Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Monday...er...Tuesday Minute:)

1. Have you ever played Angry Birds?

Ok my first reaction was a board game and then as I read on I realized it is on the computer or is it I phone or cell...OH heck...I think I belong on Little Outhouse on the Prairie (OK I am veering quite off the question but on that show didn't the Ingalls family home look lile a big outhouse and he was a carpenter)

2. What kind of computer do you own?

Well I have a fantastic 2004 Dell computer that puts a smile on my face when it takes 10,0000 minutes to boot up a pic and I just want to hug it when I realize I want to download and as I am waiting, I realize cobwebs have formed around my arms and body(Did I tell you I hate spiders-Ick)...Actually at times I picture a bazooka aimed squarely at this thing. Oh we did buy a laptop that my hubby uses on occasion for drawing (corel??) but that is in the other room and that means I would have to take my lard butt off the chair and see what we actually bought. I guess you can tell I am not a computer gal.

3. What kind of toothpaste do you use?

Proenamel. My dentist told me to use this. I have lousy teeth. In fact if a magnet was close to my mouth I would stick to it like crazy glue. In fact the way I am answering these questions and veering off on tangents I think I must have sniffed some glue.

4. Are you a heavy sleeper or a light sleeper?

Let me tell you a story...I woke up once, not because I heard anything, but because I was cold. The window was way open and then I heard voices and I wondered where my ex was (this is a few yrs back when i was married to him). I got up and went toward the stairs leading to my mom's apartment (upstairs) and these firemen came down(yup they were cute) and I just was asking what happened?? Apparantly our carbon Monoxide detector went off and woke up my mom and Jeff and I slept right through it. Was it carbon Monoxide...Nope. It was a spider's nest in the detector. Apparantly if they build a little web it can set these things off. So nope I was not slowly dying of C.M. but just asleep. In fact there are several pics of me, from years past, where I just fell asleep-in restaurants, bars... In fact i fell asleep on a stool in a bar with very loud music for an hour and when I woke, people all around was saying "HI" and "Hey, She's awake". They had bets as to how long I could sleep sitting on a bar stool. Yes this is true. In fact i went for a sleep study and nope I do not have narcolepsy but they found I do not get enough REM and am in "waking Mode" 23 times per minute. This seems to contradict how deep I sleep but may explain why I can be still tired after waking. Oh now I do ramble on and on...

5. How often do you do laundry?

Once per week. That's it..no lengthy story but on a side note did you watch the Oscars? I always do and I wondered where my table cloth went until I saw Melissa Leo's dress? I also thought what disease did Cate Blanchett get and then I realized it was part of her dress. I also did not get the arc look around her chest. It looked like a theatre curtain waiting to be opened to show the main feature. I love Cate Blanchett but that dress...ick!!


  1. Oh your sleeping stories cracked me up!

    Did you get the Monday Minute via email, or just check Cristy's blog? I never received anything via email. I know she was sick this week, poor thing.

  2. :) I'm always glad when I stop by your blog, which isn't often enough because guess, why? I HAVE A 2004 DELL INSPIRON PIECE OF **** LAPTOP THAT TAKE 20 MIN. TO LOAD ONE PAGE! HaHa, we are one in the same! Only I use it for Illustrating alot and it is waaay overloaded because my new 1 yr old Dell is in the bottom of a closet dying of some serious virus! Oh and my piano teacher said when I was a child I was the only student he had ever had fall asleep in the middle of playing piano! Why I have terrible ADD that kkeps my mind racing so much that I can hardly turn it off to sleep at night! LOL! Really though, you need a job writing a column in a paper, your stories are great!

  3. No wait, my kids have the Inspiron mini's mine is a Latitude!