Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Minute!

1. Where do you get your pizza from?

get ready for it......We don't eat pizza! Too much starch and sugar and it whacks out my blood sugar(, fun, fun). Now we used to get it from Pizza, Pizza many,many, many, many moons ago...You know the jingle "967-11 11 call Pizza, Pizza Hey, e hey hey". My hubby tried to make pizza once. It is best I show you...OK The picture showed above but you get the look of it. My hubby wanted to surprize me...he did. We had a good laugh and then it went into the big trashcan in the sky. Yes we both tried did my dog katie, just a bite though because she eats anything...except this:)

2. How do you define your decorating style?

Right now? Shabby Shit! This is because I have mostly old furniture. No not antiques but furniture that were my parents and they gave it to me. My couch in my TV room has been reapholstered(I am not looking up the spelling but you get the idea) but it is from 1960. The 2 chairs in my library...1960. My other chair-$25 garage sale. My dining set-$50 from house sale. We did finally buy a bed! A brand new bed last year because we were hurting so much when we woke up we realize the bed we had was actually used in the middle ages for torture. This is due to me being cheap. Yes, cheap. When I do buy I will get top notch but it will take time. I can also say that life does sneek up and bite you on the butt over time, meaning cash was sparse. If given the choice to buy a new couch or go to Europe, Europe would win out every time. I do like the old world style. I love the washed walls one sees in Tuscany. I do love fairy tales and so I have unicorns and make believe in my kitchen. I do not think it is done kitschy either. Yes I do have a library-all walls are covered in books and I have a dark cherry wood for bookshelevs(no not real-Ikea style and that is new too). I would never, ever paint over wood-that is criminal unless the wood is crap or made cheap for painting. I do not like modern, I dislike a throw up of floral. You've seen them in magazines-every couch, chair and drapery has different floral-It's like Mary Poppins in hell. I love colour and I hate wall paper! I would never own a white couch, I don't care how stain resistant they tell you it is, if one has kids or men, it just won't work. I actually say if you want to have disco fever for your place, do it-make it your own! I love comfort to, so I love it when I can enter a home, looks beautiful but you feel you can walk around it. Nothing is worse than having a place where you need to float around the room and when you sit, you have to sit on the edge for fear your butt will leave the ass look on the chair/couch. OK that's it for now:))

3. Where do you regularly buy your clothes?

It's called SALE! I am not a regular clothes least I don't think so. That does not mean I do not love clothes...I do, but I have to be in the mood. I can say There is a place called Giant Tiger. They sell clothes, food, knick knacks etc... Their clothes are actually great. We call it the G.T. Boutique!(I think my friend Marni coined that term-oh by the way has a beautiful home and you feel comfortable in it). I will shop at Reitman's and I do like Tango but it is expensive. For nice clothes I love Josef Ripkopf. I might be spelling his name wrong but anything I buy from his make, looks good, good quality and hides all the worngs on my body(OH let me count the ways).

4. What was the last clothing you purchased?

You know I am trying to remember? It was last August I think. I was out of some fall/winter clothes and I had not been major clothes shopping since 2004 so I did splurge. I think it was sandals. The one thing I do not skimp on are shoes...I buy expensive and not expensive, they look gorgeous but they were created by the Marquis De Sade, I buy expensive, nice looking but work with my feet. I can walk in them for ever and not get blisters. No they do not look my great grand mother would wear them with knee high stockings that have fallen down, but they actually look good and will last!

5. What do you prefer in your home: candles or flowers?

Oh my this is a toughy! I love both! I have to choose? Flowers are gifts from heaven and are so beautiful especially when your loved one buys them for you just because he loves you. The smell is wonderful and can fill up a room(unless you are allergic then out they go). Candles give a calming effect and can also give a beautiful aroma and they last a long time although I would never light 30 candles before I get down and dirty with my hubby. Who wants to waste time on lighting 5,000 candles when all you want to do is mambo horizonto. Sorry I was thinking of the soaps. They get all hot and bothered and then you see all these candles lit. I just think to myself, they are really getting into each other and then they say, "Oh wait! Let's light up all these 300 candles and place them precariously by the bedside so when we are going at it, our foot can kick one onto the bed and we can die in flames!" Ok I made my

