Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Z for Vera Zorina

BORN: January 2, 1917

DIED: April 19, 2003

AGED: 86 yrs from cerebral hemorrhage

REAL NAME: Eva Brigitta Hartwig

MARRIAGES: 3 times-George Balanchine

German father, Danish mother. Born to dance. Started dancing when she was 2 and slept with her ballet shoes. Was taught by one who taught Njinsky and Pavlova. She danced with the Ballet Russe and learned Russian so she could talk with her fellow dancers. She got noticed by the German Max Reinhardt and then Sam Goldwyn saw her in London in On Your Toes. he brought her to Hollywood and she met Mr. Balanchine. She was in some sort of manage a trois between him and his first wife(kinky). She enjoyed Hollywood for awhile but abruptly left and contributed a lot to the Lincoln Centre.

FILMS: The Goldwyn Follies, On Your Toes, Louisiana Purchase, Follow The Boys, Lover Come Back

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Y for Loretta Young

BORN: January 6, 1913

DIED: August 12, 2000

AGED: 87 yrs from cancer

REAL NAME: Gretchen Young

MARRIAGES:  3 times-the last to designer Jean Louis

AFFAIRS: Spencer Tracey, Clark Gable etc... (both men were married)

LOVE CHILD- With Clark Gable-refused to tell her daughter til near the end of her (Loretta's) life

Strong catholic, prude, image was all, hypocrite, sanctimonious (can you tell she is not my favourite). When she got pregnant with Clark Gable's child, it was not the sign of the times to have a child out of wedlock so she left due to illness and came back 9 mths later with a baby she "adopted" . She would never reveal to her daughter her real father until much later in life. Clark Gable never had a say in raising his child. When he finally married and his wife became pregnant he died a few months before he was born. She would have a swear jar always on the set and if anyone swore they had to place money in the jar. Once Robert Mitchum was so angry he slammed $5 in it and let it rip-lol She had 2 sons whom she favoured over her daughter. The one son, later on, was arrested for child porn(yuck).  She had a TV show in the 1950's and appeared at the beginning of each show in a beautiful gown. When NBC tried to reshow these episodes later on, she took them to court because the gowns were now out of style and she felt this would hurt her image. Hmmm-reality TV star comes to mind. Louise Brooks(see the letter B) said the best thing she ever saw was when a director got pee o'd at Loretta and threw a chair at her.

OSCAR: The Farmer's Daughter

FILMS: Laugh, Clown, Laugh, A Man's Castle, Call of the wild, The Bishop's Wife

Monday, April 28, 2014

X for Francis X Bushman-Yup a Little cheat

BORN: January 10, 1883

DIED: August 23, 1966

AGED: 83 yrs from a heart attack

MARRIAGES: 4 times-2nd with Beverly Bayne

AFFAIRS: Beverly Bayne

FAMOUS PARTNER: Beverly Bayne (she shows up a lot)

Major Matinee Idol and was in his prime in 1911 (geez my dad wasn't even born yet-he was born in 1913). He was the Hubba-Hubba of the 1910's. The old stereotype image of a man coming out of his dressing room and women literally tearing his clothes off actually started with this man because it happened to him! This became folklore. He started having an affair with his leading lady which caused quite the scandal. He divorced his first wife and married his co-star Beverly but had to keep it hush, hush so it would not hurt his image. When it was found out-it did hurt his image-geez!  He loved dogs (had over 30 of them) and he was supposed to have the largest songbird collection. He lost all his money in the stock market crash of 1929 and his career went with it. He worked in TV mainly until he passed away. Most of his films are gone due to the nitrate they used-it would disintegrate and was highly flammable.

