins an epic 5 year search for Ethan and the adopted son in tow, for the little girl taken by the tribe ruled by Scar.  You get to see how prejudiced Ethan is, making you wonder whether he means to save the girl or kill her. It is John Ford all the way from his stock actors he always used (Ward Bond etc..), the music to the great Monument Valley. This is another true classic.


OK This film stars John Wayne and my favourite actor, James Stewart (who also played in a number of Westerns) as uneasy "friends" in a town who are very fearful of this gang led by a deliciously evil Lee Marvin. Wayne plays the old west where the law meant the gun. James Stewart's character is a lawyer who represents a newer west who wishes to bring peace and order to the town. Vera Miles is the gal both leads are sweet on and she ends up choosing Stewart but you know it was not the right choice (strangely enough). This is one western where I cry when Wayne, realizing he lost the girl, destroys his home. It is actually quite a moving, but sad commentary on the life of the old west. This is why it is best to print the legend.

OK, OK...2 more.... I can't stop!


This is a fun, comedic western starring John Wayne and his best partner, the beautiful Maureen O'Hara as once married, now separated, couple. She was living out east with a lot of airs where he stayed out west where he was comfortable. She is one feisty lady who can look beautiful in a feathered hat but can get down and dirty with the men and be their equal. This is a little bit of the Taming of the Shrew and I love how he tames her at the end because it is all sexual chemistry between those 2. Yvonne DeCarlo (Munsters) was down on her luck at this time and Wayne asked her to act in this film and he helped her out and she never forgot.

5. TRUE GRIT-1969

This is the film that I prefer...WAAAY over the remake with Jeff Bridges. I like this actor a lot but disliked his portrayal...felt he was trying too hard. Anyway, This is the film that won Wayne his Oscar...finally (He should have won it for The Searchers). He plays a grizzled, drunken SOB called Rooster Cogburn who is hired by the spunky Mattie to bring her father's killer to justice. Along comes Glen Campbell who also wants Chaney brought to justice but for another crime. The 3 of them start riding out on the trail and come across the Ned Pepper gang.  "Fill your hands, you Son of a Bitch". I love that line!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American blogger friends and stay away from the malls on Friday:)

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Thursday Movie Picks- Movies based on a TV Show

Sorry for not being around, my dear friend from Vancouver came for the weekend and we had a great time together even if it was short. He is now venturing off to Northern Ontario and Montreal to visit family. This weekend my cousin and his wife are coming for a visit so busy, busy!  This week are all about the movies that originally came from TV shows (more and more films seem to be based on TV shows since Hollywood has no brain). I could have picked so many but if you want to see more, head on over to Wandering Through The Shelves, the brain child of this weekly series, to see what the others have chosen. My 3 are...


I love The Munsters more than The Addams Family with their zany antics but very loving demeanour. The patriarch, played by the great Fred Gwynne, is Herman who is quite tall with bolts in his neck. The beautiful Yvonne De Carlo plays his vampish wife and, grandpa, son Eddie and their "normal" niece, Marilyn, all live in a great mansion and ride in one cool car! This film follows them to England where Herman has inherited a mansion. Their relatives do not want them anywhere near the castle and try various methods to get rid of them. I love this movie, it's silly but fun and harmless.


If someone does not know about this great series and all the movies, then you have been living under a rock:). I mean, Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty, Uhura, Sulu, Chekhov and all the sad security men in red shirts are world famous by now. You also have Picard, Data, Riker, Troi, Crusher and her annoying kid plus there is Deep Shit, I mean, Space Nine and Voyager etc... Initially it was a 5 year mission to go where no man has gone before. The original series ended after 3 years but after an animated series in the 70's, the film franchise was born in 1979, directed by Sound of Music director, Robert Wise. The first film is all science fiction with V'Ger, a bald gal and venturing into unknown territory. The 2nd film, a favourite of mine, involves revenge, a great acting tour de force by Ricardo Montalban and Spock's death while the 3rd is about Spock's resurrection(sort of speak) and bad Klingons. The 4th involves time travel and whales whereas the 5th, I think the worst, is about Spock's half brother looking for God. The 6th involves Kirk getting it on with a freaky Iman in a prison, Christopher Plummer as a nutbar, Shakespeare talking Klingon and a peace treaty. After that, Picard and his crew took over before the new actors playing the original characters took over. Which one is your favourite?-Kahn (2nd film) and Picard and the Borg are mine.