Saturday, March 26, 2011

S, T and W for S(stitching), T (toile) and W (White)

I made the cards for this week(well I cheated on Monday and combined it with Tuesday. Of course, being a bit of a smart ass I thought I would attempt the last bit of letters in the alphabet too:) I think feeble, just squeek by are words to use but, hey, I had to try. I used this really nice shiny type of white paper and I used my cuddelbug for the background hoping to achieve the toile look (I have very little pattern paper..I know what The?). I sponged it blue so the bits that comes out look blue for that troile effect. I used my art nouveau stamp and stamped it on the same cardstock(white) and then I did some faux stitching since I can not stitch at all for real. Now for "U" I tried to get the umbrian look with alcohol inks on the paper used for backgound. The stamped image is done in lapis lazuli embossing powder and there is a type of blue colour that starts with the letter "U" (I looked through the dictionary that's how I know, but, of course, I did not mark it down and now I can not find the word:) For "V" I used the velvet ribbon. "X" is for...ready...Xantic or Xanthous which means a pale yellow hue (the Hair, the hair). "Y" is for yellow in her hair and I used butterscotch alcohol ink too for that paper background and "Z" is for zig zag for my amazing faux stitch look(yeah right). Ok there ya have it. Have a great weekend everyone.

Friday, March 25, 2011

P, Q, and R -P, Q, R

So for 365 Day Cards we were to use P-Polka Dots, Q-Quilting and R-Red. I made this rather quickly as I had a busy day going to every store...nope not fun shopping but grocery shopping...ughhhh-I hate grocery shopping. Anyhoo, I thought let's do a whole card with different shades of red. I used the cuddle bug on the basic red and the shimmery red cardstock(all extra pieces) for the polka dots. I added the stamped image of the oak leaf that was coloured with the tombow markers and it is placed on with pop up dots. I finished it off with gold stickers for the borders, happy Birthday word and little gold dots. I also used my gold pen to try to create a look of quilting...and sewing. I never sew! In fact, it is one of my worst things to even attempt to try to do(singing is another). I hope the quilt effect is there. Have a great evening and day tomorrow! I shall be back with another card for tomorrow!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Horse, of Course

Yup...the snow pics were from yesterday. All day it snowed, and snowed.....and snowed. I think this lays claim that hell does freeze over:) Tonight it is supposed to go down to a balmy -12 C. At least we have sun now for the next 5 days and this will be melting like the wicked witch from Oz. Now on to more delightful things. I made this card for the challenge at 365 Days cards- the letters M(marker), N (number) and O (orange). She skipped J, K, and L. I decided to try to add those too I figure, why not! Hope that is OK. So I chose J-Jewel, K-Knot, and L-Lavender. I have this great new stamp fromAnimal Spirit Stamps by Sue Coccia. You can view them at It was great detail in the horse with fish, a spider(we won't go there), an eagle and she always puts in a ladybug because it means good luck...can you find it (hint-on an inner leg). I used my tombow markers to colour in the image. I cute the horse out (stamped it on glossy white with basic black ink). I have a celtic knot design which I embossed using the old style method with a lighted box and some of those pencils with steel balls on the end of them (there is a joke in there some where). I used a burnt orange cardstock for that and then apricot brown dye ink to sponge the detail. I used lanvender cardstock along with a light brown and then this neat corderoy brown cardstock. I had gold stickers which I coloured in a orange marker and put it all together. The horse is place on with pop up dots. I finished it off with "Happy 20th" since this is for our nephew who is turning 20 today and I alse used jewels in green, purple and lavender(nope not real..Dang) on either side of the card and little wee ones for the eyes of the horse, fish and eagle(orange and blue). OK so there is my card. Oh and have no idea how people can just have "365 Cards" highlighted. Still working on that but at least I tried it this way. Now I think I saw another blog too called ABC cards and if this fits for this blog, I shall join it and place this on their site too.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