FILMS: His Friend's Wife, The Silent Voice, Romeo and Juliet, Ben-Hur, The Lady In Ermine

Saturday, April 26, 2014

I still made some cards! - Use Stash-Glitter! - Home -Poinsettia -Anything Goes as long as it is Christmas - No sentiment - Anything Goes - Inspired by a Christmas Carol/Song

I have been really enjoying doing my A to Z Challenge in which I talk about old film stars and I am loving visiting the other posts. Of course dust balls the size of tumbleweeds are floating around my home but next week I shall attack them. I did have time to do some cards and I love Christmas even though this winter has been a long one.

The first card and the 4th card belong to Inspired by a Christmas Carol/Song. My post for the letter I on the A to Z was Burl Ives and I kept singing "Silver and Gold" so I created a card using , well, silver and gold. I love paper and textures and I used my Cuddlebug to make the Poinsettia. The 4th card was also for a challenge I missed (Reason for the Season) but it also reminds me of Away In a Manger. I have these small plastic figures. I repainted them and placed them on the card with big glittery ribbon and used poinsettia's for the corners.

The second card was layered and layered-Love that green paper which is hard to see on the photo but there is no sentiment on it which  I think, still speaks for itself.

The 3rd card has glitter on all the roofs of the houses although it is hard to see plus I used stickles for the berries and to surround the ornament frame. I coloured the home in prisma pencils. I stamped and coloured the poinsettia in prisma pencils again and fussy cut and mounted it on the card. The card, itself, is quite shiny which I love(I must have been a magpie in a previous life). It shows a beautiful little village which is quite homey.

The last card was for a challenge as well that I missed-well 2 challenges-a colour challenge and a design one but I missed it again. Still lots of fun and all these cards have Poinsettias on them for the CCAYL challenge and they are all  Christmas. I am very proud I got this all done during this month. Everyone have fun and if you have not checked out the A to Z challenge you should:)

W is for John Wayne

BORN: May 26, 1907

DIED: June 11, 1979

AGED:  72 from cancer

REAL NAME: Marion Michael Morrison...yup Marion

NICKNAME: The Duke-after his boyhood dog the local firemen gave him the nickname since he hung around them with his doggie.

MARRIAGES: 3 times-the 2nd one-ouch!

FAMOUS PARTNERS: John Ford, Ward Bond, Maureen O'Hara

One of My all time Favs and I have to say, in his later life reminded me of my dad. A Great man, Tall, stood by his convictions even when they were not popular. He commanded respect. Conservative in his politics and agreed with the HUAC-not the best thing and a dark time. Staunch anti communist. His 2nd marriage was a disaster as they drank too much and fought and he made the biggest mistake-he let his mother in law move in. Had a terrible time to divorce her (she died of alcoholism soon after). He Loved his Latin women and his tequila and the sea. Contrary to what is now believed he did try to enter WW2 but was declined as he had an old football injury that made him 4F. He tried several times until the higher ups at the government and his studio) said he would better serve  by making movies since he also was a family man and older. apparently even John Ford tried to help but to no avail.  He was a 4 pack a day smoker-not good. He also made one of the all time worst films called "The Conqueror" (I claim this Tar-Tar woman...) . They filmed on location near atomic bomb testing and there was a lot of dust ups etc... The director, leading lady, supporting actors plus 78 other crew members all died from cancer.   He fought the cancer or The Big C as he called it with courage. He wanted to be remembered by a Spanish saying that says "He's Big, He's Ugly But He Had Dignity". When I saw him at the Oscars in 1979 he was so thin, I wept. My dad knew it would not be long before he passed away.

OSCAR: True Grit (sorry Jeff Bridges but John Wayne does it best)

FILMS: Stagecoach, The Flying Tigers, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon,  Red River, The Quiet Man, The Searchers, Rio Bravo, The Alamo, Hatari, McLintlock, North To Alaska, Sons of Katie Elder, Chisolm, The Shootist

Friday, April 25, 2014

V for Rudolph Valentino

BORN: May 8, 1895

DIED: August 23, 1926

AGED:  31 yrs  from peritonitis from a burst appendix

REAL NAME: Ruolpho Alfonzo Rafaelo Filbert Guglielmi Di Valentina D'antonguolla-Whew!-What a mouthful!!

