Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A-Fred Astaire


BORN: May 10, 1899
DIED: June 22, 1987
AGED: 88 yrs-from pneumonia
FAMOUS PARTNERS: Adele Astaire(his sis), Ginger Rogers, Barrie Chase(girl)
MARRIED: Twice-first wife passed away in early 1950's, married again in late 1970's to a jockey
Amazing dancer! Must see to appreciate his brilliance (you tube it-Begin the Beguine). Loved horses and the races. perfectionist and worry wart-sister called him Moaning Minnie. Lost weight perfecting dances. Hated the feather outfit of Ginger's in Top Hat-Feather would fly and get on his clothes.  Favourite Dance Partner-he never really said but claims are he loved to dance with Rita Hayworth.When Ginger received Kennedy Centre Honours 2nd wife refused to show any of the dances Ginger did with Fred(now dead) stating she does not want her husband's image used wrongly. She had no problem having his image dance with a vacuum cleaner in a commercial though...Bitch!
FILMS: Top Hat, Roberta, Carefree, You Were Never Lovelier,  The Bandwagon, Towering Inferno


  1. Great idea for an A-Z series. I love films too, and Fred Astaire is one of the all time best. Wonderful place to start.

  2. I've seen him in old black and white movies. He was indeed talented,.

  3. He danced on the ceiling in one film, didn't he? He lived a very full life.

  4. Loved watching these when I was a kid!

    Anabel at Anabel's Travel Blog

  5. OH - one of my favorites to watch dance!! I had his his 2nd wife was a b-tch too ... used his image to make more $$$$. :(
    Anyway, sounds like you've got some fun A-Z things in store!! :)

  6. I thought there was nothing more to know about Fred Astaire. Was I wrong? I always thought the jockey was his only wife. Astaire was amazing.
    The View from the Top of the Ladder

  7. I grew up on Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire movies. Loved it!

  8. It's been a while since I've seen a movie of his, but his dancing was truly amazing.

  9. How exciting! Fred shares his birthday with me :-)

  10. I thought Phyllis Potter was his only wife... learnt something new about the old boy! I love the way he danced and he was just as agile with his speech. One of a kind!
    Thanks for sharing, Brigit
    xxx Asha

  11. I really love Fred Astaire's dancing and have enjoyed discovering your blog :)

  12. Watched Fred Astaire on You tube after reading your post. Interesting will look out for more - never stumbled on this before.
    Keep it going.