For My Mom

This card was made for: 365 Day Cards-G.H.I.-Grosgrain, Heart, Ink. Flutter by Wednesday-Open Theme and Simon Says-Mother's Day/Girlie Card. My mom was never a girlie girl but i tried my best and I think she will like it. I also had to look up what Grosgrain meant...the dreaded ribbon. If anyone has been reading my posts they know I suck at making ribbons...I mean suck! I had only one ribbon with this type of ribbing in it so I think this works. After 20 minutes and redoing it 3 times and then gluing bits together since it would not hold well. I nicely tried to cover the massacre with pretty flowers. I used Magenta Pigment ink and embossed with silver pearl on the green cardstock. I placed pink and then the silvery doves on top of that and used the pop up dots as you see in the second picture. I added my heart and a little butterfly. I can see it is crooked...also par for the course for me. I read the Mother's day challenge at Simon Says and it is for all moms who are here on this earth and others who have left us. My mom has dementia (you know this if you read my blog). I wrote a poem a few months back and now I am nervously sharing it as I do not normally share my poems as I dont think they are that great. If you wish to skip it, just jump ahead or simply have a great day... So here it goes....

Fading Away
A woman so bold
and so hard to hold
on to. She runs
Rather than walks;
She laughs rather than cries;
She inspires and
She loves.
She is steadfast and true.
She is the colours of the rainbow-
Red, green and blue.
She can be trying,
And she loves applying
Her method of control.
She is willful and demanding,
Her truths are gold
And she can not be told.
She can charm
Almost anyone with her smile
Her eyes can beguile
Even the most hardened soul,
But do not dare get close
Or she will fly
Away without a goodbye.
Are her thoughts and feelings coming from the war?
Are these traits stemming from way before?
These are questions one can ponder.
Is it any wonder
That she is a survivor,
That she loves so hard
And forgives without question.
She has seen so many horrors
And suffered great loss.
I can learn and not be cross
With her hardened ways.
I recall her love
How she holds, above
all else, her children-despite our hurtful ways.
Her joy at Christmas and all events.
How she made these days special
And cherished our smiles.
She created wonders of amazement
To such fine detail.
She created serenity,
Calm and tranquility.
She was my rock
and now the clock
Has set time in motion.
She is slowly fading
From her own memory
And I have no power
To stop it.
She is present in body
but not in mind.
Death's hand is not kind
As it lays its touch
On her shoulder.
She is inbetween
Hidden and yet, seen.
My confidant has gone
Even though I can still hold her.
I can not share my thoughts.
The meaning has lost
And the words disappear into the wind.
And so I grieve,
Wishing not to believe
That her end is near.
Her image, once bright,
Is fading from my sight.
I reach to her
And can not truly touch what
Once was her.
Each day her image fades
No longer the shades
Of a rainbow
But of greys.
A day will come when she will disappear.
That is the day I fear.
Ok what a way to bright your day but there ya go.... Even though it is wintry outside and messy and all that, take each day and enjoy it!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sunshine Needed

I am sooo happy...they are calling for snow! Yeah!! OK Just kidding....It is March...Dreaded March where we can have snow, sleet, rain, hail, fog and sunshine. It can go up or down by 20 degrees in one hour. This could all happen in one day...I hate March! In Honour of future weather days I decided to bring in a little sunshine and my friend's birthday is in May so might as well get a jump start on the birthdays coming ahead. On 365 Day Cards they are doing the alphabet for this week. On Monday was ABC standing for...Alphabet-using a letter in either a sticker or a stamp, B for blue and C for circle. Tuesday (today) is D.E.F. D for Distress, E for Envelope and F for Fringe. I hope I am not penalized for putting the 2 together but I was so busy yesterday I did not have a chance to make a card so I combined the 2. The top I used yellow cardstock and distressed the sides in various inks using orange, red (dark) and brown. I used the sun as my main circle and stamped in orange and then embossed the face etc in metallic blue. The middle one was done in blues and embossed with red. I then cut out tiny circles in silver glitter and glued them on. The inside of the card, I used some rice paper design for the one side and to make the envelope. The edge is done in orange glitter. The book mark is again distressed in the same colours but I added some celery and light blue for the centre. I embossed the letters in black and used pearl gold embossing powder for a slight antique look. I wasn't sure how it would look but I like it...I really like it:) (quote Sally Field who will be haunted by this forever). I also used the same embossing powder etc... on the edges of the book mark. I coloured in the lettering and flowers with tombow markers. I added the fringe at the bottom with beads and also I actually added ribbon (I am not good with ribbon and thankfully no one was taping me while I was trying to tie it all together). So this is the end of my card for today. Have a great day...forget about snow for this eve...think Sun!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Minute