MARRIAGES: Twice-Jean Acker-She wouldn't let him into the bedroom on their wedding night. Natasha Rambova (AKA Winnifred Shaunessy)-she turned out to be a lesbian-this guy could pick 'em or what!

ENGAGED: Pola Negri-She flung herself on the coffin-it is all about her after all

AFFAIRS: "Just a Gigolo, everywhere I go..."

He came to this country penniless and even slept on park benches. He moved up from being a male prostitute to a gigolo where rich women paid for him to dance with them(I am certain the dancing was on the ball room and in the bedroom). He got paid for these meetings with the socialites-busy boy:). He moved out to California and due to his excellent dancing and looks got his start and broke out in The Four Horsemen. Unfortunately he was not the best in picking women and they seemed to rule over him. Others of the time said he loved just to be known as Rudy and was shy. From his movies he became known as "the Great Lover" but men didn't care for him and called him the "Pink Powder Puff" I think they were jealous because all their wives swooned over him. When he died, suddenly, thousands flocked to the funeral and some women actually committed suicide. There was one woman known as the lady in black who went to his grave  every year and placed a red rose at his grave until she passed away in the 1980's or '90's.

FILMS: The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Camille, Blood and Sand, The Sheik, Son of the Sheik, The Eagle

Thursday, April 24, 2014

U is for Peter Ustinov

BORN: April 16, 1921

DIED: March 28, 2004

AGED: 82 yrs from heart failure

MARRIED: 3 times

He had an interesting lineage-Russian, German, French, Spanish etc.... This man was no dummy! He was fluent in many languages. He was not only an actor but a director, writer and an interviewer. He made a great Hercule Poirot. He was in India sitting in the gardens waiting for Indira Ghandi as he was going to interview her and as she was making her way to him she was assassinated. Wow I think this is the only coloured image I have of my list.

OSCARS: Spartacus, Topkapi

FILMS:  Quo Vadis, We're No Angels, Billy Bud, Death On The Nile

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

T is for Spencer Tracy

BORN: April 5, 1900

DIED:  June 10, 1967

AGED: 67 by a heart attack brought on by years of alcohol abuse


AFFAIRS: Loretta Young, Joan Crawford, Katherine Hepburn

FAMOUS PARTNERS: Clark Gable, Katherine Hepburn

A Great actor. "Learn your lines and don't bump into the furniture". Irascible, cantankerous later in life, a staunch catholic. Would never think of divorcing his wife, but adultery-sure, why not...oops more guilt for him to drown in. His son was born deaf (his wife started the John Tracy Clinic for the deaf) and he was eaten up by guilt over this as well. He seemed to feel huge guilt over many things and this made him drink more.  Spencer would go on binges and the studio would have to find him usually holed up in some seedy hotel that he destroyed. They kept this from the papers because he did play a priest a couple of times on screen and one cannot lose the image. When he met Katherine Hepburn she said he seemed to be a bit short, the director said-"don't worry, he'll cut you down to size".  When they would go over to friends, like Bogie and Bacall, she would sit on the floor next to him-Honest! He was plagued by ill health later in the 50's and 60's  and Katherine Hepburn cared for him and disregarded her career. He loved to disrupt in a gleeful way-When Frederic March had a great scene in Inherit The Wind, Spencer Tracy picked his nose to throw good ole Freddie off. For his last film, the director(Stanley Kubrick) and Katherine Hepburn promised to put up their own money so Spencer could have the part. He died 10 days after completing his scenes.