3. NAKED GUN-1988

I love Leslie Nielsen and am so happy he is a Canuck who has a Brother in politics and their dad was a Mountie(although he was nasty). Who else could play dead pan Lieut. Frank Devon who bumbles his way from the TV show Police Squad( a great, short-lived show) onto the film screen and never look back. A cop, played by OJ.(yup that OJ), is in the hospital and Frank is going to try to clear that cops name plus save the Queen who is coming for a state visit. Poor Ricardo Montalban plays the bad guy again and Priscilla Presley plays the love interest. The sight gags, the one liners, the dead pan delivery is so funny that I consider this one of the best comedies! I love  the 2 sequels as well. It's just so, so funny!

What movies do you think of that came from TV Shows??

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Thursday Movie Picks-Movies about Addiction

I'm Baaack! At first, I was at a mental mind-block with this week's theme, not very hard for me to be in these days, but once I started thinking, which means googled, I realized how many films I actually have seen. Hell, I could have picked 3 films just starring Susan Hayward but I didn't choose any of hers this week. Head on over to Wandering Through the Shelves, to see what the other film goers have chosen. Here are my 3...


I saw this film only 5 years ago and thought it was brilliant! It was written, co-produced and stars James Mason (one of my favourite actors) as a teacher with a debilitating, painful disease affecting the arteries. His loving wife and son only want their husband /dad to be well. The doctor puts him on the new wonder drug, cortisone. At first, he feels a million times better and is happy but then he becomes more in need of this drug and slowly descends into addiction resulting in a psychotic meltdown. It is a brilliant small film that was panned upon its initial release but since then, has received much acclaim. A more true story about the typical American family of the 1950's than many.


This is one of the first films to show the dramatic acting chops of Jack Lemmon who was normally in more comedic roles. he plays a young P.R. exec who marries a beautiful woman and starts life in the big city. He was always a social drinker and introduces his wife to the scene. As we watch his life become better and they have a child, you also see his descent into alcoholism with his wife right behind him. It is a searing look into the descent of this disease and how one finds the way out of it while another doesn't.


Oh this is one f-ed up drug trip to end all drug trips. It has to be seen to be believed and it is directed by that mad cap Monty Pythoner, Terry Gilliam whom I love. It stars Johnny Depp and Benicio Del Toro as 2 drug addled nuts who drink, snort, shoot up, swallow anything illegal they can get their hands on. When I saw it on the big screen with my ex and a dear friend of mine, the carousel scene made both of them nauseous and they had to close their eyes because they felt drugged-hahahaaa. Johnny Depp's Duke character sees all sorts of nutty things from bats, moray eels to lizards. I consider it an acting tour de force from Depp. This film may not be for everyone but I enjoyed it. By the way, he is playing a character based on the real life Hunter S Thompson who actually lived to be 68! Despite all the drugs and mayhem, it wasn't the drugs that killed him-he took his own life and had his ashes shot out of a cannon.

What films come to you? Have you ever been "naughty"...I hope so:) I have a year I can't quite remember-one of the best years of my life:)...No worries as that was my fun 20's and one hopes to grow out of that stage....

Monday, November 7, 2016

Last but never Least-Wallace

I have to say, I am a dog person even though we have 5 cats and I love them so very much. Actually, I am an animal person but, even when I was a little kid, I loved the wolves and I would go up to any dog without fear. Back in 2009, my hubby and I went to PetSmart to buy some cat food and there was an adoptathon going on for dogs rescued from Louisiana. They were not Katrina dogs but just poor dogs that were ready to be euthanized since there are many kill shelters in the States. We were not expecting to get a dog, famous last words, but then my eyes met Wallace. All the other dogs were barking, wagging their tail and being, well, dogs. Wallace was in his crate way in the back as far as he could get, terrified beyond reason. We were there for 2 hours because I knew this dog was a special case...a nut case to be exact but he came part of our family. I named him Wallace, not after Wallace and Gromit (I love them) but after William Wallace who was a brave Scotsman.

Wallace is not brave, in fact, he is a bona fide chicken shit! He was so scared of people, the outside, everything that he would not eat for the first few days. I actually believe he had never been on a leash and ran wild around Louisiana. He spent months in his crate,security blankie,  as we slowly trained him to not do his business in the house, get used to his surroundings and get used to us. My beautiful Katie, My black lab who is in heaven with my dad, really helped Wallace. We tried everything from Rescue Remedy to even an anti anxiety med but to no avail-our Wallace has anxiety issues up the wazoo. We brought him to 3 different behaviourists and tried all they told us....yup, he is still a chicken shit but he is our chicken shit.