I do enjoy the Monday Minute and answering the questions...It is fun. This I get from Christy at Happilyalawmama blog. I have no idea how to do the link so I thought I would just spell this out. Anyhoo here are my answers...

1. Would you consider yourself an artistic person?

Hell Ya! I love creating with my cards and writing. I love interior decorating...No I do not believe in painting wood! I do not understand a beautiful old door, baseboards or furniture with lovely oak, walnut, mahoghany wood and then these so-called designers paint over it...are ya nuts!!! Paint over old crap, sure but not beautiful wood. I have seen them paint antique furniture...Antique!!! Are they nuts??? Oops that is for another question I guess. I do digress which means I follow a less logical form of thinking. I believe in stream of consciousness thinking and let the mind fly away. My boss would agree with this statement since I can just mix him up with my talk and he shakes his head and then says "Jesus Christ" ever so slowly and in a low voice. He is logical, says less than 5 words, numbers man...snore...

2. If you could automatically learn to speak another language, what language would you choose?

Esperanto! It was supposed to be the universal language. In fact there was a whole movie made in the language of Esperanto starring....William Shatner! Not Kidding, One day I will see this..I must see this. It is just too weird. Not Esperanto?? OK How about Latin? The official dead language that only a few priests and geeks now know. I took latin for 5 years in high school and I enjoyed it but it is one tough language. Having to memorize masculine, feminine and neuter is one thing but then one had to learn the 6 different endings for I, You, You polite, we, they and they polite...I don't know, something like that, and the 6 were different for verbs, adjectives, pronouns and then, to get really confusing there were 6 for the present, 6 for the past, 6 for the past perfect...OK I am tired now. Never mind...I think I would want to learn German. I know some already and I do like the is so rough and ready. Gotta love that.

3. How long does it take to clean your house?

I thought the mice did that? It feels so good when the house is clean...and then the next day have to clean again. Rather mean isn't it. I wonder how many hours we spend in our life time! Dusting can be the worst 'cos those dust particles just come back like that annoying birthday candle you blow out only to come back til you take that damm candle and dunk it under water. Oh yeah back to how long...well if I do just a quick clean-1 1.2 hrs but if I do a thorough clean 4 hours if not more and then I am done and wasted the day cleaning when I could have been out sipping wine somewhere enjoying a lovely day..Oh I do rant:)

4. What colour shoes are you wearing?

I am wearing my nice comfy slippers in a steel blue. Before that, my comfy hiking boots in brown with green and purple on it too. I can't wait for summer and go barefoot. The day before..I borrowed Lady GaGa's shoes in sparkling silver that were so high and bent my feet to such a degree I thought they were bound up like the old tradional Chinese ladies. It was sooooo much fun walking, falling and then breaking my lip open on the curb (just kidding). I was so happy to look like a freak from Star Trek.

5. If you were a crayon, what colour would you be?

Blue, blue, blue. Any kind of blue. I LOVE blue. In fact when I was 3 I asked my mom for blue paint (she was painting at the time). She asked me why? I obviously told her "Because I wanted to paint my dog blue". I did not get the paint. Blue means the sparkling sky that whisper heaven. It conjours up the dreams of the ocean that gives life to all. Would it not be great to have a dip in the beautiful waters of the Caribean....let's dream:)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Gone Green and Everything