OSCARS: Captain's Courageous, Boys Town

FILMS: A Man's castle, San Francisco, Boys Town, Woman of the Year, Pat and Mike, Father of the Bride, Bad Day at Black Rock, It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, Guess Who's Coming To Dinner

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

S for James Stewart

BORN: May 20, 1908

DIED: July 2, 1997

AGED: 89 yrs from old age

MARRIED: Once and he loved her deeply-happy marriage

DATED: Oh he was a happy man-Ginger Rogers, Olivia De Havilland, Marlene Dietrich

UNREQUITED LOVE: Margaret Sullivan

GREAT FRIENDS:  Henry Fonda, Gary Cooper

An all around nice guy and my favourite film actor. Henry Fonda and Jimmy met doing theatre with Margaret Sullivan. Henry married Margaret(didn't last) and poor Jimmy just carried a torch. Many said she was his greatest love and there is a resemblance between Margaret and his wife Gail Hatrick McLean. He was one of the first  to volunteer for war when America entered this horrible drama. He was too thin-over 6ft(I think 6' 3" but not sure right this moment) and only 136lbs-thin bugger eh? He ate a lot of peanut butter and banana sandwiches and just scraped by. He flew 20  missions over Germany and won flying cross. He is the highest ranking actor to this day (got to be Brigadier General). While in the war, he still sent his agent 10% of his wages-I thought that quite funny. Walter Matthau was in his company during the war and he stated all the men respected Mr. Stewart as he stood up for them.  When he came back he placed it in his contract that he would not make any war films and the studios could not use his experiences he had of the war. It came out, after his death, that he flew combat missions in Vietnam as well. Shrewd in business and was the first star to get a percentage of the profits. He loved to write poems  and would recite them on Johnny Carson-I have his book of poems which I cherish. He loved Africa and tried to help the plight of the elephants. Comics love his voice and it is often imitated. It is even placed in a song by Jon and Vangelis-"The Friends of Mr. Cairo". He, accidentally, broke the news at the 1960 Oscars when he accepted an honorary Oscar for Gary Cooper and he broke down. People realized then that Mr. Cooper was terminal with cancer and shortly after Mr. Cooper died. When his wife passed away he was devastated and, later, often wished he could still see his old friends and was lonely. He was great in comedies, dramas and westerns. He had a wonderful life.

OSCAR: The Philadelphia Story

FILMS: The Shopwarn Angel, You Can't Take It With You, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, It's A Wonderful Life, Winchester '73, Harvey, Rear Window, Vertigo, Flight of the Phoenix.

Monday, April 21, 2014

R for Rosalind Russell

BORN:  June 4, 1907

DIED:  November 28, 1976

AGED: 69 yrs from cancer. Suffered from Rheumatoid Arthritis

MARRIED: Once and happily!

Great gal! One of the boys but beautiful and down to earth. a quick wit who was a pleasure to work with. had a son who loves her deeply and had a great home life. I know! From Hollywood?? It's true though. She often gave to charity and when she was struck with arthritis helped with that and there is a hospital in her name dedicated to arthritis and trying to cure it.  She was equally famous in theatre as well.

FILMS: Night Must Fall, Craig's Wife, The Women, His Girl Friday, Morning Becomes Electra, Auntie Mame.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Q for Anthony Quinn

BORN: April 21, 1915

DIED: June 3, 2001

AGED: 86 yrs from pneumonia. he also had cancer

REAL NAME: Antonio Rudolfo Oaxaca Quinn

MARRIED: Twice-the first to Katherine De Mille-Cecil B DeMille's dad-how'd you like that guy for a father in law

AFFAIRS: This guy loved to do the hubba, hubba and boasted about it. In fact fathered many kids including one in 1977 and another in 1993.

Passionate actor and a excellent one to boot. A talker of his many conquests he also, apparently when, on his wedding night, he found out his first wife was not a virgin he punched her in the face. A real woman's man wouldn't you say. ASS! I would have given him the spoon.....