I am happy to say that we no longer need him in the crate-that went after a year, he is all happy and goofy in our home and he comes up to most people, although he still is wary of my brother. He still shakes and quakes the moment he realizes he is going for a walk and will try to hide in a corner but that is just him-he is agoraphobic. I can't walk him because of my joint problems since he has literally taken my shoulder out of its joint 3 times, thankfully I can just slip it back in but then I can't do much for a long, long time. When my hubby walks him, he can let him off his leash and, like a bullet, he runs straight home never veering off the sidewalk. I believe he was shot at in his young days because he can't go out when someone is using the roofing gun and I have to mute the TV when there is shooting going on in the program.  I just love it when he barks and comes to me when I come home giving me lots of kisses on my chin.

Age-7 years
Nickname-Mein Schatz, Hoover, Ya nut!
Loves-Cat food-wouldn't eat his dog food unless we mixed it with some cat food(now he is aok with just dog food), loves apples, nuts, broccoli, yup he is our freak. Jade
Toys-His kong-demands it around 9pm every night so gets a treat with some peanut butter. Cat toy, kleenix (disgusting). Can't give him any stuffed toys-eats them

Thursday, November 3, 2016

No Thursday Movie Picks

I know...Shocker! The reason there is no Thursday Movie Picks is the topic-Middle Eastern language films. I have seen none..Nadda, nuttin honey, so there is nothing but crickets here. Now enough about my brain since I will still talk about movies, movies I have seen this past week  which will explain why my ass is getting larger by the minute so ..on with the show. Oh, and if you want to read what films people have chosen head on over to Wandering Through The Shelves to see their picks this week.

1.  CHINA SEAS-1935

My hubby and I both enjoyed this frolic with Clark Gable as a captain who loves the drink, the seas and women especially Jean Harlow in all her platinum best.  I love the beginning since it shows how it looked 80 years ago in China. You have  some first class passengers enjoying their trip with one classy dame falling for the Captain and his lover getting jealous. The ship and crew have to deal with a fierce storm, pirates and one shady SOB.


Oh yes..., it's bad, very bad but so bad it's good. My hubby wouldn't watch it as he doesn't understand how I can find schlock fun but I do. Evil scientist races with his fiancee to his cottage and wrecks the car and decapitates his girlfriend by mistake. What's a mad scientist to do but take her severed head back to his lab and keep it alive until he can find a suitable body. What more can I say...

3. CHOCOLAT-2000

I love chocolate and when I see her pouring the hot cocoa I just want to go through the screen and take it away from Judi Dench. Love this movie about a mysterious woman, with her daughter, arriving in a small French town at lent and opening up a Chocolate shop. She helps the town out of their doldrums but not before incurring the wrath of the mayor and some townsfolk as well as bringing passion back...Ooh La La.


You think I could find a trailer for this flick? So this is all of 3 seconds worth but still something. I caught this on TV and it will be worth a closer look on DVD. Yes, I still rent DVD's and am proud of it:) This stars Robert De Niro as a widower with his wacko freak daughter played by Dakota Fanning who move to the country so he can help her get through the trauma of her mom's suicide. You never are quite sure if you are watching a ghost story or not. I am not bawled over by it but I did like it and found the leads watchable. I won't say more because it is not your average ghost story..if I can say that.

5. GODZILLA-2014

OK, OK I watched this one and the next movie while making some cards but I am still underwhelmed by this flick because most of the time it was so dark I couldn't make out what the hell was going on. I am surprised how many big stars on in this film although 2 biggies die near the beginning and frankly, who cares. Godzilla is running amok but so are 2 freaky looking insects that look mechanical-a male and female and one of them has wings. Those 2 are really mean and Godzilla hates their guts. The army, scientists and everyone else are scrambling to save the planet while these 3 destroy most of the U.S. but don't worry, everyone seems happy that Godzilla lives. Ughhh


This is fun and does not need the brain to work much which is great. Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock play sisters who are witches but Sandra tries to not believe in this bunk. When her sister is in trouble, she comes to her aid and that's when all hell and toads break loose. It is actually a fun comedy with some bewitching going on and great music.


The scene above is the usual moment when I changed the channel since those girls really freaked me out. On Monday night, I couldn't turn the channel since I saw this film and Freaks at the performance Art Centre on the big screen and it was a treat. This is a classic horror film about an alcoholic, who has not touched a drop for 5 months who takes his family up to this lodge to take care of it during the winter months. While they are there, he wants to write his great novel but all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy so what's a man to do but slowly go nuts and want to kill his family. he is egged on by the ghosts who rule the place. His young son can see what is going on since he has the shining while his mom has no clue. So much has been written about this film from the sexual innuendos to the comedic elements. A great ghost film