Well Here is my card for 365 Day cards-the Super Sketchy Sunday. I have also entered this in for Simon Says (Happy Birthday) and Flutter By Wednesday (use Green). Flutter By Wednesday also had a sketch but it was optional so I chose the 365 day cards for the sketch...hope no one minds:).I will also see if I can enter a 2nd time for The Stampman Challenge-A floral Theme. I already entered there but my mind was fuzzy the day I put my card on my blog and could not recall many of the blogs. I curse my headache for that day. I think there is some floral...right?? I used alcohol inks-in Copper, Pesto and Butterscotch for the small paper. I used the cuddlebug and then painted the images with twinkling H2O's(Iridescent Gold, Sunburst and Gold Dust). I have a cute punch with hearts and then just mounted everything together and added the little butterfly, gems and finished it off with some gold sticker borders. Now I wanted to try to link to the pages and I thought I was right by hitting the link and adding in the http:// etc... but it didn't seem to work out. When I visit other people's blogs, it is so nice that one can see the blog they got the idea from and it is do I do that? Please note I am a complete knob when it comes to computers so if you give me directions...don't miss a thing. I really did once look for the "any key"...I am not kidding. Signed the blond

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I made a card...Yippee

I know...I can't believe it! Yup I made a card. I have been trying to do spring cleaning and getting rid of clutter but that has been slow moving too. We did get rid of 5 boxes of pine cones! Yup...that's right 5 boxes. Now they were not mine but my mother's. I saved a few for christmas time but I don't need 5 boxes. Do you know that I actually whittled that down from 12 boxes! Nope I do not mean small little gift boxes either...I mean those big ass boxes for moving. I mom believed in saving everything. Probably stems from the war and time period. Heck she saved string and I even saw her once clean a peach pit. Yes you read that correctly, a peach pit! That was when she was doing her egg art. I always wanted to know what she was going to do with that but she never did tell me... Oh yes, my card! Well on Flutter By Wednesday, they showed a picture of a beautiful spring summer day so I decided to take it literal and copy it as best I could. I used different blue chalk and coloured the background. I used green dye ink and alsosilver emboss and then used white sparkle, egyption Gold and pearl gold embossing powder for the flowers. I then mounted it on different cardstock and used stickers for the border(one I coloured blue to match the butterfly embossed in blue metallic. I am going to see if this matches any of the other blogs and include them too. It is Tuesday morning and I haven't looked at everything today so my brain is fuzzy wuzzy.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday Minute

I know ...where are my cards?? I promise I will make some-just so busy busy and all that other crap:) I am thinking about card making...does that count?

1. Do you change your oil or pay someone to do it?

Pay someone! I can't get underneath a car and do that stuff. I could just see me try...and all the oil would be all over my driveway and then the reporters would come and I will be splashed on all the newspapers as the most wicked witch for causing another blunder and destroying land and animals. Ughh...that would be just awful. Now my hubby could(well not now he is actually quite crippled up and in some pain and we have been waiting to see the specialist) and he has done his car but he always finds excuses with mine. I know he hates my car-a chrysler-he thinks it is a piece of %$&^. It could be, but, hey, it would save money and that would make my eyes sparkle.

2. Are all the Awards show over-rated?

OH my Gosh YES! Self-indulgent with tons of bling and money going right down the toilet when so many people are hungry and out of work...that being said..I watch them! Yup I have since I was little. In fact i remember the streaker and all the politics back in the 70's especially from Vanessa Redgrave...she was not allowed back for years. I find it amazing how many people they can thank especially God. I wonder if God looks down on them when they say this after winning an award and God thinks..."Now my work is done and I feel so special". I hate it when they thank God..I consider that soooo phony. Thank God if your loved one is better or safe or that you are OK or your home but not for winning an award so you can then ask for 5 million more on your next movie and then you can buy that $10,000 bracelet, end up in Capri sipping champagne while on a yacht. You then drop the bracelet into the sea and think OOh well I can just buy another because buying that was like buying something a Dollarama! Oops did i go off in a tirade? I guess I am just "Winning! and on the drug called "Charlie Sheen" ...Help me...