OSCARS: Viva Zapata, Lust For Life

FILMS: Blood and Sand, La Strada, Guns of Navarone, Zorba the Greek, Only the Lonely

Friday, April 18, 2014

P for William Powell

BORN: July 29, 1892

DIED:  March 5, 1989

AGED: 96 yrs-old age

MARRIED: Twice-once to Carole Lombard

ENGAGED: Jean Harlow


Suave, comedic gentleman with a little devil thrown in for good measure. Played the villain earlier in life but that all changed with the Thin Man series. Moved easily from silent to sound due to his mellifluous  voice. Was devastated when Jean Harlow died at the height of her career (she was only 26). He made his parts his own.

FILMS: Canary Murder Case, The Thin Man Series, The Great Ziegfeld, My Man Godfrey, Life with Father, Mister Roberts.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

O for Merle Oberon

BORN: February 19, 1911

DIED: November 23, 1979

AGED: 68 Yrs from major stroke, had heart issues

REAL NAME: Estelle Merle O'Brien


MARRIAGES: 4 times-Alexander Korda, Robert Wolders (later he was with Audrey Hepburn)

AFFAIRS: David Niven, Turhan Bey, etc...

Her dad was British and her mom was from Ceylon which Merle tried to hide from the world. She did not want to be known as a half-caste. She would introduce her mom as her maid to keep her secrets. Known for her beauty and exotic looks there are rumours she worked as a high class call girl before she found fame. She also was a very bad car accident and almost died in the 1930's. When married to Mr. Korda she worked, with him, in intelligence during WW2. She was born with a congenital heart defect which plagued later in life.

FILMS: Private Life of Henry the VIII, The Dark Angel,These Three, Wuthering Heights, A Song To Remember

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

N for David Niven

BORN: March 1, 1910

DIED: July 29, 1983

AGED: 83 Yrs. from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

MARRIED: twice-1st wife died at friend's home. They were playing a game and the lights were off and she fell down a flight of stairs.  she was only 28-poor thing and Mr. Niven was devastated.

AFFAIRS: Merle Oberon, Rita Hayworth, Ann Todd, Evelyn Keyes(who wasn't with her)


Witty and entertaining. Very likeable fellow, great story teller. He was the first british ex-pat star to enlist in WW 2 and was distinguished in the service. He wrote 2 great entertaining "autobiographies"-The Moon's a Balloon", and "Bring On The Empty Horses". The disease that eventually took his life robbed him from his ability to speak. Rich Little was used to dub him in his last movie.

OSCAR: Separate Tables

FILMS: Raffles, Wuthering Heights, Enchantment, Around The World in 80 Days, Guns of Navarone, The Pink Panther, Murder by Death

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

M for James Mason

BORN: May 15, 1909

DIED: July 27, 1984

AGED: 75 yrs from a heart attack


Under-rated actor, romantic lead but also could play a charming evil nasty pants. Known to be arrogant, Opinionated, intelligent. Known for his distinctive voice. A complicated hero. He was a conscientious objector during WW2 which I think was a brave thing to do. One of my personal fav's

FILMS: Seventh Veil, The Wicked Lady, A Star is Born, Five Fingers, The Man Between, Pandora and the Flying Dutchman,  Journey to the Centre of the earth, North by Northwest, Lolita, Georgy Girl, The Verdict

Monday, April 14, 2014

L for Vivien Leigh

BORN: November 5, 1913

DIED: July 7, 1967

AGED: 53 yrs from tuberculosis

MARRIED: twice, 2nd to Laurence Olivier

LIVED WITH: John Merivale

AFFAIRS: Laurence Olivier when in her 1st marriage), Peter Finch

Extremely beautiful, intelligent actress, very cultured-knew her wines! Her greatest love was with Laurence Olivier and they starred in movies and the theatre. She suffered from severe bi-polar disorder and underwent electric shock therapy and was in and out of mental institutions throughout her life. She and Olivier owned Notley Abbey and would give dinner parties and when she was in her "manic" phase, she would not let anyone leave and sleeping was optional. David Niven spoke of her in his book but never named her out of respect.