8. FREAKS-1932

I spoke about this film before and it is one of my favourites because, even though it is a horror film, it really shows the "freaks" in a warm light and that they are people. It stars Harry Earles, who was in quite a few films even though he was a little person, as a member of the circus falling for the beautiful trapeze artist, Cleopatra. His Fiancee (played by his real life sister, Daisy) is very sad since she can see the Cleo is just making fun of him. Once Cleo and her dumb ass lover find out the little guy is rich, they decide to do get rid of him but they underestimate the bond of the freaks. We get to meet the other members of this circus and share in some of their lives from the bearded lady giving birth to the Siamese twins's relationships with men. This was done before the hays Code was enforced so living in sin was aok and sexual innuendo was big ("You should have seen me before my operation"). The director, Todd browning, treated these "freaks" with respect and it shows. You meet Prince Randian who, without arms or legs, takes a match out of the box and lights his cigarette and Johnny Eck who has no body after his diaphragm but can walk easily on his hands and must have been incredibly strong.

OK this is very lengthy and I doubt most of you have the chance to view the film promos but I put them in anyway. Next week I will showcase films I have actually seen that correspond to the theme from Thursday Movie Picks:)

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Kaspar the Disaster, I'm going to send you to Jasper.

Yup...late again...and so it goes

The last pussy cat is our newest and youngest...Kaspar...German from Kaspar Hauser. We were in our local Petsmart buying food and my hubby said he was going to look at the cats. Before I could say, "Noooooooo", he was off and the cloud of dust was all that was left. After paying for the food, I went to see what my hubby was up to which was no good. He wanted to get a pussy cat and my head hung low because I knew there was no dissuading him. I saw this quiet tuxedo cat sleeping  and not doing much else and showed him to my hubby. He wanted this pussy cat so we paid for this bundle of joy. When we got back, I was not convinced to add yet another to our brood  and next morning, my hubby said we would  not get him. That morning, at work, all I could see in my mind was that pussy cat with one tear dropping from his cute face so I called my hubby and gave the ok.

We picked up Kaspar who was one sick kitty and we were not happy! We called Petsmart, who are connected to the Humane Society in the Niagara Region, and they told us the pussy cat came from the Fort Erie SPCA. My hubby contacted the Fort Erie SPCA, who found the little dickens on a golf course, telling them the pussy cat had a bad cold and his ears were infected with ear mites! The person he spoke with told us they have students who were to care for the animals but this was unacceptable (No kidding! They should check on the student's work). They gave us funds for the vet and we had to quarantine Kaspar until he was aok which took 3 weeks.

Now, this pussy cat turned out to not be the quiet type by any means, meowing for his pappa, his toys and, if he can get into mischief, he will. He already helped take the wallpaper down in the bedroom which made us revamp the bedroom. He likes to remodel our wood around the doors and if he tries this on the old wood, he will become a violin:) He has fallen in love with my hubby and vice versa so he gets away with murder! The water bottle does come in handy every night since he demands to be played with...often! He can run up and down the halls like Speedy Gonzalez on cocaine and then he konks out for a much needed nap...usually next to hubby. He loves receiving licks from Jade but not the paw bash right after. As my hubby says.."Kaspar, my little disaster. I'm going to send you to Jasper!" He is full of beans (both Jaspar and my hubby) and we love him...our little entertainer.

Name: Kaspar(after Kaspar Hauser)
Age: 2 years...the nutty years
Nickname: Kaspar the disaster, Cutie Patootie, Snookums, Snidely Whiplash, Hitler (My dear friend nicknamed him this).
Loves-birds outside (not allowed to be near them, just watch), be played with, belly rubs, being held (most of the time), redecorating
Toys-the string with the feathers at the end-he will jump high up to grab it. Laser, my feet under the blanket, balls of paper-he goes nuts!

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Cards-Christmas and Halloween-An Interesting Combo

Animal Friends-Halloween/Autumn
Color Q-Black, Concord Grape, Tangerine Tango, Crushed Curry, White

I love Halloween and have such fond memories. Actually, I will be seeing The Shining and Freaks on the big screen so I am excited. I tried some new stamps I bought this past summer. I stamped the cat and owls, coloured them up and fussy cut them. I took my distress stamps, stamped a surface one can clean up, spritzed with water and placed the white cardstock in it to create the background and finished it off with some misti to achieve that splatter. I stamped the cobweb in black and embossed in black sparkle just like the pussy cat. I put it all together with  some cardstock and Voila!

