Saturday, March 26, 2011

S, T and W for S(stitching), T (toile) and W (White)

I made the cards for this week(well I cheated on Monday and combined it with Tuesday. Of course, being a bit of a smart ass I thought I would attempt the last bit of letters in the alphabet too:) I think feeble, just squeek by are words to use but, hey, I had to try. I used this really nice shiny type of white paper and I used my cuddelbug for the background hoping to achieve the toile look (I have very little pattern paper..I know what The?). I sponged it blue so the bits that comes out look blue for that troile effect. I used my art nouveau stamp and stamped it on the same cardstock(white) and then I did some faux stitching since I can not stitch at all for real. Now for "U" I tried to get the umbrian look with alcohol inks on the paper used for backgound. The stamped image is done in lapis lazuli embossing powder and there is a type of blue colour that starts with the letter "U" (I looked through the dictionary that's how I know, but, of course, I did not mark it down and now I can not find the word:) For "V" I used the velvet ribbon. "X" is for...ready...Xantic or Xanthous which means a pale yellow hue (the Hair, the hair). "Y" is for yellow in her hair and I used butterscotch alcohol ink too for that paper background and "Z" is for zig zag for my amazing faux stitch look(yeah right). Ok there ya have it. Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. Great use of what you had on hand! Who says you need patterned paper? Thanks for playing along at 365 Cards!

  2. Oooh, I love the embossing you did with your cuttlebug! Nice!