3. Do you double dip your chips at a party? Just once? Don't care?

At a large social gathering...nope but then I usually stay away from the dips (I mean the dips for chips and the people at them), in general, especially when kids are around. Most people have these parties and have their kids all be there and they run around(the kids) and put their hands God knows where, and then they get a chip and go for the dip and then they sneeze or they rub their snotty nose just before grabbing the chip. In fact they usuall place their hands all over the chips too...I don't do chips at those parties with kids. At home-I double, triple and more! If my hubby doesn't like it he gets his own dip (the actually dip not another dip like me-I am his only Goddess)

4. Who do you love most in the Whole world? You can only choose one person

My hubby Michael. Yup cliche I know but he is my rock right now even though he doesn't feel it. He is in bad pain and can't work right now(could be rheumatoid...unsure) and then my mom with her dementia and it is not getting better..Anyone knows this only gets worse and then my dog Wallace who has been so traumatized and is phobic of the outside never mind my screwed up arm (oh wait I hear the violins...OK sorry). Anyway with all this Michael is right there beside me, he makes dinner when I come home from work, he does the dishes and he gives me a hug when I most need it..How can Inot love him......Now if there is a question who could you kill on occasion, he would also be in that same!:)

5. If you won the lottery what outragious thing would you do? The thing where people would say you had more money than sense?

This is a toughy! I would buy a home in Germany or Austria in the Alps. Ok that is not outragious.....I would travel the world!...Ok not outragious. I would buy a gown from some fancy fashion I probably wouldn't. They are too expensive for their own good. I would pay off my mortgage...hmmm boring you yet. Oh I would pay someone to button up Charlie Sheen's mouth and send him packing to the deep amazon jungle and have him stay there indefinately without his millions or his porn gals just to shut up the news about this person who has swam too many times in the magic pools behind mother goose's castle.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011 Minute:)

1. Have you ever played Angry Birds?

Ok my first reaction was a board game and then as I read on I realized it is on the computer or is it I phone or cell...OH heck...I think I belong on Little Outhouse on the Prairie (OK I am veering quite off the question but on that show didn't the Ingalls family home look lile a big outhouse and he was a carpenter)

2. What kind of computer do you own?

Well I have a fantastic 2004 Dell computer that puts a smile on my face when it takes 10,0000 minutes to boot up a pic and I just want to hug it when I realize I want to download and as I am waiting, I realize cobwebs have formed around my arms and body(Did I tell you I hate spiders-Ick)...Actually at times I picture a bazooka aimed squarely at this thing. Oh we did buy a laptop that my hubby uses on occasion for drawing (corel??) but that is in the other room and that means I would have to take my lard butt off the chair and see what we actually bought. I guess you can tell I am not a computer gal.

3. What kind of toothpaste do you use?

Proenamel. My dentist told me to use this. I have lousy teeth. In fact if a magnet was close to my mouth I would stick to it like crazy glue. In fact the way I am answering these questions and veering off on tangents I think I must have sniffed some glue.

4. Are you a heavy sleeper or a light sleeper?

Let me tell you a story...I woke up once, not because I heard anything, but because I was cold. The window was way open and then I heard voices and I wondered where my ex was (this is a few yrs back when i was married to him). I got up and went toward the stairs leading to my mom's apartment (upstairs) and these firemen came down(yup they were cute) and I just was asking what happened?? Apparantly our carbon Monoxide detector went off and woke up my mom and Jeff and I slept right through it. Was it carbon Monoxide...Nope. It was a spider's nest in the detector. Apparantly if they build a little web it can set these things off. So nope I was not slowly dying of C.M. but just asleep. In fact there are several pics of me, from years past, where I just fell asleep-in restaurants, bars... In fact i fell asleep on a stool in a bar with very loud music for an hour and when I woke, people all around was saying "HI" and "Hey, She's awake". They had bets as to how long I could sleep sitting on a bar stool. Yes this is true. In fact i went for a sleep study and nope I do not have narcolepsy but they found I do not get enough REM and am in "waking Mode" 23 times per minute. This seems to contradict how deep I sleep but may explain why I can be still tired after waking. Oh now I do ramble on and on...

5. How often do you do laundry?

Once per week. That's lengthy story but on a side note did you watch the Oscars? I always do and I wondered where my table cloth went until I saw Melissa Leo's dress? I also thought what disease did Cate Blanchett get and then I realized it was part of her dress. I also did not get the arc look around her chest. It looked like a theatre curtain waiting to be opened to show the main feature. I love Cate Blanchett but that dress...ick!!