OSCARS: Gone with the Wind, Streetcar Named Desire

FILMS: Waterloo Bridge, That Hamilton Woman, Anna Karenina, Ship of Fools

Saturday, April 12, 2014

K for Gene Kelly

BORN: August 23, 1912

DIED: February 2, 1996

AGED: 83 ys from sepsis, coronary disease. Suffered major stroke year earlier

MARRIED: 3 times-Betsy Blair, Jeanne Coyne(he was widowed). last one was only 36 yrs old and he was 77. Men say:  Alright!!! Women say: Eeeewwwwww, really??

Amazing dancer, right beside Fred Astaire (like apples and oranges). Loved the athletic style of dance and would incorporate ballet as well. Loved camera techniques-dances with Jerry the Mouse from Tom and Jerry (you tube it). Demanding taskmaster, temperamental. Loved to direct too-"Hello Dolly" with Barbra Streisand. tried to preserve the wonderful art of the musical to new people through the That's Entertainment films.

FILMS: For Me and My Gal, Covergirl, Anchors Aweigh, On the Town, An American in Paris,  Singing In The Rain,  Invitation to the Dance, and, yes, Xanadu (should we laugh or cry)

Friday, April 11, 2014

J for Van Johnson

BORN: August 25, 1916

DIED: December 12, 2008

AGED: 92 yrs-old age

REAL NAME: Charles Van Dell Johnson

MARRIED: Once-Ouch!!!

BEST FRIEND: Keenan Wynn whose wife Van married

AFFAIRS:  Keenan Wynn...maybe-rumours


Freckle-faced boy next door. Almost died in a bad car accident and almost lost his dream part but Spencer Tracy saved the day. The rumour mill is that Van was gay and had an affair with Keenan Wynn who was also his best friend. To quell the rumours Keenan divorced his wife and 4 hrs later she married Van. Unfortunately it did not end well. The marriage ended on a bad note and she got a lot of his money. Oh my oh my...

FILMS: A Guy Named Joe, 30 Seconds Over Tokyo, In The Good Ole Summertime, Two Girls and a Sailor, The Caine Mutiny,

Thursday, April 10, 2014

I for Burl Ives

BORN: June 14, 1909

DIED: April 14, 1995

AGED: 85 yrs from oral cancer

Married: Twice

"Silver and Gold, Silver and Gold...." Mr. Snowman himself from Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer. I have his Christmas album with these songs on it. Great Folk Singer who sang "Blue-Tailed Fly". Was brought to the House Un-American Activity trials and he spoke which did cause a rift between him and Pete Seeger-terrible, terrible, times. Under-rated actor who worked in Film, Theatre and TV. A rotund sweet man.

OSCAR:  The Big Country

FILMS: East of Eden, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, The Brass Bottle

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

H for Katherine Hepburn

BORN: May 12, 1907

DIED: June 29, 2003

AGED: 96 yrs-old age


AFFAIRS: John Ford, Howard Hughes, Spencer Tracy


"The Great Kate", "Katherine of Arrogance". Very open family in some ways. dad used to walk around naked. Mother was a suffragette. Athletic, fiercely loyal. Lost oldest brother to suicide (hanging)-many in her family died from suicide. gave up career for a while to nurse Spencer Tracy-her greatest love. Considered, arguably, the best actress (Sorry Meryl but Kate, in my mind, is better). Nominated many times and won 4 times

OSCAR WINS: Morning Glory, The Lion In Winter, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, On Golden Pond

FILMS: Alice Adams, Sylvia Scarlett, Bringing Up Baby, Philadelphia Story, Woman of the Year, Adam's Rib, The African Queen

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

G for Cary Grant

BORN: January 18, 1904

DIED: November 29, 1986

AGED: 82 yrs from massive stroke

REAL NAME: Archibald Leach ( Nope not kidding!)

