Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Minute!

1. Where do you get your pizza from?

get ready for it......We don't eat pizza! Too much starch and sugar and it whacks out my blood sugar(, fun, fun). Now we used to get it from Pizza, Pizza many,many, many, many moons ago...You know the jingle "967-11 11 call Pizza, Pizza Hey, e hey hey". My hubby tried to make pizza once. It is best I show you...OK The picture showed above but you get the look of it. My hubby wanted to surprize me...he did. We had a good laugh and then it went into the big trashcan in the sky. Yes we both tried did my dog katie, just a bite though because she eats anything...except this:)

2. How do you define your decorating style?

Right now? Shabby Shit! This is because I have mostly old furniture. No not antiques but furniture that were my parents and they gave it to me. My couch in my TV room has been reapholstered(I am not looking up the spelling but you get the idea) but it is from 1960. The 2 chairs in my library...1960. My other chair-$25 garage sale. My dining set-$50 from house sale. We did finally buy a bed! A brand new bed last year because we were hurting so much when we woke up we realize the bed we had was actually used in the middle ages for torture. This is due to me being cheap. Yes, cheap. When I do buy I will get top notch but it will take time. I can also say that life does sneek up and bite you on the butt over time, meaning cash was sparse. If given the choice to buy a new couch or go to Europe, Europe would win out every time. I do like the old world style. I love the washed walls one sees in Tuscany. I do love fairy tales and so I have unicorns and make believe in my kitchen. I do not think it is done kitschy either. Yes I do have a library-all walls are covered in books and I have a dark cherry wood for bookshelevs(no not real-Ikea style and that is new too). I would never, ever paint over wood-that is criminal unless the wood is crap or made cheap for painting. I do not like modern, I dislike a throw up of floral. You've seen them in magazines-every couch, chair and drapery has different floral-It's like Mary Poppins in hell. I love colour and I hate wall paper! I would never own a white couch, I don't care how stain resistant they tell you it is, if one has kids or men, it just won't work. I actually say if you want to have disco fever for your place, do it-make it your own! I love comfort to, so I love it when I can enter a home, looks beautiful but you feel you can walk around it. Nothing is worse than having a place where you need to float around the room and when you sit, you have to sit on the edge for fear your butt will leave the ass look on the chair/couch. OK that's it for now:))

3. Where do you regularly buy your clothes?

It's called SALE! I am not a regular clothes least I don't think so. That does not mean I do not love clothes...I do, but I have to be in the mood. I can say There is a place called Giant Tiger. They sell clothes, food, knick knacks etc... Their clothes are actually great. We call it the G.T. Boutique!(I think my friend Marni coined that term-oh by the way has a beautiful home and you feel comfortable in it). I will shop at Reitman's and I do like Tango but it is expensive. For nice clothes I love Josef Ripkopf. I might be spelling his name wrong but anything I buy from his make, looks good, good quality and hides all the worngs on my body(OH let me count the ways).

4. What was the last clothing you purchased?

You know I am trying to remember? It was last August I think. I was out of some fall/winter clothes and I had not been major clothes shopping since 2004 so I did splurge. I think it was sandals. The one thing I do not skimp on are shoes...I buy expensive and not expensive, they look gorgeous but they were created by the Marquis De Sade, I buy expensive, nice looking but work with my feet. I can walk in them for ever and not get blisters. No they do not look my great grand mother would wear them with knee high stockings that have fallen down, but they actually look good and will last!

5. What do you prefer in your home: candles or flowers?

Oh my this is a toughy! I love both! I have to choose? Flowers are gifts from heaven and are so beautiful especially when your loved one buys them for you just because he loves you. The smell is wonderful and can fill up a room(unless you are allergic then out they go). Candles give a calming effect and can also give a beautiful aroma and they last a long time although I would never light 30 candles before I get down and dirty with my hubby. Who wants to waste time on lighting 5,000 candles when all you want to do is mambo horizonto. Sorry I was thinking of the soaps. They get all hot and bothered and then you see all these candles lit. I just think to myself, they are really getting into each other and then they say, "Oh wait! Let's light up all these 300 candles and place them precariously by the bedside so when we are going at it, our foot can kick one onto the bed and we can die in flames!" Ok I made my


  1. Ha - I wonder if the number was different in different areas? My Pizza Pizza was 867-11-11! LOL!!!
    I totally forgot to play this week!

  2. I laughed so hard on your candles vs flowers decision. Good choice!