Crafty Creations-Always Anything Goes

I made this card a while ago but it fits the theme of orange. The background-yup distress inks. Embossed a yellow border with the snowflake design and took some pieces of cardstock in autumn colours to create this card. I had stamped this scene and used another part of it for a card and, since I can't throw anything away, I coloured this up in tombow markers, ripped it up for some other distress look and put everything together. Last, but never least, I added gold stickers and some crystals.  I think it has just a hint of Haunt in this Christmas scene.

Simon Says-Anything Goes
Holly Jolly-Use Snowmen

This is my Warhol theme and I apologize for the lousy picture. I stamped this image over a year ago and had these 3 laying around when I had a dim lightbulb go off and thought of this design. It was simple because I took some shimmery orange paper, embossed it with the snowflake design, added the snowmen, sticker borders, crystals and the saying. I think it turned out aok.

Tuesday Throwdown-Add a Border

I had to glitter this one up a bit. I took my cuddlebug and embossed the ornaments. I used my chalk pastels in orange and light blue for the ornaments and then glitter. I added orange cardstock and a light blue to mount them all together in some Roman orgy haze  and added the thick sticker border and the Merry Christmas. Still more to show and I will have our last Kitty up tomorrow:)

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Thursday Movie Picks-Epidemic/Pandemic/Outbreak

So we are saying good-bye to October very soon which means spooky month is almost over with. I have been late with posting my next furbaby which I will do on Monday. I know you are in suspense to read the thrilling saga of the animals that keep me as their pet aren't you? :) OK so this week is all about  suffering through a great epidemic whether it be something similar to the horrific reality of the Spanish Flu Epidemic of 1918 or people turning into, yes, you guessed it, Zombies. Head on over to Wandering Through the Shelves to check out what the other people have chosen. Here are my 3....


This is a romantic story starring Myrna Loy who travels with her elderly husband to India (Ranchipur) and meets up with her old flame who has been living there for a few years and is lost in more ways than one. Dear Myrna ends up falling in love with an Indian doctor (Tyrone, be still my heart, Power) who is trying to save a nation never mind just his patients. After a devastating hurricane and flood, cholera spreads creating an epidemic. The heroine decides to work along side her Doctor to help the sick. It's a melodrama but one with a punch due to the great special effects for its time. It's worth a look.


This is a race against time when an ill man, who stowed away on a ship, dies in an altercation with 2 men in New Orleans. When the dead man is brought to the morgue, the chief health inspector is called in who soon realizes the man has pneumonic plague. He and a cop  try to find the 2 men who killed him and retrace his steps before an outbreak can ensue. It is a taught film noir that leaves you on the edge of your seat and reminds me of the real case of Typhoid Mary. This was the screen debut of Jack Palance.

3. OUTBREAK-1995

Poor monkeys always get the wrap when it comes to plagues recently, so it goes in this film where a very deadly, Ebola like virus, has made its way from Africa to California. A small team from the Nation's Health Organization, set out to a small town to find out why so many are contracting this horrible disease. They realize there is a monkey running around and try to capture this monkey to create an anti serum before a mad general decides to blow up the town. I found this film quite nail biting and a good film to watch. It is not scary like "I Am Legend" and no dogs are killed or animals are killed because they are turning into zombies so I'm glad about that.

Which films would you choose? Let's hope we never have another 1918 flu pandemic no matter how much the media likes to try and scare us.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Some Cards

52 Christmas Cards- Critters
Craft Your Passion-Always Anything Goes
CHNC-Cute or Anything Goes Christmas
Glitter N' Sparkle-Anything Goes
Happy Little Stampers-Embossing

I have many other cards yet to show but I started with these 3. I love this Christmas kitten in her Santa hat which I coloured with my tombow markers and fussy cut her out. I bought a new embossing folder and  a Merry Christmas die cut that I used here along with the die cut poinsettia. Christmas is 2 months away now...wowzers!

Eclectic Ellapu-Purple Team-Autumnal
Addicted To Stamps-Anything Goes
Alphabet Challenge- Quick and Simple
Dream Valley Challenges-One for the Boys
Tuesday Throwdown-Festive Pumpkins

This is an embossing folder that I tried at a store but didn't buy it...stupid or what? I used tombow markers again to colour in the scene and I think the pumpkins are festive in a quiet way...they don't want to be disturbed...yet. 

Simon Says- Think Pink
Butterfly Challenge- H is for Hoops or Harebell( blueish colour)
Fairytale Stampers-Anything Goes
Happy Little Stampers-CAS Challenge-Embossing on vellum

I am not a pink gal so this is a rarity for me. It is very girly and I think the flowers I embossed on the vellum have a circular hoop look to them. I tried a new stamp saying, added the die cut butterfly and the pearls.

It's raining all day today and I wish I was in my craft room now. This is Boom Boom Birgie signing off for now:)