MARRIAGES: 5 times-Virginia Cherrill, Barbara Hutton, Dyan Cannon


AFFAIRS: Randolph Scott-you have to see some pics of them together, they really look like a couple-too bad about the times they lived in. Orry-Kelly (NO-not oral-bad people you:)), Sophia Loren

Dashing, Handsome, distinctive voice, cheap, issues with women( I mean Sophia chose fat, bald Carlo Ponti over Cary). He was told his mom was dead when he was young but, when he was 32 yrs old,  he found out she was alive and living in a mental ward(thanks dad). Could do dramas and comedies equally well. A favourite of Alfred Hitchcock. LSD user. Doted on his only daughter.

FILMS: I'm No Angel, Bringing Up Baby, Penny Serenade, Arsenic and Old Lace, Notorious, To Catch a Thief, North By Northwest, Operation Petticoat

Monday, April 7, 2014

F for Errol Flynn

BORN: June 20, 1909

DIED: October 14, 1959

AGED: 50-heart attack-Oh hell his whole body was a wreck, that hell raiser

MARRIED:  3 Times-Lili Damita, Patrice Wymore

AFFAIRS: Where do you think "In Like Flynn" came from! Numerous affairs, apparently bisexual and had affairs with Tyrone Power and Howard Hughes(really??)

FAMOUS PARTNERS: Olivia De Havilland

FAMOUS ROOMMATE: David Niven-David was only into women so they made the most of it as a couple of bad boys chasing after the gals

You Tasmanian Devil you! He was born there, very handsome, had mother issues. He was up for statutory rape with 2 gals that he took on his boat-he was found innocent(As the driven slush). Travelled to Spain during their Civil War and there is speculation he took part in that war. There are also claims he was a Nazi spy but only claims so far. He loved Olivia De Havilland and she liked him but she knew his ways and avoided his advances. Had numerous health problems, was an alcoholic and everything else in between. Devil may care attitude.

FILMS: Captain Blood, Adventures of Robin Hood, Sante Fe Trail, They Died With Their Boots On.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

One for the Boys - 2 new challenges

I just joined this blog and it looks like a lot of fun. I decided to do One for the Boys. I had an Easter one as well but I thought the boys deserved another card. If you want to look at my Easter card it is on my blog. I bought the stamp in Venice  and I thought it was quite different. I needed a little Picasso in my life. I stamped him with basic black on glossy paper. I used alcohol inks for the background paper and placed it all together with the grey paper. I finished it off with some border in silver and the corners I painted black and there ya go. I had a fun day:) I just had to add that

Easter/Spring - Easter/Spring +  blog hop -Die cuts -Easter

I am doing the A to Z challenge and it is fun to read everyone's  blog but I am also happy to create a card. I chose Spring/Easter combo as I think this card does both:) it has been so-blecchhhh here that I had to feel a little like spring and colour. My mom, from when she created Faberge styled eggs, had this card that she used some hodge podge or something and got rid of the paper but left the full image and it could stretch around an egg. I thought it was so pretty that I used it for me card. I used a deep yellow and blue cardstock, added a little green left over paper and some ribbon. I finished it off with some die cut flowers and a little bling. Happy Sunday! Oh Thanks Mom for this inspiration:)

Saturday, April 5, 2014

E for Nelson Eddy

BORN: June 29, 1901

DIED: March 6, 1967

AGED: 65 yrs from a stroke


FAMOUS PARTNER: Jeannette MacDonald

One half of America's singing sweethearts. Great voice and most famous for the 8 films he did with Ms. MacDonald. They were famous for the operettas and classical style music they brought in the mid to late 30's. Amazing to think how popular they were-sing a long with me while you wear your Canadian Mountie uniform.."I am calling yoooooo-ooooo-oooou..." Always rumour that he and Ms MacDonald were lovers but also heard they didn't care for each other. I heard a tape of him speaking about her passing and he was broken up so, whether they were lovers or not, he cared for her-my belief-now cue the singing as I need to hear the Indian Love Call. Later toured in nightclubs and he made fun of his image.

FILMS: Naughty Marietta, Maytime, RoseMarie, I Married an Angel